In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Nineteen

Erotic Novels

In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Chapter Nineteen

Once again they all headed to South Beach together. Misty carried her her camera out and was shooting away all day. Once again the mom’s were commanded to sit well away from the teens as they met their new friends.

The guys from South Beach that the girls had met yesterday were there waiting for them. Bonnie tried not to feel a little left out, but the girls were clearly having a great time. She tried to be inconspicuous, but she watched carefully, and it seemed clear there were two groups kids. The two younger guys, Sarah had said, were brothers from New Jersey down visiting their Grandmother for a couple of weeks. It seems they had promised to keep working with Sarah and Katie on skim boarding, now topless, until they were top drawer boarders.

According to what Misty had said while they shopped yesterday, the older boys were part of a larger group of recent high school graduates, from all over the country that had rented a house for the summer; kind of a wild summer between high school and college. Unfortunately for them, the person who actually rented the place didn’t know that Miami and Miami Beach were not the same. So their house was a good thirty minutes drive from the beach. To make matters worse, most of them had flown in and between the ten of them who had rented the place, they only two had cars so they spent long hours stranded at the beach.

Today the three women were all content to lay and tan, talk and watch the teens.

About 11:00 Marcy’s cell phone rang. It was Mike.

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   At first her face when white, then a broad smile appeared. After a few minutes she handed her phone to Trisha “Here take a picture of me with my phone. He doesn’t believe I’m wearing this in public. ” So Bonnie watched as Trish shot a couple of photos with her Blackberry. Marcy scooted over by Bonnie “Here take one more” which Trisha did before handing the phone back to Marcy who told Trisha to smile toward her camera.

After she put away the phone she said wide eyed and said “Sarah emailed like twenty pictures of us, from last night, to her dad. ”

”And?” Bonnie asked

“What do you think, He starts to work and opens his email to find all these pics of his wife getting crazy with two different guys, and doing 68 with you”
“And?” Bonnie repeated

“And now he’s so turned on he can’t work. He’s going to call me back when he goes to lunch in a few minutes and wants me to tell him all about it. ”

”That’s great!”

“Yea, I knew he wanted me to e-mail pictures but I didn’t know how he’d really react. ”

“But It sounds like he thought it was hot. ” Trisha added.

“Yea. He wanted to know if I was doing it again tonight. He said to call him while I’m doing it and let him listen”
“Kinky” Bonnie said

“Yea, It’s good he’s turned on but…. .

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   but I don’t know how to explain it. It’s like he’s intruding on my fun. ”

Bonnie thought for a second and asked “If it were him here getting laid, wouldn’t you want to know he’s thinking about you?”

That clearly got her thinking and said “Yea, I guess so. I should be glad he wants me to call him. I wonder if he wants me to call if it’s just the three of us. ”

That brought a laugh from the others.

“That reminds me. . ” and they entered into a discussion about Marcy’s electrolysis after which they simply lay and relaxed. Bonnie was somewhat surprised when Misty stood over her wanting her attention. “So what crisis leads you to admit you have a mother?”

“Our friends, you remember I told you about them, they are stuck here until like ten tonight because the guy who dropped them off had to go home for a couple of days and the other guy with a car won’t be off work until tonight. When we go to the house for lunch can they come with us?”

“Sure” Bonnie said “No problem. We can pick up sandwich stuff at that little grocery on the way back. Tell them we’ll head back in about 18 minutes. ”

“Thanks mom, you’re the greatest”

When Misty was gone, Bonnie told her friends sardonically “And now I’m the greatest.

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Five minutes latter Sarah stands over her mom “Our new friends Zack and Mitch asked me and Katie if we wanted to go to their grandmother’s house for lunch?”

Marcy hesitated “I don’t know sweet heart” You don’t know those boys, or where their grandmother lives. ”

”She lives in Miami, not here on the beach”

“No way am I going to let you go off in a car with perfect strangers. Sorry, I may let you do your own thing a lot, but not this time.

Sarah didn’t seem to upset “That’s OK, I didn’t think you would let us, and it kind of worried me too. ”

“Then why’d you ask me?”

“Because it’s much better to say you won’t let me than to say I don’t trust you. ” And she ran off only to reappear a few minutes later as the moms were packing up.

