A letter from our first night


When you called and told me to come over right away and just hung up, The thoughts running through my head were anywhere from pain to pleasure. I had a feeling something was up in a good way by the tone of your voice. I thank god that even though it was summer out and still early evening that not many cars were out. I cannot tell you how many sort of stops I made, sure glad the police were not out in force!

 When I pulled into your driveway in front of your house the sun had finally given up on the daylight.
 As I made my way to your front door I could see the flickering light of candles through the screen of the door. I knocked quickly calling out for you. When I heard nothing I open the door and went in to the living room, it took several seconds for my eyes to adjust to the low candlelight, that’s when I noticed that there was music playing lowly in the background. I called out for you again. This time I heard you coming down the hallway. As my eyes adjusted to the low light I could now see you fully. I asked if anything was wrong and just put your finger to your lips and said “shhh”.  
As you came closer to the light and me I could see you and how you were dressed. I do not know where you had picked up lace gown or was it a nightiee? It was striking against your fair body. I could feel the goose bumps and hormones starting up as I gazed at you. When we met in the center of your living room it felt so natural to put my arms around you.   I am not sure what made me hold you or start to dance with you, but I just knew that it felt right.

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   As we started to dance and hold each other I could feel to warmth of your body against mine.
 I said I thought something was wrong when you called. You just looked up at; I could see the look in your eyes… I am not sure if words can describe it, it was sort of like of admiration and lust rolled into one. As I lower my face towards yours, and you did not turn away. I softly kissed your lips. They were so soft and wet; I pulled back a little to see your expression. Since your eyes were closed I could not tell if I was doing the right thing or not. As I started to kiss you again and your mouth opened ever so slightly it was an unbelievable rush. I could not wait to taste you since the last time we were together. Even though that was several months ago it felt like just yesterday at that moment.
 I cannot tell you how long we danced and kissed. It felt like an eternity, but it felt to short   when we stopped!
 When you stated to pull away and turn from, all I could think about was that I did not want that moment to stop. As I pulled you into me and held you close as I could, it sent chills up and down my body when I kissed you even more deeply, I was not sure if you could feel the passion burning deeply in me, it was starting to take complete control of me now. I could hear the sounds of your breath as I started to nibble on your ear lope and work to the back of your neck. I must have really hit a good spot when you pushed me away and said “not yet”.

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 This time you did manage to break fully away from me, as you turned and started towards the kitchen you grabbed two wine glasses already filled and returned to me. With each step you took your lace gown flared out as if it was trying to float away.
 You handed me a glass and we tossed in silence. It was a real surprise to see you drink. I knew that you never drank any alcohol except for major holidays.
 You held out your hand waiting for mine and lead me into the master bedroom. Candles were everywhere. It was something out of a storybook. You put your glass down and took one last drink before putting mine next to yours on the dresser. You came up to me and kissed me so deeply that it felt as if you were touching my soul itself. You slowly backed way and grabbed each of my hands in yours and pulled me with you as you walked backwards. You managed to climb on to your bed with out losing a step or my hands. You let me go before I could get on the bed with you. My mind was racing a million miles a second. I was now just going with the flow of things and placing my self in your hands.

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   You moved slowly towards me at the end of the bed. Slowly you pushed up my shirt, as I started to move it over my head, I could feel you tongue flick against my nipples. I had so many Goosebumps now I was not sure if you could find my nipples again. The feeling of you kissing and licking my chest was tantalizing, I was not sure if I could take much more. I grabbed the back of your head through your long dark hair and pulled you face upward so I could kiss you once again. The heat of passion was now taking complete control of our bodies. Before I knew anything I was standing before completely naked the coolest of the breeze coming in the windows was enough it make my nipples harden even more now. Then the warmth of your hand against my body…. God just thinking about now has my blood starting to boil.

 I think it was the mix of you pulling towards you and me moving towards that we ended up in the middle of the bed with me top of you. Once again our mouths found each other. We continued to explore each other’s mouth with our tongues. Our hands had a mind of their own; I could still feel your finger nails sliding down my back.
 When I started to work my way down your body I could see the lustful look in your eyes. As I approached your vagina I could not believe how smooth your skin was, you must have had shaven before I came over.

