A pleasant surprize


In the dream I wake up in my bed and am totally naked, onlya sheet to cover me and the comforter is crumpled at my feet. I get up and amstretching when I hear the toilet flush, and the sink start, I pull on a pairof soft black pajama pants. I knock on the door and ask how long you'll beexpecting it to be my cousin in the Bathroom, you open the door wearing thatrobe and give me the most dazzling smile, and reach your arms around my neckand kiss me, I'm totally shocked to see you for good reason, but I wrap my armsaround your wonderful torso and squeeze your cute ass, as we kiss. you smileand look me in the eyes and give me a huge hug and take my hand in order tolead me to the bed (which has not only bed posts but curtains as well more likedrapes. I pull you into a kiss, and trace my finger up your leg, exposing moreand more of your leg as we kiss, I pick you up and set you on the bed, I layyou back on the bed and trace my finger from your lips down your chest and downyour cleavage to the sash that's keeping your kimono on, I slowly undo it, andkiss my way down your chest, skipping your gorgeous breasts still covered bythe kimono, and I continue down to your underwear, slowly peeling them away, Ican feel the warmth of your flesh against my face and I can feel you get wetteras I kiss my way down, every exposed inch of your gorgeous skin. I pull yoursoaked panties off all the way and as I kiss over your slit you reach down andguide me back up for a kiss, and as I climb onto the bed I massage my hand upthe inside of your leg rubbing you as you moan and kiss me, I feel your hand onmy pajamas, massaging my hard cock through my pants. I rub up and down theinside of your legs, and then I let my fingers slip between your beautifullips, you gasp as they slide into you going deep inside of your wonderful lips.My other hand gently pulls back your robe revealing your beautiful, supplebreasts and your hard round nipples. You slide your hand unto my pajamas andstart to rub up and down my shaft I’m getting harder by the second, and you’reso tight, your muscles gripping my fingers, I kiss your neck and you whisper “Take me” as you untie my pajamas and let them fall to the floor. I push youfurther up the bed with my fingers still inside you and you turn over onto yourhands and knees, presenting me with your cute little ass, and your tight lips.I spread your legs, and you slide a hand down you stomach and between yourlegs, rubbing your clit, and reaching to guide my hard thick cock into you. Assoon as I feel your wet lips against my head, I can’t hold back, and I plungeinto you, You let out a moan and start to say “ YESSSS!” I pull out and plungeinto you again, thrusting all the way in my head spreading your lips, I holdonto your hips for good leverage, and begin to slide in and out of you my shaftglistening with your juices, I thrust into you and pull out slowly, so you canfeel every inch, going innnnn and outtttttt going innnnn and outtttttt goinginnnnn and outtttttt going innnnn and outtttttt going innnnn and outtttttt youlook back at me and I lean forward to kiss you, and take a breast in my hand,rolling your nipple back and forth, you moan into my mouth with every thrust,and as you’re about to ask me to go faster, I pick up the pace slidding all ofme in and outttt in and outttt in and outttt in and outttt in and outttt in andoutttt in and outttt in and outttt in and outttt, you start moaning louder, andlouder, as we are getting closer and closer, I flip you over onto your back,and lift your hips up and position some pillows beneath you and your head, youthen wrap your whole body around me and thrust all of me into you, your backarches, and you grip my back leaving claw marks all over me, your lips holdonto my head as I thrust in and out of you quickly, sending you and I both overthe edge going in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in andout in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in andout in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in andout in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in and out in andout, your back arches, you grip the sheets with your fingers and toes, yourmuscular lips milking me, and I slide into you hard, cumming hard and fillingyou with me, you hit your peak moments before, and your lips clench me as I cuminto you and I place sensitive kisses all over you leaving me inside of you andI hold you close, and we both bask in the wonderful afterglow of our love andlust, after a few minutes we fall asleep in each others arms, me still hardinside you, and your gorgeous petite body wrapped around me, as you fall asleepin my arms.