“Could we go rollerblading with them latter, rather than coming back to the beach?”

”That should be fine. ”
And again she ran back to her friends.

Bonnie was just picking up her bikini top when teenagers surrounded her. Misty was holding the hand of a tall boy with wavy blond hair.

“This is my mom, Bonnie. ” Misty said to her friends. “Mom, this is Brett” indicating the boy whose hand she was holding “and this is Drew, Josh, Mindy, Squirrel, Franklin, Red and Angie.

She tried not to be conscious that she was topless and the guys were not even trying to hide the fact their eyes were glued on her tits. It wasn’t the first time Misty’s male friends had checked her out, but it still brought that odd mix of embarrassment and pride.

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“Glad to meet you. I understand you are coming with us. ” Bonne said as she reached out to shake each of their hands. “I’m Bonnie and these are my friends Trisha and Marcy. If you’ll give me just a second we’ll be ready to go. ”

She turned to pick up her wrap and heard behind her “Damn, your mom’s hot” and several concurring voices before she turned and the voices silenced. Just to be a flirt she took her time to tie her wrap and put her top on last.

“Well Brett” Bonnie said “Misty told me you guys are cyber friends who had never physically met until you got down here. ”

“That’s pretty close, but actually we had met before in smaller groups at conventions, College toursand things like that, but we’d never all been together before. ”

“So do you live near each other” Bonnie went on as they walked
“Not really close, but we’re all from the upper mid-west. Everyone but Josh and Mindy are from small towns in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin. Red, Angie, Squirrel and I originally met in Middle School playing Everquest, at some point we all began chatting out of character and a group of us who were all in the same grade and in the same part or the US. We first got together in person two years ago at a Sci-Fi convention in Chicago, that’s where we met the others and we’ve be best cyber buds ever since. ”

Bonnie was intrigued so she continued talking until they got all the way to the little grocery. It appeared the whole group had been academic geeks, social outcasts from their high schools that were even more rural and conservative than Misty’s, except Josh and Mindy whom she later learned went to a Science and Math magnet school in Chicago.

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After buying several bags of bread, meat, cheese and chips they walked the additional block to their rented house. Like the teens they were they tore into the food while turning on the three laptop computers and the big screen TV.

Marcy and Trisha went upstairs when Mike called back leaving Bonnie to play the motherly role of ensuring everyone had what the wanted; however, she watched and listened as part of that role. At each of the two laptops was a small group. Evidently the boy’s were downloading some game onto all the computers.

The boy named Red said in a loud “I want everyone to hear” voice said “This is amazing they have high-speed Wy-Fi. Why didn’t we get a place wired like this?”

Marcy said “See I did do good in getting this place. ”

It was at this time Sarah got a call on her cell from the two boys saying they couldn’t come back because they were to do something with their Grandmother, but they asked about tomorrow morning. Knowing her mom was busy upstairs Bonnie assured her that meeting them at 9:30 tomorrow morning would be fine.

After hanging up Sarah and Katie talked for a while, and clearly being left out of the other activities, asked Bonnie if she could take them to Havisau Beach after lunch.

“No problem, see who wants to go with us, I’ll go up and see if your mom wants to go. ”

Upstairs she found Marcy on the phone with Trisha relaxing next to her with her vibrator wedged between her legs.

“Either of you want to go to the nude beach with me Sarah and Katie?”

Marcy pulled the phone from her face. “What happened to their skating?”

“They guys won’t be back till tomorrow morning, so Sarah asked to go to the beach. ”

Trisha said “Well I’ll stay here then, as a chaperone”

Marcy kicked at her “Yea right, a chaperone”

“Well, actually I would like to take a nap.

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“More like your hoping one of those young guys will come up and give you and a hand” Marcy responded

“and a dick, you don’t fool us. You’ve become quite the slut all of a sudden. ” Bonnie added.

She threw the vibrator at Bonnie. “No, I meant nap. ”

“but if one did happened to come up and find me resting naked, with the door wide open. ”
“Yea I knew it”

When Bonnie went back downstairs, the girl called Mindy, a petite Asian” asked “Would your really let us go with you to the nude beach?”

