A Night of Many Firsts


Topic: A Night of Many Firsts     I logged into my dating account online, hoping for nothing more than to meet someone new that night in June. What I found was one lonely man who quickly became a big part of my life. I am moving to be with him but I should start with our firsts, I guess.    I had signed up with this particular site hoping to relieve the boredom I had felt since my husband and I had separated months before. For several years, I had devoted myself and my life to my husband, remaining in a loveless marriage for lack of anythng better to do. We had grown comfortable with each other and perhaps a bit complacent. In our daily lives, we rarely spoke, even more rare was sex. Neither of us felt fulfilled by fucking each other and had tired of even making an effort any longer. So, I logged on.  
     There, I met John. He was 6 feet 3 inches (a whole foot taller than I), gentle, looking for someone to be friends with or possibly more, and stuck in the same kind of relationship I was wiith Edward. Oh, yeah. He was also black. After looking at his profile and reading every little word, I decided to allow him to contact me outside the site. I don't know what possessed me to do it, but i sent him my e-mail address and soon, he was online and we were chatting.
     We started out by talking about everyday, little things.

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   You know - age, sex, location, jobs we held, the weather - that kind of thing. Soon, we discovered we had so many things in common that we could be related to each other. While he had grown up and learned a trade in the Cayman Islands and I had done the same here in the states, we were a perfect match in everything except height and location. He was currently in Florida and I was in Southeastern Idaho. Might as well have been seperate countries. Either way, we began a wonderful relationship that began to grow as time went by.
     Soon, we were trading pictures over the net, becoming more and more daring until I eventually told him that all these pictures were old and that I didn't have a cam any longer. He immediately signed off and I wrote him off as just another pic ho. To my surprise, the next day, he logged on and asked for my address. He said he was sending me a "present" that I would like and that he wanted me to promise to use it. I said ok and he wished me a good evening and signed out again. This left me wondering what he was sending and if I had done the right thing by giving out my address. In a fight later that evening with my ex, I forgot all about it and went to bed in tears.
     To my surprise, at 11am the next morning, I answered the door to the ups man with a box from John. He had sent it overnight mail.

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   I signed on the line on the screen and quickly closed my front door with a blush, realizing my black silk robe had fallen open to the delivery man's gaze, revealing my double d breasts and cleanly shaven pussy. I carried the box to my bedroom and logged in to find John waiting for me. He asked if I had openedit yet and I told him no. He demanded that I do so immediately and I ripped the tape off the box.
     Inside, I discovered five little packages. The first I picked out of the bubble wrap was a pricey webcam. I knew it was pricey due to the field I am in. I plugged it in, installing the software quickly so that John could see me retrieve the other items from the box. I then looked back in, once I was sure he could see, and gasped in surprise at the remaining contents. Inside were two vibrators (with batteries), one buttplug, and a bottle of very expensive lubricant. The purchase order listed the total price at $243. 72 including shipping. John asked me if I was ok. Evidently, I had begun to blush and he could see it very clearly. The doorbell rang again and I rushed from the room, my face burning.

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     It was the ups boy again, with a second, smaller package. I signed again and felt his gaze linger on my cleavage, very visible again. I leaned in and kissed his cheek and said thank you and closed the door on his hot face, giggling to myself as I locked the door again. I carried this box into the bedroom and faced the cam again. John had a cell phone in his hand and my box began to ring and vibrate as he put it up to his ear. I dropped it then laughed at myself and quickly opened the box, eager to hear his voice for the first time.
     I flipped the little black phone open and breathlessly answered. "Hello. "
     "Hello, beautiful," I heard a deep, gentle voice respond. "How do you like your gifts?"
      "Well, I'm kinda surprised. We've only been doing this for a couple of weeks and you sent me some very personal stuff, here. " I replied, blushing once again. "What do you expect me to do with all of this? I know what I want to do but I have never let anyone else see me do those things. "
     "Honey, the toys are for you to use however and whenever you want. The cell phone is for us to talk when we're at work and want to chat.

