In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Twenty-Six

Erotic Novels

In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com


The trip to Minnesota was an instant success, by the time Bonnie returned to the office on Tuesday, the foundation had received over 70 email responses from conference attendees. The majority were positive affirmations and requests more literature; however 23 emails enquired about speaking engagements at 18 different colleges or University’s, four libertarian political groups, three civil rights groups and one from another regional branch of he Free Thinkers Society.

“It looks like we gave you that new title not a little to soon” Amy quipped after looking over the emails. ”

Bonnie made a non-descript acknowledgement before Amy continued, “It looks like we will have to start booking you during the week as well, can you do that?

“I can do one overnight trip a week, I can’t be away from the family more than that. ”

“I understand. But we may have to hire you an assistant, especially if money follows the booking requests. ”

Bonnie nodded.

And over the next few weeks between that day and Christmas the office received 300 memberships and $21,000 in donations, nearly all from one large donor who sent $15,000. Additionally Gayle sent a very nice email and expressed interest acting as a volunteer Mid-west liaison for the FFF.

On the 19th Rebecca caught Misty after school let out and asked about Samuel’s “birthday present” from her mom.

“Sorry, I’m afraid he’s out of luck, Mom is out of town until tomorrow night, I think she’s has two places she’s speaking in the St. Louis area tonight and tomorrow morning. You’ll have to take care of him yourself. ”

Rebecca “I’d do that anyway, but he’ll be disappointed, I think he has a little crush on your mom, and I gota say I’m looking forward to it too. ”

“I’m sure she will be all to glad to do what she said, but we’ll have to make it another time.

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  ” Then Misty thought for a moment, ”. . but you don’t turn 18 until what? The end of February. She won’t let you join them”

Rebecca looked like she’d gotten her hand caught in the cookie jar.

“Oh,” Misty slapped her playfully and began to drag her down the hall toward the parking lot “You were trying to pull a fast one, so do you still want him to get his present?”

“You know I don’t mind him doing it without me, but I sure wanted to be there. ”

When Misty asked her mom about the promised Birthday present she assured her she hadn’t forgotten, but he will have to wait as they were going to Tennessee to be with Grandpa when school lets out. “Let him know I haven’t forgotten, but let’s plan on like the second week in January. ”

“He’ll be disappointed but he’ll have to just get over it”

Christmas break was not as relaxing as Bonnie had hoped. When they arrived in Tennessee she couldn’t help but notice her father had lost weight since she had seen him. She gave him a scolding for not telling her but he denied anything was wrong with his health.

Fortunately for her peace of mind, and unfortunately for her father’s efforts to pretend everything was fine, Stella returned from visiting her kids in Knoxville the day after Christmas. Though she officially still lived in her home down the street, in practice she had moved in with Bonnie’s dad. So, it was no trouble finding out that her father had a bout of pneumonia in November, but he was much better now. Bonnie obtained a promise from Stella to keep her informed in the future, much to her father’s chagrin.

Christmas day in the mountains of Tennessee was very different than the routine the family had been used to, not bad but different.

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  The kids were OK with delaying their “real” Christmas until after they got home and with good snow fall in the mountains, they were able to drive up to the ski resort on three different days.

Bonnie enjoyed the down time with the family, but it didn’t last. She had a two night speaking engagement in the week between Christmas and new years and then a three night tour in New England the week after New Years. The only good part was that on the first trip Cooper was able to go too, so that was a nice break from the growing tedium of the road.

On New Years itself, Bonnie and Cooper just stayed home. Sheri and Herb sponsored a party that by all accounts became quite the bacchanal, but Bonnie had called Sherri and told her that she was just too worn out to come. Sherri was understanding for which Bonnie was grateful. So she and Cooper spent New Years relaxing in their new hot tub on the patio. By family agreement this was the big family Christmas present this year. It had been installed while they were in Tennessee and had been used every night since.

Misty on the other hand had quite the night. A night of anxiety and decisions.

She and Tommy Francis had been moving down the path to being a couple, slowly for the past six months. In December, it had moved forward after months of cat and mouse.

