A Night in Heaven


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Brian ask her if she is enjoying herself and she says yes. Soon his tongue is on her clit and the quivering begins. His tongue goes in and out of her pussy and she begs him not to stop. Soon he gets faster and faster until she cums.

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   Brian is pleased as he licks the cum out of her hot pussy. Breann turns Brian over and starts giving him the pleasure in return. She starts with his ears and slowly slides down his body. Her mouth soon finds his hard throbbing dick and she proceds to suck him and he moans in pleasure. Soon Brian is starting to cum so Breann stops because she wants to have the throbbing dick inside of her. Before long Breann slides her hot wet pussy on his hard throbbing dick and fucks him. She rides him like a wild cowgirl and jumps up and down on his hard dick. He lays her over on her back and puts his hard dick into her pussy as they both moan. They are kissing passionately as his dick slides in and out of her. Soon she is begging him not to stop and he continues fucking her. Before long she is on all fours in the doggie style and is cumming on his nuts. He cums all over her body and she screams for him to fuck her some more. He is eating her pussy and masturbating at the same time, they both cum and then lay there cuddled up together and fall alseep tired from their night of wild sex. .



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