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Erotic Poetry

My sex slave? " Yes Daddy, will you let me Daddy?  I will serve you in everyway.  I am a sub Daddy you know what that means? " Yes Pumpkin your submissive " Yes I am very submissive Daddy so is Mom. Miranda's my mistress, my pussy is hers. Moms pussy is now Miranda's too and since Miranda's pussy is yours that makes you the master of all our pussies Daddy.   Miranda is going to punish me for giving you her pussy today Daddy but you are my master now I can't deny you anything. Miranda only gave me permission to give you my mouth, ass and tits today but I had too and wanted you to fuck me in my "  Britt stoped for a few seconds before finnishing her sentence " YOUR pussy Master. Is there anything you want your slave to do to please you master, anything?  Do you want your slave to suck you hard so she can give you her ass master?  Or so you can fuck your tits and come all over your come sluts face? " I would love to blow my load in your ass or over your tits and face pumpkin, but we should get dressed and head for home.   But you can tell me more about you and Miranda while we drive home pumpkin.  I have learned alot about you two in the last few months but I want to know more. Now get that sexy bikini on for me Pumpkin or should I say SLAVE!. I was smiling at her. Britt gave my semi soft cock a quick kiss, stood up in front of me cupped her tits in her hands and sqeezed them together, then ran her hands up to her huge rock hard nipples, started to pinch them and in a sexy voice said " I love you so much Daddy, you have made your slave a very happy woman you know. "  Britt gave me a quick kiss, turned around and wiggling her ass started to look for her Bikini, as she walked away I was starring at her great butt. Was I in a dream? I would wake up at that moment, the last four months just a fantasy! As Britt bent down to grab her top and bottom I got my first real good look at her pussy, she was clean shaven, not even a little patch of hair above her clit like Miranda, her lips and slit where long and narrow, not as pouty as Miranda's or Tammy's. At the top of her slit Britts clit was poking out, it was very round and hard. I bet she would have great orgasms when she was being eaten.

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   Britt had the nicest pussy I had every seen, I could have just stared at it all day, her puckered asshole was also sticking out a little too. I was going to enjoy anal with Britt alot. As I gazed at Britts pussy and ass some of my white come started to ooze out and then down her pussy slit. Britt feeling my come start to ooze out of her pussy she took her finger, scooped my come from just above her clit, slide her finger down and into her pussy scooping up more of my come mixed with her juices, stood up, turned around to face me, moved her fingers to her mouth and with a very wickly sexy smile she stuck her tongue out and licked the mixture off her finger. " MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM We taste great together Daddy. I guess we can't hide the fact that I am full of your hot come can we with that huge load of come you shot in my pussy. Mistress Miranda is going to see more of your come leak out of me when she is guiding your hard cock back in me tonight, thow by that time most of your babymakers will be in my tubes trying to get me pregnant. " Britt's smile grew a little bigger when she said pregnant " Maybe I will stop leaking before we get home. " Britt winked at me and started to put her bottom on. I helped tie the knot for her bottom after I put my shorts on. I wonder if my babymakers have already knocked you up pumpkin? giving her a hug as I asked her. " You might have Daddy. But I don't think my egg is where it should be for you to knock me up yet, Miranda and I did alot of research on the internet about how a woman gets pregnant, you know when the most furtile times of the month are for us to get pregnant or as my bad boy likes to say knock me up. Its not an exact science Daddy. Miranda was lucky she got pregnant so quick.

