In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Twenty-Four

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com


Cooper doodled on his legal pad. The December FFF board meeting had been going on for two hours now and the discussion of tedious details of accounting and organization had worn him out. Amy’s glowing report had pleased him greatly. When she pointed Bonnie’s job that had morphed into one primarily focused on traveling and speaking at various locations on the FFF,Cooper was roused out of his lethargy. Though he had missed her as she had been gone every weekend since mid-October; he knew that not only was she doing a great job for the organization, she was clearly loving her role as the representative of the FFF.

“Since our last meeting” Amy said “Bonnie has presented to a total of 12 different groups to a total of 422 people, generating nearly one hundred new memberships and $13,543 in donations and membership dues. More importantly I have received literally dozens of compliments of her work and most importantly she is now booked to speak for us in eight states during the first quarter of the new year. ”

He was not surprised when she proposed to re-title Bonnie’s position as “FFF “Public Relations Liaison” and hire Trisha to do the administrative work that was not getting done while Bonnie had been traveling most of her working days over the last month. This change was also do to the fact that Amy was working on over a year of back-log of paintings that had been commissioned and was only going to be working part-time for the FFF for a while. Amy had run the idea past him the week before and so he was prepared for the motion and had already told Amy he would reuse himself from the board’s meeting for this discussion.

“Cooper” Amy said “Do you have anything to add on this before you step out so we can discuss this?”

“I can say that I went to a meeting in Atlanta where she spoke two weeks ago. Though I trust none of you to tell her I said so, I was impressed by her performance. I didn’t know she would be as dynamic and persuasive as she was. In fact I was blown away, I really didn’t know that was in her. ” Cooper smiled “Of course I told her I knew she could do it all along, but I really didn’t.

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The group laughed.

Amy added “And the Power Point presentation that Cooper and Emma (Dr. Emma Sands of University of South Carolina) put together has proved an excellent tool to assist in these presentations. I want to thank both of you for your good work on that project. ”

This motion had been intentionally saved as the last bit of business, so with that Cooper waved good by to all, and exited the room and headed to his car. It was a foregone conclusion that she would get the position, the big question was on pay. Since leaving his job at the architecture firm and shifting his free time from seeking private architecture projects to the FFF their income has dropped dramatically. He knew Amy was proposing a salary based, not on the money she had raised to date, but on what she would likely raise next year, which was several times greater.

As he drove down the dark highway a pang of jealousy surprised him. Bonnie, had always been in the background, supporting him in his career and even at church, but now with the FFF, she was the one up front and he was the one working quietly in the shadows. He knew such a feeling was not right and that he had seen first hand how effective she was with the message of the FFF. Hard as it was to admit, he would not have been as effective in bringing the listeners along, not just to agree with what was being said, but to be willing to act on it. He was, he knew, the academic and she was, and had always been, the social person. So he would have to be content helping her from his study while she became the face and voice of the FFF.

Face, voice and body; he mused.

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   The new visuals that went with her presentation concluded with several photos of Bonnie. The hundred or so images used in the entire presentation had been drawn from many sources; historical photos, ancient rock carvings to Egyptian tomb paintings, art by great masters, and a number of photos from the amazing Kinsey Collection (via Dr. Sands who had earned her Ph. D. from the Kinsey Institute).

Though the images would no doubt be shocking to some audiences, it had been carefully put together to represent the ebb and flow of history’s approach to public sexuality. It showed how in America’s cultural melting pot there have been many competing interest; however, sexual expression has been of the few areas that have resisted nearly all attempts to be freed from the strangle hold of the New England Puritan founders. The central point being that despite the many cultural inputs, sex has been singled out as the one area in which freedom and diversity of thought and expression has not been allowed.

Cooper had seen Bonnie’s upbeat and positive take on the topic had kept the audience spellbound and her sincerity was simply reinforced when an image taken last month in Jim Peterson’s studio filled the screen. It was a beautiful nude portrait of Bonnie. As she continued her conclusion a furtherhighly artistic black and white image from that day in the studio (of she and Cooper making love) was shown. Then another; of Bonnie and Trisha passionately kissing in the nude remained longer as she asks “Why should images of kindness and sharing be seen as pornographic when images of hate and violence (photos of a KKK lynching, a NAZI death camp and a terrorist bombing then crossed the screen) are commonplace and found in school children’s text books. The final photo is brought up; another stylish black and white of Bonnie riding a good looking young friend of Amy’s named Steve. They photo captured her pleasure as she was apparently in the throws of orgasm. The photo remained on the screen as Bonnie concluded “We at the Final Freedom Foundation, believe it will take courage and conviction of just one generation to bring the joys and passions or human sexual pleasure out of the shadows and into the light of day”.

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  The photo morphed from the shadowy studio black and white to a brilliant color photo of the same moment of climax now set in a sun-drenched meadow, the frame progressively backs up until Bonnie is just a small part of a busy public park filled with people. Cooper knew the photo had been shot in the studio, but Jim’s digital placement in the park was seamless and an impressive effect.

Bonnie’s voice rose and she motioned to the photo on the screen “Let us forever liberate future generations from this last oppression. Stand with us, join with us as we fight for this last human freedom. Don’t stand on the side lines, don’t think someone else will stand in your place. I ask you today to sign up and become a member of the FFF. ”

With that the picture was replaced by the FFF logo and web address and Bonnie handed out FFF membership brochures.
She had done an impressive job the night Cooper had seen her speak to a Libertarian group in Atlanta. He could tell that a few people had been offended but most heard and seemingly took to heart the message she was presenting. Of the thirty some odd people present she had collected nearly a dozen membership forms. Pretty good work for a hour on a rainy Tuesday night in November.

Driving home after the board meeting, the night was moonless and he was on alert for deer to spring out from the woods that lined the lonely state highway. Only the occasional car coming his way broke the monotony of the hour drive though rural Georgia that was his daily commute. He didn’t mind though, it was a pretty drive and very relaxing.

His decision to leave the business world for the academic world was most definitely a good one.

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   Though he had a great deal to do in preparing his lectures for all his classes, it was far less stressful than he had become accustomed to in what he now viewed as his previous life. His schedule was flexible as the only real times he had to be on time were to the few classes he taught, the weekly faculty meeting and his weekly meeting with his graduate assistants. Best of all, he thoroughly enjoyed teaching. Bonnie might be the face of the FFF but he certainly got his ego stroked by standing in front of over a hundred students a week passing on his knowledge and wisdom.

