Taken - Chapter 2 - My First Second Time

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I had stayed awake all night, I was afraid to close my eyes, afraid to try to sleep having not fully figured out what had happened, or why it had happened. My mind went over everything that I thought had happened, and what I had to do today at school. The first thing I did was strip my bed and hide my wet sheets; I would wash those later when I got home. God if anyone seen that, well we all know what they would think, and yes, I checked the wet spots, it was not pee to my amazement. Like a robot I went about replacing the sheets before mom came in to see if I was getting up for school. After making my bed I stumbled into the bathroom and tussled my thick black hair as I turned on the light. Somehow my hair seemed thicker this morning and maybe a little longer than yesterday. I know, I’m just imagining things I thought as I turned to look at myself in the mirror. As I looked at my image in the mirror my eyes grew wide as saucers as I noticed in horror the marks on my neck, breasts and shoulders. They were like the marks that I see on other girls in school after having sex with their boyfriends. Hickeys, monkey or sucker bites they call them, but how?How did I get these I kept thinking as the events of last night played over in my mind.

As I looked in the mirror, staring at my self the tears started flowing as I tried in vane to understand and remember. As a tear rolled off my cheek and landed on my suck-marked breast I noticed too that like my hair my breasts seemed a bit bigger, maybe a bit heavier this morning as I placed my hands under them to judge their weight. I was brought back to reality by the sound of my alarm clock going off out in the bedroom. I took one quick look at my body in the mirror, taking inventory of the things that I would have to cover with socks, a high collar, long sleeves, and makeup before going off to school.

Turning on the water I stepped into the shower and began rubbing the liquid soap over my body, wincing slightly as I realized that my breasts and nipples were sore.

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  As I stepped out of the shower a thought clicked that maybe I had been raped. I tried to rationalize that there was no one there when I turned on the light but there had to be a way to find out, and then it came to me… look at the sheets. Look for blood I thought as I thought about my cherry… was it busted last night?No, it was not as I looked closely at the sheets, there was no blood there so that was a relief to me.

My day at school was not too productive and the only salvation for me for the day was track practice after school. A good long run was just what I needed to take my mind off of everything from last night. When I returned home I showered for dinner, but when I entered my room that night I felt a bit of a chill and could have sworn that I heard voices. I listened closely and thought that maybe the voices were female, maybe one was male. No, I was just hearing things, paranoid I guess, but still, I tried to listen before I turned on the water to the shower.

My shower was uneventful and I noticed that my breasts and nipples were not as sore as in the morning but I did notice that the bruises on my legs and wrists were still there and still sore to the touch. I showered quickly; washing my afternoon run from my body then dried off and dressed. For some reason I just didn’t want to be in my room now, preferring to do my homework in the den instead.

I spent some time chatting with friends online and on the phone until the time I was worried about came. It was 18 PM when mom said it was time for bed young lady. Dragging my feet as long as I could I finally found my self upstairs getting ready for bed. Did I really want to sleep naked tonight was the first thought that came to me but as usual I did.

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  Slipping under the sheet and covers I once again felt the cool crisp cotton sheets against my naked skin. I felt in my comfort zone again as I reach over and turned out the light. It wasn’t long before I was feeling sleepy and tonight, no playing with myself, just sleep, well, not exactly. I couldn’t help but give my nipples a little rub and brush my fingers over my kitty for just a few minutes.

As I slept, several times I thought that I had heard those voices again a few times as I tossed and turned in a light sleep. Somehow this night a deep sleep was eluding me. Maybe I was waiting for something to happen or my body just would not allow a deep sleep tonight. It wasn’t long before I heard the voices again, this time I know I heard my name but I could not make out everything that was said in my twilight sleep. It seemed the voices were in a very old dialect of Romanian or maybe Hungarian. As the sounds worked their way through my sleepy brain just like last night I felt the sudden chill against my skin and could tell that the covers had been pulled off me and tossed onto the floor. This time I wanted to fight back, to cry out, or try to wake someone to come see what was happening. As I opened my mouth to scream I felt the familiar sensation of lips pressing to mine and a tongue forcing it’s way in and my hands were taken control of again and held fast.