“Sure, why not. ”

“Wow, that rock’s. Misty said you’ve taken her several times, I simply can’t imagine my mother knowing what a nude beach is, let alone taking me to one. I think only Josh and I want to go, the others are beached out for the day. ”

Mindy proved to be very polite and helpful, this time they were taking an umbrella, snacks and drinks.

“We knew that somewhere around here was a nude beach” Mindy said “but we didn’t know where. ”

“If I’m not being to forward” Bonnie asked “What is your relationship with Josh”

“That’s a good question. ” Mindy asked “We’ve been good friends for years, and we’ve both dated other people, but the whole time we’ve both been closer to each other than anyone else. But technically weren’t not a couple.

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“So you don’t sleep together?”

“Well, yea we do most nights right now, but more like friends with privileges. Actually it happened on it’s own. We were both virgins up till last summer. We both had been dating people for a while, but still talking to each other every day on the phone. Both of us were feeling pressure from the person we were dating to have sex and he just blurted out that he would rather me to be his first than the girl he was dating. I couldn’t believe he said exactly what I had been thinking for months. So the next afternoon I went to his house after school and we did it for the first time and then did my boyfriend the next Friday. ”

“That is very interesting” Bonnie said, then she asked quietly “Who was better?”

“From an emotional side no one is as good as Josh, we are so close. But from a physical side my boyfriend was much hotter. His experience showed, even to this day I love sleeping with Josh, and I mean just lying naked next to him; but doing the dirty with other guys better more often than not. ”

“How does Josh deal with that?” Bonne asked as they packed the rolling cooler with ice, drinks and snacks.

“Well my that first boy was not a problem, Josh didn’t know him. But when I started dating a guy from our robotics team it got more difficult. He wasn’t really a friend of Josh’s but we saw him every day at school and it kinda bothered him that Chow and I were doing it, even though I knew full well that when Wendy Tucker got drunk at the RPG Club’s Christmas party she told everyone in detail all they ways she and Josh did it. ”

“Role-Playing-Game: As you can imagine the magnet school for Math and Science is a geek heaven and so there is a popular club devoted to different RPG’s, both on-line and person to person, like Dungeons and Dragons.

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“Oh, thanks. So go on”

“It’s like as seniors we geeks just started doing the things the jocks were doing as freshmen. And all that was to say that when we got here last month it seemed natural that he and I take a room together, but I was taken off guard that he got all mad when, like the second week we were here, we all got messing around and for the first time like in a group. Angie and I blew all the guys right in the living room then Red did me really good right in front of everyone. ”

“Wow. Whey do they call him Red, he doesn’t have red hair”

“His screen name is Red Revolution, but we just refer to him as Red. I’m not even sure what his real name is. But it was cool doing it when the mood hit, with our friends right there. I guess the first time I did another guy right in front of him freaked him out, but he’s cool with it now, in fact, I think he likes watching. ”
“Does Angie date any of the guys?” Bonnie went on

“No, not exactly, she seems to enjoy the attention of all the guys. As you can tell, she’s not the type who focuses on her appearance. ”

“I don’t know I think she looks great” Bonnie said recalling seeing her with her jet black hair and as being on the short side with full but firm breasts and curvy hips to match.

“Yea, I guess she does to you. But she normally wears baggy goth kinda stuff, completely hides her figure. She didn’t even own a bikini when she got here.

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   Would you believe she wore the same black one piece for two weeks straight. I mean it’s not like she’s some virgin or anything, but she was very self-conscious about her body in public, which is funny because around the house we see each other naked all the time. ”

Bonnie imagined her in a one piece and said “Didn’t that make her look big?”

“Well yes, of course it did, I knew full well a bikini would make her look much better. I finally hid that one suit and bought her a regular black bikini and though it took her over a week to admit it she really liked how she looked. We both did the thong thing when the guys promised to give us extra on-line time. See at the place we are renting we only have DSL and it only has enough band with for two or three of us to play online at the same time, so we agreed to wear a thong if we could have the a whole night to play Everquest together. ”

“That’s very funny. When was that?”

“Oh about two weeks ago, and it was Angie who liked it so much that we bought a couple more and since then that’s all we wear. She could tell she was eating up all the looks from the guys on the beach. ”

“So when did you lose the tops?”

