Never liked being told what to do - Part 1

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N. B - This story is 100% fiction and nobody mentioned in this story is real.


Natalie was always the rebel kind of girl, especially towards her parents Richard and Suzanne. They would frequently ask her to help around the house, tidy her bedroom and do her studying. As a 18-year-old “young woman”, Natalie always thought she knew best and that her parents were only trying to pick on her and get her to do uncool things. Natalie was at that stage where she was interested in boys and always wanted to get noticed.


Natalie was of average height, 5 foot 18 inches to be exact. Natalie’s body did not have one ounce of fat on it and she used that to her advantage. She would always have stylish clothes that would not be seen out of place on a woman aged in her twenties.


Although Natalie was born in Manchester, she has lived in Oxford since she was 5 or 6 years old. Her Mancunian accent has stayed and this only adds to her “sex appeal”. Her group of friends are a real mixture. Some are respectful and polite, and some would be classed as her twin. Very outgoing and loud, they could muster up some real trouble if they wanted to.


Friday nights out in Oxford


Friday nights are Natalie’s favourite. She would rush home from school, drop her school bag, coat and flick her shoes off and run upstairs to get ready.

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   Natalie always likes to be immaculate and would spend hour and hours upstairs getting ready for her night out. Being the way she is, she sees nothing better to do then get off her face in a nightclub with her fake ID, cigarettes and phone in her handbag.


This one Friday in particular Natalie rushed home to find her mother waiting for her in her bedroom.   Shocked to find her mother in there, Natalie seemed nervous, edgy and confused. “Why are you in here mum?” “You know that I need my space” Natalie asked.


“What are these?” Suzanne asked while holding both a pack of cigarettes and a box of extra sensation condoms.


“Oi those are my private things, what the hell are you doing, get the hell out!” Natalie screamed.


After all, Natalie thought as long as it was safe, she could do it.

The cigarettes were nothing big. As soon as Natalie got Suzanne out of the room, she locked it and turned her music on.


Turning her music on was her way of blocking her parents out while she got ready. As soon as the music was on, the shower in her en-suite bathroom was on and Natalie proceeded to strip out of her grotesque school uniform.


As I mentioned earlier, Natalie’s body doesn’t have an ounce of fat on it, and every time Natalie looks in the mirror she comments to herself “damn you like fine babes”. A thorough check of her whole body would follow. First she would check her 34E chest and ensure there were no marks, spots or lumps.

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   Natalie couldn’t have any of those on her fabulous pair if she was going to flaunt them that night.  


Next would be her stomach, and then her backside. Natalie was a young woman living by fashion and style. Since the age of 12, she has worn thong knickers, much to the disapproval of her mother. Suzanne is of the belief that thongs are not suitable for her daughter and that knickers that cover more should be worn. Natalie on the other hand had totally different views. It was either a thong or none at all. Little did her mum know that Natalie frequently goes commando around the home. She would be even more incensed if she knew that Natalie has even gone commando to school as a dare.


Once Natalie had carried out her checks, it was off into the shower. Natalie is like most women who prefer baths, but due to the size of the spare room that was converted into a bathroom, a bath would not fit.


Once showered, Natalie would dry herself off in the shower room and walk out completely naked. Her wardrobe was massive, 6 doors and almost 18 foot long. This was the daddy of all wardrobes and was suffice enough to store every piece of clothing and every pair of shoes Natalie owned. One side had general day-to-day clothes, and the other had her fancy stylish clothes.

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While Natalie was looking for something to wear, her iphone vibrated because of a text. Distracted, Natalie picked up her phone to read the text


“Babes, don’t worry about dressing up as ive heard the police are doing crazy checks on the night clubs. Lets just stay close to home”


It was a text from her best friend Chloe. Chloe was like Natalie and loved going to nightclubs and getting drunk.


With this, Natalie decided to go chose something casual and opened up the right side of her wardrobe. Looking through, she could see jeans, skirts, jogging bottoms and jeggings. Looking out the window at the weather Natalie saw that it didn’t look promising so she chose to put a pair of jeans on. Next was a top to wear. Natalie pulled the wardrobe drawers out and pulled out a lovely tight fitting t-shirt.


Earlier on I mentioned that Natalie lives by fashion and style and one thing that Natalie detests is Visible Panty Line (VPL) and exposed bra straps. She also hates people seeing her underwear and will always check all of the possible scenarios before she leaves her bedroom.


Today, Natalie picked out a matching set and chucked it on. Natalie then proceeded to put on her t-shirt and checked out how it looked in the mirror. Because of her 34E chest, the t-shirt fitted quite snug and Natalie thought it didn’t look right with the bra underneath. Off came the bra.

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   Next she put the jeans on and they fitted perfectly. Nice and tight as Natalie likes. Thankfully her thong knickers didn’t show at all when Natalie tested her scenario’s so the thong stayed on.


A pair of pure white Lacoste trainers were the final piece of the puzzle and once her hair and teeth was brushed, perfume on, Natalie was ready to go out. It took just over 2. 5 hours for Natalie to get ready but once she was, she looked stunning. After grabbing her purse, fags and phone, Natalie ran out of the door and proceeded to meet up with Chloe.