An Electric Night


Growing more restless Michelle twisted and turned in her bed, pulling up her red tendrils off her neck and flopping to find that perfect spot within the sheets. Glancing about the darkness she let her emerald eyes settle on the one thing that was visible to her, an alarm clock. She watched as the minutes rolled by, five turned into twenty and she was still restless and no where near falling asleep. The red glowing numbers of her alarm clock annoyed her; in fact everything was growing annoying. No matter how hard she forced her eyes to close and to try to drift away in a peaceful sleep she couldn’t. It was the beginning of another long week and this was the last thing she needed, sleep deprivation. Looking away from the annoying reminder of how close Monday morning was approaching she found herself staring blankly back at the window across from her bed, waiting for the next clap of thunder. Right on cue the fierce thunder rolled and the hypnotic lightening struck out in the midnight sky. She climbed and stood out of bed and walked the short distance to the window watching as it’s electric arms stretched out as far as her eyes could see. Illuminating the dark world below with a sudden jolt. The clouds oh so black, rushed by on a viscous path and the rain finally began to fall. Drop by drop until the wailing on the windowpanes swallowed all of the night’s silence. For the first time all night, Michelle smiled. Michelle ran out of her bedroom and down the dark hall and to the front door. Throwing open the door she ran outside and let the rain pour down on her body. The temperature must have dropped at least five-degree’s with that gloriously loud rain and she was going to make the best of it.

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   She swirled her body around in a young child like manner, spinning as fast as she could as she caught rain in her open mouth. Taking note at how the tiny drops tingled as they fell upon her lips and face. Michelle danced carelessly as she splashed about in the puddles that were forming in the cool wet grass soaking her white tank top and white simple bikini panties. Suddenly the sky was filled with another strike of lightening which caused her to freeze in her tracks. She had been so excited about the rain that she had completely forgot about the dangerous storm above her head. Quickly she turned and ran towards her apartment door. Turning the knob she thrust her body into the door to no avail. She gasped and the horror filled her eyes and she realized her door had shut and now she was locked outside in nothing but her wet revealing clothing. Slamming her palm into the door Michelle looked around the town house apartments. It looked as if everyone was fast asleep and she was out of luck. Thinking about all her neighbors and whom she could run to for some help until the maintenance man was in the next morning. She wasn’t particularly close to any of her neighbors in fact all of them were much older than she was, except for her neighbor Tim who lived in the town house beside her. He seemed around her age and always smiled at her and waved. She figured he was single and pretty good looking but she never wanted to start anything with someone who lived so close by, that would be all she needed more trouble in her life. With a heavy sigh she ran to Tim’s front door and knocked.

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   Banging her fist into the wooden door as she listened for any signs he would still be awake or at least hear her pleas. Standing and shivering in the cool rain Michelle thought about how crazy it would seem and how embarrassing it was to be in so little clothing. She could feel her face start to turn red with a blush and she turned to run back to her apartment. Maybe she could find a window open to climb through. Just as she was turning to run to her apartment Michelle heard Tim’s door open. Out of the corner of her eye she saw his tall frame watching her as she started to run back to her apartment. Michelle could’ve swore she hear him stifle a laugh. Michelle’s temper got the best of her, she was already in a mess she didn’t need him finding this amusing and she was about to tell him so! She turned to face him in a hot-tempered fashion and just as she was about to open her mouth to give him a piece of her mind…she fell. Tumbling down to the ground on the slick grass to find her backside splashing into a puddle of water and mud. “Here, let me give you a hand…” Tim’s voice boomed over a clap of thunder. His hand was inches away from Michelle’s face. She looked up into his blue eyes and saw him smiling. Swallowing a bit of her pride she took his warm hand as he helped lift her off the soggy ground. “Thanks, I . .

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  Ugh…” Michelle trailed off. She didn’t even know where to begin, she knew he must think she’s crazy. “I. . Ugh. . Locked myself out of my apartment. ” Could this be any more embarrassing? She thought to herself. “Oh, well by all means…. Come on in Michelle. ” Tim led the way through his apartment door and flicked on the hall light. His broad shoulders were bare and his tall Six-foot frame was adorned only in blue boxers that hung low on his slender hips. Michelle couldn’t help noticing how nicely put together he truly was. She had always thought his dark brown hair and light blue eyes were attractive but now seeing his devilish smile and barely covered body all in one night she knew he was more than just cute, he was damn sexy. Tim looked her body up and down; the red headed beauty was not your typical ‘girl next door’.