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   Your sweet pussy lips were glistening with your love juice and smooth to the touch of my tongue. Time seemed too had stopped when I starting to lick and play with sweet honey pot. I remembering you moaning as I used my fingers and tongue to eat and play with you. It must have been the shaking of your whole body that made me stop. When you reached down and grabbed my head and pulled me up to you, I could see and almost feel the animal in you.
 That is when you kissed my so deeply, as your tongue shot into my mouth, I knew you could taste your cum, when you came while I was between your legs I had tried to with no avail to drink as much as I could. You tasted better then anything I have every tasted before. My whole face was covered in your sweet cum. We kissed again and again, covering our faces with each other. Somehow you had managed to turn us over so you were on top with me in-between your legs. As you sat up on your knees and my hips, I was sure you could feel me harden dick against you. When you reached around and grabbed a hold of my throbbing dick, it felt as if your hand was made of silk. I could not believe that you teased me by moving your hand up ad down my shaft, But as you leaned down to kiss me again I feel you lower your hips and grind your wet, hot pussy against it. I knew right away you were teasing me when you raised your hips high enough that I could no touch you with my dick. Before I could thank you had reached the mid way point of my body and engulfed my hard cock in your throat.

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   The warmth of your mouth was almost too much for me to take, but when you stopped and lowered your mouth to suck in my testicles
 When you stopped and made me get up from the bed, I was not sure what was going to happen next. The raging hard on I had hung out like a flagpole between my legs. You moved back on to the bed and lay down with head at the foot of the bed. As I moved to the end of the bed I noticed the basket filled with oils, lube and different types of toys, I am not sure why I had not noticed it before, it must have been the heat and passion n my mind. You reached and grabbed a hold on my dick and pulled it and me towards your waiting mouth, the felling of your lips and tongue was driving me on fire as I fucked your mouth. I was sliding deeper each time until I could feel your tongue flick and slide against my balls. God did that feel so good.
 When you pulled me down so we were in a sixty-nine position I was in glory. I had fill access to your sweet pussy lips and the flowing juices. I dove right in and licked and sucked on you for all I was worth, I jumped a bit when I felt your cold hands start rubbing my ass. The lube that you had used was cold at fist but felt warm as you moved your hands across my ass. When you had your orgasm it flowed quickly out of you. I licked and drank as much as I could, but I could not keep up with it. I followed the flow with my tongue, I did not realize that I had flicked against the opening of your ass until you jumped a little and raised your hips for me to do it again. With you’re cum soaking the whole area I flicked the tip of my tongue around your rosebud and rubbed your legs with my free hand.

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   My mind was on fire. I was doing things I have never done before and it felt so right. When you slowly pushed your finger in to my ass. With the lube you used it did not hurt at all. Normally I would have ended everything right then, but in the heat of the moment it felt good, I continued to lick your pussy and ass moving in between both, it was hard to concentrate with you sucking the life out of me and fucking my ass with your finger. I moved my hand to my mouth and licked my fingers to get them nice and slick. I slowly inserted one finger in to your ass. We were now sucking and fucking each other.
This was too much for me to take, you must have known I was close to cumming; you seemed to increase the amount of force on my dick and on my ass. I licked for everything now and tried to bring you to the edge. When I started to cum in your mouth you just drank me until you could not keep up with the amount I was shoot down your throat. You eased your finger out of me and wrapped your hands around my legs as I slowly moved my dick in and out of your mouth. It felt so slick with the mix of your saliva and my cum. I had to pull out of your mouth because I could barely keep my self from shaking. I had never had an orgasm so intense before! I as tried to stand up you moved your self around on the bed and licked your lips to get any of the cum that may have escaped your mouth.

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   When I sat down on the bed next to you and you leaned in and kissed me deeply on the mouth I was not sure what to think. I now tasted for the first time a mix of juices. Yours, mine. A taste that was a little tangy and sweet at the same time. Once again you have shown me more and new ways to please a woman. I lay on you kissing and lightly rubbing your body. You were almost jumpy from the light touch of my fingers, all of your senses were on fire, and Every time I touched a certain spot on your body it would send chills though you. You pulled me up towards you and we kissed once again. This time it did not feel like it did earlier, yes I could feel the passion but it was not the hot animal passion as earlier, it more like the sweet sensual passion. We snuggled close as we could as slowly fell asleep. I would stir once in a while and look to see if your were still asleep. Your orgasms must have really taken all the energy out of you; I just laid there and stroked your hair while you rested. I am not sure if it had been the closeness of you or a mix of thoughts of what had happened or what was to come, But I could feel my blood start to boil again and rush back to my groin to breath me life once again.