Anna Unwilling 2: Unwilling no more?


     I wiped the remaining tear from my face, took a deep breath, and stepped onto the stage. . .     I steped into the cylinder. It was humid and sticky, it made me feel weird. I stoped my thoughts. What am I thinking? I thought to myself, I'm about to be auctioned off as someone's sex slave, and all I can think about is, "This cylinder is humid"?! I began to cry as someone bound my hands to the top. "Get over it doll-face!" said the man binding my hands. "No one cares!". I let those words sink in. I continued to cry. I could feel the mascara staining my face.     The cloth was pulled from the cylinder and I was revealed. My mascara and tear stained face was an obvious give-away that I was a promising virgin. Men hooted and howled. It all made me feel awful, I began to sob helplessly.


   A voice came out from over the crowd, "Yeah Baby!"    "Today our star is a young virgin!" Anounced the auctioneer. "She goes by the name Kiwi, and is a juicy 18 years old!" The men had howled with lust! I could see from the cylinder hard-ons everywhere. "She is very tight and up for grabs! She is willing to do anything you ask, threesomes included! Blowjobs, anal, 69, you name it, she'll do it!" I sobbed even harder. Willing? I thought, willing my ass! "We all know it honey, now shut the fuck up!" said a man from the crowd. Oops, I thought to myself, I guess I said that out loud. . .     "The bidding starts from $500!" $500? I thought, why so much for me? I guess virgins cost more than non-virgins. . . The bidding went on, and I was sold for $750 to a fairly young man. He had a good body. Which was good, at least I wouldn't loose my virginity to a 55 year old slob, with a huge dick. He seemed about 17. .

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  . He stepped onstage and untied my hands. And I took him to my room.     I plopped on the bed and waited for intruction. I didn't expect him to say anything other than instuctions, but he proved me wrong. "My name is james. I'm 18 and a virgin, and my friends gave me $1000 to go lose my virginity. " "What?" I asked. "You really want to lose your virginity other than to someone you love?" I stopped talking, I remembered what Randal had said. "No Talking! He tells you what to do, you obey! You are not to develope any kind of relationship with any costomers. Understand?" It echoed in my mind and I snapped back into focus. He began to talk. "Well, yes. But I don't want to become one of those people who lose their virginity to someone who will break up with me the next day. And I'd rather not be a 40 year old virgin either.

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  " I guess it made sence. "So what do you want me to do?" I asked. He didn't say anything. He just stood there. "I don't know. How about you?" He asked me. It took me by surprize. "I'm not allowed to say. I'm not even allowed to talk. " I replied. "Well then," He replied. "I guess we'll just have to be gentle on each other. . . "    He sat down on the bed next to me and slowly began to take his clothes off.

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   I did the same. Obviously, it didn't take me long. I stared at his penis. It was down, and somewhat big. It looked about 7 inches long, and 1 and a half inches wide. Based on what little knowledge I had, That wasn't half bad for a 18 year old.     I knew you can't do anything with a down penis, so I took it in my mouth. I could feel it hardening. After about 18 minutes of blow job, He had cum in my mouth, and was fully erect. He was blushing entirely by now, and seemed highly embarressed. I pretended I didn't notice. He pulled out of my mouth and headed toward my pussy. I was dripping wet by now. I mean, this guy was so hot, I couldn't believe he was a virgin! and he had a nice dick, and he was even only 16! Only 2 years older than me! "I think this is going to hurt. .

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  . " he said, and entered. I was crying, but I clenched my teeth together and hoped he didn't notice. Then with a sudden thrust, he pushed through my hymen, and there was blood everywhere! He stoped. "Go on. " I said. I really wanted this now. And he began to thrust. In and out, in and out! It felt incredible! He must have thought so too, because he was gradually getting faster and faster. Thank god for condoms, because he came. A lot. He and I were both screaming, there was so much cum! Then he pulled out. My pussy ached for more, but he looked tired. "We have untill 9 a. m.

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   What else do you want to do?" I asked. "Nothing. " He said. He could tell I looked confused. "Lets just sleep. "     We climbed into bed together, But we didn't sleep. We just talked. It was nice. We talked about everything. High school, dreams we had. How he didn't really have any friends, and that he couldn't get a date, and saved up his money. When he began to blush, I giggled, and promised I wouldn't tell any one.
    Even though I knew it wasn't true. I knew me and Jessica would be good friends, and I was going to like it here. Eventually we fell asleep.


       I woke up and we were in a spoon position, I was on the inside. I could feel he had a a hard-on, and the bed was wet, as well as my backside. I guess he was dreaming about me. . .     I fell back asleep, only to be awaken with a startle about 20 minutes later. There was a loud bang on the door. "Time's up!" A man yelled. Probably Randal. Has it really been 12 hours already? I thought. Oh well.     "You can come see me again you know?" I told him. "You just can't like, tell anyone here. " "I know. " He said.

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       "I would love to, but it may take a while. . . " "I know" I said. "I'll look forward to it. . . "    Then he got dressed and left. Randal walked in. "I see your first night was very busy. " He was refering to the many stains on the bed. I didn't tell him what really happened. "Today is Sunday. You get Sunday and Monday off. You can stay in your room or walk around the mansion grounds.

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       You just can't leave. ""Yes sir. " I said. He began to leave. "Wait," I asked "Where is Jessica's room?" "Down the hall and to the left. Room 125. " "Thank you sir!"     I got up and dressed and walked over there. I knocked on the door and Jessica answered. "Hey Anna!" She said. "Come in!" I sat on a clean chair. "So how was your first night?" She asked. "Ok. " I replied. "A hot 18 year old bought me for $750. ""$750?" She asked.

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       "Wow, I sold for about that much when I was a virgin too. . . How was the sex?""It was nice! It hurt at first, but then it felt good. He got semen all over the place! After a while, we stoped, and we talked and fell asleep. He came in bed while we slept though. . . "Jessica laughed. "Don't worry, the maids will come in and clean it later. "    After about 2 hours of chatting and laughing, the two friends walked downstairs to the kitchen to get some breakfast.     The 2 day break was nice, but now it was time for business. Randal had definately noticed the friendship in the two girls. While chatting in Anna's room, he knocked on the door and entered. "Girls?""Yes" they both answered.


      "It appears we will sell you both in tonights auction, as a threesome. ""Ok. " Jessica replied.     Randal left. Anna looked nervous. "Don't worry," Jessica said. "It'll be fun! Here, lets make a routine for the auction. . . . "To be continued. I know, I changed the plot a lot, and it insn't as good as I had hoped it, but the next insert will be much more sexual. I swear. . .





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