My Place in Life

Erotic Poetry

My Place In Life
By: sub boy roy
Whip my asshole and spread it wide
I need to feel pain very, very deep inside
Quench the desire that can’t be denied
That only domination can satisfy
Once respected with children and wife
Now being a cum sucking whore is my life
In society proper I once had a role
Now its cleaning cocks and dirty assholes
Remind me of my past… use it to torture me
My mouth filled with cum is something my friends should see
Dressed like a prostitute nothing on underneath
You take me out looking for men on the street
My mouth you hold open for the cock of your man
You spank me barehanded and tell me I am
Just a bitch dog to use for your play
You slap my face hard and I do what you say
After you fuck I lick the cum from your snatch
Clean his cock with my mouth and worship your ass
In a noose from the roof by my neck I am hung
You whip my stiff cock and balls till I cum
I shoot out my cum mixed with blood on the ground
This makes you angry so you lower me down
To spend the rest of the evening licking it up
Riding your friends big black cock up my butt