It had been after one of their long talks where Misty again told Tommy she lovedhim with all her heart, but he had to take her as she was, not as he wanted her to be.

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   They had been through this a dozen times but each time he’d balked at the fact she did not believe in sexual monogamy in dating or in marriage. It came as a great surprise to her when he finally said “I understand Misty and I’m not sure I can deal with it, but I want to give it a try. ”

The next night they went to the Publications Staff Christmas party as a couple. Bonnie knew that although she had many supporters in her openness, the fact was there were more detractors; not actively attacking her, but quietly disapproving and these people would, no doubt, let Tommy have a piece of their mind. She knew even among Tommy’s close friends there were those who told him to follow his heart and those who said to stay away from that Misty slut.

So she knew arriving as a couple would be big campus news. News that would forever change how people saw Tommy. This was much more of a sacrifice for him. She had demanded he accept her choices. Was it fair to ask him to do that? She wasn’t sure if fair was the right word, but she had been willing to forgo this relationship that she wanted so badly to be true to her beliefs. So perhaps the sacrifice was mutual.

The publication staff all knew of Tommy and Misty’s closeness so it did not come as any great surprise. And as these things usually go, those people who knew Misty well, even if they did not believe in free and open sex as she did, respected her commitment as one of conscience not just an excuse for being a tramp. As such it was not her friends and classmates that starred when Misty and Tommy arrived, it was their dates.

After the initial unease of being a special, Tommy relaxed and they had a nice evening.

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   Misty for her part had worn a particularly conservative outfit and was in no way provocative at the party. After the party Tommy drove her home.

The kiss at the front door was passionate. She pulled him close and could feel the erection in his slacks pressing on her abdomen. Their kissing continued and continued. She was so ready to go in and make love, and she could feel his hips rocking into her. After some time she realized he wasn’t going to ask so she moved her lips to his ear and said “Do you want to go in. ’ then kissed him on the neck before saying “I do have condoms”

She could feel his indecision she then whispered “I know it may be a shock to you, but I’m not a virgin”

That broke the tension. He began to laugh. “Really? I’m so shocked. How could you have deceived me like that?

She took his jovial answer to be a yes, and opened the door and led him inside.

The house was quiet. Her mom was out on a speaking engagement and Dad apparently was in bed. When the ascended the stairs she could hear Lamar’s video game in the game room but did not comment.

Once in her room, she shut the door (for his comfort).

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   He looked lost and unsure of what to do next. So she helped out by initiating the kissing again.

This time, before long his hand wandered up the front of her dress and cupped the mound of her breast, which was fully covered by her dress and, uncharacteristically, a fully lined bra (she only had one).

Breaking the kiss, she stepped back, and imitating what she’d seen in dozens of movies, she unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor at her feet. She felt sexy. She knew she was sexy. Slowly she reached behind her back and unhooked the bra, then let it slide down her arms.

She felt her skin tingle with anticipation. Though she had sex many times before, this was clearly different. In a word, this would be special, no just fucking but making love.

She wrapped her arms around Tommy and pressed her lips to his. She deliberately slowed the pace. Her kisses started soft, and then with a controlled restraint she let the passion grow.

His hands once again moved to her breast, but now they were bare for his hands to cup. She leaned back on his left arm which still firmly held her.

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   She arched her back pressing her chest up toward his face. He looked at the soft mounds of flesh tipped with dark erect nipples. His hand cupped her left breast and he leaned down to take the offered nipple in his lips. She let out her breath slowly feeling his soft lips caress the sensitive flesh.

When both nipples had been teased to almost painful fullness, she slipped out of his grasp down to her knees. She pressed her face to the fly of his jeans. The firm tube inside pressed on her cheek. She stoked the ridge with her hand before using both hands to undo the buckle and then the button.

For a young woman committed to sexual openness the sudden thought that she must out do all previous girls he had been with, was unwelcome. But there it was, she now felt in a competition with the other girls to be the best. To be the most amazing lover he will ever have. In her mind, she was a spectator and was directing herself. It was a competing feeling with that of love and oneness with Tommy, but as she both unzipped his pants and watched herself unzipping his pants she melded the two perspectives into a single performance; for him and for herself.

