Erotic Poetry

Tonight, just you and me, nothing outside of this roomTotally into you, just us, the world simply does not existI see clearly, beside me, your silhouette is reflected
I will touch you, deeply, nothing left to be neglectedMaking love to you, in the soft romantic, flickering candlelight
I need only you, I want only you, all through the night
As I gaze deeply, into your wanting eyes, I see your growing desire
As I feel the warmness, of your radiating heat, together we build this fireMy heart quickens, its rhythmic pace, a sensual beat
Our bodies, natural instinct, come together and meetYour lips meet mine, firmly pressing, speaking louder than a whisperNo turning back now, the passions ignited, as our bodies both quiver Exploring hands touching, roaming, gently caressing wet skinReaching deep into the core, releasing, our love juices to beginI long for the weight, of your taut body, pressing onto mine
The heavy breathing, the gasping whispered words, this is so fineI feel you at the entrance, slowly poking, deeply within me
Our love juices mix, our bodies thrusting together, so easilyMy very essence of love, is all yours, eagerly awaits you
Heart and soul joined, our bodies shaking, this is what I love to do Slowly our bodies entwine, fingers interlocked, becoming as oneI love this journey, with only you, our ecstasy has begunThis our love making moment, building up, to reach our treasureOur bodies loving, our bodies exploding, in ultimate pleasureLovingly my hand, reaches up, and gently touches your face
You kiss my finger, I trace your lips, what a beautiful placeAs we lay close together, side by side, drifting off to sleepYou kiss me tenderly, I know its you, I will forever keep!!!!!
Penned By James L. McHenryCopyright ©2005 By James L. McHenryCopyright ©2005 By Mickey Pig Knuckles Copyright ©2005 Mickey Pig Knuckles (All rights reserved)Copyright ©2005 HeartFelt
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