Akiko's New School


Akiko was nervous when she arrived for her first day at school.   She was late arriving at her classroom after filling out all the paperwork and the class had already started.   She quickly checked her new uniform self consciuosly in the reflection in the glass of the door before knocking.   The plaid skirt was shorter than she was used to, exposing a good few inches of her smooth thigh, and the regulation white blouse was a little too small and so strained against her perky young breasts, emphasising them in a way that made her a little uncomfortable.  She'd just turned 18 and she was still getting used to her newly developed body, and the interest it attracted from boys.   She hoped there would be some nice boys here, who would like her.   She was pretty with a nice smile, long black hair in ponytails, smooth, clear skin and a slim body.   She knocked and was admitted, entering shyly and looking around. The class was filled with boys and girls dressed just like her, writing studiously.  The teacher was sat at the front, and as she saw him she blushed.   He was so handsome, yound, strong, she knew she'd be happy here. However, as the days went by things didn't go as she had hoped.   Her new teacher seemed mean, often criticising her work for no reason and threatening her with punishment, frowning at her and telling her off.   The other kids were stand offish, often whispering about her and noone seemed to want to be her friend.   She heard a couple of them muttering she was 'an outsider' and not one of them yet.   Things came to a head one day when the young teacher, exasperated with her apparent stupidity, told her she had to stay behind after class for detention.

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    The other students smirked and giggled strangely, but she just felt terrible.   She tried so hard to please sir, what more could she do?
That evening after school she made her way to the teacher's office and knocked on the door.   He let her in and she stood before his desk, wondering what he had in store for her.
"So, Akiko.   What are we to do with you?  it seems you just don't understand what I tell you.   I have to find a way to improve your concentration.   You do want to do well here, don't you?  To succeed?  To please me?"
"Oh yes, sir.   I'll do anything you ask!"  She replied miserably. "Good.   I have unorthodox methods for improving my pupils' skills, but they always work.   You do trust me, don't you?", he said gently, moving around the desk to stand behind her and putting his hands on her shoulders.
"Of course, sir.   I'll try whatever you want me to. "  She shivered, this was the first time he had touched her and his big, strong hands seemed to burn into her flesh.   He was so close she could smell his aftershave and feel his breath on her neck.

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"Good, good. " He breathed.   "I think we'll try the old fashioned way first.   Please bend over the desk. "  She though she had misunderstood, but he pushed her over the desk so her face and chest were flat, her behind sticking in the air.  Then, to her amazement, he began to lift her skirt.   She gasped and stood up, turning and trying to push the skirt down.   He stepped back, looking dissappointed.   She couldn't bear that look.
"I though you trusted me, little one.   You do want to please me, don't you?"
"Yes, sir.   But. . . "  She was confused, but obediently bent over the table again.

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    She had been taught to always obey teachers, and so this must be OK.   She felt his hands lifting her skirt up and carefully folding it over her back, exposing her knickers.   She felt glad she was wearing the regulation school white panties, but was acutely aware of how little they covered her taut little buttocks, and shereddened.   For a few minutes nothing happened, then she glanced round and saw the teacher holding a short cane.   She barely had time to tense her bottom before he brough it down stingingly across them.   She cried out in pain, and he hushed her.   Then he struck again, and again.   She lay her face on the table, confused.   What had she done to deserve this?  The pain wasn't that great, but it was the humiliation.   Then, as she heard his heavy breathing, she realised that he was enjoying this.   With that came the realisation that she could please this gorgeous guy, and suddenly she started to feel a heat in her tummy and between her legs.   With each stroke she felt more aroused, and groaned in pleasure.
"I don't think you're feeling this enough.   It's these damn panties.   Take them off!"  She was feeling turned on, but this was another step.

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    She had never been naked in front of a man, the closest she'd got was when a boyfriend had felt her breasts behind the bikesheds. He'd tried to put his hand up her skirt but she'd stopped him, wanting it but feeling ashamed.   She felt the same way now, but this was different.   This was a teacher.   He saw her hesitation and said, "Don't worry my girl.   It's all perfectly normal.   I do this to all the girls. "  She hoped this wasn't true, she wanted this delicious pleasure to be just between them, but she hooked her fingers in the waistband of her knickers and tried to pull them down demurely.   Then lay across the table again, this time pulling her skirt up herself, her buttocks now naked.   She knew that the lips of her vagina would be just visible, peering out between her thighs and she hoped he wouldn't be able to tell how excited she was.   The cane stung more now as he brought it down across her buttocks, adding more little red lines to the collection already there and she bit her lip.   But this time, after each stroke, he slowly ran the tip of the cane down between her cheeks, over her little anus and down as far as her labia.   The contrast between the gentle, tickling sensation, and the pain of the blows was delicious, shocking, wildly arousing.   She openly groaned and moaned, writhing on the desk.   She knew now that was no ordinary 'punishment', and wondered what was coming next.