Misty took the sides of his jeans and slowly pulled them down to his thighs. The erection pressed up and out in his checked boxers.

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  Still holding his pant she leaned in and kissed the fabric. Her tongue had no problem finding the opening and touched the bare flesh through the fly. She didn’t move, just let her tongue snake it’s way up and down as far as it could move. She felt a quiver in his thighs. She was pleased.

She had to pull the waistband out and over the erection. It was beautiful. It was perfect. She knew somewhere in her mind, it was just an average dick, but to her it was perfect. She looked at with loving and longing. She let her fingers explore it from the pink head down to the bottom of the soft sack. With reverence she kissed the tip before opening her lips to receive the sacrament. She just held it in her mouth. Her lips wrapped around the base of the head. Her tongue scooping the stream of pre-cum oozing from the tip.

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She was completely wrapped in the moment: the taste, the smell, the texture and shape of Tommy’s penis in her mouth all brought her fulfillment and joy.

One hand cradled his full sack, and her experience came in to play while as she was only trying to relish in the moment, she felt his balls pull upward and knew what was coming. When the semen started to stream into her mouth she was ready and drew out all she could not loosing a drop as she swallowed his seed.

She held him in her mouth until well after the last spasm had been spent and the last drop expelled. Careful not to give too much stimulation she exerted a slight draw on the deflating penis in her mouth. As she had hoped, she prevented complete decompression of the organ and when she stood to kiss him she left him nearly hard enough to put on a condom.

And kiss him she did. He tried to apologize for his lack of control. She would have none of it. She knew he had plenty more for her tonight. Not asking if he wanted or liked to kiss after oral sex. She kissed him hard and deep. She kissed him with a soulful kiss that drew essence from his mouth as she had drawn it from his loins moments before.

When she felt his fullness again pressing on her stomach, she led him to the bed, stepping out of his pants as they went. She helped him off with his shirt and then slid her panties to the floor.

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He was completely passive, waiting for her direction. Trusting in her care. She lay him on the bed, and sat next to him. Looking down at his body “You are so good looking” she purred as her hands began to rub his chest. He was almost hairless and slim with out looking gangly. His arms and legs were well defined and as her hands explored them found his legs firm to the touch. Though she had already become familiar with his penis she again explored it with her hands before kissing him and telling him “Wait here”

She crossed the room and took a condom from her desk drawer. Opening it, and with the skill of practice rolled it down Tommy’s shaft.

“Are you ready now?” she asked.

He only nodded.

She, moving from the foot of the bed moved up and over his body until her sex was over his. Reaching behind her, she lifted his penis and guided it into her waiting body.

She thought she would jump out of her skin as his head touched her lips and began to part them. She knew she had been on longer and thicker penises but this one was Tommy’s, she had longed to feel him inside her. She eased down, focusing on the sensation, trying to catch this moment in her mind and never let it go.

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   When she had come to rest on his pelvis, being fully penetrated she looked down in his eyes.

“I love you” came the words with such meaning and passion that she could not imagine ever meaning it more for the rest of her life. For the first time she felt completely filled; body and soul. She knew this was the magic of lovemaking. Two people becoming one flesh. How could it be better she wondered.

Savoring every new sensation she rocked forward and kissed Tommy. Holding the kiss, she began ever so slowly grinding her hips.

Something deep inside her began to build. It did not come from the electric sensations radiating from her clit and vagina; rather, from deeper inside. The feeling of fullness of sprit magnified the sensations derived simply by being on him by a thousand times. It welled up inside her like a flood of emotion and sensual pleasure. Unlike anything she had ever experienced, the first wave of new sort of orgasm originated deep in her, not in her clit but inside her very soul and radiated out with unanticipated intensity. Almost in convulsions, her torso jerked and her legs gave out. She could not control her body, it just lay on Tommy’s chest and heaved and shook.


