A Day in the Life of Master Ken


Master Ken was of above-average build. He exercised daily, and made sure he ate right. At just thirty-five he is independently wealthy, and runs a major company from home, with minimum work. He owns ten slaves, all of different physical differences and all were at different parts of their training. Here is a day in his life, right from when he wakes up.
8:00. I rise from my bed, thanks to a customized alarm clock, which has already sent in a slave. She is blonde, with ample breasts, and a shaven pussy. A thin chain goes from her neck to the ceiling, where a network of paths will take my slaves where I want for me. I move so that I am sitting on the side of the bed, where she kneels. I am hard already, and she takes my throbbing cock into her mouth, where her expert tongue does its magic. She gently massages my balls until, right before I cum, she backs away at a touch to her shoulder to let me squirt all over her face. This is what I wanted, and she blushes. The slave takes out my slippers from under the bed, and puts them on my feet. She then takes a carefully folded bathrobe out from the bedside table and, when I stand up, puts it on me. I take some nipple clamps out of the drawer and attach them to her hardened nipples.

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   She winces at first, but they have not been tightened yet, so she quickly gets used to them.
8:30. A small, one slave-drawn cart is brought to me. The slave who is pulling it has dark hair and full lips. I walk over to her and attach some nipple clamps, then tighten them slightly. I take a custom-made butt plug from a drawer inside the cart, it has a long, black tail on the end. I lube it up and, without any warning, push it into her puckered ass-hole. From the side of the cart, I grab a whip, and step inside. "Gid-yup!", I call, and flick her with the whip.
8:45. I arrive in the dining room. It has a full view of the kitchen, so I'll be able to see the slave who is making me breakfast at work. I take a small vibrator and turn it on, then I insert it into my pony. I handcuff her hands together, and hang them on a hook above her. The slave will have to keep the vibrator in for the duration of my meal, if she doesn't, she will be punished.


8:50. I sit down at the dining room table, where my cook for today is standing by. She, unlike the others, is not fully naked. Instead, she has a barely-there apron. "Master?", she says,"What shall I serve for you today?"
"Well. . . how about pancakes. ", I respond, then flick her on the ass with my whip.
Next to my setting is a control panel, I order a slave to be brought in, to orally serve me, specifying big breasts and a shaven pussy. I also order that she bring two things, a vibrator (extra-large), and some nipple clamps. I've decided to have a little fun with her.
9:00. My pancakes are brought to me, then the slave I ordered. She is lead in by the chain, carrying my tools.

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   "Good morning, slut. ", I say evenly,"Are you ready for some fun? You really are quite pretty. "
At this, she kneels, I take her chin in my hand, and look into her eyes. I take the enormous vibrator, and turn it on to full power, inseting it into her tight pussy. I take the nipple clamps and, after making sure her nipples are hard, attach them. I make sure they're extra tight. The slave crawls under the table and begins to suck my throbbing hard-on, while I eat my pancakes.
10:00. When done with my pancakes, I pull the chain connecting the nipple clamps, and my sluts crawls out, her mouth dripping with cum, and a few gentle tears falling from her eyes. I remove my tools, and reattach her to the the ceiling network. "Good girl. "
I walk over to my pony. Unfortunately for her, the vibrator has slipped out. "Next time I'll make sure to use one that straps on, but as for now, you will have to be punished. Do you understand?"
She nods.

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   I unhook her hands, then release her from her halter. I take her leash and walk back into the dining room, where I sit down. She crawls behind me, as a proper slave should, then kneels before me. I take her up onto my knee, and begin spanking her. Thump, thump, thump, it's slow and steady, but this is just a warmup. I motion for her to get down, and she goes into a crawling position. I take out my whip. Whap, whap, whap, whap, whap.  I stop, then lead her back to the cart. It's exercise time.  
10:30. I have steered her to the cages, where my slaves are kept. They are kept one to three to a cell, depending on behavior. I instruct the pony to park the cart in its spot, right outside the cages. I unhalter her, then lead her to right in front of a door.