“Of course the guys have been asking for us to go topless at the beach since day one and one of their favorite things is to try to untie our tops. So we always double bow them, right?”

“Oh, yea I know what you’re saying”

“Well, the third day we go wearing our new thongs she tells me not to double tie it. I knew what she meant, but when we get to the beach the guys didn’t try, they’d given up on that game. I had to tell squirrel to pull her top tie string. Of course with her big boobs, as soon as he pulled the string it came loose and flopped down. The guys all hooted and hollered, but she just undid the other string and has gone that way for the last week.

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“And you?”
“What could I do? Even though my little boobs are nothing like hers, I took mine off too. ”
“No, I saw you, you look great. ”

“Like a great 12 year old”

“No. It is proportion that counts. Your chest is clearly bigger than your hips and that is what counts. ”

There conversation was cut off when a glowing Marcy glided down the stairs in a light sundress. “OK, lets go”

On the drive out Sarah did not delay in getting to know Mindy and Josh. By the time they arrived at the parking lot the teens had completely tuned out the adults.
On this, her third trip to the nude beach, Sarah was now an old timer. She guided the group past the outer band of people camped behind the lifeguard stands, past a pair of apparent stripers with huge artificial breasts and between a couple of hot gay men and a group of three middle-aged couples. Sarah in her own confident manner, directed the teens to set up at space a little further down the beach.

Marcy commented on what Bonnie had noticed at her other visits as the set up the umbrella.

“These guys, they’re prancing around with full erections like it’s some sort of gay beauty contest”

Bonnie agreed “I know, and if they weren’t so hot it would be annoying”

“Is there a single dick here that wouldn’t make Mike look tiny in comparison” Marcy mused

“I guess there is a separate beach for gay guys with small penises”

They both laughed as they removed the last of their clothes. Marcy couldn’t get enough of looking at the parade of hot nude men, commenting on their great bodies, big penises and bemoaning they were all gay.
The teens it appeared didn’t hesitate to strip down to their birthday suites and hit the surf.


   The girls had brought the skim boards they had bought yesterday, and it appeared that Josh and Mindy here helping them learn.

“You know” Marcy said “I think she really might become a nudist. ”

“Yea, she seems to love being naked and I don’t think it’s she just wants to be watched, I’ve noticed all summer it doesn’t matter if she is alone or with a house full it doesn’t seem to matter to her. ”

“A couple of weeks ago I had to insist that she put on some clothes before my mother-in-law came over. I really think she would have stayed naked if I hadn’t made her dress”

Bonnie realized it was Friday only when the beach was much more crowded than they had yet seen it. The space between groups grew ever smaller and it was no surprise when a woman approached Bonnie and asked“Do you mind if we sit here?”

She was an average looking woman of perhaps forty followed by a man. By the rings on their fingers she guessed them to be married.
“Thanks” she said with a toothy smile that was inviting and friendly. Though a bit larger than TV women, she was perhaps size ten with what Bonnie called ‘professional’ length frosted hair. She opened a blanket rather than a towel before saying “I think I like it on these days when it is full. It’s more alive feeling. ” After pulling off her long tee-shirt, under which she had nothing, she reached out a hand and said “Hi, I’m Jeanne and this is my husband Ron. I don’t think I’ve seen you out here before”.
Now naked, the woman looked more attractive than Bonnie had first judged, sporting full and surprisingly firm breasts that did not look to have been enhanced.

Bonnie got up to her knees and put out took her hand “Hi, I’m Bonnie and this is my friend Marcy”.

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She sat down and continued, “I’ve been here a couple of times but this is Marcy’s first. We’re from a Sparta, in Georgia between Atlanta and Augusta. ”

“Well welcome to Miami Beach. You don’t’ have tan lines, so I assumed you’d been here a good bit. ”

Bonnie had been pleased that she didn’t look like a tourist like last year with her white buns, but hadn’t realized that is how the locals identify each other. “Oh, we live in the country so this is what we wear at our pool. ”

The woman gave a knowing look and said “So, you two are a couple?”
“No, no we are both married but we left our husbands at home. ” She pointed to the girls with their skim boards. “That’s Marcy’s daughter and some friends, one we brought from Georgia and the other two we found here. My daughter is older, she’s a senior in high school, and she’s back at the house we rented with the friends she brought and some boy’s they met at the beach. She’s come with me out here before but you know teens, they love hanging with their friends. ”

This big disclosure seemed to take Jeanne off guard. “Wow, I thought we were open. Our kids are in college and I thought I was wild even telling them we come here. But we never thought of bringing them with us.

