Princess of Innocence

Erotic Poetry

In my mind I adored you.
In my life I defiled you.
My thoughts kept you from harm.
I hurt you with my doings.
Your voice makes me quiver like a leaf. Goddess-like sounds escaping your sweet lips. I want to hear you sing.
The moans of pleasure and whimpers of passion drain the life from me. I want to hear you scream.
I softly taste your lips, the most intoxicating taste of strawberries and honey. In passion we rub our tongues together, I have tasted the nectar of the Goddess. Lost in your beauty.

Hungrily I devour your neck, feeling my inner beast gaining control. You gasp as I try to push your boundaries, groping every single part of your body. Young firm breasts, sweet-tasting slit, round tender buttocks. Lost in ecstacy.

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Gently breaking your innocence, I cry tears of joy. Skin on skin we grind our bodies together, feeling closer to each other than anyone could ever feel.
I penetrate you with the force of a thousand men. I can hear your cries, pain and pleasure.
    Hearing you asking me to stop, I push myself to the limit to make you beg for more.
    As I plant my seed deep inside you, my muscles give in, relaxation flowing through our sweaty bodies. I look deep into your brown eyes, tears running down them, as well as mine. I lose myself into you, along with my body and soul.
    Your brown hair jolts with every thrust. I can't see your face, but I know you're beoynd limits. I force you to take my life into your body, though you scream 'No'. I have no soul to give.