An unexpected romp


It was a wild party and the drinks were flowing. Dan made his way through the crowd to the bar. He had come with the hope of getting some ass that night and things were looking real promising. Women were everywhere and the air reeked of sex and booze. He took a swig of whatever the bartender handed him and headed out back into the crowd. It was a swinger party and couples were going at it in all places, he checked himself in the mirror and made sure his mask was in place properly before he entered the main hall. There were couches and small beds scattered all over the hall for people to have sex and practically none of them were empty. He wandered through the crowd looking for his friend Jeff who had convinced him to come to that party when he spotted him across the room banging away at some chick in a maid’s outfit, or at least what was left of a maid’s outfit. He grinned to himself and headed elsewhere, he wasn’t going to break up a good fuck just for the sake of chatting to a good buddy. Then on his way out of the room he bumped into a lady who was dressed in lacy panties and matching bra and fishnet stockings. “Leaving already dearie?” she asked him coyly. “Um, no not quite yet,” he replied with a smile as he tried to place where he had heard that voice before. He looked over the woman before him, she was older than him that was for sure but she still looked great and in good shape. “Hmmm, a young stud wouldn’t happen to know anyone willing to scratch my back would he?” she purred back at him as he smiled. “As a matter of fact, I do happen to know someone. Though he’s a bit shy on these matters and would rather a little more privacy.

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  ” He replied jokingly. Not seeing the joke, the lady took him by the arm and led him from the room to a smaller adjoining room. She guided him into the room where another woman was sitting on a bed dressed in nothing but a thong. She then closed the door and turned to the other woman and purred, “Look who I got to scratch our backs Tracy. ” “Ooohh, a young lion I see, good choice Raquel,” replied the other brunette stretched out on the bed. Upon hearing these names, Dan’s mind raced. They sounded so familiar but he just couldn’t place them. Then his fears were pushed aside as the blonde Tracy slid her hands into his trousers. His cock immediately strained against the material in a vain effort to be released. “Well look what we have here,” laughed Tracy with a smile to Raquel before she completely pulled down Dan’s trousers. Now it was Dan’s turn to have a look at the goods, he stepped out of his trousers and turned to face the brunette. He reached over and pulled her closer to him by the hips and reached up and unclasped her bra. Her tits rushed out and filled his hands with their softness. They were firm yet tender, with only a slight sag. He bent over and suckled one with his mouth as he pinched the nipple of the other.

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   The woman cooed in pleasure as he moved from one to the other. Then reaching down he ripped the panties off of her. She squealed with delight as he lifted her onto the bed and with a sudden thrust he buried his cock in her cunt. She shuddered at the sudden invasion but only nodded at him and then he began slamming his cock in and out her pussy. Her friend Raquel moved over to the two and began cupping his balls as he slammed his cock into Tracy’s pussy. She was hot and it wasn’t long before he came deep in her cunt. He rolled off of her and gasped as he caught his breath. “Well now, I’m sure you’re not going to leave me here all hot and bothered by that display and not see to my needs are you?” said Raquel as she reached down and took Dan’s cock in her mouth. His cock wasted no time in springing back to life in her mouth and it wasn’t long before he was ready and hard once again. He pulled out of her moist mouth and threw her back on the bed, tearing at her clothes as he moved over her. “Oh yes, take me and make me your whore,” she said as he ripped away her bra and panties. Her tits were a bit more saggy than her friends but still pleasing nonetheless. He rested his cock at her pussy and looked at her as she licked her lips. “Make it rough,” she said and then as she leaned into him, “Rape me. ” He needed no further words, he plunged his cock into her pussy, not even stopping to see if she was in pain or pleasure.

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   Instead he ploughed his cock back and forth into her pussy as she clawed at his back with her nails. She was groaning with pleasure as he assaulted her pussy with his cock while rasping his teeth over her tits and biting on her nipples. Soon she came and then again and again. This caused her pussy to become very slick but it was still tight on his cock and held him like a vise. He continued fucking her as hard as he could and it wasn’t long till he came in her pussy. Exhausted now, he rolled off of her and lay back. A few minutes later the two women got up and kissed him goodbye as they gathered up their torn underwear and headed out the door. As they left his friend Jeff poked his head through the door. “Not bad, not bad at all Dan. A bit mature but still lookers, nice job. ” He said with a smile. Dan smiled back and laughed. They ended up spending a few more hours there before finally leaving the party and heading home. Dan said his goodbyes to Jeff and headed home. He arrived home to see a car parked in the driveway.

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   It looked familiar but he couldn’t quite place it. He opened his door to see his mother and his aunt standing there sipping away at coffee and laughing together. “Hi honey,” said his mom to him as he closed the door, “Your aunt Tracy and myself were now talking about what a good time we had tonight. What about you?” “Oh I had a good time tonight also,” he replied as his suspicions began to eat at his mind, “where did you two go tonight?” “Oh, there was a fabulous party at a mansion in the Loft area, we had a banging good time,” said his aunt as she nudged his mom with her shoulder. Suddenly it all fell into place when she said that. “The mansion on the hill?” he asked praying that it wasn’t where he thought that it was. “Why yes, how did you know that?” asked his mother, then both she and his aunt saw the scratch marks on his shoulders. They looked at each other in disbelief. It was going to be a long night, decided Dan as they looked at each other in silence. .