   By the time it finally stopped, she was gasping for breath and could feel the beads of sweat dripping from her forehead.

“Are you OK?” Tommy whispered as she lay panting and with a racing heart.

She tried to speak but could not so she nodded her head. She rolled off of him, and between breaths said “Just a second, that was intense. ”

As her breath came back to her, she knew the special moment was spent, that moment of spiritual unity had exploded in that near death like climax. In it’s place was left a desperate desire to fuck. The lovemaking was done for now, it was now time to fuck, to please a burning sexual desire that seemed at that moment to be of infinite depth.

Tommy for his part had remained dutifully on his back, penis erect, for how long, Misty could not tell. She said “Now I’m going to fuck you till dawn, hope you’re ready. ”

Her legs and arms were exhausted but her sexual drive gave them the will to lift her to all fours and remount Tommy. His penis easily slipped back in and she began to ride him until her legs simply would not go further. Whereupon she rolled off and said “Your turn to work for a while”

Missionary, doggy, butterfly, spoons they did it all until Tommy gave it up a second time and lay next to her sweat covered, peeling off the full condom.

She wanted more, but knew they both needed a rest.

“Lets’ go get a bite to eat down stairs” she said when she thought Tommy was about to suggest he must go home.
She could tell he was taken off guard, but pressed on.

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   Reaching to her laundry hamper she tossed him a towel. “Put that around you” come on, she grabbed herself short terrycloth robe and moved toward the door.

Downstairs she could hear Lamar still on his video game, they grabbed a couple of soft drinks and a bag of Chips Ahoy and sat down at the breakfast table.

“That was the most amazing experience!” she finally said.

He looked at her with a sense of wonder “I’ve never done anything like that either. Do you always cum like that, like you did the first time. ?”

“No, never, that was a first” she said still somewhat breathless. “The other ones were normal, not bad, actually really good, but they were what I’m used to. That first time was…. . well I’m not sure what it was. But I thought I was going to die”

He looked at her puzzled “Was it bad?”

She leaned across the table and kissed him “No. It was indescribably amazing. Calling it an orgasm is an understatement. I don’t know if it was a once in a life time freak thing, or is that what true love means, but it was….

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  . well…. Amazing. ”

A look of self-importance crossed his face.

“Don’t get a big head, it wasn’t your sexual skill that got me that first time. ”

He made a frown.

“It was my love for you that was so amazing. ” She said blowing a kiss.

“And the others? How many orgasms did you have exactly?” he asked.

“I lost count. Five, six, eight. . they came fast and kinda blended together.

“Wow” he clearly was impressed. Misty wasn’t sure if he was impressed with himself or with her.

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   “What did that?” he followed up, clearly looking for a complement.

“I love fucking, what do you think?”

“That’s all?”

“Well?” she pretended to ponder “I guess it didn’t hurt that you are so cute. ”

Footsteps coming toward the kitchen were heard. Both Misty and Tommy turned as Cooper strolled in. He must have know she had company because he wore shorts and a tee-shirt.

“So, you decided to take a break?”

She knew full well he knew what she had been doing but in a phony voice she said “What ever do you mean dear Father?”

Cooper chucked “You know what I mean. You’ve been going at it for over an hour. ” He looked a the clock on the wall “No, more like an hour and a half. ”

Tommy turned a deep crimson. Misty gave her dad a look that he understood. Cooper went to the cabinet and got a glass and filled it with water. “So how was the party?”

Misty chewed a bite of cookie and answered “OK, for that kind of party I guess. ” She took a sip of her Coke and said “but I didn’t expect it to be much, but we’re the Editors so we were expected. ”

Cooper nodded in understanding. “Not like a Euro Club event.

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“Not hardly” she scoffed.

“I guess this is the Tommy you’ve been talking about for the last year?” he dad asked.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Yes this is Tommy, he’s met mom. I forgot you’ve never met him. ”

“Well hello Tommy. I’ve heard a lot about you. ” Cooper offered his hand to the boy wearing only a towel tenuously tied around his waist.

