A co-workers wife.


A colleague has often confided in me that he believed his wife was cheating on him.
He had been away on a job for a couple of days and rang me to ask me to drop off some papers he needed to complete a specification while he was away.
I did as I was asked, and when I arrived his wife opened the door in a pair of skimpy see through pants and a most revealing bra. She is extremely attractive but I had never seen that much of her body before. Her name was Jan.
She told me to bring the paperwork in which I was reluctant to do because of my colleagues comment and her provocative appearance. The drawings consisted of a couple of large tube cylinders with plans in them so it was awkward. She was insistent and said look I wont bite .
When I went in she said I am having a drink and she poured me a glass of wine and when she handed it to me it was obvious her face was flushed and there was an obvious wet patch on her pants. I was sitting and she was standing right in front of me when she handed me the drink so it was not hard to see. As we talked and I relaxed a bit I began to have a look around the room and I couldn’t believe what I saw on the table next to the chair she had sat in.

There was a big vibrator in the shape of a thick penis sitting there glistening in the light. It was obviously wet. She saw me spy it and she smiled and said I was enjoying a little bit of pleasure when you called, I am missing Tom. I cant stand it when he is away like this.
I said he has been away one day and will be away for a week.

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   I know she said and I think he knows I wont be faithful to him so he has sent you over. I know he has mentioned you and a couple of the office girls have done a lttle more than work back at night. I think he want you to keep an eye on me.
Then she picked up the plastic penis and said how do you compare to that and showed it to me and I didn’t know what to say. Then she went on I bet you are almost as big and the batteries don’t go flat like they do on this, I was just giving myself a workout when you called but now you are here I can do better than that – cant I.
I said I hope you are not suggesting what I think you are and she said ……. . I am, I want you to take me to bed and do what this thing cant.
I said look you are married to Tom and I work with him and this is not right.
She said Tom is nice but he cant keep me satisfied and I suppose he has told you I look elsewhere for my pleasures at times, I know he has told a.