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“Like I said, we have a pool and our close friends like Marcy and her family come without swim suits. ” The conversation and she ended up in a discussion about their commitment to openness. When she got to the part about the Final Freedom Foundation, the art show and her new job as the first Foundation employee the woman’s husband stopped her “I read an article about that in the New Yorker. ”

“It was a very flattering article. If you remember the paining on the second page that looked like a jungle scene that was us”

The woman was clearly impressed. “Yea, I do remember because you had to look at it for a while to see it was a couple making love, not just nature. ” He looked over to his wife “Don’t you remember, I showed it to you”

She thought for a second, “Oh yea, I do. It was like mostly greens and browns”

“That was my husband and I. The artist is a friend of my husband’s and she painted one for the show, it was huge, bigger than life sized, but painted a second one, more sofa sized, for us. We have it in our entry way. ” The couple looked a bit stunned. Bonnie found she liked the idea of shocking people even at a nude beach.

“Now it is not exactly the same. Ours was like her first draft before she painted the big one, but it still looks amazing. ”

The man asked “How did she do the painting? Did she see you at your pool and then make it up?”

“Oh no, we made love right in her studio.

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   That was the whole point of the exhibit. She did sketches as she watched. She’s done a number of different couples making love, and then turns the sketches into paintings. ”

“Yea, I remember, that’s what the article said. ”

The woman said in an incredulous voice “Damn, I’m stuck on the idea of having a paining of you making love right in the house for everyone to see. What does like your mother say?”

“What the picture in the magazine doesn’t show is that from less than ten feet away it is impossible to see it is not just a tropical scene, you have to be a good distance and even then you have to know what your looking at. On top of that I have the frame surrounded by tropical plants. So, all in all, few visitors see it for what it is with out help. It’s not that obvious. Not like the photos in our study. ”

That led into a discussion about the cruise and the party and the photos. They had been talking an hour when Jeanne said “You just have to come to our lifestyle club tomorrow. ”

Marcy, who had been mostly passively listening, said “Like a swing club? My husband Mike and I were been reading about them on the net. What’s it like?”

Jeanne answered, “We like to use the word lifestyle, because it’s not like the 60’s where it was wife swapping. It’s like just a regular social club were we don’t have to wear a swimsuit at the pool and sex with friends is always a possibility.

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  . not a certainty, but no one is pushed. I would say most everyone in the club thinks monogamy is unnatural. Everyone is relaxed and does their own thing without the fear of being judged by others”
Bonnie said “That sounds a lot like what we say at the Final Freedom Foundation say, except we aren’t’ down on monogamy, rather we see it as one of many ways to fulfillment. ”
Ron said “Jeanne’s right, you really must come and do a talk. If you’ll agree to come I’ll call some people and we can have a discussion group. ”
“O. K, but where and when?”
Marcy was now full of questions “But if you have a club with a nude pool and friends open to messing around, why come here?”
“We like the beach” Jeanne said “And besides, look around, a smorgasbord of bodies on display; all open to the right offer. ”
“But most of the men are gay” Marcy rejoined.

”You don’t understand Miami. Yes, there are some of these guys who wouldn’t come near a woman, but many, if not most are open to having fun with a man and woman together. Some of the best times we’ve ever had has been when we’ve picked up a hot gay guy. ”
“or two” Ron added

“or two” Jeanne agreed. “Ron and I do a great double blow job, besides nothing is better than being sandwiched between a hot gay couple. ”
Bonnie made a point to add “Yea, I’ve done that before and you’re right there is nothing like it.