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    She realised that it was totally illegal and immoral for a teacher to do this to a 18 year-old girl, but she didn't care and knew she'd do anything he wanted.   Unbidden, she breathed, "I am your slave, sir. "
At this he stopped, his breathing increased.   He moved closer behind her, and she felt something pressing against her ass.   Excited, she realised it was his penis, it felt enormous and she was nervous- was he going to stick that into her?  She had always been worried because her pussy seemed very small.   Would  it be big enough?He bent down and whispered in her ear, "That's good, little slave girl.   Do as your master orders and I'll be pleased.   Now I want to see you.   Take off all your clothes. "  She turned round and begain to undress, blushing under his hungry gaze.   He was so handsome, she wanted to see him naked too, wondering what it would look like.   She unbuttoned her blouse, letting her breasts free and taking it off.   Then she reached round and unbuttoned her bra, slipping it off and releasing them totally.   They were small but perfectly formed, firm and round standing proudly from her chest as only a young teenagers' can.   Her small, pink nipples were erect, standing up and seeming twice their normal size.

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    Finally she undid her skirt, letting it fall and letting him see her sex properly for the first time.   She didn't shave, unlike some of her friends, and so had a modest black bush covering her pubic area.   Her belly was completely flat, lots of sport had toned her body, so her pudenda seemed to stand out.   He just stared, it was a gorgeous sight.  
"Now come here and undress me," he commanded hoarsely.  She walked over, glorying in the power her naked body gave her over him, knowing she was in charge here really.   She unbuttoned his shirt, stroking his smooth hairless chest, and slipping it off.   Then she knelt in front of him and undid his trousers, unzipped his fly and pulled them down.   His cock sprang free, every bit as big as it had seemed.   It seemed huge to her, a big purple head and thick shaft.   She was at the same time shocked and fascinated, and she tentatively stroked it, eliciting a groan from him.   Emboldened, she gripped it firmly in both hands and began to rub up and down as she knew men liked.  "Oh, you are a hot little bitch, aren't you?", he groaned.   "I think you need to be put in your place. "
 With that he suddenyl pulled her up and threw her across the table backwards.

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    She was shocked, and didn't realise what was happening until he snapped the first cuff shut.   She hadn't seen them before, but there were four cuffs connected to short chains attached to the desk, and now he proceeded to snap then around her wrists and ankles, her struggling to no avail against his strength.  "Why are you doing this?  I've said I'll do anything you want!"  She wailed.
He chortled as he snapped the final cuff shut and adjusted the chains so her arms and legs were spread painfully wide, her vagina cruelly exposed, her head lolling over the edge of the table.   "I don't think you quite realise who's giving the orders here, and what's going on.   This is your welcome to the class.   Come in children!" 
With that, the door opened and to her horror all her classmates trooped in, laughing and pointing at her.   One boy playfully slid his hand up the skirt of a shy, demure looking girl who rather than taking offense, casually grabbed his cock through his trousers and began fondling it.   Akiko started to realise what was happening, and the control the teacher exerted over the group.   She also started to dread what might be about to happen, and writhed in embarrassment at being so exposed, as the other pupils made comments about her pussy and breasts, comparing them to others in the class.
"Mine's hairier. ", "I like the way it pouts open like that, is mine like that when you fuck me?", "Your tits are not as firm as those, Yoko" and so on.   The teacher raised his voice to restore order and the babbling died down. "Let us begin.   As always, I get to go first and you watch and learn.

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Akiko, tonight you will learn about true submission and will become a woman, I promise you this will be a night you will never forget!"  With that he walked round her to her head and pulled it back.   She could see his cock before her eyes, then he thrust it into her mouth.   She couldn't understand how, but even in this outrageous situation, his cock excited her, the way it  looked, its smell, and now it's taste.   She had no choice but to suck, and used her tongue to lick the head when she could, still trying to please teacher.   She saw that the other students had gathered round, watching, and then she felt hands on her body, lots of them.   They began rubbing and stroking, all over her, the feel of small fingers squeezing her nipples as simultaneously others stroked through her pubic hair and yet more pried open her secret places, now wet and hot, was almost too much for her - all these new sensations at once almost overwhelmed her and she felt she'd pass out from sheer pleasure.   She was amazed that little Takako, 18 years old and tiny, was there.   She looked so innocent, yet she smiled as her fingers squeezed Akiko's clitoris, causing her body to spasm.   One boy, a studious looking kid with glasses, reached behind and inserted a finger in Akiko's anus, causing more writhing, she hadn't known that was possible, or that it would cause such pleasure.  
Fingers were replaced with tongues as the whole class began to lick her body, causing waves of ecstacy to coarse through her.   One industrious girl focussed on her vagina, expertly licking deep within her and around her clit, until suddenly her body seemed to explode as she was wracked with orgasm after orgasm.   Everyone cheered, and moved away as she fell back exhausted.
"Starter finished, time for the main course!"  Teacher excaimed, and moved round between her legs.   "Look closely, children.   This vagina is a wonderful example of the virgin - see the hymen?  Watch as I slowly insert my cock.

