My Husbands Adventure

Erotic Novels

This happened to my husband Andrew when he was in 12th grade. He often makes me play this out, I also enjoy it a lot a really wild. After lot of discussion with him I decided to put this out there for all to enjoy. Andrew is a real stud bull and very experienced, he can go on and on and on. When we do it he makes me cum multiple times.


I will try and narrate it like Andrew would do it.


I climbed up the stairs to the second floor, notes and pen in hand on my way to my favorite teachers room. I was a editor for technical school paper and was on my way to an appointment to interview her for the article I was writing. I certainly hadnt ever called her by her first name, but I knew it to be SK.


Unfortunately, I didn t have a class with SK, I only knew her by hellos in the hallway and by her beautiful looks. She was about 5 7, only 24 years old with dark black long hair, a gorgeous face, relatively small breasts, legs to die for and a perfectly round ass. My name is Andrew by the way, I m in my 12th grade, 5 8  with dark hair. I have a relatively athletic body and a cock that is hardly a monster but at 7inches long and 7 inches around, has never disappointed.


Anyways, I finished my climb up the stairs and turned right, to her classroom. I was happy to see that she didn t have any silly juniors who stayed after school for help on papers or anything. I knocked on the door, even though it was open and she gestured me in.

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   She smiled as I walked over to her, I returned the smile. I m not sure what it was, but my smile always seemed to help me when meeting people, it was just a silly little flinch of the corners of my lips. As I had hoped, we delved into a little small talk before I actually started the interview. She asked me where I was looking to go to college, what I wanted to major in and the like. I inquired about how she was enjoying her first year at our school and whether or not she thought she would stay for a long time, as many of our teachers do.


Eventually the small talk shifted to personal lives. It was kind of odd talking to my teacher about my personal life, but I had shallow conversations with SK before about it so it wasn t new. She had never told me anything about hers though, until now. She told me about a boyfriend who had broken her heart in college and how she had not even thought about putting herself out there since then. I looked at her sympathetically, wanting dearly to walk around the desk and comfort her, but knowing I shouldn t.


After about 20 minutes of talking we started talking about the interview. I asked her a few mindless questions that I thought were dumb but I knew would help with my article and eventually gave up on my last half of questions, instead shifting the conversation back to her personal life. She told me about how she had walked in on her boyfriend the day before graduating, fucking the shit out of her very close friend. She didn t say a thing, just walked out and never spoke with him again. Her eyes welled up and she apologized before getting up and walking to the window.

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   I sat there quietly. She walked back over after gathering herself and sat on the desk next to me.


  I m supposed to be in the best years of my life, Andrew, but I m just scared. I don t want to put myself out there again,   she said, her eyes locked on mine, her lip quivering. I cracked my trademark smile again, and whispered some consoling words to her. Telling her that anyone could understand why she s scared, but that at some point she would have to overcome that and do what we both knew was best for her. I took a chance in saying   Come on, we both know you re too beautiful and too great to not find the perfect guy.    She looked up at me again when I said this, her eyes welled up another time but this time she lowered her head to my shoulder, sobbing.


Thank god, I thought to myself. I turned to her, wrapping one arm around her waste and holding her head to my shoulder with my other hand, running my fingers through her hair and nudging her with my head in a consoling way. She sobbed there for a minute or so before pulling back and looking me in the eyes again, for a long moment. I held her head in my hands, touching her face and wiping her tears away. Abruptly, I got up and walked behind her, starting to rub her neck in hopes of calming her down. She sighed as I started to work some of the tension out. She reached up and grabbed my hand.

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   I lowered my arms and wrapped them around her again, lowering my neck to the side of her head, allowing her to cry into it again.


I m not exactly sure how the next part happened, both of us just slightly moved our heads and before we knew it our lips were millimeters from each other. I opened my eyes and saw her staring right back at me. I smiled again, my eyes softening, before I planted them, softly but firmly onto hers. She held my face with her hands, holding me to her lips. I couldn t believe I was making out with SK. I had been waiting for so long. She pulled away for a moment, looking at me again,   I think I want you.    She got up and walked to her door, closing it, then walked back to me and threw her arms around me, her lips all over me, her tongue penetrating into my mouth. Our tongues rolled over each other wildly. I was in heaven, giving her hickies, my hands roaming all over her body from her firm, small breasts to her great ass and thighs.