Tommy stood up, holding the towel with one hand he took Cooper’s with the other. “Glad to meet you sir” he managed.

“Well, my little girl thinks a lot of you. Come over again. ” Cooper said before turning to leave.

“If you guys aren’t up when I leave in the morning, I’ll be home by about noon. I have to inspect a project I designed in Macon.

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“OK dad, but I don’t know if he’ll be staying the night. ”

“Either way is fine, just wanted to let you know I won’t’ be home when you do get up. ” He said before leaving with his glass of water.

Misty looked back to Tommy, he was now a sickly pale color. She took his hand “I told you my parents are OK we me and sex. ”

“I know what you said, but to walk in on us” He looked at their scanty coverings “Like this, and he knew what we’ve been doing…. ”

“And he’s cool with it. ”

“If my dad caught a guy with my sister like this, he’d be dead before he could reach the door. ”

“And you still think your parent’s values are better?”

“And after what we just did, what you just said you felt you think faithfulness is still outdated?” he countered.

Though she had indeed already considered his point she was not about to admit it. “No” she said flatly “What we had upstairs was special, but do you think it would have happened that way if I’d never had sex?”

She didn’t want to start an argument, she wanted to get back to business. She got up to put up the cookies, and made sure the tie on the robe fell lose so as to let the robe fall open.

She put up the cookies and tossed the empty Coke cans. Putting her arms around Tommy she pulled him tight against her bare chest. “I know we are in love and that I want to go back upstairs and I want you to fuck me again and again.

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   I think that is all that matters tonight. ”

They began to kiss. She felt the towel at his waist. She pulled hard and said “or we can start right here. ”

He tried to catch the towel but it fell to the ground.

They indeed did start there, moved to the living room and on the stairs and in the hall outside her room and only after a tour of the house they made it to her room. She knew it was not smart but she didn’t want to break the moment and the idea of his bare penis in her was so good. She didn’t even try to get one until they had made it to her room. She figured that was why her mom insisted on the pill as well as condoms.

In his room, Cooper could hear them in the kitchen, and though the glass bedroom door he could not help but see the dark figure of his girl bent over the couch as her boyfriend worked her over from behind. He looked away several times in the few minutes they where in the family room, but each time he was drawn back to the spectacle. He was glad it was too dark to see much more than shapes, but a part of him, a part he wanted to quell, wanted to see more.

When they had moved out of his view he felt confused and a bit sickened by his inability to turn away completely. He decided not to tell Bonnie about this particular thing.

Due to the Campbell’s trip to Tennessee and a trip to visit Tommy took Amherst College with his parents just after Christmas that was the only time she and Tommy had been together until he returned on New Years Eve.

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He came over to the house in the late morning. Misty met him at the door with a very extended kiss. Bonnie invited him to go out to lunch at Nino’s, a local Italian restaurant. “Or would you and Misty like to stay here and play while we go out. ”

Of course Misty had told her mom every detail of the long night she had spent with Tommy. Her mom had assured her that that kind of emotional charged orgasm is not a once in a lifetime event, but it is not routine either. And Misty had told Tommy she had told her mom everything, so when Bonnie asked if Tommy and Misty wanted to “play” it was no even a thinly veiled way to ask if they wanted to stay at the house and have sex while they went out to eat.

If Bonnie had asked Misty that question, she would most certainly have said she wanted to say and have sex. But Tommy was not nearly as comfortable with this kind of openness opted to go to lunch with the family.

“Good” Bonnie said as they headed out the door “There will be plenty of time to play when we get back”

Misty smacked her mother on the arm for that remark. It’s not that her mom wasn’t’ right, in fact she knew she was right. It was just she didn’t like her mom picking at Tommy and was afraid what she might say at dinner.

Bonnie got the message and was very well behaved at the restaurant. Only after they got home did she break the truce by asking “How are you set for condoms?” as Misty and Tommy exited the car.

Misty glared at her mother.

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“What?” Bonnie asked “I just wanted to know if you need any from the basket in the game room before you guys get into it. ”

Misty wasn’t’ sure if her mom was just being smart or did she really want to know. After all last time she and Tommy did it she had gone with out a condom for way too long. “I have condoms, I got some from the basket before he came over this morning. All right!”