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The conversation went on about sex, their kids, nudity, work, Jeanne’s surprisingly natural looking breasts augmentation, and more sex, until the girls finally came and declared they were tired and were ready to go. Bonnie looked at the time on her cell and was surprised to see they had been there almost three hours. No wonder they were tired. It had been a fun and interesting day.
After Bonnie made sure she had the directions to the club straight and promising and Marcy got the name of the Doctor who did Jeanne’s boobs, and Marcy had asked Jeanne to make a picture with her phone of she and Bonnie at the nude beach to email to her husband,they packed up to leave.

As soon as they pulled out of the parking lot it was obvious that Friday night traffic was a nightmare on Miami Beach. It took forty minutes to make the short trip back to the house. The teens didn’t seem to mind as they had all piled in the back seat and were doing something with Josh. She suspected they were taking turns sucking him off, but she couldn’t see. She almost said something but did not know Katie well enough to risk embarrassing her.

Marcy called Trisha and asked if she should bring home food. Trisha said they had ordered Chinese and there was plenty left. “So how have things gone with a house full?” Marcy asked

And after ending the call Marcy said that Trisha had cryptically answered “Well I think things are winding down now, but I can’t be sure with teenagers”.

“I wonder what she meant?” Bonnie asked.
“Don’t’ know”

Once they found someplace to park half way up the block, the teens ran off leaving Bonnie and Marcy to bring in the gear.

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   Bonnie was last in, hauling the ice chest and umbrella. Though the chest had wheels, it took some pulling to get it up and over the door sill. She turned to complain that she had gotten no help, when she saw Misty.

The main floor of the house, though most of the walls had been removed, still had the furniture arranged so that there were clearly different areas, or quasi-rooms.

As one entered, there was still the tile that demarked the once enclosed entry way. From there one could see clear to the far wall, where was the full sized dining table. The kitchen to the left of the table and the TV area to the right. Just inside the door, directly to Bonnie’s left was what was surely a bedroom at one time as it still had a louvered closet in one wall. It now contained a couch/pull-out bed, a small desk and a reading table. To the right of the entry way was what in the 70’s was called a conversation pit. It was the largest of the quasi-rooms; two old brown, but still comfortable, overstuffed “L” shaped seating units sat across from one another to give the space some feeling of continuity. Each of the “L” units had a full sized couch on the long end and a recliner as the short end. Between them was a large round coffee table with an additional love seat running parallel to the entryway and one on the far wall made a nice space that both sat over a dozen people with comfort with out bringing in chairs or sitting on the ample floor space. At night the area slept four on the pull-out beds.
It was on the “L” unit that ran beside the entry way that Misty was comfortably relaxing.

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   Lying up on the scrawny chest of that boy Brett as he sat propped up with a pillow on the short side of the unit. He had one leg dropped off the front of the couch and the other against the back rest. Between them was Misty, working on her lap-top that sat, of all places in her lap. All very innocent, if they both weren’t naked. Naked as was Caitlin, who had her head resting on the chest of the boy named Red who was using the recliner feature of the “L” unit. He gently massaged her large breast while her hand was wrapped around his semi-hard phallus, as she absent mindedly stroked up and down as she appeared to rest. On the big coffee table, among the glasses of soda was table was a box of Trojans and she could easily see half a dozen torn open wrappers. In the mist of all this a heavy set guy named Franklin sat working on one the other laptop.
When Bonnie pushed the door shut, Misty said “Hi mom” with out looking up. Caitlin opened her eyes sleepily and said “Hi Mrs. C” with out changing her languid rhythm.

“So that is what Trisha meant by saying things were winding down. ” She thought to herself. “they must have been having quite a time here. ”

From the far side of the open space, Haley’s head appeared over the back of one of the couches that faced the TV upon which was showing a “Friends” episode.

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   “HI, Ms. C. ” Haley said cheerfully “The Sweet & Sour Chicken and some fried rice is here on the table, but the rest is in the kitchen. ” Her head and shoulders began to rock slowly back and fourth. “We’ve been having a great time, but in a bit we’d like to go out shopping. Angie said the shops stay open till like 2:00 AM. ”

It was a bit much to take in at once. Behind her, the voice ofMindy the sweet little Asian girl. asked “Bonnie, Haley, said you don’t mind if we get it on right here in front of everyone. Is that true?”

