An Erotic Story: 'City Lights'


Alex smiled to herself as she listened to her favorite CD as she enjoyed her evening jog. The city was slowing down as the sun was setting, shops were closing down for the day and people were glad to be going home to their loved ones. This was by far her favorite time of day. She had moved to the city to start a new life. One far from her small one horse town that she used to call home. She remembered the culture shock she had first experienced when she moved. Now she looks about the city with pride, knowing she is now part of it and it is part of her. Sighing to herself Alex continued her jog content to just relax with the quieting city. Drowning out the world with the up tempo music from her Walkman. As Alex continued to jog around a corner she slammed straight on with another jogger much bigger than herself. As she lost her footing and fell backward she realized not only was the jogger much larger than her but he was a monster. Staring upwards at him from her now seated self on the sidewalk she looked up at him. Long muscular tan legs that seemed to go on forever, up to a nice slim waist, broad chest and shoulders up to this handsome face looking down at her. The greenest eyes she had seen were twinkling with humor. “Are you okay there, pretty lady?” the southern accent drawled her in. Alex couldn’t help but smile and nod.

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   She was knocked, speechless. Probably the first time in her life as well, she had never been one to get flustered with men. Normally she was the one doing all the flustering and she liked it that way. Alex began to feel uneasy and started to get up off the sidewalk. “Here lemme help ya up. I guess I was too busy jogging and watching the sunset to even notice you. I really am sorry about that Miss. ” The handsome jogger said. As Alex gave the stranger her hand to assist in helping her off the cool concrete she was able to get a better look at his face. Handsome green eyes to go along with a strong jawline, soft kissable lips and dark black hair. What a nice combo Alex thought to herself. Standing for the first time face to face with the stranger she realized indeed how much of a giant he was compared to her Five foot Five self. He was easily over Six feet and twice her width. “I should probably apologize too, I was listening to my Walkman perhaps too loud to have heard you coming around the corner. ” Alex finally got out a reply.

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   “Ah, it’s alright no harm here, but are you okay?” He looked at the beauty before him, his eyes roaming her body to see if she had any bruises or cuts from the concrete. Taking his hands over her exposed arms and gently rubbing. He had to admit, if he was going to bump into someone my as well be this beauty. The lady in front of him had beautiful long red hair that was bound by a simple NY Yankee’s baseball cap, which captured the shade of blue of her eyes. Almost navy he thought to himself. Her soft cheekbones made you think she had never frowned a day in her life, and nice pouty lips. As he looked lower over her tank top shirt and down her shorts he was even more pleased slim but athletic just the way he liked his women. He wanted no part of any woman he thought he’d break like a toothpick when he held her in his arms, no she was just right. “Oh, takes a lot more than that to get me down, I’m fine. Are you originally from here?” Alex asked. Snapping the tall dark and handsome man back to attention. “Ah, ugh. . No. ” Laughing lightly, as he knew he was caught checking out the pretty lady in front of him.

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   “I’m from Georgia ma’am. Name’s Austin Raines. I just moved into an apartment just around the corner. ” “Well it’s a pleasure to meet you Austin, even if it was an odd encounter I’m Alexia Bing, but you may call me Alex. I live just around the corner as well maybe we can walk each other home. ” Alex wasn’t about to let this be the end of her encounter with Austin. She was drawn to him and be that good, bad or indifferent she didn’t care. As Austin and Alex walked their way around the corner Austin pointed to his new apartment building. Gasping lightly Alex laughed. Nudging Austin with her elbow. “Get outta town!” she exclaimed. “That’s MY apartment. ” She laughed. This was nice Alex thought to herself. Maybe I’ll get to spend more time with him after all.

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   Austin grinned, “Well I guess we will walk each other home after all. ”Austin climbed the stairs to the apartment with such ease. Alex was mesmerized by his long easy strides. The way he used his body was almost more than she could take. Watching his back muscles as he lightly jogged up the third story, then before she knew it they were on the fourth stairwell. “Oh this is me!” she exclaimed. Stopping Austin turned around. “Oh, well I live up on five, wanna come see?” Austin wanted to have more time with Alex, even if it was just for a drink in his apartment. Alex made her way through Austin’s apartment door and was surprised to see a very modern décor. She had assumed he being from the south that perhaps he would bring along the country to the city but that wasn’t the case. The apartment was very dark, very masculine and smelled just like him. Sexy. “Would you like a drink? Beer, Wine, Water, Orange Juice?” Austin watched Alex take in his apartment. He could tell she liked what she saw. She had a nice smile, she was truly beautiful.