“OK, you two have fun. ” Bonnie enjoined as they headed up the stairs.

Shutting the door Misty fumed “I’m sorry my mom is giving you a hard time. ”

“She’s not bothering me. After your dad walked in on us, nothing will rattle me again. And besides. I’ve been thinking a lot over the past weeks. I’m not saying I agree with your stand on sex, but I see the whole openness thing does have merit. I know I said last year your parents are sick for letting you do it in the house, but I was wrong. It was just such a new idea. Now I see how it works, and how well your family gets along with it, I don’t know what I believe now, but I am seeing more of your point”

Misty thought through what he said.

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   “Well, we are not perfect. Mom and I have had our share of fights and Lamar drives me crazy. ”

“I didn’t say you guys were some perfect TV family, I just said I see how taking away all the crazy secretiveness out of sex stuff seems to make you all more open to talk to each other in general. At my house my older sister moved out because she felt so stifled at home. Now looking back I see the real issue was she and her boyfriend, and sex. In my case I know I have to deceive my parents about what I do and I even think they know I do. It’s like the game they all play so as not to talk about the truth. It sucks”

As he was talking Misty was removing her clothes and she didn’t put them back on until they had used two condoms, taken a nap and used a third. It was a great welcome home, but she was a bit disappointed that she didn’t have the same experience she had the first time.

Bonnie met them in the family room when Misty and Tommy came down. Misty beat her to the punch and said “We had a really good time Mom, but I will need some more condoms before the party tonight. Can I have the ones in the game room or will you be taking them for your party at Sherri’s. ”

Unphased Bonnie said, “No you can take the ones in the game room. Your dad and I are staying home tonight. The gang will have to party without us this New Years.

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Now actually curious Misty asked “Why, I thought you were looking forward to it?”

“I was but I am just so tired, it’s been a long week and if I went I wouldn’t be any fun. So we’re just going to sit home. ”

“I’m sorry, but I understand. ” Misty said with real empathy for her mom.

“What are your plans for the night?” Bonnie asked her daughter.

“Tommy is going home now but will be back to pick me up at 9:00. We are going to Caitlin’s house. I figure we’ll be there until about 1:00 and then we’ll come home. ”

“Will you be staying with us tonight Tommy? You know your always welcome. ”

“No, Thanks Ms. Campbell but I I have to be home by 1:30. Thank you for the invite but last time I came over I was lucky they had gone to sleep. If they knew when I got home I’d be grounded and they would probably make me take a chaperone with me tonight. ”

“I understand. ” The mother said, “But I wasn’t kidding about the condoms, I know Caitlin, and so I know you two will likely need several.



Tommy now looked a bit uncomfortable but made a brave show of it “So Misty has told me. I think she has about a dozen in her purse. ” Then in a leap of personal courage he added “I may be able to go a long time, but I don’t need a dozen”

Misty, in order to tell him was taking the right track with her mother, slapped him on the rear. In her mind though, were other concerns. Concerns about what was going to happen at the party and how would Tommy react.

Bonnie also saw that comment for the step it was for Tommy went on with out comment “OK then. I probably won’t be up when you get home. Have fun. ”

After Tommy had left, Misty began to worry. She even considered faking sick. She was so happy with Tommy. She loved him. Her first love and he had accepted her for who she was. That meant something. Would she risk all that just to make a show of enjoying sex with other people?

She called Keli.

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   “I just don’t know what to do?”

“I can’t tell you that. ” Keli answered. “I don’t know what is right for you?Isn’t that what you taught me, I should do what I believe is right for me, not what other people think I should do. ”

“So, I should ignore what the crew expect me to do, and just do it with Tommy?”

“I didn’t say that, but I’m not disagreeing. You’ve always said to ask yourself whether you will be proud of the decision you make tomorrow and ten years from now. So just do what you will wish you had done. ”

In the shower later Misty thought about what Keli had said, or rather thought about the advice she had so freely handed out to others. So, she wondered what was the right course: do what the Euro Clubers thought she should do or do what Tommy was hoping she would do?

