A Night of Warmth


The merciless blizzard outside made the cold unbearable. We were both dressed in warm clothes, but my face was freezing. I was holding her hand tightly. The house was not far away – actually we could see its lights. But our steps burrowed deeper in the freezing snow and it seemed this hell of almost absolute zero was never going to end. However, in the end, we got to the door and I opened it. A blessing wave of heat struck us. She closed the door. We went directly in front of the fireplace and we started undressing each other. The chill emanating from her white skin held a scent that drove me mad. I looked into her big green, eyes, full of fire, bursting with desire. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards me. Her beautifully large breasts, yet captive in her white bra, pressed against my chest – how I love that feeling. We looked in each other’s eyes, our mouths got closer and we kissed fervently. Our tongues intertwined and I hugged her hungrily, as if I never wanted to let her go. Her lips and her cheeks were still cool, but her mouth withheld the delicious warmth I wanted to devour.

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   We lost the rest of our clothes in haste. I poured us two big glasses of red wine and we sat on the thick white wolf fur in front of the fireplace. We drank the wine, which raced through our veins and seemed to fuel our hearts with even more desire. I gently caressed each inch of her body – and it went on for miles and miles. The chill from her skin was now replaced by an erupting heat. The only lights in the room were those of the moonlight and of the fire. Her long, thick, golden hair shone, freely draping on her shoulders, on her breast, behind her back. She lovingly stroked the entire length of my body and she smiled with lust when she saw my member hard and fully erect. We couldn’t keep our eyes off the other’s, we couldn’t keep our hands off one another. We kissed again and as we enjoyed this proof of passion, I wanted time to freeze. I wanted it to be forever that day, that moment. But time was warm, as her curves were, it was flowing one second at the time – I knew I was going to live this only once, so I should savor every heartbeat. My hand drifted into the forest of her hair, then I cupped her breasts softly, with tamed lust, without rush, without greed. The depth of the silence was only broken by the sounds of our kiss and by the cracking of the burning wood. She moved up on top of me and involuntarily began massaging my chest with her loose breasts.

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   A continuous wave of warmth streamed from her body towards mine. We still hadn’t broken the kiss and I was now touching her buttocks, moving towards the blossoming flower between her legs. I let her stay underneath, submerged in the wolf fur, while I was going to go down on her. I kissed her breasts, biting her nipples. My lips covered every patch of her stomach. She was breathing faster and deeper, raising her well-developed chest, to my delight. I played with her navel and finally I reached the triangle of pleasure. I kissed her damp velvety vulva, then I went deeper, sinking my tongue inside her. A moan of pure pleasure filled the room, as I filled my beautiful lover with pleasure. Her viscous juices soon flowed into my mouth, letting me know her orgasm wasn’t far away. She sank her hands in my hair and began pulling me towards her. I didn’t stop until she started quivering and moaning louder then ever, as she climaxed fiercely. Her back arched for a few seconds, then she gradually relaxed. I looked into her eyes, wrapped in tears and there I could see into the depths her soul: desire, contentment, defeat, willingness. A quick smile let me know she was ready, that this was the moment she was waiting for, that it was perfect.

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   I brought myself on top of her, just about to penetrate her. Her red sparkly light lips uttered the words: “I love you”. I could feel her heart racing. This was it – the moment we had both been waiting for; it was worth every second we were apart; it was worth every tear and every hour of sorrow. “I love you”, I responded, with my heart also beating like mad. My erect member was aimed at her wet, hot entrance. I carefully went in. It was her first time and I also wanted it to be perfect. I wanted her to remember these moments forever, with pleasure. Her silky moist flesh welcomed me inside, as my beautiful lover sighed. The proof of her innocence stood in my way. She looked at me and she nodded her head imperceptibly. My cock deflowered her in a gentle, yet firm manner; she flicked her eyes shut for a second, while the pain subsided. I began thrusting forward, until I was entirely engulfed by her vagina. I pulled back and pushed forward; and so on and so forth, until we reached a rhythm we both enjoyed.

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   We lost time, because there is no time in heaven. And this heaven held its own sense of wonder that had of our spirits entangled in the same magic feeling of togetherness. With a sudden movement, she was on top, riding me. She was guided by instinct, as she slid back and forth, up and down my pole. Her back was beautifully curved and her breasts jumped constantly. I grasped and fondled them, turned on by their erect nipples. My lover’s skin was covered in sweat and this only made her more sensual and more desirable. Her long hair bounced freely in the air, whipping her back; a few golden strands covered her breasts. She bent over to kiss me. She stopped for a few seconds, savoring the sensation of just being penetrated, then she laid on the thick white fur, with her buttocks sticking up, as if inviting me to take over them. And so I did. I penetrated her, more wildly this time. A short and loud scream filled the air, but soon I could feel how my lover was being dominated by pleasure and arousal – she spun her hips around my rod, as I entered her again and again. I body approached until we were one. Her hair fell in between us, seemingly radiating and withholding immense heat.

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   She turned her head and we kissed. Our joined back slid off one another, but they never parted. I could sense her reaching another orgasm as her hot body started trembling and her sighs became faster and more intense. I grasped her breasts and, as she climaxed, she cried long, as her vagina clasped my penis, making me cum. I held her hips firmly and I shot my seed deep inside her belly, wave after wave – I thought I was never going to stop. We collapsed on the white fur. We kissed passionately for the last time and she put her head on my chest. I put my hand around her. Satisfied and exhausted we fell asleep, in front of the fireplace, on that freezing winter night. “. . . however, some dreams are just too beautiful to be true”.



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