A Planned Surprise Proving Surprising For The Planner


She moved the black lace panties just below her perfectly made abs. Her outfit was perfect. Brown hair curled seductively, bright red lipstick, black lace victoria's secret push up bra (even though her C cup breast didn't need it), and matching panties, all covered with a see through teddy. It was perfect. She had lit every candle in the whole house, and she could already feel between her legs how horny she really was. Just looking at the handcuffs, gags, dildos, vibrators, beads, whips and new porno made her imagine hearing the brand new jag drive up. It was just six o'clock, she decided now was the time to handcuff herself to the bed.  
She didn't imagine the door slamming. She had this perfectly planned. The front door opened straight into their bedroom, yes, it was bad planning when they moved in, but now it seemed, for lack of other words, perfect. The keys, doorknob twist, and a voice, wait, two voices. She started to wiggle, but it was tight, too tight. She was doomed. Bobby walked in first, Greg was so busy laughing that he didn't realize what was happening until they were fully inside.
Bobby was Greg's best friend. He was just as hot as Greg, tall, dark, tan, and a lawyer, just like Greg.

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   Sometimes, they were mistaken for brotheres. This wasn't what ran through Candy's mind during that first minute. But Candy did see Bobby's pants bulge in that first minute. Her nipples hardened right afterwards.
"Well, Greg, this was my surprise I promised you, I told you that I would plan something special for you and do whatever you wanted for Christmas," Candy spit out as fast as she could.
"Bobby, you remember my wife, I thought you'd join us for dinner, but obviously it would be very, umm, akward, would you like to join us, here," Greg gestured towards the bed.
"What, what are you doing, Greg?" Candy stammered
"You said I could do anything I want, right?" Greg shot back. And that was the end of it.
"You sure?" Bobby asked
Greg started to undo his belt. That was all the answer needed. Greg moved towards Candy and started to kiss her. Bobby moved towards her and she felt her whole body move in response. He started to kiss her neck and sholders.  Greg ripped off the teddy.  " So much for forty dollars," thought Candy.

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   Each guy took a nipple into his mouths. She decided she was in heaven, until, the bites. Each man gets agressive and takes the bites but she had handcuffs on so all she could do was moan.
    Her pussy started to get wet. Not already, she thought.  Greg whipped out his cock . It was huge. Greg had a big dick. That's one of the reasons she married him. He gave it to her. Not in her hands though, he stuck it in her mouth. She took it. At first, he went really slow, it surprised her how fast she adjusted to this change of occurences. It was, well, very slutty of her.   He started to tense.

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       She kissed his head and looked up at him while she started to lick his shaft.  She took his whole head in her mouth and started nibbling on it and suckled on it. She kept licking it and could feel him easing. She took his cock out ofher mouth and put one of her balls in her mouth. She had the whole thing in and started to suck hard. She took the other in and she could feel Bobby's glare. She felt so hot when he looked at her. She let go and went back to Greg's cock. She took the whole thing in and dragged her teeth across his cock. She knew that that did it.  Finally, he pulled out and started jacking off over her tits. Since her nipples were so swollen from the biting the cum felt sooo good. She moaned and realized that Bobby was still looking at her. His cock was still inside his pants. "I want your cock, Bobby.

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      " she said as seductively as she could. He took the opportunity right then. He pulled out his cock. It was bigger then Gregs. He pushed together her breast and started to fuck them. She had never had this done before and it actually felt good! And then she felt her legs being spread. Her panties were ripped off and her lips were being licked. She tried to push towards his face but Bobby's thrusting was making it tough. She tried to relax. All of a sudden she felt her whole body erupt in pain and pleasure. He had stuck his whole fist in her pussy. At that same moment, Bobby sprayed all his cum over her beautiful face.
    "Now we will teach her a lesson for being a slut," said Bobby