An erotic pole dancer's special surprise


      Angie Surprise--chapter one
I was a very active scuba diver for many years before I moved from the east coast to the west.   The pursuit of a new frontier, and the sensations of escape from the regular world were what drove me to dive several times a week; and I loved it.   The peaceful serenity of exploration, the activity of catching lobsters, coupled with the hazards of diving was an almost erotic lure, and it usually brought me back relaxed, refreshed, and invigorated.  
   One weekend I dove alone, off the end of a long rock jetty next to the lighthouse at Eastern Point in Gloucester. Once again I was going to violate the first rule of scuba diving; and I knew it…. . . always have a dive buddy. Now there were no dive buddies left who had the passion and desire to dive deep and sometimes in very murky water. No one was left out of the 56 novice divers that had started out in dive school three years before …no one left to seek the bigger lobsters in deep water. One weekend I found true treasure in such exploration.
   The swim or the walk to the end of the jetty was rather long… many hundreds of yards … limiting the number of scuba divers that would swim that far to dive and sight seers that would venture the walk out to the end of the jetty. The jaunt to the end of the jetty could also be cold and damp even on a windy sunny day. The water was also quite deep at the end of the jetty and usually very cold, even in the summer months. Most divers stuck to the safe shore line seeking shallow warm water and the safety of the beach.
  Most of the larger lobsters kept to the deep cold water in the area of heavy kelp at the end of the rock jetty.

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   And so they attempted to hide there and I attempted to hunt them there. The cold incoming tide water could often be seen sliding in and along the bottom of the sea bed looking like salad oil in an oil-water mixture before being shaken in a bottle. Only the continuous wave action closer to the beach front would thoroughly mix the cold incoming tide water with the warmer bay water.   
 I had been diving deep for some time now and I was having a successful hunt. My depth gauge read 95 feet… my dive watch read just about border line too long at this depth. I also began to feel the effects of the cold water…… even wearing my winter dive suit that completely protected my body, with the exception of a small portion of my face and lips. I had my mouth piece slip from my lips several times now. I was not able to sense my mouth piece between my lips at all times. I had reached the grey not so safe area in diving, some where between a safe dive and trouble. It was time to leave the serenity of the depths… right now!!!
   I decided to exit the ocean at the end of the rock jetty for a rest …. measure my lobsters and get warm and rejuvenated before returning to the ocean for further diving. I rose from the ocean's depths slowly, safely and quietly surfacing against the jetty that was constructed as a series of large stone steps down to the waters edge. Sun bathers would usually stay close to the shore not wanting to take the long walk to the end of the jetty.
  I just happened to surface close to a stunning looking woman who was sitting close to the water’s edge at the end of the jetty and facing the ocean. She was hidden from everybody’s view and had removed her brief tank top to sun bathe.

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   She was leaning back on her fore arms with her face uplifted to the sun … I guess in an attempt to get an equal tan everywhere.
   Her nipples caught my eye…. . . well in reality, her breasts caught my eye at first. Her nipples however were an attraction in themselves …. centered in the middle of creamy white triangular patches that had not seen any sun …. . obviously once covered by a bikini. The nipples were perfectly smooth tan circles that looked like they were painted on her breasts with a rubber pencil eraser stuck in the middle. Her breasts were beautiful.   Her eyes were closed … she was dozing… oblivious to my presence so very close to jetty rocks …. . until my dive regulator hissed, discharging some air.
  Her body jerked to the hissing sound of the air and she saw me in the water holding on to the jetty.

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   She grabbed for her top and quickly attempted to put it on as I was apologizing for my intrusion into her state of afternoon snoozing. I was just floating with my mask up on my forehead … a big grin on my face.   Quickly her mood changed and she returned a big smile to me.  

She finally replaced her top and asked if she could help me. I gave her my mask, hood, lobster bag, and my dive tank to lift on to the first step. I needed to get out of the cold water; I was shivering.  I hoisted my self up onto the rock step and sat next to her. She was a beautiful woman with such lovely large breasts … more than I had ever had the opportunity to enjoy at such close range …. except in my dreams.   But …. this was real life.
   I looked out to the sea as I talked to her, never looking at her boobs.   She sensed my uneasiness and told me not to be embarrassed as she working at a topless bar as a dancer. I mentioned that I had to get out of the water since I was getting very cold. However, since seeing her sitting here and being able to chat with her I now felt a definite warmness all over me. 

