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I started to get ready around 8 pm.   I got in the shower and thought about the last time that I'd had sex, it was too long.   As I showered I soaped up my dick and before I knew it I was stroking that hard pole thinking about getting laid, I shot my load up the wall, washed off my dick and got out of the shower.   As I dried myself I looked in the mirror at my dick, I wasn't too good looking, I wasn't smart but I wasn't dumb either, the only thing I had going for me was my 18 inch dick and that was soft.
I got dressed and chose the pants that I knew would show off my tool to the best advantage then chose a shirt that didn't cover it too much.   I hopped in the car and drove to the club where I was meeting my friends.   We went in for free because we knee the owner (we'd done some decorating for him when he opened the place up so we got in free whenever we wanted).   We looked around and then got a drink at the bar.   The place was heaving tonight with lots of talent around.   I spotted a girl on the dance floor.   She was dancing to a salsa song and boy could she shake those hips.   She wasn't my usual type, she had ginger hair not blond, average tits not big but a great figure.
I downed my beer and went onto the dance floor and started to dance by her.   By making it look like an accident I bumped into her so that she noticed me, phase one complete.   I then waited for her to go to the bar and I stood beside her and again accidentally bumped into her causing her to spill her drink.   "I'm sorry please let me buy you another drink, I feel so bad i did that, my name is Billy by the way.

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"Hi, I'm Kym," she said.   From that point on we got chatting, we danced, we laughed and we talked.   I told her that I hadn't been laid for a while and I was as horny as a nymph in a church, she laughed and asked me why I was telling her this.   I said that I thought she was beautiful and I wanted to have sex with her.   She raised her eyebrows and said I'd have to give her a good reason to have sex with me.
I let her to the corner of the bar where it was nice and dark.   i put her up the corner and me facing her I undid my zipper and told her to put her hand in there that might convince her.   She put her hand and the look on her face said it all, "fucking hell does that thing go on forever?"  I laughed and said that she could tell me first hand.   She looked around and told me that there wasn't the place to do anything.   I slipped my hand up her skirt and under her panties and stuck two fingers up her pussy, she started to fuck my fingers and I told her that she had to be ready for my monster.
When she was good and wet I went over to the bouncer and had a word in his ear, he got on his walkie talkie and a minute later let us to the door to the private quarters.
I led her down the hallway to the owners office and shut the door behind us and locked it, I didn't want to be interupted.   As soon as the door was locked I kissed her, shoving her skirt up and pushing her panties to one side, she slid down my zipper and let my rock hard dick free, she run her hand up and down it before I turned her around and put her over the desk.   I rammed my dick right up her pussy not giving her time to think about it.   She screamed, "oh god you're so big, I can't take you.

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  "  Too late honey my dick is well and truely buried inside you now and I began to move my dick in and out of her tight pussy with her screaming.   I reached around and started to play with her clit and said, "do you want me to stop?  do you want me to pull this big dick out of you?" 
"No don't stop, fuck me hard, oh god yes, fuck me faster, make me come, ram that big dick into me. "  I obliged and shot my load into ther dripping wet pussy as she came for the fourth time.
I slid my dick out of her but it was still hard, I was so horny I could have gone all night.   She looked down at me and said that she didn't belive she had just taken all of it then she slid down onto her knees and started to suck her juices off my dick.   She could only get the head of my dick in her mouth but that was better than nothing.   She played with my balls and then shoved her finger up my ass and I shot my load in her mouth.   I went soft this time.
I lay her down on the couch and  went down between her legs sucking on her clit and then her snatch lapping up her juices, I turned her around so that the camera had a better view (oh did I forget to mention that there were security cameras in the office?  Oops silly me!!!!)  she rode my tongue like it was a dick and come all over my face.
When we had cleaned up I opened the door to go out but there standing was the owner of the club.   He blocked our way and told us that we weren't going anywhere yet.   We went back in and he locked the door.   "ok you can go if you suck my dick for me," he said.   Kym looked at me and dropped to her knees, this woman was the blow job queen.   She took Barnies 7 inch dick out and started to suck it, he grabbed the back of her head and made her deep throat him.

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    It didnt' take him long to come in her mouth too.   He opened the door and let us out smiling at me as he went.
We got back to the club and it was almost time for it to close.   I  whispered in her ear. "do you want to go outside, I'm hard as hell again?"  She grabbed my crotch, kissed me and led me to the door - that'll be a yes then!
We got outside and I led her to my car. I always park at the very back of the parking lot so that noone is around when I get back to my car.   I usually have someone with me!
She went to get into the car but I pulled her back and put her spread eagle on the hood of the car face down.   I pulled down her panties and took my  dick out and teased the tip along her crack towards her clit and back again.   She put her hand behind her and took hold of my dick and guided it to her pussy, I rammed it in.   I was pulling in and out and was nearing shooting my load again when she told me to stop and pushed me backwards so that my dick fell out of her.   I stood there with my pants around my ankles and a stiff dick waving in the air.   She reached for her bag and took something out.   "here, put some of this on your dick and some up my ass, I want to feel you in my ass. "  Holy Shit was this really happening.
I squeezed some stuff out onto my dick and put some one my finger and up her ass then gently started to ease my dick up her ass - she'd done this before though.

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    Instead of being a tight squeeze it went up easliy.   She started to push back to meet me as I was pulling out and I rammed her as hard as I'd rammed her pussy.   It didn't take long for us both to shoot.
I pulled out and pulled up my pants and tucked my tool inside.   She pulled up her panties and asked me if I'd give her a ride to the front where she was meeting her buddies.
I abligied and as she got out of the car she reached over to kiss me while massaging my dick and said that she loved my big dick and if I went through a drought again to call her.
I parked the car and went back in the club to meet my buddies (we were allowed to drink after hours) as I walked into the bar there was noone there and then I noticed the door open to the security room.   I walked over and there were the bouncers and my three buddies with their dicks out and stroking for all they were worth watching the footage of Kym and me in the office.   They didn't take their eyes off the screen and one by one they shot their loads.   Watching myself on screen is never a turn on but this was different even I was getting hard again.   I whipped out my dick and stroked it until I shot what I had left over the guy infront of me.  
We all laughed and i left to go home.



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