I started to unbutton her blouse, finding her wearing no bra. I was slightly surprised, but at the same time it made a little bit of sense, SK s small tits had always seemed to bounce a lot. I started to suck on her hard nipples, flicking them with my tongue as my hands continued to rub her everywhere. She moaned in pleasure, grabbing at my cock through my jeans.

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   I kissed her flat stomach down to her waist line before getting to her skirt. I pushed it up to her breasts, finding the snatch to her teddy and pulling it down, letting her beautiful pussy breathe. Her tan stockings I left on, as women in stockings had always turned me on. I moved my head to her crotch and she moaned loudly in anticipation. Giving head was one of my best talents, I had a huge but very nimble tongue. I dove into her pussy right away, licking the inside of her walls and finding her clit, flicking it like hell with my tongue. She was already moaning loudly and swearing,   fuck yes! fuckkkk right there oh god lick that pussy! yeah!   I felt her start to tremble already, I was smacking her clit around like crazy and she was already about to erupt into a huge orgasm, it was clear that she hadn t made love for long. Suddenly she bucked and shrieked   YEAHHHHH! OH GOD!   and a waterfall of cum shot out of her pussy. I tried to drink it all but some fell to the floor. I continued to eat her out though, wildly and even faster now. Her cliterus was sensitive as hell now and she was just shrieking and flailing around, convulsing like crazy. I felt her buck again and she humped my face, screaming   fuck yes! fuck yes! eat me Andi! OHHHH GODDD IM CUMMING!   Her second orgasm was even bigger than her first.


I pulled away and grinned at her, she was shaking, her legs bouncing uncontrollably. I held each of her thighs and lowered my pants. She smiled and moaned as my cock was revealed.

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   She was still sighing and moaning from her incredible orgasms as I moved toward her.    Oh god stick that fucking cock in me.    that was all I needed to hear. I held her shaking legs apart and slammed into her with all my might. The sound she made cannot be described as she bucked into my cock, I pushed it in to the hilt right away. She was shrieking, moaning and groaning. As soon as I entered her she had another orgasm, I couldn t believe how much cum she had built up. I started to thrust slowly, letting her pussy get used to my cock in her. She was tight as hell.    Oh yeah MAAAAM. Yeahhh   I said, calling her.    Ohhhh god it feels so good, harder. HARDER!   she suddenly became wild, thrusting against me and screaming   FUCK ME LIKE A RANDY! DAMMIT YES!   as I sped up my pace. I was slamming into her as hard as I could, my balls slapping against her ass, she was shouting and convulsing, another orgasm was coming already.    Ohhhh god here it comes! HERE IT COMES! THAT S IT! YEAHHH RIGHT THERE! THAT S IT! YEAHHHHHHH IM FUCKIGN CUMMING! YESS IM CUMMMMMING!   I felt her shake even harder than she had the previous three times and it took a lot of effort to keep from going into my final gear and blowing my load right then and there.

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     Fuck! MAAAM! Ohhhhh my god you re so fuckiNG tight!   I shouted to her.


I increased my pace a little bit more again, my cock was flying in and out of her, I was twisting her nipples and switching between licking her tits and making out with her wildly which turned me on as her screams and shouts became wild and lustful moans of passion. After another minute or so I felt her shaking again but pulled out, teasing her. She stared at me with a burning passion of either anger for pulling out, or eagerness to have me back in her. I didn t wait for the answer to be revealed. I pulled her off of her desk and stood her next to me, turning her around and slaping her on the ass. She straightened and sighed, causing her skirt to fall off of her stomach and down to her ankles. Good, it had kind of gotten in the way anyways. After having her step out of it I buried my cock into her pussy again, lifting one of her legs up from behind so that my penetration could be even deeper. She was once again shrieking encouragement, moaning wildly and thrusting back into me like a total whore.    FUCK! FUCKKKKK UHHHHHHH! HARDER! FASTER! YESSSSS! AHHHHHHHHHHH!   was all I heard for the next 5 minutes as I just destroyed her tight pussy from behind, over and over she shrieked. After a few more minutes I had fucked her to another 3 orgasms and was close to blowing my load, and so to make it last longer I again lowered myself to her pussy. She shrieked in anticipation even, as cum hung to her legs and pussy. I moved towards her and she actually protested,   get your cock back in me.    But I didn t listen, slamming my tongue back into her pussy and flicking her clit again.

