A dream come true


Sometimes life has an odd way of making wishes and dreams come true.
I’ve been working at the warehouse of a major on-line retailer called BargainBarn. com for almost 3 years now and have met a lot of people, but there was one woman in particular, named Amber, that caught my attention. She stands about 5 foot 4 inches, has brown hair with a light sprinkling of gray that hangs about 3 inches past her shoulders and which also brings out the brown in her eyes. She’s about a medium build; she’s always talking about how she needs to diet, but to be honest I don’t think that there isn’t  any need for her to do so. I met her shortly after I started working there as an “O. P. ” which stood for ‘order processor’ or as some of the other employees would call us, “Opie”, like from the old episodes of ‘The Andy Griffith Show’.   I’d been working there for about 3 weeks or so when I first saw her. She was standing at a table in front of a computer and opening boxes, and when I asked someone what she was doing, they told me that she was one of the quality auditors and that her job consisted of making sure that the right merchandise got sent with the right order slip and that the product wasn’t damaged. I noticed that she never really talked to anyone, so I figured that maybe she was probably just stuck up or something.
Over the years we would occasionally run into each other and have the usual short, meaningless conversations that go on in the work place, because everyone knows that if you say the wrong thing at work you could be charged with sexual harassment even if it wasn’t intentional.   I eventually transferred to a different department and saw less and less of her; this didn’t bother me, but the new position that I took required the QA people to be over there more often and there were a few of the quality auditors that were worse than what I assumed that she was.  
The machine that I worked on got moved around several times and once that it was in a permanent place that’s when the QA people started to come around more on a regular basis.   Amber usually came up to the machine either in the mornings or later in the afternoons to do her audits, and it was only then that I got a closer look at her and noticed how beautifully brown her eyes were, so taking a chance I started a conversation with her, and as time went by that’s how we really got to know each other.   I learned a lot about her like the fact that she had 2 kids that she adored and a husband that she loved and would never leave, even though he had tendencies of treating her like shit a lot of the times.

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The more I talked to her, the more that I saw how good of a person she was. Sometimes when we would talk, our conversations would get a little sexual and personal, but by this time we had developed a sense of trust in each other and knew how far we could go. She told me that we had to keep what we talked about between just us because she was scared that someone would find out and let it get back to her husband, so we had to be really careful.  
Winter had come and Spring was rapidly approaching and it was during this time that I noticed that she was becoming more and more depressed.   I would email her and talk to her to see if I could help, and eventually she opened up and told me that her husband was putting them in a financial bind and that she thought that he was having an affair on her with her best friend.   I consoled her as best as I could and told her that if she ever needed to get away from the house for a while that she could come to my place and stay the night if she wanted, and I gave her my phone number in case she needed to get in contact with me.
The weekend came and so that meant that I would be sitting at home watching senseless sitcoms on TV and hoping that sleep would come fast, when unexpectedly my phone rang. It was Amber.   She said that she was a little down and needed to get out for a while and asked if she could come to my place for a couple of hours. I told her that that would be fine and I gave her directions on how to get to my apartment.
She arrived at my door at a little bit past 8:30pm wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans.   Even though she said that she was going to come over, I thought that she would probably change her mind about it, so I was thoroughly surprised when she actually showed up at my door.   She came in and had a seat on one end of my couch and I sat on the opposite end.  
We talked about a lot of things, most of which didn’t involve work, after all with as much time as we spend there we didn’t see much point in bringing it home to talk about as well.   It was during this time that I noticed that she kept looking around and when I asked her about it she said that she was just nervous.