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   One by one, I lead the others behind her, until they form one straight line. There is no network outside, so I chain them together, nipple clips to handcuffs. I lead them all outside.
11:00. Once outside, I chain each one individually to a hook in the ground. I take the first one, and lead her to a cart, I attach her to the harness, apply the pony butt-plugh, then step inside. I whip her back, and she starts. She must go around a quarter-mile track once, quickly. Whenever she starts to falter, I will take the whip to her. When she finishes, I unharness her, and lead her to a treadmill, where I tie her up. I set the timer to one hour, and repeat the pattern. When all the girls are done with their exercise, I chain them all back together and head back inside.
12:00. I take a cart to lunch, where I am served a roast beef sandwich. I take the pony back to her cage.

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   I step inside a different cage, the girls have all had time to shower and groom themselves, so they are no longer smelly. I have picked a cage with three girls, so I am sure to have a good time. I enter a password into a small computer screen on the wall, and, after securing the sluts, open the door again. I hook up two of the girls to a cart, and take the other one in with me. "It's your lucky day,"I say,"you get a special treat today!".
12:45. When I reach the bedroom of my choice, one with a large bed adorned with red velvet, I unharness the two ponies, and lead the other out. The ponies were allowed to trot standing up, but now I was to lead them when they crawled.
    I lead them inside, locked the door, and took off their leashes. I took the butt plugs out from the ponies, and the nipple clamps off all of them. I picked out one of the girls who had been serving as a pony, and motioned for her to follow me to the bed. "Lay spread eagle. Good. Now, you, slut. ", I motioned to the slave who had sat in the cart with me,"What do you want to do?"
    She seemed taken back, and replied,"Well, Master, I would like the brunette to eat my pussy, while the other one is licking my ass.

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    "Good choices. Come one you filthy sluts. Act like the whores you are and do what she said, sluts. "
    They went into position, and started licking her. I took out a video recorder from a cabinet, and began shooting them. I put it on a tripod, and pointed it at them, then began to whip the brunettes ass, making her lick even more feverishly. After a while of watching, I said to them,"Alright, slut. You've had your share of licking. Now let a man take you, whore. "
    She mearly nodded in return. The other girls moved to the sides, as I walked closer to her, then lay on top of her. I thrusted into her tight pussy. "Are you a slut?", I asked her.
    "Yes. .

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      . . yes. . . I'm a slut!"
    "Are you my filthy whore, who isn't worth the air she what?"
    "Yes, I'm your filthy whore. . . . ", she gasped," Who isn't worth the air she breathes, Master. . "
    I stopped, then ferociously beat her breasts, then her pussy, then her thighs, then her ass. I threw the other girls onto the bed, the began on them. After a while, I stopped, and just listened to them sob. "You, cunt.


       Suck me dry. And you. . . you lick my ass. And you. You, slut, you take a vibrator out of that cabinet, and hand it to me. "
    The slaves obeyed me, and the last handed me the vibrator. It was of average size, and I bayed her to lie down next to me. When she obeyed, I took the vibrator and turned it on, inserting it into her pussy. I used this to fuck her, while twisting her nipples.  After a while, I fell into an exhausted sleep. I slept for a while, then awoke, much later.
    4:00. I took the cart back, but this time with a different girl sitting with me.

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       I put them back into their cage, then went to a fridge. Inside were many water bottles of cum, I took three, then went to a different cage. I found found three different sluts, then gave them the cum, which the eagerly drank up.
    4:30. I watched television for a while, some slut sitting with me, getting the honor to watch with me.
    6:00. Dinner. I take a cart to dinner, where I choose to have salmon and salad. I choose to have dinner and a show, and have two girls pole dance for me, then lick each others cunts.
    7:00. One more girl, I fuck her slowly, savoring the moment. She cums multiple times, and after, when she's all sweaty, she blows me and licks me all over.
    9:00. I read for a while, then watch late-night football. Whenever the other team does something good, I spank the slut that is with me.


    10:00. Sleep, I must re-enegize for tomorrow.



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