An erotic pole dancer's special surprise---Chapter 3


Topic: Page title here Angie's surprise --Chapter Angie’s Surprise  ---  Chapter 3
Where are my pants Angie?
After Angie asked me to stay at her place for the night how could I refuse?  No guy could have refused a request to stay from a woman as hot as Angie. Besides, I had just about reached the point of being so tired that I was a danger to myself if I left her place and attempted to drive home.
We got back to Angie’s place in the early morning hours; both of us completely exhausted.   I think I remembered cuddling up to her and snuggling in bed, whispering sweet nothings without any intimate interaction. Maybe there was the desire somewhere up in the head on my shoulders but my body and my little head between my legs didn’t respond to what we had anticipated. Really what a bummer!  I thought to myself as I laid there in the darkness of her bed room “What the fuck am I doing here?  If this is all there is, I want my own bed and pillows!”  Sleep must have quickly crept up on me and led me to the land of nod!
Suddenly there was the bright light of morning streaming in through the bedroom window. I awoke…. startled …. . trying to figure out where I was…. . Ohhh hells bells …I’m nude!! Where the hell are my pants?.   Mother of mercy, where the hell am I? Where the hell are the rest of my clothes!!!????   It’s the shits when you wake up like that in a strange place…. . Then there’s that scary question that jumps into your head …. Who is here with me????  Ooohhhhh fuck .

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  . she had better not be another coyote ugly !!!!!
It’s been like that more often than not lately. I got to get myself straightened out and get a steady live in woman again.   All the thoughts took a fraction of a second to rush through my head…. . but more than enough time for my heart rate to jump into over load thumping.
I quickly took a deep breath followed by a deep sigh …. I remember now …. . Angie…Angie… Angie. I began to calm down… a little.   Another deep sigh is needed!  Ooooohh, but what happened to that chick at the bar with that ass that had a figure 8 Swiss movement. How the hell can a woman do that? A guy can’t……. I don’t think… I can’t…. .

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  . hmmmmm.
I thought I could hear someone cooking in the kitchen. I got up and quietly looked through the crack in the slightly opened door to assess the situation! I needed to see who was out there cooking.   I had enough of those rough nights on the town where I awoke in the morning in a bed room that I did not recognize ……lost as to where I was and how I got there. It’s the shits and very embarrassing to have to have to ask “What’s your name again?” after you try to at first remember who she is and then fake it for a while trying to see her name somewhere in the apartment you are sitting in when there is really no hope of a recall.
Ahhh , I remember Angie! Yup…. . even if I couldn’t catch a glimpse of her face, I could see her body outline through the light cloth bathrobe she was wearing and I could recognize her scrumptious ass and the magnificent set of tits. That’s her alright!
 When I walked into the kitchen she laughed and said “Aren’t we the domesticated couple! We might as well be married …went to bed and got up with no sex … I’m cooking breakfast with no makeup and my hair is wrapped in a towel”.
I played along by giving her a hug and a slap on her delicious ass. I could feel the cheeks of her ass jiggle just a bit to the slap. My cock started to rise for some action instinctively. That a boy …time to get up!   She looked back over her shoulder while smiling as I hugged her from behind. Angie pressed her ass back against me as she rubbed it from side to side.

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     I pressed my semi–hard cock against her ass asking “Are you busy?” She knew what I was thinking….   but then she actually shut me down.
 Good grief!  I was told to sit down …it’s time for our breakfast. Yup, she was right… just like being married!!!
Maybe finding a few coyote uglies mixed in with a few regulars in the morning ain’t too bad after all. A coyote ugly doesn’t turn you down in the morning!!! Nope!!!! Never!!  And they can be very appreciative too.
 I could not get her big clit out of my mind in my few waking moments. It dominated my thoughts … a vague image of her clit was on my mind since I had only seen and felt it in the moon light.
She mentioned that she didn’t have anything to do that day as we ate. I thought to myself … well how about a little bit of sexual exercise to start off the day? How about a quickie if nothing else? We could start the day off right! But nooooo, that is not what she had in mind!
I rather enjoy these little morning talk secessions with no sex in morning after a  romp around town at night with a woman. Yup, it always reminds me of what marriage could be like after a little while with the wrong woman.   But then again …. . is there a right one out there for the long term commitment? Yes it is these refreshing early morning talks that cements my resolve to stay single.
I took her comments as too not having anything to do for the day as a lead in for me to come up with some suggestions far removed from sex. I asked her what she liked to do for excitement and fun.