Not again I thought to myself, not now, please not again. My thoughts and struggles were all in vane as they were last night as I felt the same wet licking and sucking sensation on my nipples. Once again, it felt like both nipples were being sucked and licked but tonight was a bit different; it was harder, and much more determined than last night.

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  There was no hesitation in the actions against my naked body, and no hesitation going down on me as I felt that long tongue snaking itself between my nether lips. My struggles lessened as my arousal increased. It wasn’t long before I was wiggling as best as I could, wanting more, trying to cooperate, trying to push up against that tongue that was inside me, and then it came, then I came, hard, long and as noisy, well as I could be with out breaking the kiss.

I felt the familiar wetness spreading under me as I felt the tongue continue to lick my clit, hard, fast and long. My mind raced again, trying to think about what was happening, how it was happening, and what was causing it to happen. It wasn’t long before I was cumming hard again. As I spasmed through my second orgasm I started to feel dizzy, light headed, gasping for air but having trouble breathing as I was still locked in a deep kiss. It was then that I heard the voices again, and this time I thought I could make out a male and female voice. It appears as if I was being kissed by a male, and being licked by a female, and it seems as if they were trading places. My hands and legs were still gripped at the ankles and wrists and I was surmised that the other two were female and maybe about my size. Fear gripped me at that point and I didn’t want to think about what was about to happen next.

As the change took place I could feel as if a hand were clamped over my mouth then came the whisper in my ear, “shhhhhh, be quiet and relax” came the words as best as I could figure out. For some reason these words were not reassuring, or comforting. As I tried to relax I felt the hands on my ankles pulling my legs apart and pushing my feet up toward my ass. Then as one hand on each ankle held my feet in place, I felt one hand on each knee pulling my legs apart.

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  It was then that I felt something pressing against the lips of my soaked vagina. It didn’t take much pushing before I felt something thicker than a tongue or finger press inside and start sliding in deeper but not too deep before pulling back and pushing in again.

It was when I felt a twinge of pain down there that I started to struggle to get free but I was too light, too weak and unable to get free as the first hard push and the burning hot pain came. I knew right away what had happened, my cherry had been broken. Immediately I started to cry, as the sobbing started I felt the lips move back to my breasts, sucking and licking my nipples and what appeared to be a finger caressing my clit as if in a attempt to ease the pain I was feeling. I was getting the feeling that the lips and finger working my breasts and clit were feeling a bit sorry for what was happening to me. I was almost as if the same had happened to them but this was all probably my mind playing tricks on me again.

As the pressure between my legs subsided I could feel a great bulk in my vagina, pushing in and pulling out over and over again, and getting fatter and longer but I could not tell how fat or how long. To a fourteen year old, just about anything going in there would feel fat and long in the dark. The pain from the tearing of my hymen was going away. It wasn’t long before the panic had fled me again and I was going along with what was happening. My hips as if no longer under my control tried to push back up against the pushing inside my vagina. Over and over again I was pushed into, harder, faster until once again I was ready to explode. With one push of my hips I came hard, flooding the sheets again, whimpering, all the while being pushed back in to the sheets with each thrust until I heard a loud grunt and a powerful push.

Although I had never had a man between my legs I knew what this meant, I was being filled with something by someone or something as I felt even more wetness blasting out of my now little stretched vagina.

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  The grunting and pushing went on for several minutes only to be replaced by an emptiness between my legs. As my freshly used vagina quivered and spasmed through orgasm it was only then began to relax. I could feel the grip on my legs and arms released.

I slumped back into the bed, spread eagled on my back, trying to catch my breath, trying to regain my thoughts, trying to understand once again what had happened. I knew that no one left the room because this time I realized that the bedroom door never opened, I never heard footsteps, and never saw the light coming in the door from the hallway. I didn’t turn the lights on this time either; I was just too exhausted to turn over, and a bit afraid. If something or someone was in the room with me, I didn’t want to know or see. I didn’t look at the clock or try to judge time before, during and after what just happened. I awoke in the morning as the alarm clock sounded to find myself in a fetal position in damp and somewhat sticky sheets. My mind raced to understand again what happened and as I pushed myself out of bed I looked at the sheets and there was the confirmation that I had feared, the tell tale reddish brown stain…the proof that my cherry had been obliterated during the night. As what had happened sunk in, my legs trembled as I sank to the floor and sobbed.

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