A Hot Night After the Movies...


Once we get to the room, I immediately start to undress you, taking your blouse off, exposing those beautiful tits! It was so dark in the theater, I wasn't able to get a good look at them. I gasp at their beauty and size. I grab them and start to suck on the hard nipples, one after the other, feeling them get hard against my tongue. As I slurp on your luscious globes, I remove your skirt, pausing just long enough to get a good look at those wet pink lips I had tasted at the movie. "Oh, Baby!" I exclaim, "Your pussy looks soooo good all shaved like that!"I can smell the scent of your juicy love pot, the aroma instantly having an effect on my cock! It gets rock hard as I move down, kissing, licking and nibbling my way down your belly, getting closer and closer to your hot sex! I push your naked body back on the bed and dive between your legs, attacking your hard little clit with my tongue. You scream with pleasure! I swirl my tongue around and around your nub, as I work two fingers into your hole, still wet from our fun at the theatre. I start to slide them in and out, massaging the walls of your hot pussy. This causes you to arch your back, as you groan and pant as your orgasm approaches. "Oh God, I'm cumming, I'm cumming!" you scream out. I am relentless, my hot tongue and lips never stop working your excited clit, as my fingers find your "G" spot, triggering a massive orgasm! You scream as you writhe around on the bed, your legs feel as though they will crush my head, pulling it into your crotch, as you flood my face and hands with your juice.

I never stop stimulating your sloppy pussy, until you collapse back on the bed, trying to catch your breath. I lie down next to you, kissing you. You can taste your juice on my lips, as our tongues wrestle with each other. After a moment of this, you roll over on top of me and start to undo my pants once again. You slide down my body, pulling my pants off, I get up and you pull my shirt off over my head. We stand there, kissing and enjoying the feeling of our naked bodies pressed up against one another.

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   My hard cock presses against your belly, your hard nipples against my hairy chest. You drop to your knees, grab my cock and look at it while you gently stroke it, I can feel your breath on it, driving me crazy! You suddenly slip it into your hot mouth, causing a gasp to escape from my lips. You slide it in and out of your mouth, bringing me so much pleasure! I stop you, because I want to fuck that hot pussy again. "Hold on Baby, I don't want to cum just yet, first why don't you get on top of me and ride my cock?"You just smile and say, "Well, if you insist!"I lie down on my back and aim my cock straight up so you can lower yourself down and take it's hardness into your hot body. It feels so good to have your tight wetness engulf me! You begin to rise up and down, my prong sliding in and out of your cunt, as the muscles clutch at my hardness on the upstroke. I can hear the juicy sounds of our sex, along with our moans, filling the room. You pick up speed, I can sense your impending orgasm, I am very close to shooting a hot load into your depths, but I do my best to time it so we cum together. Your strokes become erratic, your breath ragged as I feel your pussy start to spasm. It clutches at my cock, I can't hold off any longer, I start to shoot a hot load of sperm into your wet hole, this sends you over the edge, our combined fluids gush down, soaking my balls and legs, pooling on the bed. After our orgasms subside, you lay down on top of me, leaving my wilting cock inside of you, as I feel the final twitches of your pussy. We lay there for quite a while, until you finally roll off of me, my limp dick slips out of your satisfied hole with a "plop" and after a nice kiss, we both drift off to sleep, our heads full of erotic dreams. Until next time, I'll keep it hard for you!Love, ClintSorry that it's a little short, but that's how I wrote it to her and I submitted it pretty much as-is with the exception of just a couple of minor changes. If you liked it let us know, as always, feedback is welcome! Votes are appreciated as well!.