Annie and Me Part 1


I met Annie in one of my favorite Gentlemen’s Clubs.
Annie is a tiny 4’ 11’’ and weighs about 105 lbs. Annie is 22 years old. Though small she has a very tight, athletic body. Though she has small breasts, 32B, her very round, tight ass and well-sculpted thighs more than make up for it. Besides, unlike most guys, I’ve never been big on large-breasted women, though I certainly don’t mind it. It’s just that I’ve always focused on the real difference between men and women which is what is located below the waist.
I had spent time with Annie many times in the VIP rooms. We got along so well that we even met each other outside the Club at a local Motel for more fun – since the VIP rooms have cameras and we can’t have all the fun we’d like to have.
One evening while at the Club, I was sitting at my favorite table with Annie and another girl I had met a few visits earlier. The other girls name is Toni. Toni is actually shorter than Annie at 4’ 10” but weighs 115. Toni is 19 years old. Toni has beautiful 36D ALL NATURAL breasts. Anyway, as each girl was called to dance and I was alone with the other girl, I asked if they wanted to go to Vegas with me in a few weeks. They both agreed though neither girl knew I had asked the other.

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   (We had to be very discreet so that the Club would not find out).
Time went by quickly and soon we were in Vegas. We checked into our whirlpool suite which had an over-sized lounge chair and a king-sized bed. Although I’m a fairly big guy, 6’ and about 255 lbs we agreed the one bed would be fine for all three of us since the girls were so small.
It was already mid-evening local time (2 hours behind our mid-western time) so we were a little tired. However, I had room service bring us a couple of bottles of wine.
We sat in the room having our wine; talking about our plans for tomorrow. I was going to introduce Annie and Toni to my favorite Club in Vegas; meet the General Manager (a friend of mine) and my special girls at the Club (more stories to follow J).
Toni then said she was tired and wanted to go to bed. Annie and I agreed. Each girl lay on each side with me in the middle. Toni was lying on her side with her back to me. However, Annie was lying on her side with her front facing me. I turned to my side to face her and we started kissing slowly at first and then more passionately with our tongues wagging in each other’s mouths.
I said to Annie, “Let’s get in the whirlpool”.

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   “Sounds good”, Annie quickly agreed.
Now I must say this was not your ordinary whirlpool. The “whirlpool” was actually an entire room approximately 20’ by 20’ with a whirlpool that could easily accommodate 8 – 18 people. (I got this large whirlpool for obvious reasons but those are for other stories J).
We stripped naked and got into the whirlpool. The water was so nice and warm. Annie sat down right on my lap (and my rock-hard cock), and we continued our passionate kissing. Annie then said, “I want to suck your cock NOW”. I said, “Ok. Do you want to swallow my cum or do you want to watch me shoot?” You see, Annie loved to do both. She really enjoys sucking my cock and just when I start to cum she pulls it out and in unison, she pulls down on my cock while I thrust my hips up. This causes my cum to shoot out of my cock like a geyser. Annie loves this! However, this time she said, “I want to swallow every drop of your cum. Then I want you to do the same to me”. Of course I readily agreed!
We got out of the whirlpool and laid on the ceramic-tile floor.

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   I rolled a towel up and used it as a pillow for more comfort AND so I could watch Annie sucking my cock. Annie started sucking my cock. Her mouth felt so warm and good! She took me all the way in her mouth and down her throat. I said, “You like sucking my cock don’t you baby?” “Uh huh. ”  She said. Annie sucked cock SO GOOD. “I’m getting ready to cum baby…I’m gonna cum…I’M GONNA CUM!!!!!” With that I could feel load after load of my hot cum shooting into Annie’s eager mouth. I was bucking my hips wildly. I thought for sure it would cause Annie to release her grip on my cock, but not so! Her mouth stayed glued to my cock and her head was bouncing right along with me.
Finally, I stopped bucking and laid still but Annie was still sucking my cock! I could feel her lips clinching the head of my cock while her tongue was moving up and down the shaft. She truly was sucking every last drop of cum from me!
Finally she stopped sucking and moved up to my face. We kissed passionately for about 2 minutes. Annie said, “That was wonderful. I love sucking your cock and drinking your cum!” I laughed and said, “I can tell. You really DID suck every drop”.

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   “Now I want to eat your pussy.

    Annie loves to have her pussy eaten the traditional way but she REALLY likes her pussy eaten in the sixty-nine position so she can suck my cock as well. So she positioned her pussy above my face.
    I started sucking on her clit and licking her pussy. “That feels SO GOOD baby”, Annie said. Then, Annie did something no woman has done. She started sliding her pussy back and forth over my face. It’s as if she forgot (or maybe didn’t care) that it was a human face and not a fuck toy. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mind a bit…even though I had to time my breathing for the split second when she slid off my face. Annie then sped-up her movements so that her hips rocked back and forth over my face as fast as a jack-hammer. I would not have believed how fast she could make herself go!
    It got to the point that all I could do was to keep my mouth fully open with my tongue totally sticking out so that her pussy could continuously slide on it. You can imagine for me this was really tough to do and try to breathe at the same time! However, I knew this was going to be the absolute BEST orgasm that Annie would ever have!
    Annie was sliding faster and faster on my face. She was now moaning in a loud but low-toned primordial groan that told me she was in what I call “the pleasure zone”. My face and tongue were starting to hurt. I didn’t know how much longer I could last for her but I knew I didn’t want to move.

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       I did not want to let her down! I wanted this to be the best of the best orgasms ever.
    All of a sudden Annie screamed, “I’MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM that she squeezed her thighs around my head and slammed her crotch into my face. I couldn’t breathe. I thought she was going to crush my head! At the same instant her pussy opened-up wide and she exploded what felt like a gallon of cum in my mouth. I had to swallow it (I wanted to anyway) since that was the only way I had a chance to breathe.
    Annie was finally done cumming. However, her whole body was still shaking. I said, “My God baby…. you’re still shaking”. “That was…. that was…. THAT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!!!!” she said as she was still catching her breath.
    I said, “Was that your best orgasm ever baby?” “Oh God YES!!!” she said. You can’t believe how good that made me feel to hear her say that.
    We got back into the whirlpool and just held each other for a while.

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       I looked at my watch and it was about 2:00 am. I told Annie we should probably go to bed since we had a big day planned. She agreed. We then went to bed and fell asleep in each others arms.
    I wonder if Toni had heard anything……. hmmmmmm. The End (for now).
    I hope you enjoyed this story as much as I enjoyed writing it. Send and e-mail to let me know at: ronin1225@yahoo. com