A Reputation To Uphold (Part 1)


Topic: A Reputation To Uphold (Part 1)As always any comments or ideas to Londoner247@hotmail. co. uk
Hope you like the wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year," finished our table drunkenly. The staff party was in full flow and the bar budget had been well and truly abused.
The drinking had begun well before most of us had reached the restaurant, and continued through the Christmas meal. Spirits were high and inhibitions were low. Jenny was sitting between me and Jake, and had been the target of our joint attention all evening. The slim, long-legged brunette was by far the most attractive member of our staff and commanded long lustful looks from all the male employees – including our much older boss. Jake and I often joked about what she'd done to get the job –jealously because Jenny was normally oblivious to our presence and had a reputation among her colleagues for being a bit of an ice queen. Until tonight. . . A few pints in the pub on the way, followed by three or four glasses of white wine through the meal (courteously topped up by me and Jake of course) had livened up Jenny considerably, and as the waiter brought over a tray of tequilas things were only going to get more lively. Jake turned the conversation to sex, and as Jenny rose to challenge her innocent reputation we were both surprised. "People always think I'm this sweet and innocent little thing" she said indignantly. "It really pisses me off.

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  "Jake and I exchanged glances. The same thought running through our minds. "You know" Jake began "people in the office – they call you the Ice Queen. ""The Ice Queen?" she said harshly. "Yeah the Ice Queen," I continued "because they think you're a frigid little thing. ""Fuck you" she said between gritted teeth. "I am so not frigid. "Jake and I smirked at each other. "Well that's what they think. . . " Jake continued pretending to be sympathetic. "Fuck them," she said angrily. "Maybe you'll have to prove them wrong. " I whispered cheekily – would she take the bait?"Show them you're not all sweet and innocent," Jake added conspiratorially.

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  She turned her head to look at us in turn, and a drunken smile crossed her lips. "Maybe I will" she said seductively, and her hands slipped down at either side of her to rest arousingly on our rest of the meal passed far too slowly for my liking, as Jenny had run her hand up and down my thigh until the edge of her hand rubbing against my crotch was more than I could bear. We moved to the dance floor and her sexy gyrations against us both drew a lot of envious attention from our male colleagues. She lapped it up, and was all too happy to play up to it – determined to rid herself of her prior reputation. When Jake suggested an early taxi she and I readily agreed and we left the rest of the staff to the party – the rumour mill already running rife. If Jake and I had any worries that she'd cool down by the time we got back to his place, then they were soon put to rest. Vodka in hand, and nestled between us on the sofa Jenny asked seductively:"So what am I going to have to do to lose this reputation of mine?"We still couldn't believe our luck. "Well. . . " I bit the bullet – "You could start with a striptease. "She looked at me defiantly – and I could see in her eyes that there was no way she was going to back out of this. "Better get some music" she said slowly. Dan reached for his stereo and Jenny stood up. What a sight she looked - her long legs bare to the thigh where they met a sexy black evening dress that really highlighted her slim figure.

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  As the music started Jenny began to dance sexily, swaying her hips and running her fingers through her long brown hair. Her tight low-cut dress clung to her curves. Jake and I sat on the sofa watching this private erotic show. We were both extremely aroused and were undressing her with our eyes. We wouldn't have to wait long. . . Jenny smiled drunkenly at us and her hands slid down from her head to trail across her pert breasts. The low cut of her dress showed off a pair of tits that I ached to fuck, and her nipples were clear to see underneath the thin fabric. Jake stood up and moved behind her. She leaned her head to the side and moaned as he kissed her neck, while she continued her dance. His hands grabbed her waist and pulled her arse against his bulging crotch. She wiggled it sexily and stared forwards into my eyes. My cock seemed to grow another few inches. Jake had grown braver now and his right hand slipped up to the thin halter neck of her dress.