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   I told her to relax, and I turned the radio on for a little back-ground noise in hopes of easing her nerves a little bit.   She mentioned that she had always liked the way that my hair had looked, so I told her that if she wanted to she could run her fingers thru it, and then I moved closer to her.   Her touch was a little bit shaky at first, but after a few moments it became more even and before long I felt the muscles in her body become more relaxed and her breathing became a little more calm.
This went on for a while as we talked and at some point she gave me a small kiss on my forehead. I looked up at her and smiled and gave her a small kiss on the lips in return.   We looked into each others eyes forever it seemed and our lips moved closer and closer. Before either of us could say anything, we found ourselves locked in a lovers embrace kissing with reckless abandon. I don’t ever remember enjoying kissing someone as much as when we kissed, and I didn’t ever want it to end, but eventually she pulled away from me and apologized.   I told her that there was no need to be sorry, and for some unknown reason I placed her hand on my chest. She said that she was always curious to know whether or not I had a hairy chest, so I raised up my shirt and showed her. Ambers’ eyes lit up and she gingerly placed her hand back on my exposed chest and ran her fingers thru my hair.   She closed her eyes as she did this and a few minutes later she stopped and stood up.   I thought that I had done something wrong and that she was going to leave, but much to my surprise she walked to the light switch and turned off the lights, leaving the only light in the room coming from the keyboard of my computer, which cast an almost eerie, yet stimulating blue light. She then moved around to stand in front of me and proceeded to straddle my legs.  
I was already turned on by her gentle touch on my chest, but her straddling me like this didn’t help, so I tried my best to hide my erection from her but the sweat pants that I was wearing weren’t helping any.


    She looked down at me and smiled and gave me a deep passionate kiss that was unlike anything I’d ever experienced, all the while running her hands through my hair.   My shirt was still pulled up some, so I figured I’d take it off because by now I was starting to get a little warm in more than one way.
Admittingly, I had always wondered if she was a good kisser or not, and tonight I was getting the answer to that question in spades!  She withdrew her lips from mine and kissed me all over my face, then started on the right side of my neck, then my throat and eventually ended up on the left side of my neck.   I was in sheer heaven and was equally speechless, but had a desire to do something, so I started to kiss her on her neck. I’d gotten a few kisses and nibbles in before I did something that really broke the ice, and that was kiss and nibble on her ear.   It sounds odd, but it really seemed to light her fireworks because she was moaning and grinding her pelvis to mine as if she were trying to tell me something.   Eventually she started to kiss her way down to my chest and nibble here and there; I’m not too sure whom this was turning on more, her, or me but I didn’t want her to stop.   Amber kissed her way down my chest and across my stomach, and by this time she was on her knees in front of me tugging at the string of my sweat pants.
“Can you untie this for me, please?” she asked.
You could have knocked me over with a feather when she asked me this, so I reached down and within seconds the string was untied and she was reaching down for my already hard and swollen cock. Never before had I ever known a woman to have such a gentle touch before tonight, and as she stroked me I could tell that there was no saying ‘No’ to her even if I wanted to.   She pulled upward on my cock, squeezing forth as much precum as she could, and as gentle as her touch was, she slid her tongue over the head of my swollen member and licked off the small pool of precum that had gathered at the top. After she had licked away my juices she lowered her mouth and slowly started to suck on the blood-engorged head of my dick.   I didn’t know whether to scream in pleasure or what, but when she deep-throated me seconds later I knew then that after tonight there would be no one else that could ever compare to her.  
She sucked a few minutes more and it was then that I realized something was amiss.

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“Hey, how come I’m the only one that’s half naked here?” I asked.
She stopped and looked up at me as if she too had just come to that realization. When she stood up I could see her silhouetted against the blue light of the keyboard and watched her as she took off her t-shirt and bra. I instantly feel in love. At work I would always look at her breasts, but when she took her bra off it wasn’t until then that I realized that they were bigger than I had hoped.   The outline of her body was a sight to behold as she went even farther and took her pants and underwear off.   My heart must have skipped a beat or two, because I had never seen anyone with a more shapely body and firm breasts as hers. As if in a dream, I reached out and touched her left breast.
“Damn, babe, are these for real?” I asked her.
“Of course they are, I told you that everything on me was natural. ”
Never before had I seen such wonderfully shaped and firm breasts; and the fact that they were real excited me even more. I figured that since she was now nude that I would join her and I took my sweat pants off.   I thought that she was going to suck on me some more, but she surprised me and straddled me again, this time reaching down and grabbing my cock and lowering herself onto me.   I could feel her wetness as I penetrated her pussy lips and when I was in as far as I could go she started to ride my cock. Each time she would go down, I would meet her with upward thrusts of my own, and I could feel the head of my cock slamming hard against her cervix causing her to moan out in pleasure.

