Alone in House


“I’m really not sure about this” Phoebe said as Chris smiled up at her.
“Come on, it’ll be fun” Chris insisted.
They were both lying on Chris’ bed because Chris’ parents had gone away for the weekend. Phoebe had to lie to her all her family in order to be able to spend the night at his house. Now lying here on his bed she still couldn’t believe that she had managed to pull it off. She smiled up at him hesitantly. Slowly she reached over to take the long, thin piece of silk from him.
“Do you really think this is a good idea?” She said as she ran the silk between her fingers.
“Yeh” Chris said drawing in breath as Phoebe wrapped the silk round her hand and started moving over his naked chest. She laughed softly as he reached up to move her hand lower.
“Let’s do this then” She said moving her hands above her head, her wrists touching.
“You sure?” Chris asked “I don’t want to force you”
“I’m sure” She said, arching her back to press against his chest. Through her thin shirt he could feel her nipples harden as she got turned on.
Chris unravelled the silk from around her hand then held her wrists together, all his body pressed against hers. He slowly wrapped the silk round her wrists and tied a knot to hold them in place. She wiggled her hips against his as he moved his hand down over her breast.

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“You ok?” He asked.
“Yeh” She moaned as his hand moved down over her stomach to undo the button on her jeans.
Chris slowly moved his hand back up over her till he was holding the two ends of the silk. He tied the ends around the post on his head board as Phoebe kissed the base of his neck.
“Just lie back and enjoy” Chris said as he unbuttoned her shirt exposing her naked breasts. Smiling Chris moved down and took one of her nipples in his mouth, flicking with his tongue. Phoebe moaned in pleasure arching her hips. As he moved his mouth to her other breast his hand moved down and unzipped her jeans. He then kissed his way down her body as he removed her jeans completely.
Now all she had on was a tiny black thong. Chris quickly removed his trousers and boxers. He lay back down with his head between her legs. He moved his tongue over her thong causing her to moan.
“More” She gasped as his tongue licked at her clitoris through her underwear.
He moved her thong to the side and licked over her clit before moving to slip his tongue into her pussy.

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   She thrust her hips in order to have his tongue as far inside her as possible. He moved his tongue in circles causing her to moan more and more loudly then withdrawing to circle her clit as his finger moved inside her, slowly back and forth. Gradually he increased the speed of his finger and tongue until he could feel her muscles start to tighten as her orgasm got closer and closer.
She cried out in protest as he moved away, but Chris just smiled.
“Not yet” With a small laugh he moved up her body until his cock was level with her mouth. Automatically she opened her mouth for him. Chris placed the head of his cock in her mouth and shivered as her tongue moved out to circle it. Inch by inch he moved himself into her mouth, checking her body language in order to know when to stop. As soon as she had as much of his cock in her mouth as she could manage she moved her head back and grinned up at him before moving her head back to suck his cock hard.
He moaned loudly and thrust forward. His cock had never been this far inside someone’s mouth before.   Sensing Phoebe’s discomfort he reluctantly moved back, withdrawing completely.
“I want you to come in my mouth” Phoebe demanded
Smiling Chris placed just the head of his cock back into her mouth and using his hand brought himself to orgasm. As he came he moved his cock deep into Phoebe’s mouth. She quickly swallowed his come then moved her tongue round and over his cock to get all his come in her mouth.

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Chris moved down to kiss her on the mouth, sliding his tongue inside, tasting his come. Phoebe laughed.
“How we goin’ to fuck now?” She enquired, looking up at him with wide innocent eyes.
“We got the whole night, babe” Chris whispered in her ear “Don’t worry, I’m going to make you come so hard, so many times”
Phoebe shivered in anticipation, feeling waves of desire shooting through her body from her pussy. She spread her legs wider, inviting him to continue what he started earlier.
Ignoring her signals he slowly kissed her open mouth and moved his hand over her breasts, squeezing her nipples hard, almost to the point of pain. Hearing her moaning, he once again moved his mouth to her breast and gently bit her nipple.
“Please, I want you inside me” Phoebe begged
“Not yet” Chris was struggling to restrain himself.
“Ok” Chris gave in, he was hard again. Even just kissing Phoebe after he came managed to turn him on again. He moved his hand down to her pussy and slid two of his fingers inside her.
    As soon as he touched her he knew she was completely ready.
    He moved his fingers from inside her, bringing them up to her mouth. She immediately started to suck his fingers, as if they were his cock. He smiled.

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    He placed his cock at the entrance to her tight little pussy. She moved her hips to try and get him inside her. Chris wouldn’t allow it. He moved his cock slowly up and down over her clit and pussy. She moaned as the head of his cock hit her clit. He slid his cock inside her as far as he could go. She moaned and began to rock her hips back and forth setting the pace she wanted. He moved his hand over her breasts and kissed her as he thrust had inside her.
    “You feel so good” Phoebe whispered in his ear arching her back as he kissed round the base of her neck.
    Chris smiled and pulled his cock out of her causing her to shift her legs to try and keep him inside her. Smiling he reached over to the draw of his bedside table where he withdrew a small vibrator he often used to make her come. He moved it up to her mouth and understanding instinctively she took the vibrator in her mouth licking her tongue round to get it wet. Taking it to his mouth Chris did the same. Smiling he then moved the vibrator to slide it inside her ass. Chris then turned the vibrator on to full power and slid his cock back into her pussy.

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       He couldn’t hold back a moan of pleasure as he felt the vibrations inside her. Finally giving himself up to his desire he thrust inside her hard and fast feeling his orgasm building. Phoebe drew in breath sighing in pleasure. As Chris thrust inside her she tugged her hands free from the silk to run them over his back before moving one hand down to her clit and moving her finger round getting herself to the edge of coming, sensing that Phoebe was about to come, Chris moved faster and moaning loudly he came. As soon as Chris’ orgasm ended Phoebe came, stifling her moans into his shoulder. They lay there in each others arms, both satisfied for what seemed like hours.
    “Wanna go again?” Phoebe asked sleepily, Chris laughed and hugged her close.



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