She stood in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom. Looking at her naked reflection. She then realized she was asking the wrong question. The question should be different. It was not what did her friends or her boyfriend want, or expect her to do. To her reflection she posed the question “What is true to Misty? What will be true to who I am, as a person?”

She now had the right question but for an answer, she would have to wait for tonight.

As planned Tommy was back at 9:00. She was ready.

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   As she had dressed conservatively for the Publications Staff party earlier, so she wanted to dress sexy chic for this party but it was a typical December night in Georgia. The temperature was in the low 50’s and still a bit humid. She knew Caitlin’s place was not big so the party would be as much outside as in, so she dressed for that in mind. A pair of jeans, was a better choice than a miniskirt which would freeze her ass off. How sexy would chattering teeth be?

So out she went in a pair of low-rise jeans, and her mother’s burgundy leather jacket, with nothing on under it. Outside she kept it buttoned but she knew she’d be plenty warm inside, so she’d just unbutton it as needed. Due to the weight of the leather it did not expose her nipples even moving around, but no one would miss she was bare underneath. Perfect. That was Misty: proactive, in control.

Nearly the whole crew were there with dates and Misty had been right, the party was mostly outside. Caitlin’s place was typical of rural Georgia, actually much more typical than the clapboard house with a screen porch of popular lore; on a tract of land inherited from her grandfather, sat a white doublewide. It sat all by itself at the end of a long washed out drive. Caitlin’s mom owned the trailer that she shared with her long term boyfriend.

In the field of scrub beside the trailer an awning had been erected and underneath was a well lit table of food and drinks. A mismatched assembly of lawn chairs and benches and even a few stumps surrounded a fire pit.

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   The bonfire was set, but not yet burning.

Misty had know Caitlin since grade school. She could remember two other “step-dads” Caitlin had spoken of over the years. Misty had been here many times over the years and Caitlin’s mom liked Misty. Looking back she now could see that some of her school mates over the years had shunned Caitlin because she was not from “town”, which was code for being poor and/or red neck. But what may have been her fatal problem with such people was that she was also smart. Once her mom had told her that one thing most people hate is a person that doesn’t fit neatly into their prejudices. Caitlin was the nearest thing she had to a sister. Though there had been a couple of years where she pulled away, she and Caitlin had a long history.

Misty made the rounds and talked to all her friends, it was the first time the whole crew had been together for anything like a party since late summer. Tommy wasn’t the only new boyfriend to the group and it didn’t appear that Tommy knew any of them well.

The fire was lit and, none to soon, for leather jacket or no, Misty was getting cold. Someone put on some tunes Misty was the first to start dancing. Unsurprisingly only the girls joined her but that was no matter, she and her best friends were having fun.

As they danced the other girls began tossing their sweaters or jackets aside.

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   As it turned out Misty wasn’t the only one who wore no underwear under her outer wear. When Rebecca tossed her cable knit sweater to Samuel, her boobs were on display and Misty’s coat was already on it’s way off when she saw what Rebecca was doing. Thus began, in true Euro Club fashion a slow, but steady removal of clothing by the dancers until by mid-night all the girls were topless.

Misty kept an eye on Tommy. She was pretty sure that initially on one hand he was enjoying watching the group of topless girls dance, but on the other hand, was uncomfortable that his girlfriend was one of them. But as the dancing wore on and a couple her friends pulled him over to bump and grind with them, his attitude was lightening up.

The break in the dancing for New Years celebration quickly let to the sweaty bodies getting chilled and the party breaking up a little earlier than anticipated.

It worked out for Misty. She didn’t have to make a choice; to her, dancing topless in front of the guys was not even a point of concern, though she knew that it was another leap for Tommy. But, she reasoned, it wasn’t much of a leap for even him as every guy in school had seen naked photos of her.

And besides the fact she didn’t get put on the spot about monogamy, by leaving early she and Tommy had time for the hot tub and condom number four for the day.