Most amazingly to him,he would have a full month off between fall and spring semesters. His last class would be Friday and all he had to do between then and mid-January was to grade about 50 architecture projects (his GA’s would grade the objective tests and average the grades for him), and prepare for his 3 spring classes. He chuckled to himself, maybe he would not be quite as free and easy as all that.

Like he did from time to time he pondered whether all the changes in their lifestyle would work out for him and his family. In October he had the embarrassing task of telling his son it was not OK to masturbate in the presence of an unwilling partner, in this case his best friend’s mother, Trisha. The next week he comes home to find his son in the family room, jacking off while looking at a DVD of his sister and her friends at the nude beach. Though he was more than a little uncomfortable at this he felt the most he could do was to asked if his sister had given permission to use her photos in that way. When he said she didn’t mind he asked Lamar to take it to his bed room, or the game room.

He had been uncomfortable a lot since summer when first little (or not so little) Sarah Kelly first started prancing around his house in the nude, followed by Bonnie, Lamar, and Misty.

All of this was still taking Cooper some effort to treat as normal.

He was also having to get used to Bonnie coming home from speaking engagements with tales of the different men and women with whom she had had sex while she was gone.

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   Though it did inevitably turn him on for her to describe what she had done while they played, part of him resented the fact she was having so much sex without him.

Now it wasn’t that he wasn’t getting all the sex he could want, he and Bonnie were doing it more often than they had in the years before they began opening their sex to other people. On top of that he and Trisha had spent the night several times in the last few months, but he did not feel particularly deprived. Well, maybe a little.

That Friday night, while Bonnie was in Wisconsin on a speaking engagement, he had been invited to dinner at Herb and Sherry’s he’d been expecting (or at least hoping)it to be dinner and sex with the two of them. He had never been to Herb’s place, though it was one of the county’s landmark homes. It had been in his family since it was built in the late 1860’s, or more properly had been rebuilt in 1868, as the original had been burned by Sherman’s troops. He drove up between the rows of huge oaks bedecked with Spanish moss and parked on the circular brick drive.

Sherry greeted him at the door, she was dressed to the nine’s with a red silk evening dress that was sexy but not obvious, He was surprised when she ushered him into the formal sitting room to find several others were there too. Steven Black was sitting on a love seat with an attractive blond and Magnolia LeCroix sat regally in an antique overstuffed chair.

He knew Steven from the banking business. He had owned a very successful local bank chain until he was bought out by Wachovia for a small (or mid-sized) fortune about a dozen years ago. More surprising he knew he had been very involved in the political Christian conservative movement and the local Republican party. Mr. Black rose and Cooper took his hand “Steve, nice to see you, I’d thought you had dropped off the face of the earth.

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  ” Cooper had taken his hand trying to remember why he hadn’t seen or heard from Steven for something like seven or eight years. He’d suddenly resigned from Rotary and his name had ceased to come up in the local paper in issues important to the Christian right.

“I’ve just been enjoying my retirement quietly, spending a lot of time out on my boat. ” He said quietly, and as if to change the subject he introduced his companion “Cooper, this is Jennifer, she’s very special to me. ” She was strikingly attractive, perhaps mid-thirties, fit and buxom with shoulder length sandy blond hair. Her smile could stop a train and if she had been introduced as his wife, she would have been called the classic trophy wife for this bald man in his late fifties. He well kept, even handsome, but still old enough to be her father. This pairing of a well know Christian conservative (who Cooper remembered as being married) and this trophy “companion” was certainly peculiar.

Sherry then began to introduce Magnolia , but there was no one in the county that did not know Ms. LeCroix . She was niece to the old bitty Margo (who of course was a close ally of Steven’s in his Christian-right political work), but She not Margo had inherited the bulk of the family land and fortune when her father (Margo’s brother) had passed away leaving Magnolia his sole surviving child. She had a brother but he had died in a hunting accident before Cooper had been born. Magnolia was about five years older than Copper and she had been in the wet-dreams of every boy in his high school. She had been first runner-up in the Miss Georgia contest in 1978 and home coming queen at University of Georgia in 1980. It was two months later the community was shocked when her topless photo appeared in Playboy’s “Girls of the Southeastern Conference” photo spread.

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   She had her photo in the same pornographic magazine that her aunt was crusading to have banned from stores.

This blatant violation of southern propriety by the very person who had been the pride of this rural county caused a rift not only in the family but in the community. Being the pride, joy and only surviving child of her father (who also happened to be the chairman of the local Democratic party), she made her father have to choose between his child and the conventional morality of the time. He chose the former but not with out repercussions, This final defiance of the newly empowered “Moral Majority” by the Democratic Chairman was the straw that broke the century long single party control of local politics. Though all these events were a generation ago, in a rural community memories are long.

Beyond this general knowledge and the fact that after living in California through the 80’s she had moved back home to care for her father as he struggled and died of lung cancer. A sacrifice that did not go unnoticed by the local society women, and now she was once again, at least partially, accepted into her social role as the wealthiest woman in the county.

If he hadn’t know she was 50ish, Cooper would never have guessed her to be over 40 (if even that old). She was still strikingly beautiful and Cooper’s mind rushed back to the hours he spent as a teenager fantasizing and masturbating about this same woman who had gone to his high school. Wearing a low cut red dress those, oh so famous, breasts were on display for his gaze. And amazingly her bubbly personality outshone even her beauty as she proved to be articulate and winsome.

After some of the usual dinner talk, football, the weather the latest movies etc, Magnolia looked over at Cooper and said “Sherry has told me a lot about your non-profit, and I have read some of your work. It’s very provocative. ”

Cooper smiled “Provocative?”

“Yes, it gets people thinking and talking. ” She answered his half question.

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“Is that good?”

“I think so, isn’t it your group’s whole point, to bring sex out of the closet and into the public area?”

“Yes, it is. ” Cooper felt, uncharacteristically, like he was grasping for words. He wasn’t sure why. In order to give him time to get his thoughts together he asked. “So how do you know Herb and Sherry?”

