3 Days of Heaven


Topic: Thursday, the beginning of it allIt had been a long couple of months and I decided to take a couple of days off near the beginnig of my junior year of college. My friend Alejandra had invited me to her birthday party and was really eager for me to come out and visit her. Plus, it had also been a while since I had last gone back to my hometown to visit, college keeps me pretty busy to say the least. Now I'm nothing special, I'm about six feet tall and I weigh about 175 lbs. I used to play football in high school and I also liked to maintain my physique, it was just a personal thing. I would consider myself fairly attractive with most people taking notice to my eyes and my smile. Alejandra was quite the looker as well, she stood about 5'7ish and was in between 140 and 150.   She had nice, bright eyes, and big pouty lips that a person would just love to kiss for hours. She also had an ass to die for and did she ever know how to work it.   We talked all the time on the phone whenver I was away at college and we talked online almost everyday.   Nothing much ever happened between me and her, we always flirted with one another but we just considered it innocent flirting.
I took off from the airport around 11:30 and was due to land around 12:45, I had given Alejandra a call before I took off and she said that she was going to be waiting at the airport for me. When I landed, I grabbed my bags and headed for the exit. When I made it outside, I saw her and my heart damn near burst out of my chest, it had been a while since I last saw her and she was even more beautiful than before. She was wearing a jean skirt that showed off how curvacious her hips were and a white top that did very little to keep her nipples from being noticeable. She ran up to me from her car and gave me a big hug and even surprised me with a kiss.

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   I put my bags in the trunk of her SUV and we were off for her dorm where we were staying at for the weekend.   The plan for the weekend was that her and her friends were celebrating all of their birthdays together in a span of four days that would begin Thursday afternoon and finish off with a bang sometime Sunday. The main highlights of the weekend were going to be the Key party on Friday night and the rave the followoing night. From talking to her, she had told me how adventurous she had become since the last time we talked but I thought it was just more of her innocent flirting that the two of us have grown accustomed to talking about.
 I knew my way around where her dorms were vaguely well and she had told me which one she stayed in and I knew that this was not the right way to her dorm, not even a back route. She pulled into a parking structure and drove down to the lowest level where there we barely any cars. She parked the car and we sat there for a couple of seconds until she got out of the car and walked around to my side. By now, I had a pretty confused look on my face as she opened the door. I got out of the car and immediately she opened the back door. . . she got in and motioned with her finger for me to follow. I followed her in and I got a glimpse that she wasn't wearing any underwear, a sight I must say that got me instantly arroused.
 I climbed on top of her and began kissing along her neck as small moans escaped from her mouth. We kissed for a while and eventually my kisses roamed lower and lower.

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   She lifted her shirt up as I saw her nice perky breast for the first time and I couldn't be happier. I took the right nipple in my mouth as I caressed the left breast in my hand and gently rubbed the nipple in between my fingers. My tongue swirled around her nipple as it got harder and harder in my mouth. I did the same as I switched to her left nipple.   By now she was ready to feel me inside of her and seeing how we were a bit pressed for time, especially considering where we were at, I took it out. I had previously told her how big I was and she wasn't sure whether or not I would be able to fit inside of her, she admitted to being rather tight. And for a man my age, I was pretty well endowed with an 8in package about as thick as a paper towel roll. Her pussy was wet and ready as I teased the mouth with the head of my cock and slowly slid it in that way her pussy got used to the size. After a couple of strokes, her pussy was full of my man meat as my thrusts sped up a lil. . . her moans turned into screams as I stretched her pussy. Within minutes, an orgasm came over her entire body while I continued to pump.   The spasming of her pussy felt amazing as it tightened even more around my cock. I began to rub her nipples as I came closer to reaching my orgasm, but right before I was getting ready to explode, she pulled away from me and said "not yet, I want you to save it".

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   I was a lil frustrated seeing how I was ready to explode but I knew that she wouldn't keep me waiting. . .
 We situated ourselves and continued on to her dorm.   When we arrived, she introduced me to many of her friends and showed me around the campus, there were some things that were previously built since the last time I had been around there. The entire time we walked around, she would occasionally brush up against me and even held my hand. A bit different from what I had expected but this was Alejandra after all, very unique in every possible way. Even as we passed by some of her male friends, she did not let go of my hand.
    Now she didn't attempt to introduce me as her boyfriend or anything in that regards but who truly knows what her intentions were.
    The day got older, the sun began to set, and night time fell upon us out of no where. Many of her friends came over to hang out as the weekend festivities were set to begin.   First things first was to get all the material and concessions for the Key party for the following night.   For those of you who do not know what a Key party is, the men throw their keys into a bowl and the women pick out a set, from that it is decided who will spend the night with who and not always does it necessarily have to lead to sex, of course. We went on store runs and got everything that we needed.
    It was a beautiful night so Alejandra and I went on a walk around campus and it was surprisingly dead for a college campus.

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       We found a nice little secluded spot where the moon shined down and really amplified how beautiful her eyes were. I sat on a table and she sat in between my legs. I began to massage her neck and the feeling of my hands on her shoulders began to arrouse her.   She leaned her head back as I leaned in to kiss on her on the lips. She gratefully accepted my tongue into her mouth as the electricity between us ignited my cock. She felt it on her shoulder and proceeded to lift the basketball shorts that I was wearing higher up my thigh to expose my hardening member. She wrapped her hand around it and couldn't believe how thick it was in between her hands. She took the head into her warm mouth and slid her hand along the rest of the shaft. She manage to get about half into her mouth before her gag reflex took over and she had to pull it out. She slowly took it back into her mouth as she sped up the movement of her hand. Within a matter of minutes, I could feel the cum beginning to shoot from my sack and up the shaft. She didn't even take it out of her mouth as one jet after another of cum shot into her mouth. "I told you I wouldn't make you wait that long. " She said with a smile on her face.
    I decided to return the favor as we switched places, she spread her legs open and with the tip of my tongue, I licked right in between her lips.

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       I could feel her juices oozing out as the sweet taste of her pussy caused me to get more passionate with the licking. The tip of my tongue turned into a more broader part, licks turned into nibbles, my fingers joined in the action as I fingered her and licked around her clit. She even got the chance to feel on of my "special tricks" that I prided myself on being able to do, I developed the ability to make my hand vibrate to the extent of a low powered vibrator. Not too long after I began doing that, her breathing got heavier and her hips began to sway with my licking and fingering. I stopped right before she had a chance to climax, I looked up at her and said, "not yet, I wanna save it". We walked back to her dorm and called it a night, we knew that this was going to be a crazy weekend, one that we would never forget. . .
     Part two coming soon. . .