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   I could feel her vaginal muscles gripping my cock with each thrust that I delivered.   I couldn’t believe that I was having sex with this beautiful woman the I had fantasized about so often at work.  
She soon started to grind and buck more wildly as her first orgasm of the evening took hold of her. I could tell that she was enjoying this more than I thought she would, and when she caught her breath I once more start sliding my cock in and out of her, slowly at first and once again she started impaling herself on my cock and before long she exploded again in wave after wave of intense orgasms.
I looked up at her and saw a small wince of pain go across her face. I asked her if she was ok, and she replied that her knees were hurting a little bit, so I suggested that we move to the floor.   Amber moved toward the floor and I moved the coffee table out of the way to give us a little bit more room.   She lay on the floor and I quickly took my place between her legs and slid myself back into her warm and extremely wet pussy.   I bent down and kissed her, alternating between her lips and her nipples. Leaning back and putting weight on the pads of my feet and my knees, I grabbed her by her ankles and thrust quicker and harder into her. She screamed out as another intense orgasm rocked her body, and again I slowed down my pace to let her gather her breath.   Once again I leaned down and we kissed and I continued pumping my cock in and out of her.  
By this time my balls were screaming for release, but I tried my best to ignore their silent cries. I’m not too sure how long we had been going at it at this point, but both of us were sweating like crazy.   It was at this time I screamed out that I was going to cum and I shoved my cock into her as hard and as deep as I could as I felt unbelievable amounts of semen come rocketing forth from my cock and deposit itself deep inside the depths of her pussy.

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   She really must have enjoyed this feeling as she once again cried out in the wake of an extremely powerful orgasm.
We both lay limp for several moments and looked at each other in the eyes and smiled.   I know at that point I could have told her that I loved her, but I wasn’t sure that I should or not, but whether we had had sex or not, I knew that I have more than just strong feeling for this woman.   I leaned down again and gave her another kiss and told her that I was going to go hop in the shower and get cleaned up.
I returned from the shower about 5 minutes later and found her in the kitchen making herself something to drink.   I came up behind her and started stroking her hair and then wrapped my arms around her and hugged her and kissed her lightly on the neck.   We went back into the living and she sit her drink down and went to the bathroom to clean up as well. Amber came back and sit down on the couch beside me again and started to drink on her cup of cocoa. I couldn’t help myself, but I just couldn’t stop looking at her and wishing to myself that I could just come out and tell her how I felt about her.  
We talked for about 18 more minutes and it was about this time that she started stroking me and without failure, my cock rose to the occasion and was begging for some more of her attention.   She leaned down and started to suck on me some more, and after a few minutes she crawled off the couch and got on her knees laying her upper part of her body on the coffee table. I took this as a sign that she would like it doggy-style, so I got off the couch and came up behind her.   Her pussy was still hot and wet, so my cock didn’t have any problem sliding back into where it belonged.    She loved this and moaned each time I would pull out almost all the way and then enter her until I could go no farther.   She soon started pushing her body against mine, but this time I didn’t hold back and I buried my cock in her as deep as I could and shot load after load of cum deep inside of her.

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I pulled out of her and sit back down on the couch, throwing my head back, worn out and exhausted.   She sat on the floor for a while and we talked about everything, but yet nothing in particular.   Amber looked at the time and mentioned that she had to hurry back and get home.   I agreed, since I had to get up early the next morning and go to work.   We both took our turns and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and got dressed in the living room.   I told her that if ever she needed me that I would always be here for her in any way that I could.    She came up to me and faced me, wrapping her arms around me and looked me in the eyes.   For an instant it looked like she was going to say something, but the words seemed to pass from her lips, so she gave me a kiss and wished me a good night.
After she had left I sit on the couch for a while basking in the glow of the feelings that she made me feel. Sure she made me feel great sexually, but she touched an emotional side of me that I don’t think anyone ever has.   I wanted to tell her how I felt about her, because it was something that I’d wanted to say for a long time, but I didn’t.   I can only hope that she comes back over again because if there is a ‘next time’ I will be sure to share myself with her both physically and emotionally.



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