Never liked being told what to do - Part 2

Erotic Novels

Natalie and Chloe had decided to meet in one of the parks near Chloe’s house. Chloe lived about a 18 min drive from Natalie. This suited Natalie down to the ground because it wasn’t far but it wasn’t too close to home. Natalie could let her hair down and be assured that nobody near home would see. Only on an unfortunate night she would see someone she knew.


Trailing across town in a tight white t-shirt and jeans, Natalie caught a few whistles. Little did they whistlers know how old Natalie was but she looked at least 18 when she glamourised herself.


When Natalie finally got to the park, she could see Chloe hanging with a few lads. Natalie looked happy as it enabled her to have a little bit of fun. Natalie liked to tease although she kept it at teasing unless she was in a relationship.


Chloe looked stunning. Dressed in a velour tracksuit, and t-shirt, she looked stunning. Chloe is much like Natalie, tall, slim and a brunette. Chloe had just turned 18 and her presents of ear rings and a watch were visible.


Girls normally greet each other by screaming and hugging each other. Natalie and Chloe are no different but in the company of a couple of Chloe’s school friends, they proceeded to have a small kiss.

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   Much to the delight of the lads, both girls grabbed each other’s backsides and noticed the lad’s reactions. As soon as they got the reaction, they stopped.


Over the course of the night, the group would take it in turns to go to the local shop to buy more alcohol. Cans and bottled of spirits filled the park bins as most of the group tried to get drunk as soon as possible. Luckily for Natalie, she could handle her drink and it would take a considerable amount of alcohol for her to get drunk.

Chloe however couldn’t handle her drink and after a few cans, was drunk.


It was getting quite late on Friday night when Natalie noticed Chloe was walking behind a bush with one of the lads. Natalie was very nosy and snuck over to spy on Chloe. When she got close enough to see, she could see that Chloe and the lad were making out. The lad had undone Chloe’s jacket to reveal her white t-shirt. His hands fondling Chloe’s boobs while Chloe’s hands had made their way downwards to the lads fly. Natalie knew what was happening and stayed to watch.


Next Chloe pulled out his cock and proceeded to pay with it, stroking it and playing with his balls. Although Chloe was drunk, she proceeded to put a condom on his cock before anything else. Once the condom was on, Chloe proceeded to give the lad a blowjob.

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   Chloe spent a good 5 minutes sucking off this guy and he soon shot his load into the condom. Before the proceeded to move back to the crowd, the lad tried to pull Chloe’s bottoms down but before he managed to pull them down fully, Chloe stopped him. It was long enough for Natalie to see that Chloe didn’t have any knickers on. Natalie quickly rushed back to the group before Chloe got back.


It was just past midnight when Chloe and Natalie left the boys in the park and decided to head home. Although they were going home, the party wasn’t stopping and both girls weren’t planning on stopping before daylight. Walking hand in hand, both girls talked about their day and passed on gossip.


It was getting late and unfortunately for Natalie, the temperature had dropped. Natalie was walking the streets in a t-shirt and jeans and by the time they had been walking for 5 minutes, Natalie’s nipples were clearly visible through her top.

Chloe however had her track top on so she was slightly warmer.


Both girls eventually got back to Natalie’s house. Chloe went upstairs to Nat’s bedroom while Nat got more drink from the fridge and followed Chloe upstairs. First things first, both girls decided to get changed into some sleep wear. Fortunately for Chloe, she borrowed clothes frequently off Natalie and vice versa. Chloe was the first to strip, jacket first, then t-shirt to reveal a white bra covering her 34C breasts, then her bra and bottoms.

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Natalie’s reaction of “ooo la la” at seeing Chloe with no knickers on made Chloe laugh and nearly wake up Suzanne, Natalie’s mum. After Chloe had finished undressing, she put a t-shirt on and an old netball skirt that Natalie never wore anymore and moved out of the way, Natalie decided to follow suit and get changed.


Chloe could already see that Natalie was braless so when Natalie took her top off, it was no big deal. Natalie proceeded to take her jeans off to reveal her thong. Natalie took her thong off and put some of her dad’s boxers on. Natalie never sleeps with a top on, a preference that has stuck since she was a baby.


Natalie has a double bed and for tonight, it was going to be occupied by both Chloe and Natalie.


After an eventful evening, both girls cuddled up to each other and drifted off to sleep @ 2am.