After Hours


Topic: 1   It was like any other day here in at work. Lisa was bitching about how small her cubicle was. Howard, the queer guy, talking to customers trying to sell them them shitty insurance they didn't need in BFE. Tina, well, what can I say about Tina that hasn't have the entire male population has said about her, she's a slut. Of course there Tony, my god, can that man fuck a woman until her pussy is sore as hell. Last, but not least, there's me, Kelly. I'm the the forty-five, four divorced, pissed of at man with a small dick. I manage a insurance companies auto insurance division in the north west.

Moreover, there is 4500 people that work under me and only handful do I choose to use as toys in my sex life.
   Pam is executive assistant that handles all my grunt work. However, today was different for myself. For the past three weeks I've been dating the pool guy at my home and found out he blew his nuts when he saw my tits. So, I never get my pussy wet or got any action last night. Since my office was in the corner of a 22 story building. There was no people outside nor inside who could see or hear what happens in my office.
    Let me say more about Pam, she assistant.

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   However, she is my sister's daughter. Pam is 20 and attending business college while working here with me. for the past three years she moved into my home and soon became in-home sex partner. Today will be no different, I'll call her in here to allow me to taste sweetess pussy I've had since I tasted her mom. I've enjoyed sex with men and women, each of which drive my sexual passion crazy. When it comes to a woman. It is the way her hips sway back and forth as one entangles themselves with each other. The way her heart beats through her chest as she throws her long hair around her as she cries out your name as she cums. Knowing, feeling, and exacting feeling her body react as you I do when I masterbate.  Being a woman and havind sex with another woman is a orgasm within itself.
   When I have sex with a man, it's a phyiscal emtion not emtional. With a man I know the conclusion. However, the right man can make the physical sex feel like an orgasm that turns into a workout. I love a good dick, just like any woman, however he must be able to use it like gun that can be reloaded all night long. A good and stiff dick that can hit the right spot on me will hit my g-spot.

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   Unfortunate for him, I pur buckets and when he does hit it. I get so super sensitive that all he has to do is touch me and I'll pour again and again.
"Pam could you come in to my office for to help me", I told my neice. Let the games begin. . . . . . . . .