She flashed her beautiful teeth “Oh, I’ve known Sherry since I lived in California. Her ex-husband and my boyfriend worked together. ” Then she looked over at Sherry, that was a long time ago…. . it seems like a different life. ”

Sherry continued her thought “Maggie was doing modeling and some walk-on’s for TV shows and movies. ”

Steven’s girlfriend perked up “Oh, which ones?”

“Mostly I was a bikini extra. Love Boat, Riptide, Knots Landing, and I was in most of the first two seasons of Bay Watch. The truth is I was a big fish in a little pond here in Georgia, but when I moved to the big pond, I was a very small fish indeed. And besides I’m just not a very good actor, so mostly I just wore little bikini’s and laid or walked on the beach while the actors did their lines. I never had more than 4 lines in any episode, and in most didn’t have any

Sherry added “You did do a couple of movies though”

Magnolia or Maggie as she asked to be called laughed “That wasn’t exactly acting.

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   “I was a sacrificial virgin in a movie called Blood Tide where all I did was say a few corny lines and look scared while my gown falls off. The truth is I only got that part because the assistant director was at a pool party where I decided I didn’t need to wear my bikini top. He liked my tits when he heard I’d been in Playboy he told me to show up the next week for my first acting job. I thought I was on my way. He got me a second job in another equally forgettable film called Bikini Bash where again my only real task was to show off my boobs.

When the he asked me to do a third film, this one where I would pretend to have sex before I got knifed, I passed because I was sure I would soon get “legitimate” parts but the only follow-up offers were all essentially soft-core porn I turned them down. I really thought I was on my way to stardom, if I’d known that I wouldn’t have gotten any other jobs I would have taken them all. ”

She looked over at Sherry “God knows I wasn’t any blushing virgin, was I?”

“No, we were all pretty wild. ” Sherry agreed and added “I’ve told Cooper a few of my tales. ”

“Few is right too. It would take a month to tell all the ones I know” Magnolia agreed “So I did TVspots until I was to the ripe old age of 30, and by that time I was over the hill for a would-be starlet. I may not have become a star, but looking back it was a great time and besides I still get residuals checks every month from those days. ” Cooper took it all in and was very impressed. Of course he knew about Bikini Bash, he and his friends has seen it a hundred times, until the video tape had worn out at the spot where she was shown topless for 18 seconds of heaven for he and his friends. He thought it impolite to tell her he had jacked off many-a-night thinking of her.

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Maggie leaned over to Sherry and whispered something. Sherry answer “No, I’ve told Herb and Cooper a lot, and besides, being open is why we all got together. ”

“Well, OK. ” Maggie said as she leaned forward. “Now it’s hard to believe it, but when I was just getting into the LA party scene Sherry here was already seen as an older woman” Looking over at Sherry she said “and you are what? Seven or Eight years older than me?” Not waiting for an answer she continued “But when for those of us who got to LA in the late 70’s, those hose people who had been there for the hippie years were seen as ancient. ” She paused “Damn, I never imagined people in there 40’s having sex, that seemed so old. ”

“Well,” Magnolia continued” I guess I’d been in LA like for two weeks. I had not gotten a single audition or even gotten an agent to represent me and I was feeling I’d burned my bridges back home and now was in a world I simple was not prepared to handle. Going from the campus celeb to being just one of thousands of girls who wanted that big break into the movies was very painful. I was totally alone. Though I’d been to hundreds of parties in college, I had just turned 21 so I’d really not even done clubbing until then, so I didn’t know what to do. To make matters worse, Tommy Smithson, my long time boyfriend and I broke up over my move to California, so I would have been down even if I had gotten a job right off. ”

“It was summer so I went, by myself, out to Venice Beach. I’d been too busy, then to depressed to go until the third week I was there. To be honest I must admit, I looked good, real good, in a bikini.


   Even by Venice Beach standards I was a standout”

Sherry cut in “I’ll vouch for that, she was the hottest thing on the beach…. . except for some of those body builders” she added with a laugh.

“Well thanks Sherry, but I don’t know about being the hottest, but It didn’t take long for me to be invited to join a group of girls and guys throwing a Frisbee. I was awful but a girl named Bridget asked if I wanted to join she and her boyfriend at a party that night. I almost didn’t go but she seemed to understand how lost I was, as she had only moved to LA from St. Louis a few months before. I really needed to get out so I agreed. Latter they picked me up at my little apartment and took me to the biggest house I’d ever seen. Here in Georgia, no matter how rich you are you don’t show off your money like they do in LA. And on top of that it was the first time I’d been where there were people from TV and the movies just hanging out. That night I met Tina Louise, Karen Valentine, Henry Winkler and three or four people I recognized from TV and movies but they weren’t really stars. One was a guy named Jeff Maxwell, he played the cook on MASH. I was so flattered that he took an interest in me, he had me half undressed before I realized I was going to have sex with him. It was the first time I’d had sex with a guy before I had a serious relationship.

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   In fact, he was only the 4th guy I’d had sex with in my life. ”

“Even though I’d been in Playboy, I was still pretty conservative. All three of the guys I’d been to bed with I’d dated for over a year and was very, very faithful to my guys. But that changed that night, and it wasn’t the fact that he was a great a lover, though he was better than Tommy by a long shot. It was that it was sex just for the fun of it, and it wasn’t like it was the climax of the evening, as sex always had been. Though there were a lot of people there, the place didn’t seem crowed. Bridget introduced me to Jeff not long after we arrived, he and I talked maybe a half an hour standing near the buffet table. He had told me how good I looked several times before reaching over and half-undid the knot that held my halter top closed and saying that we need to get off our feet. Looking back I’m not sure what I thought, I followed him across the house and into a side room. ”
“I guess it was some sort of home office or study. He lifts me up and sits me on the desk and begins to kiss me. He wasted no time finishing untying my halter and cupping my boobs in both hands. I was totally into it. It was like one of my erotic fantasy’s were coming to life. As it was happening part of me was the participant and part of me was a spectator, like I was reading it all in a romance novel.

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   From my pageant experiences I had long practice in drawing from the event in which I fond myself, the passion for my performance. I could, and at that moment did, become what I expected should be. So when he slid my jeans and panties to the ground I wasn’t the girl from a small Georgia town, but rather the passionate heroin from a Danielle Steele novel. ”
“It’s been over twenty five years and far more lovers since then but I still can get myself off remembering that moment. Sitting on the edge of the desk, looking down, past my exposed breast to see the top of his head as he gave me the best head I’d had in my life”

Sherry objected “The best?”