  With that, I turned, smiled broadly and quickly glanced at her boobs, sighing reflectively.   She gave me a love punch to my arm saying “You silly goose. ”  What an odd exclamation!
  She introduced herself as Angie after we talked for a while. She had a jovial personality and we seemed to have struck a cord of congeniality. During the ensuing conversation, we discovered that we had both graduated from the same university, but at different times. She had recently left her job in the business world and was dancing at a topless bar for the summer months. She said she was just having a little fun before starting a new job back in the business world. I thought ….   “What an odd sequence of jobs!”
   Some how the conversation rambled on, with Angie inviting me to her place for the evening to just chat, cook and share my lobsters with her…. . if I wished to share. She volunteered to buy the steamers and some wine as her contribution to the cook out.
  Wait … did I hear correctly ?????   Is a scrumptious looking woman with a body like I never had been able to snuggle up too with before in my life …. . Who says she is a topless dancer ….

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   asking me for a “date”…. . is going to buy steamers and wine…. saying come to her place for the evening if I bring the lobsters?????? I seem to be slipping out of reality here!
  I remember thinking …. .   Wait until the guys hear this story… even if nothing more happens. I do not remember any other words that were spoken by me. I don’t even remember saying “OK”.
   The invitation sounded like a fun idea to me and we agreed to meet at her place in Gloucester. I got ‘dressed’ to re-enter the water and swim the long distance back to my truck. I put aside any further idea of hunting for lobsters …. I had 7 good sized ‘bugs’. That was more than enough for a two person cook out.  
  Angie left to take the long walk down the jetty and her car. I briefly hesitated in my swim to watch her seductively walk along the jetty….

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   Her bubble ass swinging from side to side as she twirled some sort of a rope belt she had worn around her waist.    I sensed the seductive stroll was not so much for my benefit … it was just Angie, oozing sexuality with no one particular in mind. I smiled just watching her walk. I don’t think she even knew I was still on the surface of the water watching.  I don’t think I had anything erotic in mind … it was just a smile of self enjoyment.
  She had a beautiful place with the patio table set for two when I finally arrived. The pots were on the patio grill for the lobsters and steamers … I was impressed. Angie wore a cut off tank top that did not cover much of anything, the underside of her boobs being exposed. Her short- shorts complemented her tank top in that just about the same amount of minimum lower body parts were covered. I felt very over dressed with a shirt and chino slacks.   
 She had a difficult time dropping live lobsters into boiling water. She commented that it seemed somehow to be uncivilized.   She suggested that maybe I should hit them in the head and knock them out so they wouldn’t feel the boiling water. Good grief! I knew better than to argue this point with a woman!!   I gave them a love tap on the head before dropping them in the boiling water for their last Saturday night bath. She did not have any trouble with live clams though.

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    I guess live clams are not really alive. Right!  We had a great time just talking while we enjoyed our meal.
  After a little too much wine, we were not feeling any pain. Angie put on some music while smiling and saying that it was now ‘show time’. She began to dance one of her entertaining routines …. I did not miss a dance step if that is what one would call it. I remembered thinking it would have been more interesting if there was a pole in the apartment!
  Quickly, she went to bending over and shaking her boobies and then shaking the cheeks of her ass in my face with her ‘clothes’ on. I was sure the dress attire during working hours was something different.   The music ended and so did her dance with her final dance step ending with Angie lying down on the sofa with her head in my lap. I clapped as she smiled very seductively.
  Angie now suggested that she knew a fun place to go and it was where she worked …tonight was her night off. I was hesitant until she said seductively “I’ll introduce you to some of the girls. ” This day was getting better every minute.
  Angie was an instant hit when we arrived … both with the guys and girls. I could not believe my eyes.

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   Here was a stable full of little fillies…. well, little was surely a misnomer! Oh yes it was!   All the girls wanted to know who I was. Then I was jokingly asked by several of the ‘girls’ for a date if I would bring the lobsters. Sounded good to me but I was smart enough to just think about it and not utter a single word with Angie present.
  We sat and had a couple of drinks with the girls and just chatted.   There was no serious display of sexuality from Angie until one of her ‘girl friends’ came over and sat next to me. She had heard from someone I was known as “deep diver” and asked me how long could I stay down. There were several other double meaning comments spoken with suggestive body movements.
  Angie displayed annoyance with the ‘intruder. ’ She moved closer to me as she put one arm around me, gave me a kiss on my cheek and hugged me. She looked sternly at the girl and said “He’s taken for the night!”  Her ‘friend’ did a shoulder shrug and left swinging her ass in a definite figure eight rotation as I was fixated on watching that ‘Swiss’ movement.
   That got me a poke in the ribs by Angie followed by a question “What are you looking at? You already have more than you can handle!” I was also informed that the girl had paid for what she had and what you see here, as Angie cupped one of her boobs,  is all natural!
  I was politely informed that we were now leaving the bar.   Hmmm now what…………. . ?
  I looked back in anticipation as we left the bar.

