A Walk on the Beach


Kicking off my boots & stripping my jeans down my legs, hopping on one foot I ignore your protesting “what on Earth” & direct you toward the bedroom to change clothes with an intimate caress & a “hurry-up” swat on your pretty little butt. It is the middle of the afternoon when we emerge from the back door. The sun is hot beating down on my old Chevy, brightly reflecting off of my pride & joy from high school, now relegated to work car status but just washed & waxed & looking like a royal red coach. Opening the passenger door I watch appreciatively as you slide your amazingly beautiful behind across to the middle of the familiar bench seat’s button-tuck upholstery, straddling the floor shifter. Catching me looking, you pose for me, breasts jutted forward, an impishly seductive come-hither look achieves its objective. My eyes move slowly from your white short-shorts across a trim tummy to linger over full pear-like breasts that sway inside the thin material of a modest white bikini top. Trotting around the car I hop behind the steering wheel & lean toward you for a kiss. Softly lingering……. with a familiar slick move I gently suck your neck, whispering my love, desire rumbling deeply in my chest until you purr in response, shoving me away with a giggle & a promising smile. “…and now me pretty, spread your legs, if you know what’s good for you”, I growl with my most threatening pirate voice. Remembering our favorite school days fantasy your smile widens and your thighs open for me. My hand reaches between them with a firm grip…. . Shifting into reverse, as I begin backing a furry blur sails through the back window barking accusations of abandonment. You switch on the radio as we back into the quiet city street. Chuck Berry sets the mood…”riding along in my automobile, my baby beside me, me at the wheel…” as we ride through our hometown past the old haunts, we look, out of habit, for someone we know, singing along with the radio, but there is nothing new, as usual, so I, seeming aimless, pull onto the two lane blacktop that runs to the beach & let the engine unwind.

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   As we enter a parking area you clap your hands & exclaim happily, "I love the beach! Why didn't we think of this before?" I wink my love at you just as the car slides to a stop on the sandy asphalt lot. We step from the parking surface onto the beach & as we walk, our feet sink in. The fine sand is hot. It tickles our city feet & presses up between our toes, squeaking like tiny mice. We race across the clean, sugary-white surface down to the water to cool our feet. Shimmying the shorts down your legs you toss them to me & splash about with the dog, playing fetch with a shell. Emerging from the water toward me like Botacelli’s Venus you wrap your arms around my neck & press yourself against me. Grasping hands, swinging our arms together, we skip like happy children playing in the shallow foam. What little wind there was is "laying" as we skirt the oceans edge, but the high, wispy, torn-fabric clouds, the small puffy ones & the striated middle clouds are scudding quickly across a sun-tinted orange & multi-red-hued sky out over the water in the distance, contrasting with the lingering deep blue still overhead & the silver of the gulf's smooth surface. Hand in hand we stroll slowly along the edge of the water letting it wash past our feet, at times misjudging its reach as it flows gently along the sandy expanse. Quietly we pass the time, walking seemingly without purpose, touching intimately, our pace interrupted occasionally when we embrace spontaneously. . . lost in each other's presence. When you mention how far we have come & what time it must be, I pull some crackers out of my jacket to feed the gulls & other sea birds that have glided in to investigate the intruders.

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   The dog bounds along after the birds in a joyous futile chase. Gently urging you along we skip rocks across what the Chesapeake fishermen call a "slick cam. " We stand still. . . gazing out over the sea as the last of a beautiful sunset slides down past the horizon. It begins to darken & you say we should turn back & how far have we come? Just a bit farther I say, seeming interested in what is just ahead around that next bend. As we approach the curve of the coastline the beach widens & back up among some rocks there is a faint glow. Wrapping your shoulders in my jacket against the gradually chilling air, I tug you toward that glow. There are a couple of chem-lites stuck in the sand, their glow almost gone. “Wait right here”, I request before trotting off to slip into the edge of some trees that line the beach behind the rocks. Then reappearing, I am backing toward you dragging a fully set up tent complete with blankets, pillows & sleeping bags. Straightening out the blankets quickly I disappear again into the trees only to produce a cooler full of ice-covered fruit & Champagne. Once more plunging into my hiding place, I return with a net, a metal trashcan, & dragging a bundle of firewood. .

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  . tied to which is a guitar & a radio. Staking out a blanket in the entrance to the small tent I smile my happy pleasure at your surprise. I open the net & ask you to help me tie some small strips of bacon to it. Then we take it to the oceans edge & cast it out into the water. Dropping down beside you on the blanket I see you have scooped a place in the sand for a fire. We straighten our campsite & stack kindling in the depression. Setting it alight we stare until a few larger limbs about it catch. As if on cue we raise our faces & our eyes meet across the fire. With one mind our arms reach for each other. My heart in my throat I blurt out like a schoolboy, "You have no idea how much I love you, Baby". Reluctantly pulling away from a passionate kiss I run to the water’s edge with a trash can & return shortly with it full of ocean water, I place it in the coals & stack a little more wood around it. Proudly announcing, "in a while we will have boiled crab & campfire biscuits. " Relaxing against you my arm slides around your waist. The dog returns from his escapades & sits at the edge of the blanket, his tail pounding the sand & his mouth hanging open thirstily in a knowing doggie smile as if proud of his part in the preparations.

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   Reminded of the Champagne, I reach toward the cooler & with a practiced flourish & a happy, satisfied, entirely too pleased with myself smile, magically produce two Champagne glasses. Handing one glass to you I reach back to the cooler for the wine & click on the radio. Nat King Cole croons ". . . Mona Lisa… you're so like the lady with the mystic smile…” Pouring two glasses dangerously near the top with the nose-tickling liquid, I settlethe bottle back into the ice & raise my glass in your direction. "A toast. . . to the beautiful lady that makes my life complete. " I quaff & toss off the entire contents of the glass & lean in close to you. Your beautiful eyes look trust & love into mine. Nat's velvet gravel voice serenades us with "Unforgettable. . .

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  in every way. ” As we hug you snuggle backwards into my embrace. My chin on your shoulder I nestle my cheek against yours. Sipping your wine we sit & gaze across the ocean at the stars. With small lip bites & tickling tongue-tip licks I savor the familiar sweet scent of your skin. Leaning back onto the bedroll strumming your innie, my hand on your tummy snuggles your butt back until we fit like spoons. A master of coordination, my caressing fingers loosen the string at your hip while my teeth tug the string at your neck. Turning your head, your lips crawl along my cheek searching for mine, softly parting & accepting my darting tongue. Your body responds to my caresses. “Spread your legs, me Pretty Baby”, I growl quietly, again in pirate’s mode. Sweet lips smile & breathe a lazy, groaning, partly muffled “yessss sir” into my mouth. Lover’s familiar fingers are shown a vanilla-cream welcome, sliding easily between cushiony softness, circling the little man’s bald head. Your thighs relax open & cool fingers encircle my neck. Nat is softly crooning …”and now the purple dust of twilight time steals against the shadows of my heart”… Seemingly far away, the surf washes ashore. Our fire crackles its warm accompaniment & the dog stretches out for the night to guard and share in his family’s love.

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   You shudder within my embrace & the distant rolling thunder rumbles it’s agreement. Your body tenses… & relaxes… melts… & stiffens… arching your back… reaching… building… every muscle in your body convulses, your hips rotate & drive forward… crushing your most tender parts onto my fingers & hand… fingers grasp & clutch behind my neck & I taste your gulping inhaled “y-y-ye-yessss”. You pull at my clothes. Deep within your lambent eyes glistens feral uninhibited desire. You pull me down & my strength is demanded… consumed…. Man, life is good!.



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