“Well, the best I’d had till then. ” Maggie corrected.

Cooper guessed Sherry thought should be counted as giving the best head she’d ever had.

“It went on and on. I had climaxed at least twice when I heard laughing in the hallway. Half in a haze, I looked over my shoulder, to see the door to the room was wide open. Now it might seem that since I had posed topless for Playboy it would not be a big deal to be seen nude, but for me that was not the case. I was far more modest than people would have known and if the Playboy photographer had not been a woman I doubt I would have had the nerve to do the photos. I didn’t even contact Playboy, one of my sorority sisters had send a photo to them of me in a bikini, that’s how they came to ask me to come pose for them. Even still I wouldn’t have even gone to the appointment if I hadn’t been mad at my mom. Before that party, the only people who had seen me naked since I was a child was my doctor and my 3 ex-boyfriends.

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   For a second a panic began to cloud up the bliss I felt. Again my ten years of performing in pageants went to work. Instinctively I went back to the spectator mode, becoming not the participant but one who is enjoying the performance. I saw a beautiful and confident young woman, boldly disregarding public conventions, embracing her passion with out shame or fear. In seeing that image a new wave of arousal overtook me and I began to climax again. Though my eyes could see the people looking in the door as they past in the hall way, my mind was else where, and my body was thrusting hard into his mouth. ”
“When finally he got up from between my legs I was spent but more than ready to have him in me. I can still feel him pressing up into me. It was like at that moment I was not just taking him in my body but I was taking in all the dreams and fantasy’s I’d had about moving to California. I don’t know how long he did me. I know it was for a good long time, and when he did cum I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him in as deep as I could. It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life. I never met him again and even at that moment I knew that anything else with him would be a let down, so with one deep kiss we were done. ”

“I dressed and went back to the party. I knew at least a few people had seen me and even if they hadn’t my face was flushed and my hair wet with sweat.

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   When I found Bridget by the pool she was all smiles and made some comment about how she was glad I was having a good time. For a moment I reverted to the old me and pretended not to know what she meant, but when she, right in front of three or four people I hadn’t met, asked me straight up was it as good as it looked from the hallway, I knew it was time to ether embrace this new me or run. With a air of confidence I didn’t have I bravely told the group it was the best fuck I’d had in weeks. Which of course was true, but I wasn’t going to let on my first party was the first party fuck I’d ever had. From that moment I was a player and all I had to do was live up the instant reputation I got with the LA party set. The fact I could be counted on to never bring a top to swim parties and wear the sexist little things to clubs got me invited to all the right parties. It was at one of those parties I did get my first movie part. ”

“And got you invited to one of my parties. ” Sherry continued “She thought she’d seen it all. With the Hollywood set you got topless at the pool and maybe fucked in a side room, but at my parties the fucking was right out front and there was a hell of a lot more of it. ”

Maggie leaned back and said, “Yea, I’d been in LA for about a year when this guy I was seeing on and off took me for a weekend trip up to San Francisco. Damn, if once again I didn’t have to step up to a whole new level of kink. Not only was the sex in public at Sherry’s party, it was like everybody doing everyone. That first night I saw more people fucking than I had all year in LA. What’s more, back in the early 80’s Sapphic sex was not chic like it is today.

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   Even among the self-professed libertines of LA, it was uncommon. But that night it seems that I was the odd duck in that I had never done a woman. ”

Sherry “So I rescued her from all that”

Maggie leaned over to Sherry and gave her a kiss on the lips, then a second and then a prolonged open mouthed kiss.

Cooper, knowing Steven Black was just across the table, became uncomfortable. It was one thing to talk of sexual things decades old, but French kiss Maggie in front of someone like him, was a bit much for even Sherry.

Breaking off the kiss Sherry said “So through marriages, divorces and two decades of life, she has been my nearest friend. And now she wants to help the FFF. She should make a good representative. ”

Cooper was taken aback, this get together was an FFF fund raiser. He should have known that Sherry was not just having a social event. It took him a moment to get his thoughts together before he said “Great, I’ll tell Bonnie when she gets to town and we’ll work out something. ”

“I’m looking forward to it. ”

Sherry looked over to Steven who had been listening intently. “Steven, Herb hasn’t told me much more than he thinks you would be an asset to the FFF’s cause. He told me you used to be quite active in politics.

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Steven began in a strong low voice “Yes, I was, for many years. ”

“And why have you all but disappeared?”

The well-dressed man sat in thought for a moment “Well, I decided it’s time I came in from the cold. ”

Herb looked at his old friend. “Yea, I think it is. You have too much talent to let it go unused. ”

“Once more into the breach?” Steven said more to himself than to the others.

“Except we are now the barbarians at the gates, not the embattled defenders” Herb quipped.

“I guess so, I guess so. ”

Sherry, clearly not liking to be left out of a coded conversation interrupted “What are you to talking about?”

Herb answered “It’s just we are two old warriors who have found a new cause for which to fight. I haven’t told anyone out of concern for his privacy, but Steven and I have been talking for a couple of years now. It was Steven and the changes in his life that prompted my interest in your wild past Sherry, and when the first time we went to Cooper and Bonne’s it was as much my coming out as was yours. ”

“I’m sorry” she said “I’m not following. ”

Herb answered, “Steven, why don’t you tell them about your transformation first, then I think she’ll understand. ”

Steven cleared his throat “Sherry, your new to this area, so you probably don’t know I was very active in Christian right-wing politics. I personally led the crusade against everything you stand for.

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“Oh” Sherry said with surprise.

“Now, I wasn’t some hate monger. I really believed that any expression of sex outside a married couples bedroom was not only sinful, but detrimental to the participants. I fought against pornography, homosexuality, premarital sex, extramarital sex, solo sex, sexual thoughts and so on because I was trying to help people like you. ”
Sherry shook her head.