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   I hope I am that lucky but most times even if I am furtile you won't knock me up Daddy. So I guess we will just have to keep practicing won't we ! " Britt is such a flirt I was finding out and I loved the way she flirted. " FYI Daddy I am most furtile in about two days maybe less. Then for about four to six days my egg will be in my phillopian tudes if you want to come lots in your pussy and get me pregnant. " With a smile Britt started to put her huge tits into her tiny top. Here let me help you pumpkin. I grabed one of her tits and tried to put it in the cup, but I could not get it in, " Let me silly or we are going to be here all day tryng to put this top on " I don' t mind really pumpkin. " I know you don't Daddy and lets face it if I let you keep going this top would be on the ground and my bottoms too in a few minutes you will be fucking your pussy again. " Britt looked at me. Her eyes told me thats exactly what she wanted. With a sultry voice she said " You did say you wanted to get home did you not " Britt stopped trying to put both her tits in the cups. Lifted the top over her head. Dropped it on the ground beside her and then untied her bottom and it dropped between her legs. Britt was naked again in front of me and there was lust in her eyes. Are you supposed to tease your Master like this slave? Your supposed to be getting dressed slave.

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   I told you to dress did I not slave? Britt said kind of seriously. " Yes Master I am sorry, do you want your slave to dress for you again Master? " NO. Tell me how much my slave wants to please me with my cunt slave " Your cunt will always be ready for your hard cock always, anytime anywhere Master, all my holes will be at your command Master. I want to please you always. Please forgive me for teasing you Master. " I will forgive you this time slave but never do that again. I knew I wanted her to tease me any time she wanted but I was playing alone with the Master?Slave thing. I was uneasy about it but it was kinda fun right now.  I will take your cunt, ass or mouth anytime I want understand slave? " Yes Master. Do you want your pussy or your ass or your mouth to please you now Master ? " YES! Turn around walk over to that rock and bend over so I can take my pussy and ass right now ! I was now on a Highway to Hell and I was loving it. Britt still with lust in her eyes said " Yes Master " Britt turned around and did exactly what she was told. Britt walked swaying her hips and ass in the sexiest way I had ever seen. stopped in front of the rock, spread her legs apart, bent over and stuck her pussy and ass out. She did not look back at me she just waiting for my now raging hard cock. I am going to take you rough slave.

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   " Yes Master fuck your pussy and ass anyway you want. Be as rough as you want Master " I came up behind Britt took my cock and guilded it up and down her great slit. Then in one powerful thrust I slammed myself into her very wet pussy. " Ohhhhh yes Master fuck your pussy hard, hard as you want Master, slam your cunt with your big hard cock. " I really did slam her cunt hard, my hips must have been going a hundred miles an hour. Britt's ass check pressing out everytime I slammed back deep into her tight pussy. " OHHH YEEEESSSSS MASTER I LOVE YOUR HARD COCK, I LOVE IT WHEN YOU FUCK ME ROUGH AND HARD!!!! " Britt screamed at the top of her lungs. I looked down and watched my cock piston in and out of Britts pussy. I was starting to really get covered with her cunt juice and some of my come that I had pumped in to her. Britts glistening puckerd pink asshole was opening and closing everytime my cock went out and then back in her pussy. Ready for my cock in your ass slave? " Yes Master make my ass yours Master fuck my ass as hard as you are fucking your cunt " Beg me to fuck your ass slave! " Please Master fuck my ass. I need your hard cock in my ass so badly. I need to you to make my ass yours Master. I need to feel your hard wonderful cock fill my tight bung hole Master. please, please, please fuck my ass, pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeeeee make it yours Master " I withdrew my juice cover cock from Britts pussy.

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   Britt reached around and grabbed her cheeks and spread them so I had easy access to her. I placed my head at Britts bung hole. It seemed to quiver as my head touch her asshole, as I started forward her anus opened as my cock began to sink in her ass. Push back on my cock slave make your ass mine. " OHHH YES MASTER " Britt really backed hard into my cock so hard it almost snaped in two. " OHHH YEEEEESSSS MASTER, MY ASS IS YOURS NOW " Britt screamed as I burried my cock in her ass to the hilt in a matter of moments. Britts ass was not as tight as I thought it would be, tight yes but not as tight as Miranda's ass was. I see your mistress has taken your ass a few times slave. " Yes Master, Mistress Miranda has my ass almost every night. But my Masters cock is much better than my mistreses stap on Dildo will ever be " Well slave I do like my cock in your ass. Then I started to fuck Britt hard. I really didn't want to fuck her real hard up her ass but she was starting to push hard back into my cock with every thrust. I took her cue and really started to pound her ass. " Yes Master fuck your ass hard the harder the better Master, your slave loves her Masters cock slamming into her " So I started to fuck Britts ass as hard as I was fucking her pussy. " You make your slave feel wonderful and soooooooooooooo full Master " I was close to coming in Britts ass, I always come fast when its anal.