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   I mentioned going to the beach, swimming, boating, fishing, tennis, scuba diving or motorcycles. She picked going on the motorcycles …. she had never really rode on a bike.
 I mentioned my motorcycles were in my storage bay and we would have to go and get one. I already was having devious thoughts about driving into some secluded spot in the wilds for a little bit of fun and games! 
She began to brush her long hair as I at first just watched. Then I simply took her brush and said “Let me do that. ” She just looked at me and smiled as I began. She was surprised that I would ask to do that.   Actually it was a self serving gesture… yup… a first step of the day in my attempts to seduce her again.
She tilted her head back and rocked with my brush strokes. It appeared to be very pleasurable to Angie …she seemed to go to another place in her thoughts as I brushed. My brushing of a woman’s hair always produced the same effect …. they drifted off to another place and time before coming back after a while. I loved watching a woman drift off. I loved touching their hair… just combing slowly.

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    Hell, it was always seemed to result in a self induced seduction anyway.
When I finished, she was quiet. She leaned back against me, turned and hugged me tightly. I mentioned that it’s time to go get the motorcycle!  She looked into my eyes and uttered that reoccurring statement …. “You are the best silly goose I know. ” I responded with a smile and she was delighted when I joked about her being a good wife again.
 She put on another of her cut off tops that displayed the bottom portions of her tits and a pair of hot pants that displayed the edges of her well formed ass. The shorts were also so tight that they splayed the lips of her camel toed pussy and slipped into the separation of that delectable muffin.   I suggested alternative clothing for riding and she opted to bring along a change of warmer clothes if she needed them. We packed a small cooler with drinks and food and we were off to get one of my motorcycles.
She picked my Suzuki 1100SE out of the motorcycles in my storage bay. She liked my red Suzuki over my black Harley Hog. Good grief what a way to pick a bike! I’m sorry Hog lovers … she’s a woman! What can I say? She is looking to ride a bike and I’m looking to ride her! Do we need to discuss this subject any further?????
 I could see that we were going to have a little problem carrying some of our goodies on the motorcycle. There weren’t any large saddle bags on this bike like I had on my Harley Davidson motorcycle.
I retrieved a back pack that was in my truck and started to fit it to Angie.

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   She mildly complained on why she had to wear it and not me. Without saying a word, I put on the back pack, looked down at Angie’s big tits and mounted the bike. I motioned for her to get on behind me. As she climbed on behind me, the only reply I heard was “Oooh. ” Her big tits were squashed against the back pack and she was uncomfortable. She was smiling as we dismounted and I strapped the back pack and two blankets to the handle bars and back of the seat instead.
There it was again…. . the one thought that was always in my mind…the one thing that a woman had taught me in life…. . Don’t argue with a woman to get them to do what you want when they think they are right and you are wrong …. even when you are the one that is right!  It’s like trying to round up and herd cats …. an impossible task! 
We left for the mountains and some winding roads. Angie quickly got the feeling of the wind in her hair even though she had never really ridden before. She at first held on to me real tight for a time, and then she began to relax and enjoy herself.

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   With increasing confidence, she began to get into the fun of riding while kissing my neck and nibbling on my ears as I continued to flick her off my ear like a bothersome bug. I must have mentioned at some point during the night before at the bar what nibbling on my ears does to me! I melt down and am very vulnerable to anything…any thing!
 About midday we rounded a bend in the road and I could see a motorcycle a ways ahead. The couple on the Yamaha motorcycle were not going very fast and we quickly over took them. As we got closer, they began driving a little erratically and I instinctively moved over to the opposite lane to pass safely. I glanced at them quickly and lowered my outstretch hand in a biker’s sign of acknowledgement.   The guy smiled and extended his hand in recognition.   Angie leaned forward just after passing and chuckled as she said in my ear “That girl had her hands down in his pants before that guy waved.   She was jerking him off!” I looked back over my shoulder at Angie and she loudly proclaimed “I’m serious . ,… she was playing with him!”
A few minutes later she leaned forward and asked “Have you ever been jerked off on a motorcycle?” I answered no. I sensed that there was going to be a change in the direction of where this conversation was destined to go. Angie was now rubbing my crotch as she said “It’s near lunch time … let’s find a place where we can find someone to eat. ” She was giggling in my ear and I knew that I had heard what she had said correctly.
Shortly, we came to a dirt road that led into the woodlands. It passed through the farmer’s field and was obviously not frequently used. We found a grove of trees that was completely shaded.