“I really did believe it. ” He said earnestly, “Why did I believe it? Well, I was taught that that, and just never questioned the teaching. Much like we were taught that racial segregation was for the benefit of both blacks and whites. I’ll leave it to Cooper and his friends to explain how we as a society came to believe these things but I will say that I was sincere in my belief I was helping both my part of society and those who where in your part of society Sherry. ”

He looked at her clearly trying to get some sort of answer. She gave none so he continued. “That was how I lived my life for my entire adult life, until circumstances made me look closely at what I believed and why. ”

“What happened” Sherry asked quietly.

He began slowly “Oddly enough I guess it was Maggie who really was the first to shake up my world. ”

“Me?” Maggie gasped and said in a somewhat irritated voice.

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  “What did I do?”

“Not as much you and your picture in Playboy, but your Aunt Margo’s response. You see Miss Margo was, even then, the voice of Christian morality. When your photo came out, she was livid. She and I were both on the county steering committee for the Moral Majority. Someone dared ask about the photo in our monthly meeting and from her mouth came the most vicious attacks not only on you, but on your father who has been a friend of mine for decades. She effectively disowned your father, and made it clear that anyone who failed to condemn you, and your father, were outcasts. ”

He looked to Sherry and said “Sherry, you probably don’t know Margo because she hasn’t been active in politics in the past few years but in her heyday she was quite a woman. She’s Maggie’s father’s older sister. She never married but devoted her life to, as she would say, improving the moral climate of our community. Long before there was a Moral Majority, she was the scourge of those who supported those things she deemed evil. Though she spoke out on drinking and gambling, her real life’s work was stamping out all things erotic. She wrote extensively in Christian publications on moral purity and the sanctity of celibacy. So it was a personal attack on her that her brother’s daughter, carrier of the LeCroix name should appear in what she would call a magazine of degenerate trash. ”

“Well over the next few years, Mac (Maggie’s father) and I began to privately reexamine our beliefs. And when your mother passed away he began to travel, and I’m sure I’m not out of line by telling you he was not celibate for that decade between when your mother passed and when he did.

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  We talked about it because while he was a widower, I was expected to be just as celibate. Not that I didn’t have a living wife, but when my children’s mother unilaterally decided that sex was just not for her, I was given the choice of lifelong celibacy or immorality. ”

“It was during the sale of my bank that I lost all faith in my church community. I had some staffers doing some research on the early years of the bank from just after the depression through the 1950’s. Well, one of my people found a whole series of unexplained transfers of stock to Miss Margo from Mr. Jeddah Smith, the man who had founded the bank. No one seemed to understand why over a period of almost 20 years stock had been given to Miss Margo. Since she and I were on good terms I called her and but she said her father had bought the shares for her, yet there was no record of such a sale. I sent one of my staffers to talk to Miss Annabel Coughlin, who by then, was nearly one hundred. She had been Mr. Smith’s secretary for fourty-two years. She told my staffer that Miss Margo had been Mr. Smith’s mistress from the late 30’s at least until I bought the bank. ”

Cooper was taken aback, but he could tell that it was Maggie who was most shocked and then angered. Bonnie had told Cooper several times that Miss Margo had not been the pure and innocent she had pretended to be, but he was not going to believe the ladies gossip, but this was different.

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“That fuck’n bitch” Maggie muttered several times before loudly saying “She put my dad through hell for supporting me and all the while she was Mr. Smith’s little whore!”

“Exactly. I told your dad, but it turns out he knew all along. Evidently, it was no big secret; it was just in her social circles you didn’t air those sorts of things out. He knew she was a hypocrite and let her publicly humiliate him till the day he died, but he wouldn’t expose her. That was just the sort of man he was. ”

It was clear Maggie was dumbfounded.

“You see Maggie, I gave him my word I would not out your Aunt, but I now believe it is time to let you know so you might do with the information as you wish. I have in my car the records including a transcript of the late Miss Annabel’s explanation of how the stocks where shuffled to provide Miss Margo with the lifestyle she has lived all these years. Her explanation matches the extant documents. Not only does it provide evidence for her relationship with Mr. Smith, her complicity would make her subject to prosecution for federal bank fraud violations. What you choose to do with the records is your business. For me, the revelation that not only Miss Margo was a fraud but the entire holier than thou church community participated in the cover-up. As I looked closer at my own family’s history I found the same hypocrisy, I won’t go into it now, but it is apparent that just as Cooper’s article said about the wealthy in general,here in rural Georgia, sexual freedom has always been the privilege of the elites but constantly denied to regular people.


  . ”
“It wasn’t a far reach to where Mac arrived, and where all of you have arrived; that sexual repression is not for the good of the repressed it is a tool of the oppressors. All these years I’d been on the wrong side of the battle. It was my side who was harming the community. Since I could not be a hypocrite now any more than I had been then I knew my best path was just to retire from public life. I was divorced, quietly, and much to the financial gain of Ms. Black. For the past five years I’ve traveled, explored the world and my own sexuality. Three years ago I met Jennifer. Like me she has an empty nest and like me she had by then shed the repression of her earlier life and together we are having the time of our lives. ”

He leaned over and kissed her “And no we are not monogamous. ”

For the first time in nearly an hour Jennifer spoke “Which I’m sure we will have the opportunity to prove to you guys before we leave. ”

Sherry spoke up “I’m looking forward to that. ” And blew Jennifer a kiss.

Herb looked at Maggie “You see now that there was a reason I asked Sherry to invite you here tonight.

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  It isn’t vengeance or validation, but rather to bring together a local change like the one Coopers organization is trying to do on a national level. Steven, you and I both know that the local level is where the real battle is fought and you and I and Maggie and Sherry can be the nucleus here in Sparta: A sort of Libertine Majority. It’s time to take the Christian Right’s tactics and show how most Americans, most Georgians already do it with whomever they choose and they don’t want anyone telling them not to. ”

Steven asked “So you want to start a local non-profit. ”

“Yes, I do. And from what I understand from the grapevine, Miss Margo is involved in a new morality campaign. It seems Cooper’sopenness has already become a burr under a few saddles. ”

Cooper wasn’t’ sure what Steven was saying “What do you mean? What is Miss Margo doing?”

Steven looked puzzled “You haven’t heard, she has gathered some of the old Moral Majority Leaders from across the state and they are in the planning stages of a new public morality campaign. Now as I understand it, she won’t be publicly leading it, but she will be the one who pulls the strings. ”

“And she’s doing this because of what my articles said and the net pics of Bonnie and Misty?”