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   Where do you want your Masters come slave? " Anywhere Master " I asked you a question slave answer it, as I slapped her ass cheek hard. " DEEP IN your pussy Master, your slave needs you to make her pregnant. Your slave wants to feel her Masters baby growing inside her womb like my mistress has my masters baby growing in her womb. KNOCK YOUR SLAVE UP I BEG YOU MASTER " Thats what I want to hear from you slave, but from now on when you beg for me to make you pregnant I want you to call me Daddy slave. It turns your Master on when I hear you tell your Daddy to knock you up. I withdrew my cock from Britts ass and sank it straight into her pussy, " Yes Master, Yes Daddy come in my pussy, knock me up ohhh yes knock me up " Your a dirty little girl slave aren't you ? Taking my cock from your ass to your pussy. " Yes Master your slave is a very dirrty girl, she loves being dirty for her Master " Then I heard the phone ring, I knew it was Miranda. Answer it slave while I fuck my pussy good and hard. Britt reach for the phone " Hellooooo " it was almost a moan as I sunk my cock as deep in her pussy as I could go. Britt was having mini orgasms every time I slamed my hard cock into her. " Yes Mistress " Britt was trying to control her voice. " Yes Mistess, my master and your slave will be home soon Mistress. " Britt moved the phone from her ear and turned her head for the first time since I started to fuck her. " My Mistress wants to speak with you master " Tell my love that I am close to giving your pussy another load of my babymakers. Tell her we will be home as soon as your full of my come, as soon as I am finnished knocking my slave up.

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   Britt looked at me with a little fear in her eyes. Tell her slave and I slamed even harder into Britts pussy. Britt had another mini orgasm when I thrusted into her. Britt put the phone to her ear again and in a little moan said " Mistress my master said to tell you " Britt paused " We will be home as soon as " she paused again. Tell her slave as I slamed back into her pussy " As soon as my master shoots his babymakers in your pussy again mistress. We will be home as soon as your pussy is full with another load of my Masters come Mistress. As soon as My Master is finnished knocking me up!!!!!!! When he is finnished making me pregnant MISTRESS!!!! " There was a long silence then " Yes Mistress please do not be mad Mistress. I know I promised Mistress not give your pussy to our master today but my Master wanted to fuck your pussy. You know how long I have waited mistress. You know how very long I have waited and wanted to give Daddy my pussy mistress. I had to give him my pussy. I HAD TOO!! Yes he has filled me once already Mistress. Yes Thank you Mistress for not being mad but I deserve punishment I broke my promise to you. Yes mistress I will please him with your pussy as many times as he wishes Mistress. Yes Mistress I can not wait to be with you and my Master and our new slave.

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   I love you so much. Good bye Mistress " I guess theres no secret now that your pussy is mine slave. " Oh Daddy my pussy has always been yours. I mean Master and my Mistress has given me permission to please you with my pussy now. I hope my pussy pleases you Master? " Britt I am very pleased your pussy is so wonderful and I can feel your pussy is very pleased to have my cock fucking it. I can feel your pussy ripple around my cock when I am deep inside you. " OH YES Master I am having little orgasms everytime you touch the back of my pussy, it was very hard to control my voice when I was talking to my Mistress " I held off coming in Britt till she was off the phone but I was ready to fill her again. Ready Pumpkin? " Yes DADDY fill me with your badymakers, go deep and fill me up again, make your little girl pregnant Daddy. Knock me up Daddy. Please I want to feel your baby growing inside me. Knock me up like you did Miranda Daddy " Yes pumpkin I want my baby growing inside you too. I want to knock you up like I did Miranda. I'm going to make you pregnant Britt. I started to shoot another big load in Britt and she came with me as soon as she felt my seed hit the back of her pussy " YES DADDY YES " was all she said but her pussy told me she was having a great orgasm. Her pussy is real tight when she comes and it was a vise around my cock.