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   She was exotic; her peaches and cream complexion with those emerald eyes along with her slender figure was killer. Tim took in every inch of her, and it was easy to do. The tank top and panties she wore were covered in mud stains and soaked showing every freckle under the thin fabric. Her ample breasts moved up and down as she breathed in a rhythmic hypnotic pattern. Tim couldn’t take his eyes off of Michelle. To him in this moment she was perfect and radiant. “Looks like you need a towel, stay here I’ll go get one for you. ” Tim said as he dashed down the hall. Before Michelle’s eyes had clearly focused in on the dimly lit apartment Tim was back with two towels. “Here ya go, let’s get some of this mud off you, or at least…try. ” He was finding this amusing Michelle thought again. She could see a twinkle in his eye and there was a ‘I’m trying to hide this smile, is it working?’ look on his face. Tim handed her a towel and she started patting her face dry. Michelle breathed in the clean scent of the towel and moved the towel up to start drying her hair. Just then she felt another set of hands and a towel around her ankle and moving up the calf of her leg.

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   Looking down she saw Tim’s broad shoulders bent down wiping her right leg with the towel. The warmth of his hands soaked through the towel straight to her water logged body. “Must feel good to get dry but you don’t have to purr’’ Tim teased. He couldn’t help but laugh at Michelle as she blushed; her face down to her toes turned a nice shade of pink. She hadn’t realized she had dropped her own towel and was holding on to Tim’s shoulders for support. His hands had felt so wonderful on her legs that she was inching closer and closer to Tim’s warm frame. “I didn’t even realize I had, I’m sorry. Thank you for the rub down, I mean dry towels. ” Damn Michelle get your head on straight, have you lost all control over your own mouth? Just then Tim straightened and stood face to face with Michelle’s damp body. His arms wrapping a towel around her slim waist, his sexy lips inches away from her own. She could feel her breathing stop as she looked into the cool blue pool of Tim’s eyes. Tim’s breath was warm against her lips and she felt drawn to them like steal to a magnet. Her eyes fluttered closed and the next thing she knew she was kissing him. Gently their lips met in a warm gentle glide, the warmth of his mouth was almost more than she could take. There was an electricity flowing in the air on a whole new level and she couldn’t get enough.

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   Tim was lost in a sea of Michelle. There was nothing but this beauty that stood in front of him. He had to have more! Tim pulled her body roughly up against his as he lightly flicked his tongue over her lips. Tasting her lips for the first time was erotic; she tasted so sweet and of the summer rain. Tim Traced his hot, wet tongue along her pouty lips as she lightly parted her lips with a moan. Michelle was soft and cat like, her moans came to him like gentle purrs, very sultry and seductive and they only added fuel to the growing fire between them. With out hesitation Tim lifted Michelle in his arms and wrapped her in a towel as he walked blindly the short distance down the hall to his bedroom. Sitting Michelle on the edge of his queen sized bed. The thunder boomed and the lightening screamed it’s flash of light across the skies but neither much noticed. They were completely lost in each other. Tim wasted no time and greedily tugged Michelle’s tank top up and over her head. The only light was from the storm outside which continued to rage and added to the erotic night Michelle had found herself in. Tim stroked his hands down over Michelle’s shoulders, feeling the tiny droplets of rain caress their way against his palm and down her silk like skin. Massaging his hands down to her perky and youthful breasts. Tim massaged and squeezed the warming sensitive flesh of Michelle’s chest.

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   Lowering his head he flicked his tongue over a nipple before suckling one into his mouth fully. She arched and reacted to his touch like no other woman he had known. His touch was electric, that’s all Michelle could think. His hands were causing storms to rage in her body like she had never known. Michelle reached up and pulled Tim down to the bed with her. They fell into a heap and as quickly as he fell she rolled them over together so she could straddle his hips. Looking down at him she felt erotic and beautiful. His eyes showed nothing but amazement and she loved the feeling. She felt like a goddess and for a moment, she was. Tim reached above and caressed Michelle’s cherub shaped face, bringing her down for another kiss. This time both tongues greeted each other for a long sultry dance. Flicking and licking at each others mouths in need. Tim slid his hands down over Michelle’s back and lower to find her cute little bottom. He tugged and pulled at the fabric until he had his hand squeezing flesh to flesh to Michelle’s butt. The warmth of his hand on her backside sent Michelle to another level of need.