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   Nope……. some one had closed the stable door and the fillies were locked in the barn. Angie and I were alone. Damn! Now there was a good chance lost at having a threesome and some good wholesome Angie’s Surprise ---chapter two
We left Angie’s place of ‘work’ and slowly walked to my truck in the dark parking lot behind her ‘work’ place. Angie began to get a little giddy as soon as we were out of sight and around corner of the building. Initially her demeanor for the day was more towards being sexually suggestive. Now she began trying to be a hands on girl by giving me a goose, trying to tickle and grab me by the cheeks of my ass.
  I grabbed her both arms and placed them around my waist and pulled her in close. Immediately she was back being very seductive …. kissing me passionately and caressing the cheeks of my ass and pulling my hips into hers as she softly growled deep in her throat.
 She went to kissing my ears and whispering “We need to get to the truck before I take off your pants and mine right here in the parking lot!”
Looking back toward the building I whispered jokingly “I thought that one of your girl friends would be coming along with us. ”
“You silly goose---you have no idea just how much of a woman you have your arms around.   You couldn’t handle another woman tonight!”
I jokingly looked around and over her shoulder back from where we had just come while in a mildly sarcastic voice I murmured “Right”.
Before I could react, she had opened my shirt and bit my chest just below my neck and held on with her teeth. I winced in pain from her bite which was not in any way sensual, sexual, or enjoyable.

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   Immediately, Angie sensed from my body english that she had over played her situation and had really hurt me. She slinked and cooed and kissed her bite location while apologizing over and over for what she had done.
“I have to make that up to you silly goose. I think I had too much to drink! Do you still love me?”
In actuality, the pain stopped quickly but I milked the situation for all its merit and needed comfort while I gently caressed Angie’s magnificent breasts lightheartedly explaining that it made the discomfort of the bite less painful. It didn’t take her long to see she had been suckered. She kissed me quickly and began to once again lead me quickly towards my truck.
“Come on silly goose you are mine and all mine and no other woman is going to have you tonight…… so get ready!” She held both of my hands and pulled me long just about skipping like a young kid. Her playfulness was contagious as she gleefully radiated her joyfulness.
By the time we reached the truck she was in a very playful mood. I opened her door and she leaped into the seat and moved across to unlock my side door. When I opened my door she was already on my side of the seat and all over me pulling on me to come from behind the steering wheel.   She unbuttoned my shirt and sat on my lap, facing me in a kneeling position as she began to run her fingers over and around my nipples. I enjoyed this type of foreplay and I responded by getting heated very quickly.
 She lifted her tank top, put her hard and erect nipples against mine and rubbed them together as we kissed. Her kiss caused a queasy feeling in my chest.


   I moved to her nipples and begin kissing and rolling my tongue around one of her erect nipples. Her body movements announced that her nipples are obviously one of her important erogenous zones.
 Angie’s whispering to me to “Bite my tits easy baby” played with my emotion.
She then moved my face away from her nipples and kissed me with passion.   At that moment I did not care if it was me or just anybody. Angie began to loose control and I could sense her vulnerability … she was now hot and wanting.
 I now became the aggressor as I push her down on the seat and backed away and over her … opening the passenger side door of the truck. The moon light provided enough light to see but not enough for some details. I slid out and stood on the ground pulling Angie by her hips to me to get into a position to remove her thong. I did not hear any complaints of being fast nor did I sense any effort of opposition.  

She held one leg high behind the knee and placed the other leg over my shoulder. There was a little gaiety associated with the splaying of her legs and a giggly “Oh yes!” which seemed to be a happy commentary of encouragement. I approached my endeavor with enthusiasm along with my tongue, lips and fingers. I was now excited along with a bit of giddiness on my part. When I uttered an “Oh yummy” she began to softly laugh.

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   It’s apparent that we are in a state of playfulness and not very passionate …. yet … hopefully that was going to change!!!
 I wet three of my fingers and thumb in my mouth and slid two fingers up and into her wet pussy full depth while placing my thumb on her clit. My initial intrusion was a desire to go deep into Angie’s pussy and to reach her “G” spot in an attempt to see if I can get her hot enough to squirt.
But I was taken back by what I could feel with my thumb. Angie’s luscious clit was huge, protruding and hard to the touch …. it felt as long as the first joint on my thumb. My first thought was it can’t be …. no one has a clit that big … no it can’t be …. but it is!!!! Oh yes it is!!!!!!.  Well maybe it just feels that big but it sure is exceptional.   It’s like a tiny cock. !!!!
Her clit was by far the largest clit I had ever come across in all of my limited experiences. I wiggled my fingers as I pressed and slid my thumb over her clit. Ohh yes !!! It was bigger than large … protruding and stiff to my touch… definitely larger than anything I had the pleasure to taste before.
 My face, neck and back flushed with the emotional rush of what I had found!!!  I definitely wanted the pleasure to feel it with my tongue ….