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   We came down together after a few minites of me standing staight up with my hips as far forward as I could get them, my cock deep inside her and Britt still bent over the rock, pushing herself back against my cock trying to force my cock to the deepest part of her pussy so my sperm did not have as far to swim to make our baby. To the last monent Britt's pussy muscles where milking every last drop of my come from my cock before I pulled out of her with a load POP. As I steped back I saw some of my come oozed out of Britt, a large drop of white come droped to the ground. Britt fingers caught the rest. She was trying to push my come back into her pussy but there was just to much. She gave up and brought her fingers to her mouth and sucked them clean again. " Daddy you really come alot, my err your pussy is over flowing. If I am not already pregnant. I will be in a few days with all these babymakers searching for my egg, now I know why Miranda got knocked up so fast! It's a wonder Mom did not get pregnant more than twice " Then she turned around and said " Let me clean you up Daddy before we go. " She droped to her knees and put my semi hard cock into her mouth, ran her tongue around my head and then sucked me deep inside. Britt sucked what come was left on and in my cock and then let my cock go. " MMMM we do taste very good together Daddy. I can get used to having that taste everyday. " I think I can arrange that my little come slut. I smiled and Britt did too.

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   Lets get dress Pumpkin and go home, I think Miranda needs some of our attention and you can tell me everything about you and her on the drive home.
Britt grabed her bottom and started to put it on, but before she finnnished she looked up at me and said " Master are you sure you do not want to fill your slaves pussy one more time? " I think that can wait for later slave and Pumpkin call me Daddy untill I tell you to call me master. " Ok Daddy but your sure you don't want your pussy or your ass before I put these on ? "  Your Insatiable aren't you Britt? Britt look at me and said " YES I am Daddy for your hard cock and creamy come " Well I am sure Pumpkin but I will take your pussy and maybe your ass again later tonight I promise. " You know Daddy I will always be ready for you to fuck me. Even if you do not want me to call you master all the time you are my master every minute of every day and I will always be your sub and slave. No man will have my pussy, ass or mouth Daddy. No man will ever put there come in me but you Daddy.  I love you to much to have another man touch me the way you will touch me. Fuck me the way you will fuck me. Do you believe me Daddy? " Yes Pumkin I do believe you and I am very happy you feel that way. I love you very much Britt and I will always want you as my sub and slave. Also a mother of my children. Britt jumped into my arms " I love you so much Daddy you make me so happy " and then Britt gave my mouth a tongue lashing. I got hard instantly as her still bare pussy came in contact with my cock. Britt felt me get hard and slide her pussy over my cock.


   " Are you sure Daddy you don't want to come in my pussy one more time before we go? The more times you put your seed in me Daddy the better the chances of you knocking me up. " You really are a cum slut Pumpkin " Only for your come Daddy only for your come. " As Britt said that she wrapped her legs tighter around my torso and lowered her pussy onto my cock. I slipped deep into Britt's warm, wet, hot pussy for the third time time in less than two hours and a second time in less than 18 minutes. I had never in my life been able to get hard so fast, so many times in such a short time with any woman ever even Miranda or Tammy and I never fuck so many times in such a short time. I was no virgin when I married Tammy. I played football in High school and college. I had 5 girlfriends before I meet Tammy and I never was lacking in the chance to fuck as much as I could with any of my girlfriends and Tammy is no slouch in bed either. I have a very strong sex drive. I always have had strong desire to fuck all the time. Even now at my age. But for some reason Britt makes me hard and ready to fuck her at a monents notice. No matter how short the time between coming and getting hard again was. I was ready and willing to fuck her again. It was Britt's insatiable desires, her irrepressable lust, her sexual energy that made me hard and want her so much.