   “Beer please. ” Alex replied. As Austin grabbed to beers from the fridge he joined Alex to the living room. She was enjoying the city view from his large living room window. One of the main reasons he chose this apartment was for this view. The sky was that nice midnight blue just before it turned completely black. The city lights were all coming on like clockwork thought Alexia. It was a familiar and comforting sight to her now. She thought about Austin, how he probably sees it just as she had when she first arrived. New, refreshing and most of all…challenging. “Here ya go, Alex. ” Austin stood behind her and handed her the beer. “It’s a beautiful night but I miss the stars. ” Alex turned her head to look up at Austin. “ I miss them to at times but after a while you get used to the city lights instead.

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  ” Austin took in Alex with her long hair flowing, cap and beer now in her hand. The only light in the apartment was from the city itself seeping through the open windows. Austin felt the need to touch Alex, he wanted to hold her in his arms and he had no idea why. Maybe it was because she was a friendly face in a new strange place, or maybe it’s because she was so beautiful and the city lights radiated off her. He wasn’t sure why he wanted her so damned much be he did and there was no denying it now. Austin put his beer on the nearby coffee table and wrapped his arms around Alex’s slim waste. Alex slowly allowed herself to relax against Austin’s strong frame. Sighing to herself she began to enjoy the tingling in her stomach caused by Austin’s hands roaming lightly over her firm tummy. Austin hugged Alex against him, allowing his hands to roam over her toned stomach and up under her full breasts. Feeling her warmth seeping through his palms, he groaned lightly to himself. Thinking to himself ‘soft but strong’. Alex pressed back against Austin’s frame, not wanting any space between them. Excited by his touch she lightly grinded her butt against his groin. Wondering if he was as excited as she. Not able to control himself Austin groaned against Alex’s neck.

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   Pressing kisses along the side of her elegant neck down to her soft shoulders. Taking her hands she placed them over Austin’s. Guiding his hands up to her breasts. That was all he needed. Austin was too excited to stop now and knowing she was wanting the same nothing was going to come between him and this beauty in his arms. Dipping his head lower to suckle at the nape of Alex’s neck he watched his hands roam over her tank top covered breasts. Massaging over the fabric, noticing even the thin fabric didn’t hide her excitement. Alex’s body radiated heat , her nipples stood at attention, wanting more of his hands. Austin slowly made a path to the center of the heat. Finding each hardened nipple and pinching lightly with his thumb’s and forefinger. Alex threw back her head in pleasure, causing her body to rock against Austin. That was all he could take. Sliding his hands down to the hem of Alex tank top and pulling upwards. Revealing her toned stomach up to her breasts. Austin was delighted that she hadn’t worn a bra.

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   Something about a woman who can go jogging without one was just as exciting as a woman who only wore a sports bra to run in. Slipping the shirt away and casting it to the floor he turned Alex to face him. Austin rested his hands on Alex’s shoulders and took her in. She was a full C, slim waste and full hips were waiting for him under those tight and some what teasing biker shorts. Sliding his hands over her neck and down her valley between her breasts down to her stomach. Reaching behind her and cupping her butt to pull her firmly against him. Grinning down at her he slowly brought his lips down to Alex’s for their first kiss. He couldn’t believe how fast things were moving and his luck. Alex grew very eager with their first kiss. Wrapping her arms around his broad strong shoulders she deepened the kiss. Sliding her tongue along his in a magical dance. Tasting Austin for the first time was erotic. The heat from his mouth entering hers was enough to set her entire being on fire. Parting her lips briefly from his, Alex flicked her tongue over Austin’s lips. Tracing his full lips with her skilled tongue.

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   Hearing Austin’s moan drove her wild. She wanted more of those before the night was over. Suckling his lower lip between her lips and nibbling lightly. Teasingly she rocked her hips up against Austin’s. Austin was going to go mad, this amazingly sexy stranger in his living room was driving him wild! He couldn’t think straight, all he knew was he had to have her, and have her now. Thrusting his hands to her hips and hooking his fingers in the fabric of her shorts to drag them down he noticed she hand nothing on underneath. She was nothing but baby smooth skin and he felt like he had just won the lottery. He felt a jolt to his heart and his lips hissed out an ‘Oh yeah!’. Alex giggled as she kicked the shorts the remaning way off and on to the floor. As she did so Austin dropped to his knees. Kissing his way down her breasts, stomach and to her hips. She was shocked at how eager he kissed her smooth mound. Pressing her back against the wall he spread her legs and put them on his shoulders. Lifting her completely off the ground only supported by the wall and his strength. Austin was hypnotized by her beauty.