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   suck on it gently and taste all her now seeping wetness. I needed to have my mouth buried in Angie’s love box  …alternating licking and rubbing her extraordinary large clit until she pumped so hard I had to back off a little with my mouth and concentrate on using my thumb and fingers. I left the idea of going to her “G” spot to make her squirt  …. I’ve been to a woman’s “G” spot a couple of times before …. but her extraordinary sized clit …. this …. . this was an extraordinary find for me. I want to explore more of what I’ve found!
  Angie’s hands were trying to touch me everywhere. The whispering of “Right there, right there baby …. don’t stop!” stirred me emotionally.   I sensed I was pleasing her immensely. I wanted to be the best of her lovers! This woman was something special… very special.
 I quickly began to feel her elation. I also felt the little quivering in my stomach muscles ….

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  the beginning of tingling on the back of my neck and across my shoulders … my breathing was quickening …a drop of perspiration left my forehead and flowed swiftly into my eye.   I needed to blink and squelch the smarting of the salty droplet that had found its way into my eye. .   I knew to not withdraw my fingers from their dedicated task… noooo …. . it would break the emotional bond that had now coupled us in the beginning of our sexual liaison.
 I was struck by the excitement and joy to explore the region surrounding that lovely nub once hidden and protected by the lips of her now wanting pussy. I finally sucked in the large elongated clit with ease … holding it within my mouth with suction as I ran my tongue around and around it like a little hard cock. Oh fuck is it big!!! Flicking my tongue rapidly over Angie’s clit sent her into a pumping frenzy while uttering loud moans of deep pleasure followed by a series of what sounded like joyful sobs. The little giddy fits of laughter were no longer heard … just some soft moans along with the inhaling of deep breaths and frequent “ Ooh ---Ooohhhs”.
 Damn I now was hot too!!! What a rush of sensations… I had to rub my cock against anything I could touch on the edge of the front seat.   She was in total bliss, sobbing repeatedly as her hips slowly lifted to as high as she could lift them. I was now totally dedicated to bringing Angie to what I felt was going to be a sensual climax. She was at the top of her hip lift while uttering a series of long drawn out “Oooohhhhhhh!” followed by sobs of great pleasure and calling out my name several times and further pumping. I crossed linked my fingers together and placed my hands just below Angie’s belly button in an attempt to control some of her forceful  pumping of her wet pussy against my face  while I continued sucking on her little cock and rapidly flicking my tongue all around it. 

She drew a series of deep breaths by making long slow inhaling sound between her lips followed now by a soft ohhhh and then whispering “Ohhhhh baby …. I’m going to cum… I’m close …. I’m going to cum  …I’m CUMMMMMMING!”
 I felt her belly muscles ripple with the multiple contractions …. the result of her convulsive climax as she pressed my face against her pussy. Angie moaned once more and then very slowly settled down on the front seat in a post climatic letdown.
Here I had come to fuck her with my cock and she fucked my face with her own small cock instead …. and now she had climaxed.
Well now it was my time to satisfy my passion … suck in all her sweet pussy juice that was flowing from between her pussy lips. Angie must have squirted a bit without any help from me …I didn’t need to caress her special spot in side her delicious pussy. Her pussy and the inside of her legs and down her ass were slick and wet. The truck seat under her ass was wet. Much of my face around my mouth, nose, cheeks and chin were wet from her love juice. Damn her juice seemed to be every where as I licked my lips and wiped my chin against the truck seat.  
I returned to lick and suck in all her wetness I could get to . .

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  . and there was a lot. It’s my passion … I never can get enough … Angie was really special and another good tasting woman … and what a beautiful stiff nub to suck on and dream about during the day and night!   Especially the night. !!
At first Angie was excited with my efforts to dive into her crotch and continue kissing and lapping while I made little sounds of delight for a few seconds. Angie’s hips slowly nestled back down on the seat and she gently pushed my face away with a soft “Stop I can’t take it anymore. ”
She was pushing me away???!!!  Did she say “Stop. ” I can’t just stop! I needed to lick her pussy more!!!! My cock was still flipping up from my muscle contractions … pumping against open air … wanting to be somewhere else …waiting to be wet and warm!! I was so horny I was beside myself. What does stop mean???? Look at my cock thrashing at the open air!!! Look at it!
Angie relaxed for a minute and then slid out and off the front seat … holding me close. I had to support most of her weight as she hugged me close. My cock was throbbing for attention. It did feel better touching and rubbing against Angie’s wet crotch and hip compared to rubbing against the front seat. But there was an immense desire in my cock to be somewhere else.   She knew that she had to do something for me.
 “Oh you did me good! I feel like I have weak knees. I can’t stand up yet.