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   She shrieked, falling back onto her back and raising her legs. I came up and looked her in the eyes again, grinning with a face full of cum.    What are you doing? Get your head back down there   she said, moaning and pushing my head down with both hands. I gave her some of the best head I d ever given for the next minute or so, fingering her asshole at the same time. at first she was hesitant, she d never had anything in her ass before. It was amazing, as soon as my 2 fingers were in she was in an absolute frenzy, bucking around and shrieking as I ate her out even faster and fingered her like a maniac. She shook so hard that she knocked 2 desks over with her arms and legs.

Her cum came flying out of her pussy again and I immediately came up and blocked it by slamming my cock into her tortured pussy again.    OHHH FUUUUAAAACK!   she had not expected the penetration, with her eyes closed, enjoying the ecstatic feeling of another incredible orgasm. I wrapped one of her legs around me and started to thrust harder and faster than I ever knew I could. My cock was a blur, flying in and out of her pussy. She shrieked and screamed with every tingle in her pussy, bucking against my every thrust and hooking her other leg around me like a vice. She pulled me in further with her amazing legs. For at least 20 minutes I pounded her in this position. There was a small pool of her cum forming underneath her ass and by the time I took my final stroke with her shrieking   OHHH FUCKKK! FUCK YES! I M CUMMING AGAIN! IM FUCKING CUMMMING AGAIN YOU FUCKING STUD! AHHHH FUCK ME LIKE A SLUT! FUCKKK MEEEEEE HARD! AHHHH OH MY FUCKING GOD! OHHHHHHHH MY GAWWWWWD IT FEELS AMAZING! AHHHHH FUCK!   we were both drenched from laying in the small pond of her fluids.

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I grinned as I got up, ready for the homestretch. She tried to get up but stumbled with her shaking legs. I picked her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist and lowered herself onto my cock again, shrieking that she had never been fucked this good. This just set me off and I carried her around the room, setting her down on desks and fucking her, slamming her into walls, knocking down books and decorations.

We were like two animals in heat, I couldn t remember ever fucking anyone this hard or this fast. I slammed her up against the bulletin board and began to wildly slam her against the wall over and over again, pounding my cock deeper and deeper into her. I would have finished in that position, with her off the ground holding me to her and shrieking ridiculous amounts of curses, another small pool of cum forming as her hot liquid fell down her legs and onto the floor, but as I gave her a particularly hard thrust she crashed into the bulletin board extra hard, causing it to fall off one of its hinges and crash to the floor. I stopped for a moment, but only a moment. I simply turned around and carried her back to her desk. I swept all of her papers and materials to the floor before laying her on the desk and resuming my wild pounding of her. All I could hear was her screams now, they were deafening.

  UHHH FUCK! ANDI! FUCKKKKK AHHH! HARDER! YESSSS! YESS RIGHT THERE! AHHH THAT S IT! OHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD! AHHH FUCK MEEEEE DAMMIT! AHHH YOU FUCKING BASTARD FUCK MEEE! OHHHH MY FUCKING GOD! OH MY FUCKING GOD! OHHHH MY FUCKIING GAWWWD IM CUMMING AGAIN! AHHHHH HERE IT COMES BABY! HERE IT COMES! AHHHHHHHHH!   I groaned as I felt another orgasm erupt from her, her cum seeped out around the edges of my cock before trickling down her ass and resting on the desk. I slapped her ass before wrapping her legs around me again and starting my   psycho   pace. I had no regard for her safety anymore, I was pounding her as if I wanted to rip her pussy apart, slapping her ass, twisting her nipples, licking her face and neck and breasts, giving a jackhammer a run for its money with my pace.    AHHH FUCK! FUCK! FUUUUCK! FUAAAAACK YESSSS! I CAN T TAKE IT ANYMORE! IM FUCKING CUMMING AGAIN! IMMMMM GOING TO CUM! OHHHH MY GOOOOOD! AHAHHH IT FEELS SOOOOO FUCKING GOOD! OHHHH GOD I M CUMMING! I CAN T TAKE IT ANYMORE!   she was shrieking in both pleasure and pain at my abuse of her body during this part of our lustful session.

