A quiet beach day


You would think a summers day in Victoria would be warm, wrong. We had been looking forward to our day at the nude beach but the southerly wind was cool we decided to just find a sheltered spot in the dunes and tan there. We found the ideal spot about 20 metres from the beach, tucked amongst the long grasses of the dunes a dip about two metre deep a regular sun trap. We spread our ground sheet before spreading our towels and stripping off, it was perfect not a hint of the cool wind. We grabbed a couple of cool drinks from the esky stretched out, we felt like we were the only people in the area.
As the sun bit we decided to put on sun tan lotion Paula did me first playfully putting extra on my dick and balls of course the attention had the usual results and I was soon rock hard. Then it was my turn I covered her back with lotion working it in extra time on her bum cheeks my fingers delving deep between her legs finding a moist spot every so often, rolling her over and spreading more cream over her breasts, stomach, legs, back to the breasts teasing the nipples so that they stood out hard and proud. Being away from prying eyes I went a little further sliding my fingers between her legs and stroking her clitoris, a little moan told me I was doing the right thing.
We lay close together our movements now leading to slow love making as I slowly stroked her clitoris my fingers sliding occasionaly deep inside her moist cunt while Paula worked on my cock the shaft slick with lotion. A shadow reached across us for a moment and dissapeared I put it down to a bird or plane passing over us. Paula spread her legs wide and urged me to mount her, I didn't need much urging my cock soon up to the hilt in her hot moist cunt. I slowly fucked her enjoying the sensuousness of making love out in the open, again a shadow passed across us, briefly but I felt it was not a bird or plane. I looked up to the rim of the dip we were not as alone as I thought, two guys were watching us one appeared to be in his forties the other not more than a teenager.
I wasn't going to stop what I was doing and I whispered to Paula we had an audience.

She glanced across seeing them there she gave a little smile, and whispered back lets give them a show. Paula then started stroking her breasts tweaking her nipples and getting more vocal urging me on, telling me how much she loved my cock and wanting it harder and deeper.

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   Our two watchers had moved closer not attempting to hide as they played with their cocks, the older guy was a little discreet his cock mostly covered by his hand. The teenager however had dropped his shorts round his ankles and his cock was standing hard and proud as he jerked himself. Paula now asked me to change position so that I took her doggy style she was facing the teenager as I fucked her, the teen was thrusting his cock forward as he ran his fingers over his big purple engorged glans spreading his pre cum as lubricant. He had slid down the bank and was now only a couple of feet from Paula's face, I heard a grunt to the side of me the older guy was now shooting his load his cum landing in the sand a few feet away from us. Paula was now pushing back hard against my thrusts urging me on, her eyes seemingly engrossed with the teen in front of her. I glanced to where the older guy was but he appeared to have gone as quietly has he had arrived.
Our teen seemed to be in no such hurry in fact he had slowed up his stroking of his shaft, he seemed to be intently staring into Paula's eyes. He moved slowly closer until his cock was now inches from Paula, he seemed emboldened by the fact we had not stopped our lovemaking as approached. I slowed my own thrusting to the point I was hardly moving my cock buried to the hilt but gently throbbing, I then withdrew my cock, rocking back onto my heels leaving Paula empty and exposed. Paula reached out and took hold of the cock in front of her, the teen seemed to be mesmerised if anything his cock thickened at her touch.
I watched as Paula bent slightly forward to engulf the head of his cock in her mouth before moving away leaving a thin thread of pre cum between her lips and the glans emboldened the teen moved so he could stroke her breasts and squeeze her nipples his cock touching the side of one breast leaving a snail trail of pre cum as it dragged across it.
    He then moved his fingers to her moist cunt sliding them all the way in feeling her moist depths. I had moved to one side and encouraged him to slide his cock in taking my place. Paula moved back into the kneeling position allowing the teen to position his cock so that he could slide it deeply inside her waiting cunt. I watched as his thick purple glans seemed to stretch Paula's cunt lips before suddenley disappearing from view then he was up to the hilt his ball slapping against her.

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       No finnesse from this boy he drove his cock hard and fast, causing Paula to grunt and moan at each driving stroke. Then Paula started to moan in a different tone as she approached orgasm I felt the teen would shoot his load soon but I was wrong, he kept up his pile driving fucking for nearly twenty minutes Paula having orgasm after orgasm to the point she was gasping for breath. I was almost out of breath myself from just watching, then the teen started to take long slow strokes to the point that the glans was the only part of his cock still in then he seemed to shudder his balls tightening up as he shot his load he held himself tight into Paula as he filled her with his cum. A few moments later he pulled his cock out a final spurt of cum spattering on Paula's bum cheeks a small rivulet of cum slipped out of her over filled cunt running down the inside of her thigh. They both collapsed in a heap exhausted for a few minutes neither moved I opened the esky and gave each a drink revitalised they both ran laughing out of the dunes and into the sea to clean off. Twenty minutes later we were dressed and saying goodbye promising to get together at a later date.



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