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   " MMM Daddy your back where you belong inside your pussy, make love to me Daddy, fuck your pussy again, make sure I get so much of your come there is no way I will not get pregnant today. Fill me again with your babymakers Daddy. " I really couldn't fuck her the way I wanted to standing up with her hanging on me. I looked around for someplace to lye Britt down. The only real good place was that rock where I fucked her before. It was almost flat on top, it was going to be murder on my knees and her back but when you have a beautiful woman wanting you to fuck her and she already had your hard cock deep inside her beggers can't be choosers. I walk over to the rock with my cock still burried in Britt. I layed her down on her back as my cock slipped out of her. Britt shifted higher to get to the flatter part of the rock. God what a site to behold Britt's legs spread wide, her glistening pussy opened up waiting for my cock. Her hugh firm tits jutting out, her big nipples where hard as rocks. No Man could resist her. If there is a cure for being a gay man. Britt would be the poster woman. As I climbed up between Britts legs I knew my knees where going to hate me.

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   Why did we not at lest bring a blanket with us. I lowered my mouth to her nipples and started sucking them into my mouth. Britt wrapped her legs around my ass and her left hand guided my cock back into her pussy, " Yes Daddy fuck me. Suck my tits. " I lifted my head from Britt tits and whispered in her ear. I heard misionary is the best for getting pregnant Pumpkin, " YES DADDY IT IS more of your come will stay inside me. My pussy is in the very best position to help move your sperm deeper inside me where my egg is waiting. OOOOHHHHH DADDY I HAVE WAITED OOOOHHH HOW I HAVE WAITED A VERY VERY VVVVEEEEERRRYYY LONG TIME FOR YOU TO MAKE ME PREGNANT! Don't worry about making me come Daddy just fuck me so you will shoot your hot come in me, all your hot come I need so badly. Thats all I want DADDY more of your come in my pussy. MORE of your come so you will knock me up DADDY. More of your come so in nine months I will give you a son or daughter Daddy. I WANT YOUR BABY! Just like Miranda wanted your Baby, like she has your Baby inside her right now. Give me that too Daddy give me your BABY NOW! Make me PREGNANT DADDY. SHOOT another load of your hot creamy come in my pussy DADDY PLEASE! " I was hearing my Daughter begging for me to breed her like a bitch in heat. It was such a turn on.

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   I pushed deep into her pussy, started to thrust in to her, Wanting to fuck her faster but with her telling me she wanted to get pregnant running threw my mind, I could not hold from blasting into her. I started to come buckets again. I didn't know my balls had this much come but Britt was going to get every drop deep inside her. Britt felt me unload my come in her again, " YES DADDY I AM COMING JUST FEELING YOU FILLING ME OHHHHHHH YES! YES!! YYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give me all your babymakers make sure I get all of your come. DON'T PULL OUT TILL YOUR SOFT DADDY PLEASE! Don't pull out so your come stays in my pussy as long as possible. I want to do everything so your seed gets to my egg and I get pregnant today. SO YOU MAKE ME PREGNANT RIGHT NOW ! " We laid together for five minutes frenching as my cock slowly went soft in Britt, we where useing my cock as a dam so none of my come dripped from Britts pussy untill I could not keep my cock in her anymore. I sliped out and Britts hand quickly move to replace my cock. " How much of your come am I losing Daddy ?"  I looked down to her glistening pussy and my white come was pouring out of her long narrow slit. Alot Pumpkin, your pussy is so full of my come that there no way some of it is not gong to leak out of you, " Thats true Daddy, YOU WILL give me more of your come tonight won't you Daddy " You know I will Pumpkin, tonight, tommorow morning, tommorow afternoon, tomorow night and everyday after that till my little girl tells me she is pregnant! " I love you Daddy, I will tell you soon that I am pregnant Daddy, I know I will very soon " Now lets go home Pumpkin, Miranda is probably wondering where we are.