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   He couldn’t keep his eyes, hands or mouth off of her. Groaning with need to touch her he slipped his hands to her butt and massaged as he began to kiss the outer lips of her excited sex. Inhaling her sweet aroma made him dive in. Slipping his tongue inside the folds to find the source of her heat. Gliding his tongue up to her clit and flicking once, listening to Alex’s moan, and then smiling to himself he started flicking his tongue madly. There was no holding back. He wanted to hear her scream with pleasure, he wanted her to go mad as she was driving him. He wanted to share every thing she was giving him and then some.
    Alex groaned, gasping for air, her body withering and shaking from the extreme pleasure her body was feeling. Never had she been taken so aggressively by mouth. She felt like her body was going to explode any second and Austin was going at her even more wildly with each lap of his wet tongue. All she could was hold on for the ride and boy what a ride it was. Grabbing his dark hair she silently begged him on. Her breathing became labored and her legs found their way crossed over Austin's back holding him tightly against her. She felt the cool wall against her back and the extreme opposite with Austin’s hot heat to her front.


       Austin flicked his tongue lower and dipped it inside her tunnel. Diving in to gather her pussy juices. That was all it took for Alex. She flexed her muscles, her body drawing up tightly as her orgasm grew closer. She screamed out in pleasure and Austin pulled her ass to bring her closer. Wanting to lick her clean. Alex began to shake and shudder with all the tension and pleasure of the release. Slowly coming down from the heavens and back to Earth here with Austin. Sliding her legs back to the floor, Austin crawled up from the floor with ease and kissed Alex with all the passion in the world. He had never been with someone so full of passion, so eager for more in all his life. Alex was completely intoxicating to Austin. Pressing her back against the wall with the magical kiss. Alex felt like she was on fire, every vein and every fiber of her being was screaming for Austin. Never had she felt this way for a complete stranger. She didn’t care if she had known he a day, an hour or a lifetime.

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       All she new is he had everything she needed right now. Grabbing for his shorts she awkwardly shoved them down. Her hands trembling with need, tossing them down and off him. Taking sight of his growing manhood for the first time. Alex gasped, amazed to see how eager Austin truly was. Wrapping her hand around his hard long shaft and lightly squeezing. Feeling his blood pump faster as her hand sent fire to his loins. Slowly she stroked from the head of his shaft to the base, just to feel him and to see his reaction. Alex watched Austin’s face grow intense with need, she saw the storm in those green eye’s and she knew it was only a matter of time before he let the storm rage. Austin allowed her a few more strokes before pushing her hands away dominantly. Taking her hands above her head and pinning her there with only one of his hands. Noticing how small Alex’s were compared to his own. Austin guided his mouth to her neck and made a trail of kisses over and down to her breasts. Taking one of the full breasts into his mouth and suckling. Watching Alex twist and shudder under his mouth.

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       She was completely in his control she and she knew it. A puppet for his show, she would do anything in this moment to have more of him. She was so eager to be his, to be claimed. Austin flicked his tongue one last time over the hardened nipple and said to hell with it. He couldn’t stand it anymore he had to claim this woman now or he was going to explode. Using his free hand he spread her legs, taking his hard cock in his hands he pumped himself a few times and with out any warning dived into Alex’s hot pussy. She was so excited and so hot that even her inner thighs were becoming moist from her need. Austin groaned out with pain and pleasure at how hot, wet and eager Alex was for him. She moved, swayed, shuddered and rocked against him at all the right moments. It was as if she knew him like her favorite book and he loved every second of it. Wrapping her legs around Austin’s hips she thrusts her hips up to meet his. Taking his hard member in further with every thrust. She couldn’t help it she was completely wild for this man. She grunted with effort to thrust harder wanting Austin’s hard cock all the way inside her. Austin was taken back at how wild Alex had became.

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       She was wanting him in deep and wanting it now. Who am I to deprive her he thought to himself. Taking his hands and pinning her arms above her head again he began to thrust his hips more aggressively against hers. Making his way completely inside her fully, his cock beating against her pussy walls. Alex screamed out her pleasure loudly and with out holding back she didn’t care if the world heard she was in ecstasy. Alex pounded her hips wildly humping, riding up and down on Austin’s cock. She wasn’t sure anymore who was claiming who but Alex didn’t care. She felt the world around her spin, the wall behind her grow as hot as she, and felt her pussy raging for more. Squeezing and clamping her hot wanton pussy around Austin’s cock. Austin let go of his grip around Alex’s wrists and used the wall for support to grind against Alex. Alex wrapped her arms around Austin and around to his back pulling him in for more. Resting her chin on his shoulder as she bounced riding his cock feeling the familiar waves of her orgasm approaching. Supporting Alex with his hands he looked over her shoulder. Realizing for the first time that they were pressed against the large living room window which was now fogging up from their desire. Looking up at the now completely dark sky he noticed from all the city lights that there was indeed one star.

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       Smiling as he pushed one last time fully inside Alex. Both moaning with their explosive release and looking together into the city lights…. . The End.



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