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  . . "  Everyone held their breath as he slid inside her.   To Akiko, still semi conscious after her orgasms, it felt wonderful - slowly filling her, her cunt expanding more that she'd thought possible.   Then a sharp pain and everyone cheered again.
     Girls kissed and hugged her as the teacher continued his slow movement, inexorably pushing his prick into her little pussy, her virgin blood beginning to trickle out.   The pain increased as he moved further up inside her, she worried he wouldn't fit but then he was there, kneeling in front of her, their pubic hair entwined.   He began to pump, slowly at first but then faster.   She was so tight the sensation was excruciating and amazing for both of them.   Her head lolled back and she was faced with what looked like an alien.   She twisted her head and realised it was Takako's pubis, she had lifted her skirt and was shyly offering herself.   She was completely bald, and tiny, it was impossible to imagine such a small slit accommodating the huge penis currently pounding her sex.
    "My turn, please. " Takako said with a shy grin.   Akiko had never contemplated even touching another girl's vagina before, let alone licking one, but it would be rude to refuse.

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        She reached out her neck, extended her tongue and licked Takako's hairless pussy.   Takako let out a squeal and pushed herself to Akiko's face.   "I've wanted you to do this to me ever since you arrived.   Will you be my best friend?"  She whispered breathlessly as she ground her hips into Akiko's face.   The smell and taste of little Takako's now sopping wet cunt, coupled with the now franatic fucking she was getting from her teacher, caused Akiko to howl as another series of tremendous orgasms racked her body.   The teacher arched and cried out too, as he came, pulling out to spurt a jet of cum over her young, slim little body.   Her pussy dribbling and was now open and red.   Before she had even had a chance to draw breath, a boy took his place, eagerly pushing his pubescent young cock inside her.   It was smaller, but still delicious, but after just a few strokes he came, again pulling out to spurt over her, a huge amount of milky semen which splattered as far as her face, a drop settling on her lips.   She tasted it, salty and warm.   He was replaced with another, and Takako was replaced by another young boy pushing his tiny organ in her mouth.  She felt sorry for him (other boys were laughing) and made a show of sucking and making appreciative sounds, until without warning he filled her mouth with his seed.   She coughed and swallowed, realising she looked a terrible mess as more semen dribbled over her.   The next boy lifted her up as he approached, and she realised with horror what he intended, and looked with disbelief at his huge member, then screamed as he pushed it into her virgin anus.   it was well lubricated with all the blood and juices covering her, and slid in and he quickly fucked her ass, coming mercifully rapidly.


        As he pounded her sore behind, she looked down with amazement and saw that another boy was behind him fucking him up the ass, and another behind that boy, and that they were coordinating their strokes and aiming to come simultaneously.   As they all pulled out and the room seemed to be full of cocks shooting semen, everyone cheerd.
    Most were naked now, all with private parts exposed and everyone engaged in some type of sex act. Little Takako seemed popular, she was lying on the floor with one boy (who seemed twice her size) pounding hard into her tiny pussy, Akako could see her pudenda distorting with its girth.   At the same time she had another boy with his cock up her arse, again her anus grossly distorted and the boy grimacing with the sensation.   A third had his member in her mouth and she sucked enthusiastically, moaning contentedly.
     Two boys had tied one girl, who Akiko had noticed seemd to be a bit of a bully to a chair with her pussy in the air and were beating it with a cane.   It was swollen and engorged, the lips open and dribbling.   The girl seemed in ecstacy, her eyes half closed.   One boy then grabbed a nearby tennis racked and rammed it into the pussy, brutally fucking her with it.   The other, emboldened, did the same with her ass.   She opened her eyes and said with a grimace, "I am so going to suck your pricks when you finish. " before lapsing back into her stupor. Akiko had now been fucked by every boy in the class, her body covered with a glistening sheen of teenage semen, every orifice dripping with it.   The girls also took turns, inserting various objects into her holes to see how it felt.

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        Mostly it felt wonderful to Akiko, who couldn't get enough.   She had lost count of the number of orgasms she had had, and the number of different penises.
    Finally, the teacher untied her and as the class began to exhaustedly stop their shagging, and come for the final few times, he gently loved her once more, this time there was no resistance as her cunt was well and truly opened up, and she wept as he came inside her and kissed her cum stained face.
    Class was different after that.   Akiko was very popular, both boys and girls were constantly sneaking gropes of her pussy and tits, and they all took every opportunity to fuck her.   And she loved it.



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