Anticipation Goes A Long Way


Topic: Page 1I woke up with a huge smile on my face anticipating the great day that lied ahead. I took a quick shower and ran off to my room naked and dripping wet. I dried myself off with a towel that was left hanging on my dresser and apply sweet scented oils all ova my body. I begin putting on my sexy outfit I picked out jus for him. It was a red lacey corset blouse that showed massive cleavage wit tight denim skirt with black leather boots. I check myself out in the mirror and smiled in satisfaction at the thought of his reaction. I slipped my denim jacket on and headed for the train. I called my sexy god and let him know I’ll b on my way.  About an hour later I got to his hood and text him to meet me by CVS. We met up around the same time and he had a huge devilish "I’m guna tear that shit up" smile on his face, which mad me giggle nervously. I slowly made my way ova to him and wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him sweetly. I gently begin nibbling on his ear n slowly begin to feel his erection thru his jeans. I nibble harder n whispered seductive things in his ear. By this time his erection is clearly visible so I pull on his belt n lead him behind a large minivan parked alongside the pharmacy. I roughly unzip his pants and very intrigued, he pulled my head down to put his dick in my mouth. I suck him off so good he started losing his mind.

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   I swirl my warm tongue around the tip of his dick and suck the shit out of it. My neck begins cramping up but I don't want to stop pleasing him. Soon after he finally cums in my mouth and lets out a long breathe. With a sexy smile planted on my face n a finger in my mouth I let it be known that I’m more den ready to have him fuck my brains.  We raced to his crib, which was about 18 minutes from where we were and the minute he opened the door, I spun him around and jumped on him. Wrapping my legs tightly around his waist, I kiss him passionately and feel all of my arousal increase within seconds. "Hmm Papi, fuck me already!" I screamed and with that said, he carried me up the stairs and got to work. Once we got to his room, I knew it was his ballgame and anything he wanted I’ll make sure he gets. He laid me on his bed and jus stared at me. He traced his finger alongside my face and as he got closer 2 my mouth, I sucked on his finger and winked at me assuring him that I’m ready 4 his game. I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and threw it across the room. He did the same wit my shirt n took note that I wasn't wearing a bra. He took my titties in his hands and began sucking each nipple roughly to get them hard enough to his liking. I moaned his name and held his dick in my hand beating him off roughly as well. I pushed him on his back and sucked his dick again.

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   Before he came, I stopped to take my shirt off. Seeing the surprised look on his face when he saw I wasn't wearing any panties amused me. So I hopped on and began riding him. I bounced up n down the way I knew he liked me to. He can clearly see how much I’m enjoying his dick inside me by the moans I made n horny face I had on.  Still inside me, he laid me on my back gaining control of me. He held my hands down n started fucking me. "Scream for me,” he whispered in my ear n I did as I was told. He pushed himself deeper and deeper inside me making me lose all control. I screamed his name as I came all ova his dick. He slipped himself out and turned me ova. Just as he was about to fuck me doggy style, I put myself on all fours and told him to fuck me in the ass.
    Surprised and very intrigued, he obliged and proceeded with his actions. He gently penetrated the tip of his dick into my ass and held my hand as I hissed in pain. He reassured me that he's guna go in slow and begged me to try to relax.

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       I tried my best, but I wasn't completely relaxed. He felt so good inside me, but the pain was a bit overwhelming. Not wanting to disappoint him, I put my ass up higher in the air and pushed up against his dick. Biting my lip, I gripped the sheets tightly and began grinding against him slowly, enough for him to enjoy it. Slowly but surely, I started getting used to it and liked how it felt. As I started getting more and more comfy, I grabbed his hand and placed it on my pussy for him to play wit my clit. He rubbed hard and fast; fucking me harder and harder. I kept screaming how good he was making me feel and how much I want him to make me cum. Within minutes, we both released and fell unto the bed in each other’s arms. I smiled on his chest and closed my eyes for a few minutes.  He rose out of bed and hopped in the shower. I followed him in and was taken aback with how gorgeous he looked all naked n wet. He had the body of a god, and I couldn’t believe I bagged him. I reached ova to touch his perfectly shaped abs, and felt my pussy getting wet again. I licked my lips and dropped to my knees.

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       I took him in my mouth once again n gave it to him good. He grabbed my hair n pinned me against the wall. I wrapped my legs around his waist began bouncing up and down on his dick. The water was dropping on us forcefully increasing the sexiness of the position we were in. our grunts n moans echoed all around us n sounded like music to our ears. I hopped off and dropped to my knees so he cud cum in my mouth. Afterwards, we held each other smiling n making small talk while lathering one another. I kissed him n told him how much I loved him n he responded by doing the same.  .



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