Let Your Body Free on the 8 West to the Beaches of San Diego

Erotic Poetry

Just snuggle up and I'll do All the drivingWhen you snuggle real CloseRight next to me!One arm around your Shoulders, the other on the wheelYour arms hold me around my ChestAnd squeeze me tightIt's so warm and Comfortable and relaxingAnd when we get there I'll Drive right onto the beach and we'll just sit in the car Listening to the waves *kisses your eyelid*Admires you laying in the Moon lightGently rubbing your neckWith nothing but the birds To distract usWhat good is a bird With out a bee?I think the bees will be Distracting the birdsI'd wake up before you, Before the sun, before the bees and birdsAnd I'd see light dancing On the waves coming closer toward us as the sun Sneaks up from behind*gets all tingly*As I stroll along the beach Your gaze catches mine and I reach out my hand to youPulling you close I look Into your eyes I'd smile and kiss your Forehead, *closes eyes, nuzzles Your hair, smelling its sweet strawberry aroma*As the waves lap the sand Between our toesAnd I place my hands on you backAnd feel the warmth of your body and the sun Radiating into them as I rub youI sway back and forth as We dance a subtly to the music of the sea