A Welcomed Visit - Part One


Topic: Part One I sat in the shadows at the bar.   I wanted to watch you come in, to stare, without being seen.    As soon as I saw you walk into the airport lounge, I recognized you from your picture.    You were dressed causal in jeans and a t-shirt, perfect for traveling, perfect for taking off.   I dressed up for this occasion, one that I had been waiting for over three years.    I wore a baby doll black t-shirt, paired with a funky short skirt. My breath caught and I smirked as you finally noticed me in the corner.   Coming over to me with a smile on your face, I uncrossed my legs slowly and stood to greet you, a stranger yet someone I regularly fantasize about.
 Your eyes caress my face, my neck, my breasts, and further down to see my long legs and dainty ankles.   Your smile showed me you approve of my body and the twinkle in your eye told me you wanted to see more.   I introduced myself to confirm my name; you gave me yours as you took my hand.   With a toss of a $5 bill, we exited the airport to find a cab that would take us both to your hotel room.
 My skirt barely covered my bare ass as I got into the cab beside you.   Your hand immediately started at my knee and slowly inched upwards towards the ticklish spot of where my leg meets my hip.   I playfully slapped your hand away, making a tsk tsk sound.   “Be nice.


    Be patient. ” I whispered to you and you giggled.   Behaving like the good boy you were, you sat back and enjoyed the view of the city rolling by.   I, nervous, looked out at the familiar skyscrapers and felt my pussy getting hotter and hotter as I fantasized what we were going to do to each other as soon as we got up to your room.   I peeped over out of the corner of my eye and saw your hard cock straining to get out of your pants.   I forbade myself to touch it then, even though I was desperate to have it in my hand, my mouth.   I would have to be patient as well.
 We arrive and you pay the cab driver.   We hurry up the check in procedure, heading up to your room.    Once inside, we both stare at each other, circling the room, circling each other like wild animals.   Sexual tension overrides any nerves that may have prevented this visit.   We clung to each other, finally tasting each other’s mouths, tongues, ears, and necks.   You thrust your cock towards me as your hand grabbed my ass, bringing me closer to you.   I hugged you close, feeling my hard nipples grazing your chest as I sucked on your neck, claiming you as mine.    Coming up for air, I pushed you towards the bed, unbuttoning your shirt as we got closer.

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    “You’re mine. ” I growled and pushed you onto the bed.   Taking off the reminder of your clothes, I paused to admire your beautiful body.   Grinning evilly, I kept all my clothes on, only telling you that you could watch but do not touch.   Your hard cock stood at attention, begging me for my attention.   I licked your taunt nipples, biting them and covering them with my mouth.
      Your whimpers of lust urged me on.   My hands roamed your body, close to your dick but never touching it – not yet at least.   My tongue trailed down your stomach, dipped into your belly button, and continued further down.   I traced a path around your hips, the hollow where your legs meet your hips.   Your pleas made me giggle but I continued on a maddening quest.   Without warning, my mouth found your balls.   I sucked on them gently, savoring the taste.   I felt your cock twitch for attention and your balls contract as I continued to suck.   I couldn’t delay what I wanted.

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         My tongue traced your cock’s underside up until its big purple head.   I started slowly by sucking only on the head.   My hand stroked the length while I drove you crazy.    Taking my hand off, I leaned over further, taking the cock fully in my mouth.   My hands started pinching my own nipples as I felt my pussy getting wet and hot.   I wanted you in this moment, more than I’ve wanted anyone else.   You didn’t want to cum in my mouth, this time, but wanted to feel my hot pussy, taste my wetness.   I ignored your desires and continued to suck on you, alternating fast and slow.   I moaned feeling your cock getting thicker and pulsating.   Your hand found my breast and massaged it, grabbing it, pinching my nipple.   You called my name as your cock spewed its seed.   I swallowed the thick warm cum, licking you clean, savoring the taste of you in my mouth.   I took your hand and kissed your palm.   Laughing I sat back and watched you in a post orgasm daze.    You grabbed me, kissed me, and said my turn would be soon enough.

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     …to be continued.