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   You can call me any time you want during the day. The cam is so that I can see whatever you want to show me and to see your beautiful face and body. Nice pussy and tits, by the way. "
     I blushed again, even harder realizing my robe had slipped open again. Then, I decided to give him a show. I turned off the cam, telling him that I would be back in a minute. I quickly loaded the batteries, slid the wrapping off the lube and buttplug and adjusted the cam so he could see the bed. I then sat on the bed and turned the cam back on, using the remote control. I leaned back on my elbows and spread my legs, dripping lube onto my pussy and rubbing it gently down into the crack of my ass. I then slid the butt plug over my mound and down to my hole, asking him where he thought it should go. “Slide it into your ass, darling,” he growled. I could see his hand slide off of the desk and slip down to the bulge inside his shorts. He began to stroke his cock and I watched him on the screen just as he was watching me. I slipped the head of the plug into my ass, feeling the puckered hole slowly open under the pressure until, with a soft grunt, it slid into place, filling my ass completely. I slapped the end of it, sending a shock through my ass and gave a soft tug to make sure it was securely in place.

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   “Oh, yeah,” he breathed into my ear softly. “Now, play with that amazing pussy for me, baby. I don’t care what you use on it, just don’t stop. I love what I see. ”     I grabbed up the smaller of the two vibes and turned it on, stroking my clit gently with it before slowly inserting an inch into my tight wet hole. I eased it back out with a soft groan and slid it back in. Two inches. I repeated this again and again for him, masturbating to the sound of his quickened breathing and the sight of his now erect cock loose in his hands, being stroked to just the same rhythm as the toy in my cunt. I now had it deep in my pussy, pounding away with the vibration turned on low. With a devilish smile, I pulled it from my dripping wet gash and turned it off, laying it aside and reaching for the larger. I glanced at it as I grabbed it, doubting if it’s 12 inch long thick shaft would fit but I decided I would give it my best.      I pushed the head of the toy against my now swollen clit and heard him gasp in my ear. “Honey, are you sure that’s going to fit? I might have misjudged on sending you that one. ” I reassured him by suddenly thrusting it into my snatch. It only went in about 4 inches at first.

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   Then, I turned on the vibration. My pussy responded by opening wider and eagerly gulping at the pulsating toy, pulling it in deeper and deeper until about ten inches was buried in my quivering flesh. My juices dripped and I began to pump it in and out, thrusting my hips into the air. Sucking sounds and moans filled the air as I went faster and faster. My gaze had drifted away from the screen and I suddenly felt a new sensation. There was a buzzing in my ass. The butt plug had come alive, gently vibrating away. I yelped in surprise and John laughed in my ear. “New sensation, dear?” he chuckled.           I looked at the screen, seeing the little box in his hand as he turned up the juice again. My hips were bucking and my orgasm was building. I could see the head of his 8 inch cock growing and swelling in his hand, his balls tightening with pressure as he watched me quiver and hold back the orgasm.      “Just cum, baby. I want to see you cum,” he whispered in my ear as he turned up the plug to full power. I pumped harder and suddenly, I was cumming, squirting all over my green satin coverlet at the cam while I watched his jizm pour from the head of his engorged cock.

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   My pussy and ass convulsed as I had the most intense, double orgasm I had ever had in my life. He turned down and then off the butt plug, easing me out of cumming slowly. I did likewise to the vibe in my pussy and slid it out, laying it beside its much smaller counterpart on the coverlet. I lay there, gasping and moaning into the phone while he turned the butt plug on and off, teasing me and watching me jump all over the bed as he did so. “Mmmmmm…. that was wonderful. Thank you for the birthday present, honey,” he whispered in my ear. “Do you want that plug out or would you leave it in over night for me? I want to wake you up by giving you another orgasm, if you’ll let me. ”     I told him I would leave it in and we signed off for the night, hanging up and crawling under the covers, removing the soiled coverlet and letting it fall to the floor. I thought about what I had just experienced for a while. It was a night of many firsts. My frst anal orgasm, my first phone sex, the first time I had masturbated for anyone, and the first time I had ever had dp of any type. I was about to drift into sleep when my ass buzzed and a text arrived on the new cell. “Just a reminder” it said. I grinned and sent back a quick, “Thank you.

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   It was wonderful and a shock. Talk to you in the morning,” and fell asleep, dreaming of my wake up call.  



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