Erotic Poetry

Erotica I woke early this morning to find you were a dream of the erotic kind. We held each other in a tight embrace you lay next to me face to face. I whispered sweet nothing in your ear you drew me to you ever nearer. I kissed your neck and licked your lips you opened your mouth accepting the kiss. As our tongues touched and we soared higher you moaned and moved as though on fire. Tracing lines on your arms and legs you pulled me closer to your breasts. Taking each nipple between my lips you began to sway and move your hips. I started kissing and licking lower and lower you trembled and shook like a blossoming flower. My lips wandered over your soft thighs you parted your legs to reveal a surprise A trimmed bush shone with delicate delight you opened your womanhood to my touch and sight.

The wetness glistened on your fragrant skin you let loose your aroma and inviting me in. I felt the delicate touch of your hand and fingers you held my manhood with gentle lingers. When I gently moved into your tunnel of love you spread yourself as I entered from above. As we moved together in harmonic motion you continued to flood me with your magic lotion. Our bodied entwined with sweat and heat you moved with me like a single heart beat. The moment took hold and we held each other tight you were filled with flashes of colour and light. We roared together as essence of life poured forth you stretched your body accepting me in it’s course.

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   When the passion subsided and the moment was best you kissed me gently falling into peaceful loving rest. erotic51/anerotic54.