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  ”  Angie kissed me and whispered in my ear “I just need to rest for a minute and then I’ll be ready to make you feel good too. Please hold me tight!”
I held her close as she asked “Did you find something down there between my legs that you liked?” It’s all yours any time you want it …if you do me again like you just did!”
I had no problem promising to do a follow up exploration. It was an extraordinary and delicious surprise. What a special clit. What a delectable baby cock. What a rush!
    I spoke softly “We are both standing here bare ass naked in this bright moon light!” I am worried some one would just drive up on us. We were not to worry …no one would come here.

Then she made an “mmmm” sound as she slid down in front of me, kissing my stomach and then moving down further flicking the head of my cock with her tongue followed by inhaling just about all of it with a deep swallow. I was looking down as she drew back saying “Yum” and then swallowed me followed by her pulling back and making a loud smack sucking sound as my cock  popped from her mouth. The strong sucking on the head of my cock instantly created a surge of unnerving feelings everywhere at once. I needed to cum and release all the tension she had created. I did not know if I could endure one more minute of her licking and sucking combinations before my balls began contracting ever so slightly. I asked if I should cum in her mouth. A quick and soft reply of “Mmmmm” answered my question.

  Angie sensed the contractions … she was now sucking harder….

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   her head bobbed quickly while stroking my cock… keeping it very wet so her hand slid up and down the shaft with little resistance. I uncontrollably flexed my body with an “Ahhh” as she flicked her tongue over the head of my cock, lingering at the little opening at the tip during her sucking sequences. My uncontrolled jerking of my body to her dwelling on the tip of my cock strengthened her resolve to remain there and drive me crazy. I knew I was right there also. I arched my back as she stroked, waiting for the first delicous squirt that was received with an “Mmmm” murmur of contentment. Several more squirts were quickly sucked in and swallowed as I sighed and felt weak in my knees. Then I felt a cramping sensation in a couple of my toes. Damn . . . . now that is a sign of a good blow job!  I had to move and press my foot firmly into the ground to stop the unnerving cramping sensation.
  Then I remembered and I whispered “Save some for me. ”
 I had no idea if she was one of the very few women who will passionately kiss me after a blow job. She stroked my cock and sucked harder.

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   Angie then stood and looked at me in the moonlight… slowly coming to me with her head tilted … still questioning whether and not she heard me correctly. The first kiss with me was slow …. first with her lips closed and then with her mouth partially opened as she shared a little of me with her tongue. She backed away, looking at me longingly in the darkness and came back with another slow and very passionate kiss. Our tongues danced around touching, feeling, sharing the tingling of what had happened here between us  …. yes it was something very special …. very personal …. very loving. We tasted each other and found it to be exhilarating. Angie appeared to be very stimulated by our encounter.

 “You are a silly goose baby! That was a first for me!”
We hugged for a minute or so …Angie was now very quiet.
 Angie murmured “You sure are different from many people I know”.
She hugged me close and asked me if I would go home with her and stay the night. She appeared to be very moved by something we had shared.
 “I want to find you in my bed when I wake up in the morning.

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   For some silly reason I want to make breakfast for you. ”
 I agreed without any arm twisting … this girl was coming up with one good idea after another all day long. She was very different than my first impressions of her. We just wanted to hold each other close now. The coolness of the night was closing in . . . . I felt the warmness of her body. I wanted Angie again!!!!  Yes …I wanted her again!!!
It slowly crept in on us that we very vulnerable standing there naked in the darkness. There was a little giddiness about us as we dressed and left the seclusion of this special location. Angie snuggled close as we drove. All I could hear were soft sounds of contentment every time she re-snuggled closer to me. She was dozing as I drove back to her place. I smiled as I thought about all that had happened that day.

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And now I had a place to stay for the night…… and with a topless pole dancer. I smiled broadly at the mental images that were flashing through my mind as I drove on to her place and a night of rest. Yet when I looked down all I could see was a little girl sleeping contently in a fetal position with her head on my leg.
What a crazy day this has been, just one surprise after another!.



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