road trip part 1

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i found my self on a back road in the middle of nowhere with a car that wouldnt start. there wasnt a house for miles it seemed and i didnt know this place at all. my road trip wasnt goin so good now but i guess it could be worst then this. after about two hours of just sitting there i saw a what looked like a truck in the distance, as it got closer i could tell that it was a truck. when the truck finally got up to me it pulled over and that man asked if i needed help. he said that he could take me in to town where i could get the town mechanic to come out and fix it so i could be on my way. i got into the truck and we took off down the road the man was big, over 6 foot, and huge muscles. we went down a few more roads and it just seemed like we were just getting farther into nowhere. he started to move around alot but i really didnt pay attention to why. all of a sudden we pulled over and he grabed my head pulled down his pants and shoved my head into his dick and told me to suck it. i started to suck it, it was thick very thick and at first i was scared but after a few minutes i started to like suckin on his nice thick dick and i didnt want to stop.

while i was suckin his dick he tod me to pull down my pants so i did.

i was rite there with my pants down suckin this guys dick while my dick was hangin out already hard as hell. he grabed my dick and started to play with it and it felt great that a guy was playing with my dick. he then told me to stop suckin and turn around so i did and all of a sudden he slams his dick rite in my ass and gos deep. it hurt but i was loving it, he stated to slam it in and out as hard as he could and all i could do was yel in pain and plessure.

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   he started to moan real loud and then louder and then he blew his load rite in my ass. as soon as he was done he threw me out of the truck and took off. my ass was hurting but i had just loved what happened and i started to walk back to my car. i finally got back to my car and as soon as i got back i got inside and started to jack off and all i could think about was what that guy did to me. it took no time att all i could feel it comin and then i blew cum all over , cum runnin out of my ass all over my pants it was crazy but felt great. aftereverything the only thing that i could say to myself well where to next on my road trip. .