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   He massaged and caressed her ass playfully and to her delight even a light slap of the hand to her right cheek. Smiling down at Tim she stood up on the bed and shimmied out of her panties. Lightening flashed into Tim’s eyes and she could tell he enjoyed. She was beautifully well groomed, he could see the tiniest of red curls on her mound but she was mostly bare skin. Tim’s hands couldn’t help themselves and as soon as her body was bare his hands covered her. Michelle stood with her legs spread, her feet on either side of Tim’s hips as he lay on the bed. Giving Tim the perfect view of her body. He slowly stroked his hands up her inner thighs and up over her silky smooth mound. Tim watched as her head rolled back as the lightening lit up the room. He gently slid his fingers with in the soft perfect folds of her womanhood to be greeted by the warmest of heats. She was on fire and on fire for him. Tim found Michelle’s love button right away and flicked his thumb over it a few times before her knees went weak and she crashed down to his body. They both laughed at themselves for getting so wrapped up in things and before the laughter was broken Michelle was filled with passion all over again. She pressed her mouth to his neck and pressed tiny kisses, flicking her tongue down over Tim’s Adams apple and down his chest. Making a trail down his stomach and to his lowest abs.

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   Hooking her thumbs in his boxers she tugged and pulled them down and off. His manhood bounced and sprang to life as Michelle’s eyes traveled over its length. Sliding her hands up Tim’s thighs she massaged her way to his cock. Wrapping her hand around his base and lightly squeezing. “Oh God, your hands feel like heaven…” Tim was amazed at how this stranger knew how to work his body. She touched, squeezed, kissed and licked all the right places. Right when he thought it couldn’t get any better he felt a flick over the head of his cock, then another. Michelle was flicking her wet, hot tongue up and over his head and then down the underside of his shaft. Lubricating the shaft with her own saliva before pumping her hand up and down his meaty flesh. “Ah, I think he likes…. ” Michelle whispered playfully. Tim watched Michelle’s hand move up and down his cock. His body was screaming for more and right when he was about to beg he saw her smile. This ‘yes, I know what you want’ smile found it’s way to her lips and suddenly Michelle brought her mouth down and around Tim’s head. She slurped and brought all of him in at once.

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   Bopping her head up and down on his cock like a trooper she did it with true enthusiasm like Tim really had never known. Most women he knew had to be begged or at least asked a few dozen times to give head, but her…no way she was enjoying this as much as he was. He had to admit she was a master at deep throating. He felt her throat relax and felt his cock sink deeper and deeper until all of him was swallowed and her nose was pressed into his abs. Tim almost exploded then and there but he found some control and pulled Michelle up to him. Rolling them over Tim lay on top of Michelle, his knees between her own. Running his hands down over her breasts, down over her belly to find the center of her heat. Sliding his hand around his cock he rubbed his head over her mound, using himself to give her pleasure. He rubbed his head up against her clit in circular motions causing her hips to jump off the bed with pleasure. Tim wanted to make this last but he didn’t think he had the will power. Slipping his head between the hot wet folds of her pussy he pushed his head to her love tunnel. Stopping at just filling her up to the head. He loved the sensation of penetration and wanted to make it last. He slowly inch by inch pushed deeper inside her. Michelle’s body had already started to contract and squeeze around Tim’s cock.


   She couldn’t believe how quickly her body was about to come. With one last thrust he was completely inside her. Filling her walls fully as he lightly began to thrust. Their hips rocking together as one thrust after thrust. The storm outside grew further and further away compared to the storm between the two lovers. Their bodies pumped, rocked and rolled together as one. Sweat and heat built and before she knew it Michelle was moaning and screaming out in pleasure. Her entire body wrapped around Tim. Her legs squeezed him close and trapped him inside her like a vice grip. Tim could feel every muscle in her body jerk and spasm. The walls around his cock shook and vibrated with tension milking him of all his energy and he began to shake and spasm himself. He felt his seed spurt as he came hard inside her contracting walls. Coming together in a jolt of electric heat. All their energy drained from their bodies and Michelle’s legs began to relax around Tim. They both were spent and collapsed to the bed exhausted.

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  Michelle woke up to red glowing numbers that read 8:30 am, the maintenance man would be in and she could finally get into her apartment. She was glad for the restless night and for the electric storm she got to ride out with Tim. Michelle sighed to her self and thought, “Maybe Monday won’t be so bad after all. ”. The End.



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