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   I drove into the grove and away from the dirt road that had turned into a dirt path. We were safely out of harms way.
 She spread one of my blankets out as I got the goodies. I heard Angie say its hot today and I turned to see her cut off top being removed with a big smile. I swallowed as I felt a surge of tingling at the sight but recovered projecting everything was just normal. Her tanned boobs with the white triangles that had not been fully tanned were beautiful to see …. the smooth tan nipples with the projecting nubs adding to the scenery of the area.
I began to spread out our picnic lunch. She did every thing to get me to say something or react to her display of big bare boobs. She was a sensual tease and I was having a hard time not to look at her scrumptious boobs and nipples. She knew she would win but I was determined to not give in …well for at least a minute. I was determined to be the seducer …not her….   What a joke…. . .

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   I had already lost the war!
I spread the second heavy woolen army blanket out that I used at the beach. Angie asked “What’s that for?” with a seductive smile. She knew what it was for.   She laughed as she turned to crawl away but I tackled her and rolled her on to the heavy blanket laughing and ‘fighting’ if that’s what you could call it. She laughed saying that she would like to have dessert after our picnic.
With one quick undoing of a button and her zipper, I pulled her shorts and bikini panties down to her knees. She continued to laugh and ‘fight’ while lifting her hips and legs to ease the removal of her shorts. Angie smiled while wiggling and said quietly “I’ve changed my mind …. I surrender. ”
 I stripped down and went down to be next to her side as she was saying “Come here my silly goose. I’ve been horny for you all morning and you have been teasing me. ”
What I thought was going to be a torrid encounter of frolicking in the wilds turned out to be a passionate and a few tender moments in time. I loved it as I kissed her nipples and she ran her fingers through my hair. She whispered little tidbits to me as she nibbled on my ears. I now knew that I had made a mistake last night to let her know what my weakness was.

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   Finding her weak spots was easy … they were everywhere. Here I thought that she was going to seduce me by trying everything. In fact she was seduced before I was ready to play. She went to a spread eagle, wide open position as a playful suggestion of willingness but in reality she was geared up to be taken. She was displaying all the signs of being very excited as she sighed “Please. ”
I longed for a close up look at the extraordinary delicious clit in the daylight. I slid down and closed in on her lovely camel toe pussy . The slit separating the lips showed signs of wetness as I closed in. Queasiness spread quickly through my belly and chest area. Oh what a feeling!! What an overwhelming feeling of anticipation to see what was so new and hidden from me.   She drew her knees up and spread her legs wide to allow me a good view. I could not contain my anxiety to once again kiss and suck what was hidden from my view … only a few more seconds!!! I gently and slowly began to spread her lips savoring what I was going to see when she said “Let me help  …. I know what you want to look at!”
Her fingers spread the protective lips far apart to expose all her wet pinkness from top to bottom. A breath taking view for me. Her large nub was already visible and protruding … pink ….


  hard … stiff and waiting for just me. Good grief it was huge, at least within my limited experience.   I lowered my face ever so slowly … the nub seeming to be growing bigger and bigger the closer I got to it. I was now there …. letting it slide between my lips … exploring its size with my tongue …. running my tongue around and around and over …. lingering every now and then to lightly flick her clit with my tongue. Most clits that I could caress with my tongue were delectable to kiss and caress with my tongue.   Angie’s was large enough to actually suck on like a little cock. Maybe that’s a little bit of an exaggeration but very close to being the truth.  
 Angie sighed to my explorations “Ohhhh  . . . . you sure do know how to make me feel good! Please don’t tease me too long …I need you to make love to me today … like now.

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   We can play longer the next time. ”

Grasping her legs behind her knees, she pulled her legs high into the air while whispering “Please”. Pulling her legs into so high a position pivoted her hips such that her pussy came up and into a more exposed position. Smiling, she spread her legs into a wide open “V” position.   I really wanted to explore her pinkness longer … but she was wanting and lingering may have ruined the moment for her …. . and me.
Whispering “Isn’t that better honey?” wasn’t needed …. the battle was lost …. I surrendered. I felt that I had put up a valiant effort though before giving in. I had held out …. I had shown her my resolve to not be seduced easily. I had held out to her seductive whimpering for at least a half a minute.   
 I crawled over her and supported my self as she helped me find the right place to enter her love box.