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   Gently he eased the knot undone and held the straps behind her. The neckline of the dress slipped lower across her chest, and pale white skin came into view. My teeth clenched in anticipation as Jenny returned her hands to her hair. As Jake let go of the straps the dress seemed to fall in slow motion. The neck plunged down revealing a beautiful pair of tits capped by two erect nipples, then dropped from her hips leaving her in just high heels and black lacy knickers. I let out a gasp of air as I took in the view. As Jenny danced proudly before my gaze – all the while staring defiantly into my eyes – Jake came round to have his turn watching. Jenny played with her hair sexily before running her hands down over her shoulders and covering her nipples with her hands. She smiled coyly at us – still gyrating in time to the music. I stood up and moved behind her, gripping her slim arms and pulling them away from her boobs. Jake's tongue was practically hanging out of his mouth as he letched over her. Now it was my turn to press my cock against her cute little butt, and my hands reached round to cup and grope her soft tits. She let out a little gasp as my cold hands caressed her skin. Her nipples were hard against my palms. I kissed her cheek and she turned her head towards me kissing passionately back.

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   I could smell the booze on her breath, but that didn't deter me. My hands reached for her hair and I kissed her forcefully, probing her mouth with my tongue. Her hands were unbuttoning my shirt and running across my bare chest erotically. We pressed up close and I could feel her nipples rubbing against me as my cock pressed against her. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Jake had unzipped his trousers and had his cock in his hand, stroking it slowly. We both wanted some attention but it was my turn first. With my hands still in her hair I pushed her head away from my lips and down my chest. Her soft red lips kissed their way down my chest, continuing down to my stomach. She knew what I wanted and looking up at me sexily she unbuckled my trousers and dropped them to the floor. My dick stood out in my boxers, and she wasted no time in slipping her hand inside. I gasped as her cold hand grasped my shaft and began to slide up its length. She smiled and slipped my boxers down my legs. I looked down, unable to believe it as Jenny knelt on the floor, topless – showing off those fantastic tits, and wearing nothing but black high heels and knickers. My dick was swaying just millimetres from her face and I couldn't wait to feel those gorgeous lips wrapped around it. I didn't have to wait long.

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   She kissed the tip gently before sliding her mouth around the end. It was all I could not to cum right then and there, shooting into her mouth. Jake was obviously enjoying the show and had stripped naked on the sofa where he continued to play with his throbbing dick. I was in heaven as Jenny sucked the tip of my cock, gently wanking me with her fist at the same time. She was a pro I could tell – she must have done it before after all despite her reputation. My hands were wound tightly in her hair as she sucked me and she was oblivious to Jake who got up and headed for her cute upturned arse that had been pointing temptingly at him. He grabbed her knickers and slid them down her thighs – surprising her for a moment. As she continued giving me the blow job of my life he lined his dick up before her wet pussy and slowly slid forward. She gasped around my dick as his cock slid inside her and shivered slightly. Jake began to pump slowly in and out of her and she moaned – the sound muffled by my throbbing dick. Jenny began to rock back and forward on his cock, as turned on as we were obviously. Jake grunted out as he fucked her and his hands reached round to cup her gorgeous tits. She began to move back and forward faster, fucking herself on both of our cocks simultaneously. Jenny looked up at me – her hair dangling over her face which was shiny with sweat and her eyes burned with arousal. "Is this your first spit roast Jenny?" I managed to get out.

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  "Mmmm" she mumbled around my dick, I took that to mean yes. I could tell she was loving the feeling of being fucked like that – impaled at both ends and used for our pleasure. The inner whore in her had come out well and truly, and while her right hand still jerked my dick, her left reached back between her legs. Her eyes closed in pleasure as she touched herself – the sensations more than she could handle. Jake squeezed her boobs roughly as he fucked her from behind, and every thrust into her pushed her forward forcing her lips further down my dick. As she began to pant out I knew I wouldn't last much longer, and from the look of it neither would Jake. We began to move more quickly, Jake fucking her roughly from behind while I fucked her face forcefully. She took it like a whore and seemed to love the slutty act she was engaged in. Jake thrust a few more times into her tight pussy and then groaned out as he shot his load deep inside of her. She squealed out at such deep thrusts and the vibrations sent me over the edge. As she rubbed hard on her clit her fist jerked my dick into her mouth and I began to cum. Her body shook with her impending orgasm as I sprayed cum between her lips and across her warm tongue. She swallowed once, then twice as I finished shooting cum in her mouth, and as I slid out from between her lips she collapsed onto the floor, fingering herself while Jake's dick was still imbedded deep in her cunt. Her body tensed and then shook, and she let out an erotic little whimper as she came. Jake and I looked at each other and smiled.

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   What a great little fuck she was going to turn out to always any comments or ideas to Londoner247@hotmail. co. uk
Hope you like the story. . .  



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