power of love

Erotic Poetry

I took you by the hand, hoping never to let you goI puled you in for a kiss our lips meeting passionatelyWe start to rub all over and kiss each others neckAs we kiss we head for the bed I want you more and more unlike anything I have ever felt we strip each other and let our tongues intermingle in ecstacy.  As we lay naked in each other's arms I stare into your desirable eyesYou lie back as i kiss your body, moans escape through your lipsI start to massage your lips and and tease youendlessly until I slide one inI start to kiss down you not missing a piece od delicious fleshYou help to move me down faster wanting, painfully wanting my head between your thighs, giving you pleasure you can only imagine in a dream I feel you shake as i pleasure you stopping only to listen to your moans I can feel it cumming, as you lock my head in place i can taste you cumming, my god does anything taste this good, your juices flow, flow endlessly into my wanting mouth, i drink every drop stopping to savor the flavor of this sweet angel on my face As you come down from your trip to heaven you feel my payment is dueYou throw me on the bed and tease me into an almost hypnotic stateI lay there frozen waiting for the pleasure i knew i was to recieveYou grab my manhood almost painfully and stroke it to a rockIt slides into your awaiting mouth, the feeling of it is nothing short of heavenUp and down your head bobbs faster and faster makiing me shake all overYou stop to gently suck on the head making me crazy with anticipationMy manhood reaches the back of your throat and is pulled out of you mouthYou stroke me almost to the brink then suck the head and I screamI cant hold it back any longer as you suck my cum flows like a fire hoseYou take it all into your mouth and swallow it all down as i look at you We lie together for a moment recovering from the past escersionsWe begin to kiss and you rub my manhood to a your desired stiffnessI climb on top of you shaking form the thought of being in your bodyAs I enter you wrap your legs driving me into the depths of my heavenWe move in unison never missing a beat, i massage your breastsFeeling your hard nipples having to take it into my mouth quicklyI can feel you squeeze as a sign of your climax approachingAs we hasten our pace we both enter into a world of unbelievable pleasureWe both scream as we experience the orgasm only a dream could createComing down from our high i never leave your amazing passage of loveFalling asleep together we dreamt that night would never end what could this night of pleasure be but only a dream I presume We shall trully know if this glorious night occured when we wake