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   She continued to smile without speaking any words. Her eyes were fixed on mine as I felt her rubbing …. . now wetting the head of my cock for easy entrance. We both looked at my cock with its head hiding in that delectable camel toed puffy lipped pussy. She removed her hand and we both watched as I settled down as Angie lifted her hips pushing strongly to engulf all she sought after.   As I penetrated Angie, she proceeded to roll her head backwards while she inhaled with a long low hissing sound between her teeth and her bottom lip. I went in slowly. I wanted to feel every little contour of her love tunnel with the head of my cock if possible.
  She lowered her legs, flexing her legs and keeping her knees up in the air. I was surprised at her softness and gentleness to our mutual movements. Her soft murmuring and slow movements to my penetration strongly elevated my exhilaration to want to please her. She was obviously very wanting……. and now …. so was I.

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   She knew she was very wet as she whispered in my ear “Listen, you can tell I like what you are doing to me. ”
 We moved together with the same tempo. The sounds of her wetness as I slowly stroked was very apparent in the quietness of the grove. Within a short time period she whispered “You have blue eyes just like mine. And you know what else”
 I choked out a  “What” with a very dry mouth.  
“I have something for you” as Angie began to trust her hips and pussy strongly against me. She began to turn her head from side to side sighing out a continuous “Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh to every stroke before moaning and calling out “Ohhhhh  I’m close, . . . come with me please. ”
 She pumped a few more times and lifted her hips calling out to me “Please ohh please, do it now silly goose. Please!”
 I was so excited and hot I began to thrust fast and deep and came quickly, before she ever expected me to cum…. . before I wanted to cum. She sensed my keyed up state … felt my spurts deep… so deep inside her as I now moaned in the joy of my climax.

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   She also came explosively, wrapping her arms about me and kissing me over my face and neck.
We were now smiling at each other and I kissed her nose again as we came down from our mutual high. We both knew what had just happened was a good ending to some tender love making.
 I looked at her nipples and they were standing erect and were hard to the touch when I placed my finger to the tip. She recoiled to my touch … she was done and so was I.   I felt myself slide out and I rolled off of her and to her side.   She rolled on to her side and looked at me and softly whispered  “You know, I think making love before eating is much better than later!”
We laid on our backs for a while, nude in the shade of the trees and exposed to the cool breezes and the bugs. I asked her why she calls me a silly goose. Angie said it was just an exclamation of her mother’s and for some reason it just stuck with her. I felt her hand seeking mine. She said that this was a neat place and she would like to come back here again. Her face appeared over mine blocking my view as I was looking up at the trees.
 “Are you going to bring me here again some day?” I understood the implication of the question.
 “I’ll bring you here and any other place that you would like, if you want me too. ”  Angie looked into one eye and then the other and then my lips and slowly lowered herself to kiss me.

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   She then placed her head on my chest and said quietly,
 I want you to be my silly goose … just mine …. all alone, if you would like me  to be your one and only. ”
“Sounds like something that could be easily arranged. ” was the only comment that came to my mind. I thought to myself …. she only knows me two days and she wants me to be her one and only man!    She must be as crazy as me!
With a little giggle, she started to get herself ‘respectable’ and put on a little ‘bit’ of clothing while I got dressed. We then sat very close to each other sharing our lunch … seeming to be very in touch with each other emotionally … the lunch really tasting especially good after our romp in the cool shade of the canopy of trees.
I sat with my back to a tree with Angie snuggled in close to me… her head on my lap. I was caressing her head and running my fingers through her hair… her eyes were closed and there was an affectionate smile on her face. She was in seventh heaven.
I now sensed some feelings in me. In my chest and belly … crazy thoughts were streaming through my mind about how wonderful a woman she could be to know. I needed to grab hold of my thoughts… I had been here before … too many times before. I had to say to myself “Stop …. stop….

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  STOP for gods sake!!! You always do this to yourself. ”
Yup I’m a sucker to fall in love. I’m an easy mark. I hump a woman a couple of times and I convince myself this is the one for me this time. Yup I’m a fool. I need to think…. . I need to take a breather …. I need  to give a relationship more time to develop… I need to get to know a woman before jumping in like always. I’m so weak . . so wanting of this woman…. . well any woman.    Damn she is beautiful with great all natural tits and then there is this special little ….

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   noooo big hidden nub.   She is just laying here quiet next to me. She had no idea of my interior turmoil --  no idea.
Now I feel much better. I’ve convinced myself that I’ve jumped into these previous relationships without much thinking in the past. I need to give this relationship time to fully develop and bear fruit.   Yes … I will give it time… I’ve promised myself. I’m disciplined this time.   No just jumping into a firm relationship without some serious thinking. I'll definately wait and see how things play out.
Yup, I’ll wait until sundown on this beautiful day to fall in love!!!



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