“Those things might have been the final straw, but it is again about the broader things like movies, TV, music andnow the internet. But, be sure you will be a target, that’s why we need to frame the debate before the fight begins. Start a non-profit dedicated to preserving and enhancing personal freedoms right here in Georgia. ”’

“Let’s do it. ” Herb answered.

“I’m in” Maggie added.

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“Of course I’m in” seconded Sherry.

This left Cooper wondering if he could be part of this and the FFF, but then he had remembered that the had discussed the need for the FFF to support local originations who would to the real work, so he said“I think Bonnie and I would like to help too. ”

For the next hour the six sat around the large comfortable living room and brainstormed on how to get the project started and what should be their objectives.

It was past 11:00 when Sherry stood up, and said, “OK enough business. Come on girls, I have some warm robes for you, it’ll cold between the house and the gazebo. ”

Herb explained, “There was an old gazebo in the garden, so when Sherry and I put in a hot-tub we built it in the old structure. The only problem is it is a little way from the house and in the winter it can be a nippy walk. ”

“Especially when your naked” Sherry added as she and the women left for thebedroom.

Herb likewise led the men to a closet where he handed out thick terrycloth robes monogrammed HC. Not surprisingly the men had shed their clothes and were waiting in the den in their robes for several minutes waiting. Cooper was uncomfortable with the silence and asked Herb haw his stocks in Wachovia were doing.

After the arrival of the women, the six exited the home and walked barefoot on the cold paving stones through the quiet winter night out into a large formal garden. Foot lamps lit the way as it was not only a good 150 feet to the gazebo, but a circuitous route passing down a maze of dormant rose bushes made it more like 300 feet. Sherry, walking beside Cooper said “You don’t’ play much with others when Bonnie’s on the road do you?”

Taken off guard, Cooper stammered “Well, Trisha has spent the night three times since Bonnie started traveling, and she can be insatiable when she’s over. ”

Sherry grinned “I know, we had her over a few weeks ago.

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“I heard, Bonnie keeps me up on these things. ”

Returning to her previous tack, but she is having a time, from what she tells me she’s doing several new people every trip. ”

Cooper nodded, “but, she has always been the one with the larger appetite for that stuff. ” He paused and added, “I guess I do feel a little left out sometimes. ”

She leaned over and nudged him “Well, tomorrow you will have a story to tell her for a change. ”

The gazebo was clearly very old, overarched by a great oak tree that evidently stood in the center of the garden. Herb switched on the lights revealing the vine laced lattice work around the six sided structure. In the floor was a square of newer wood whichwas the cover for the tub. Herb pressed a button and it was lifted straight up to into the ceiling of the gazebo.

Dropping her robe, the nude Sherry invited the guest to get in “And hurry up I’m cold standing here. ”

Cooper followed all but Sherry into the water, looking around he was not sure where to sit. Sherry, evidently saw his hesitation and suggested he sit beside Maggie, and then she slipped down beside him, almost in his lap. He shifted a little but he was firmly wedged between the two.

Sherry, always the social leader looked across the tub “Well Jennifer, I’m sure you’ve felt a bit like a 5th wheel tonight, I’m very sorry about that. ”

Jennifer sat directly across from Cooper.

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   Her full breasts breached the bubbling water. Cooper wondered if she was just blessed with firm breasts after raising children or were they enhanced. Which ever, he thought, they look natural and very nice with the top half of the large areolas showing.

Sherry looked to the youngest woman in the tub “Now Jenifer I would like to hear about you, it seems we’ve heard a lot about our other guests. ”

“I don’t know…”

“OK, tell us about your kids, we all love doing that. ”

Jennifer quickly perked up as most parents do when their kids come up.

She began, “I’m from Mobile, Alabama. I dated first and only boyfreind from 7th grade until we got married when I got pregnant with our son. I finished my senior year before I began to show too bad, and our son was born the summer before my senior year. Sadly, Connor proved to be much too immature to be a full time husband and father and by the time Jeremy was one our marriage was over. Conner did eventually grow up and of course re-married. For the past ten years, he has been a pretty good dad for Jeremy. He’s not a bad guy, we were just too young. ”

“When he left, my parents took me back home and my mom watched Jeremy while I went toMobile College, now University of Mobile, and got my elementary education degree. I led a very quiet life, focusing on being a good mom and a good teacher.

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   I don’t’ think I was boring exactly, but I had no life outside the world of children through my entire twenties. I even taught a children’s Sunday School class. ”

She paused “It was time well spent, Jeremy is a great kid, young man, and I don’t’ regret a minute I spent with him. But as he moved into his teen years and I moved into my thirty’s I began to see the life he was living was one that I simply never had. When he began dating a number of sweet girls I almost drowned in my sadness that in playing “grown up” with Conner I had missed the joys of being a teenager. I began to think in ways I never had before, but was just to afraid to take action to start a new adult life. ”

Under the water, Cooper felt a hand on his right thigh, Sherry’s hand was rubbing up and down his leg.

“By the time Jeremy started High School I had been teaching Middle School Social Studies for four years and very much enjoyed it. Five years ago my mother passed after being a widow for ten years. I took what was supposed to just be a one-year sabbatical from my teaching job to put mother’s things in order and to make a good start on a master’s degree in Sociology at University of South Alabama. What was fateful was that by becoming a day student I was thrust into the world of public university student life for the first time. See my undergraduate work was at a conservative Baptist College, and being the mother of a toddler precluded my involvement with on-campus activities. But with a 18 year old son who was driving his own car, I was for the first time free to do and go as I wanted. ”

Sherry’s hand had crept over and now the her fingers were playing with Cooper’s pubic hair. His penis was fully erect when a second hand, from his left, slid across his leg and the fingers intertwined.

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   Sherry and Maggie held hands, resting their knuckles on his rigid phallus.

“With out sounding vain, I can say that at 35 I still turned the heads of the 25 year old graduate students. I may have turned their heads, but they sent me reeling. They almost from the first day took me in as one of their own. Ever day at lunch was a new story of who was doing it with who, or some new sexual kink someone was trying… well, that is between deep discussions on politics, poverty and social injustice. When one of they guys came on to me I really didn’t know what to do. Between the loss of my mother and being thrown into an alien environment, I had completely lost my footing. I spent the first semester in alternating bouts of depression and periods of hopeful excitement as to what my life could be. ”

The two hands now wrapped around his straining penis.