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  ahhh! oh shit SK I M GONNA  CUM! WHERE DO YOU WANT IT YOU SLUT!?   I shouted to her through my frenzy.    OH GOD FUCK ME IN THE ASSSSSS AND SHOOT IT UP THERE!   she shrieked before her words left her, being replaced by pure screams and shrieks as another orgasm ripped through her. I pulled out, slapped her ass like a madman over and over and pushed her legs above my shoulders, placing the head of my member at her asshole.    FUCK ME IN THE ASS! HARD! FUCKKK IT HARD YOU STUD!   she shrieked to me as I licked her nipples wildly one more time. She suddenly screamed in an extremely high pitch tone and grabbed my head and pulled me into the hottest makeout of my life. I felt why, my licking of her nipples had set her off again, but it was more than ever, she was shooting cum up onto my cock like crazy, it felt like a damn hose. After this orgasm I broke away from our kiss and looked down, our legs were drenched with her cum which was now dripping off the edge of her desk and joining with the previous pools of cum on the floor. Without warning I slammed my cock into her ass, but found it difficult to get it all the way in. She wrapped her legs around my ass and pulled me in further, bracing herself with her hands. I kept pressing, licking her nipples and entire body while pushing.    OH FUCK YOU RE NEVER GOING TO GET THAT IN THERE! AHHHH IT S SO FUCKING BIG!   Hearing this, I went crazy again and reached down, grabbing her incredible ass in both hands and pulling it up my shaft while putting all my weight into a thrust. We both screamed in pleasure as my cock ripped all the way in. She was convulsing immediately again, shooting cum all over both of us. I reached down and rubbed her thighs wildly before moving one hand to her pussy and pushing 4 fingers inside it. She was bucking, continuing to have a chain of orgasms.


   With my fingers inside of her and her cum trying to shoot out of her pussy it made it resemble a sprinkler. We were being showered in her juices as I continued my psycho pounding of her ass.     FUCK! FUCKKKK! FUCKKK! OHHHH FUCK MY ASS! OHHH MY FUCKING GOD THAT FEELS SO GOOD! AHHH! UHHHHH YEAH! YEAHHHHHH! OHHHH MY GAWWWWWD YESS! OHHHHHHHHHHHH SHIIT! YESSSSSS! YESS! FUCKK YESSSSSS!   she was screaming louder than ever before as her massive orgasms continued to come out, sending cum flying all over both of us. I pulled my fingers out and slapped her ass with both hands on each cheek as hard as I could. Her pussy spat out so much cum I wouldn t have believed it if I hadn t seen it. It was literally like a god damn hose spraying me. I pulled back and grabbed her hips, finding one final gear as I pumped her ass.    AHHH YES! YESSSSS UHHHH FUCK! HARDER! DEEPER! OHHHH GOOOOD THAT S IT! I CAN T TAKE IT ANYMORE! OHHHHHHH MY GOD I COULD FUCK YO UFOREVER! OHHHHHHHH MY GOD FUCKKKKK! FUCKKKKKKKKKK IT FEELS SO GOOOOOOOD! AHHHHHHHH MY FUCKING GOD! OHHH MY FCUKING GOD! OHHHHHHHH YESSSSS SHIT! YESSSSSSS!   she was shaking uncontrollably, her cum spraying all over both of us as I gave her a final set of hard and fast thrusts before blowing my load deep into her ass. I continued to thrust for another minute or so, wanting to get every ounce of cum into her ass.

After laying together on her desk, with me getting soft inside her for a minute or so I staggered to my feet and looked around, the room was trashed. Desks were overturned and moved out of position, her papers and materials were drenched in cum and all over the room. There were three large pools of cum under the broken bulletin board, next to an overturned desk and on her desk. I grinned as I looked back at her ravaged body. She moaned loudly, more satisfied than she had ever been.    Do you want to come to my apartment you fucking machine?   she asked me seductively.


   I grinned,   Only if it s better than this…   I said jokingly.    You re going to be sorry you said that,   she remarked, grinning at me. When she got up she stumbled into me again and I caught her, her breasts touched against my nipples and it took a lot of self control to not lift her up and bury my cock into her again for another hour.