“During Christmas break that year Jeremy went on a ski trip with his church youth group. I was left alone, really alone for the first time in my life. In one of those life changing happenstances, the day I had seen Jeremy off on the plane I got a call from, Austin, a guy in my Social Anthropology class, one of the guys who had been flirting all semester. He asked if I wanted to come to a Christmas party that Friday night. I had gotten vague passes all semester, but this 24 year old was asking me on a date, me, mother of a teenager on a date. Besides that I hadn’t been on a real date since before Jeremy was born.

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   I tried to weasel out with out saying no but he was persistent and after some cajoling I agreed. ”

The hands were now moving up and down his shaft.

“By that time I knew full well that among this age group a date and sex were almost synonymous, and I was asked on a date. I was terrified and excited. I spent hours sanding in front of the mirror naked evaluation my thirty-five year old body and contemplating what this man would think. And,. . . . ” She heisted before saying “…. spent hours in my bed masturbating imagining what it would be like to have sex for the first time in like fifteen years. And that was just when Conner had come over to my mother’s one night and house to get some. ”

Sherry’s hand let go as she leaned forward and said “Not even once in fif-teen years?”

“Not so much as a kiss from anyone but family. ”

“Wow” Sherry settled back.

“So when the big night came I was ready.

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   I had bought new a Victoria’s Secret bra and thong set, a tube of spermicidal and a box of condoms. ”

Everyone laughed.

Cooper ran his hands up the two thighs pressing him on either side.

“I was so ready to get laid, and it was so disheartening when he was a perfect gentleman. The party was at an apartment not far from campus. It was both graduate and undergraduates. I’m sure I was the oldest one there by a good half decade. I had never been anywhere like that. No one seemed embarrassed by the kissing going on right in front of everyone and the feeling up going in some corners. Except me I guess. I didn’t say anything but I think my body language gave me away. ”

Coopers two hands crept over the top of the thighs and slowly moved down the other sides.

“Compared with what I later did with Steven, it was a pretty mild party, but for me, at that time, it was way over my comfort zone. Jerry must have picked up on that and the most he did was grab my ass a few times. I did get a good-night kiss, a good good-night kiss.

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  He knew full well my son was out of town, but he made no effort to come in when he dropped me off”

“What a dope” Maggie interjected.

Cooper’s fingers tentatively touched the rise between both Sherry and Maggie’s, now opened thighs.

“What a jerk is what I thought when I went in my place. It was only as I later told some of my girlfriends from class what had happened that they suggested my reactions to the sexual stuff at the party must have been taken as a by sign Austin that I was not going to put out. ”

Cooper felt no hair on Sherry’s’ mound, but felt a substantial patch of thick hair on Maggie. His fingers explored the soft smoothness of Sherry and slid though the forest he found on Maggie.
I assured them that I was more than ready; but they pointed out that the clothes I wore to the party, and the way I acted at the party said I wasn’t. So, they reasoned, he didn’t take a chance on being rejected if he’d pushed it further. ”

Cooper attempting to seem engaged said “Makes sense”

Jennifer nodded and continued her tale. “I decided that day, I needed to make a real change in my whole outlook on life. Well, I had been moving that way for months, but I distinctly remember that day and my decision that I would not let any more life pass me by. ”

Cooper’s middle finger traced and then parted the soft inner lips of each woman. Maggie on his right was the recipient of his more dexterous right fingers.

“The first thing I did was to write a letter resigning my position with the school district. That life was in the past.

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   I wasn’t sure what the future held but I knew I was no longer public school teacher. I also adjusted my class schedule for the next semester. I switched my elective class from comparative religion to modern sexuality. I went through my drawers and threw out all my granny panties, my Playtex bra’s and a whole trash bag full of frumpy clothes. And I asked the girls to let Austin know I had been let down the night before. ”

Sherry’s hand rested on Coopers as he softly glided his hand over her sex. Maggie, spread her legs wider and his fingers slipped inside.

“The party had been on Friday night before Christmas. I got a call from Austin two days latter inviting me to his place for Christmas dinner. It was wonderful, after dinner we made love for what seemed to be the entire evening and they again during the night, and then again in the morning. I was so different from what I had done with Conner. No clumsiness, no feeling I had to perform to get his approval; just lust and passion. Maybe my memories of sex were colored by the circumstances of my life, but to my memory it was the first truly satisfying sexual experience I can remember. ”

Cooper found Sherry’s button of a clit and began to massage it lightly.

“But again I was in for a surprise.


   Well it was not really a surprise, but it was hard to deal with, when after a day and a night of amazing sex, we are laying in bed and he casually mentions that he’s would love it if I could join he and his girlfriend for New Years eve. He had mentioned her by name a number of times since I’d known him, and how she had spent the last semester in Belgium, but would be back in a few days to start the new semester. I just thought she was a friend. I guess he figured I knew, or something, but what mattered to me was I thought he and I had something going and then I realized that we only had sex, nothing more. But for me, I had never had ‘just’ sex before. I forced myself to relax, and think things through. No, I decided, I really didn’t want a relationship with this guy ten years younger than me, and yes, I did come here for just sex, so it shouldn’t matter. To show myself I was in control I rolled over and mounted him yet again. Only when he was back inside me did I tell him yes I’d love to come. ”

Sherry’s hips began to softly rock to his hand’s rhythm on her clit.

“On new years I had my first threesome, with Austin and his girlfriend, and kissed a girl for the first time. She did me but I wasn’t quite ready to go down on a woman yet. By the end of the semester I was right with the others sharing stories of who I’d been with over the weekend. I was living the life I’d missed when I was in my teens and twenty’s. But for me, it was better than if I was the age of the other students, I wasn’t looking for a boyfriend, I was just having a good time enjoying life as it came.

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  It was like a new me, a free and open me had been born and I had to test all the limits. I messed around with E and pot and even coke a bit but when I got a DUI arrest and got crabs after a particularly irresponsible party I knew I had crossed the line. I was after all a mother and a grow-up, even if I spent a semester not acting like one. ”

Maggie’s hand was guiding Cooper’s right hand as Sherri was with his left. He guessed he was not a dexterous with it as he was his right as soon Maggie left him on his own, but Sherry continued to help. He was on both clits now as he listened.

“Tasha, another older student and mom,and I got to know each other over the semester, liked talking about all the crazy places she had done it in the past, but did not seem to be doing those things anymore. That summer, she invited me to go with her husband and another couple for a weekend to a nudist resort in north Florida. She had been listening to my graphic reports of who I’d been fucking all semester, so it wasn’t a stretch to invite me. It was my first time with swingers, and, though to be honest the guys couldn’t compete with the staying power of they young guys I’d been doing it with all semester, I did like the company of, might I say, grown-ups. ”

Sherry was breathing very deep and slow.
“In the fall I still partied a good bit with the college crowd, but was spending more time with the adult swingers. Besides, Jeremy was a senior and I didn’t want to be doing it with some guy who might be his roommate next year. ”

That comment brought laughs and nods. Cooper felt compelled to add “I don’t know, Bonnie has promised to do a threesome with a couple of Misty’s friends when they turn 18.

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Diverted from her narrative Jennifer perked up “Really?” she quizzed. Cooper nodded yes “Ohh, I must meet her, she sounds like my kind of woman. And, well to bring my little story to an end, I graduated with a M. A. in sociology the same week my son graduated from High School. He went off to Georgia Tech a year and a half ago and I met Steven shortly thereafter and well, now I’m here. ”

Sherry moaned aloud, “Thanks for the story, I hope you don’t’ think me rude, but I’m ready for a bit more active entertainment. ”

With that she twisted over, on to Cooper’s lap. His erection begged for entry into her body, but she, her hands on his shoulders, just teased his eager penis by keeping her lips just at the tip of his head.

“Fine with me” Jennifer chirped “I love to watch. ” She said before pausing and then with obvious movements reached her hands to the crotches oftwo men (Steven and Herb) on either side of her, “but participating is even better. ”

Coppers vision was filled with Sherry’s breasts, but his focus was not on the soft flesh on his face but the open lips just brushing the head of his straining penis. This did not keep him from suckling softly when a nipple filled his mouth.

He was aware of Maggie still on his right, now leaning into him her breasts layingon his arm. Though he was enjoying Sherry’s attention it was Maggie who captured his imagination.

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Fingers gripped his shaft. Surely it was Maggie’s. She held it firmly as he felt Sherry lower her lips around him and down, pressing the hand off him as her body envelope his sensitized flesh. Her hips were wider than either Bonne’s or Trisha, they covered his lap and he could feel her mound pressing on his pelvis. It was soft and comforting. His mind imagined a slide show of hundreds of penises that had been in this canal. It turned him on to know of her experience. And that was before he felt her squeeze down on him.

She leaned back forcing him deeper into her and simultaneously pulling his lips from her nipple. Lips replaced the breast. He opened his eyes and knew it was Maggie’s lips on his, Maggie’s tongue that traced the edge of his mouth.

It was too much, though he had masturbated several of times imagining sex with Sherry, he found himself deep in her body, but wanting someone else. He tried to enjoy her erotic rotations on him, but the desire to do Maggie was crowding out other thoughts.

As if she read his thoughts Sherry lifted off of Cooper’s lap and said “I know what you want Cooper, and it’s not me”

Cooper stammered.

“It’s all right, in the old days Maggie and I shared more than a few men, and I can tell when they wanted her.

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Maggie didn’t even hesitate to lift her leg and replace Sherry, facing Cooper and this time it was Sherry’s hand that guided his penis into a ready woman.

Maggie looked over at Sherry and retorted “I can remember more than a few guys who clearly wanted you while banging on me” before pressing her lips to his again.

Nothing cold compare to this, a thousand adolescent wet dreams coming to life. He was having sex with Magnolia LeCroix . He focused on each sensation, trying to capture it in his mind; the large spongy breast that pressed on his chest; the lips and tongue that seemed so eager to be with him; the Legs that straddled his; and the tight warm pussy. It was far smaller than he had expected. Where Sherry’s was inviting but clearly sized for any penis that she might put in it, Maggie’s seemed hardly big enough for him. He knew he would have to apologize to Bonnie for not using a condom, but he was so glad he could feel Maggie’s inner sex: flesh on flesh.

An odd thought popped in his mind. At that moment, for the first time he understood why women were so often used to get men to do things. At that moment there was nothing he wouldn’t do for her if she asked, anything to keep that magic moment alive. Later he would feel guilty about it, but right then all he wanted in life was Maggie.

He knew was going to cum. It had been an hour since Sherry, then Maggie first mounted him. For a long while was he and Maggie, then back to he and Sherry.

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   Each of the threesome sat on the side of the hot tub as the other two gave the him or her head. Then they all had gone into the house. On plush carpet of the living room Jenifer and he took turns going down on Maggie, while the old friends Steven and Herb shared Herbs wife. He pumped Jennifer in the missionary position when Maggie had gone off to pee, and he kept looking over to Sherry as she got both of the older men to cum.

He had done well for himself, both other men had long since spent their load and sat relaxing when Sherry turned her attention to Jennifer. Cooper, engaged the refreshed Maggie who had poisoned beside the sofa, laying on her back, knees bent and legs open; then bid Cooper to take her.

He moved to his knees and scooted up between the open legs. His hands gripped her thighs and he lifted her hips up to him. He watched intently as he guided his to the waiting pink flower. His penis parted the unusually small lips and stretched her wide enough for his penis. Heheld hips up and looked in her eyes as he began to stroke. Her breasts, those amazing breasts, rolled and shook with each thrust.

But even with the increased stamina he had developed in the last year, and with a Viagra in his system he could not go on forever. He could feel his erection fading. How could his penis fail him at this moment with this woman? He redoubled his efforts.

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   Sweat dripped from his face as he pounded into her with all his might.

Whether her sudden burst of vocalization of her pleasure was spontaneous or was for his benefit, he would later wonder, but her sudden burst of short moans and squeals was all it took, to bring the flood of semen up from his loins to spew from his penis into her womb. His pelvic thrust and waves of pleasure kept coming well after his semen had spent. It was as complete and full orgasm that he had experienced in a long time.

It was nearly 2:00 when Cooper made it home. It had been fun but exhausting; he would tell Bonnie all about it tomorrow.