It took what, to Bonnie seemed a long time, to craft a response to this unexpected question. “It’s like this, yes we think you should be free to do what you enjoy where ever you choose to. So, yea, I guess that means if you want to, I don’t mind if you…… get it on”

“That’s so cool. ” And she went over to join Katie at the kitchen table, tossing the cover-up she’d donned when they left the nude beach.

Shaking her head, Bonnie walked over to the table and picked up a plate. Looking to her right she saw her assumption was correct that Haley was having sex on one of the couches facing the TV.

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  A wave of discomfort came over her, but she put it aside and walked over to the coffee table in front of the couch to get some Sweet and Sour. Approaching from behind them she could easily see her lifting up and slamming down on the shiny pink shaft of the guy they called Squirrel. She put rice chicken and sauce on her pate and sat in one of the chairs beside the couch. She could see how in addition to using her thighs to ride up and down, she was rocking her hips front to back. She couldn’t help but notice that though her large breast swung free, the teen’s thighs never shook no mater how much force she used on the down stroke; the benefits of youth. Forcing herself to interact as an adult and not a player she looked for as way to play that role with out condemning them. She what she thought was the best way she said “There had better be a rubber on that thing girl”, even though she could clearly see there was one when Haley would lift almost free of him.
Haley, who had been kissing the boy intently, stopped and sat up breathing hard. Without irritation she said “Yes, Ms. C, we got it” and she lifted off and the penis clad in green latex popped free. She motioned for him to sit up and she snuggled in beside him.
She was coated in sweat and her hard breathing didn’t abate for some minutes. Bonnie could tell something was bothering her. “You OK?” she asked.
Haley stared right in with out delay “We’ve been messing around all afternoon.

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   It’s been great, everybody just doing whoever, whenever, just totally great. But oddly I haven’t’ had an “O” all day. I mean that’s not like me. I can cum in minutes, but not today. ”

“Why do you think you’re having problems? Are you uncomfortable with the fact everyone is around while you’re doing it?”

“No, I think it’s cool. Last night and then today its all so open and natural, but it seems to intrude on my ability to focus on cumming. ”

“Oh, well the first time I did it when others were around I sorta had the same problem. ”

“So what did you do?”

“It sounds funny, but rather than blocking it out, when I’m with a group, I put on a show. I make them part of my experience rather than try to shut them out. In a room full I never have any trouble now. ” Thinking it would be too much to just sit and watch them, Bonnie got up to look for a soda.

Opening the bathroom door she could tell the double shower was being used. She knew she shouldn’t but she poked her head in far enough to see into the glass shower stall. Inside she could see Sarah and Josh scrubbing each other. She slipped out quietly so as not to disturb them and headed up stairs to crawl into the big garden tub.



Trisha and Marcy were already in and the Jacuzzi was running full blast. With out waiting for an invite, Bonnie slid in with her friends. This made the tub full, but not unpleasantly so.

”I was just telling Trisha about our invite for tomorrow night. ” Marcy said.

“So we have plans for the next two nights, then on Monday we are going snorkeling. We’ll be busy. ” Trisha said.

”Talking about busy, what happened here?”

“It was something else. By the time I came downstairs they had already started. Now it wasn’t like they all just threw their clothes off at once. Since we’d been at the beach all morning, I didn’t think too much of the fact that when Mindy and Caitlin showered they came out in just some little thong panties. It’s not that I didn’t know that it was provocative, but just well, it was basically what they had been wearing at the beach. it was different, but, no, yes I knew they were sending a message to the boys and to me; but what they didn’t know was that while they had been in the shower Haley had already gone down on the boy Red. While he was still working with the computer, Haley is blowing him.

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   For a long time that is all that happened, the boy finally put down the computer and just a minute later, he cums. From what I could see, Haley swallowed all he gave her. And it’s not like she didn’t know I’m right there watching her. ”
“So, like nothing is happening I’m asking the kids what they want for dinner and I can’t help but notice that Misty’s hand is in this other guy’s, Brett I think,trunks. I don’t’ say anything and next thing I know his trunks are down and she is giving him a hand job with me standing right in front of her. ”
“What are the others doing?” Bonnie asked.
“Nothing. They were using the laptops to play some sort of game. Haley and Squirrel were watching TV. First they watched some Japanese cartoon, then Haley put on the Playboy Channel. It was like they didn’t even notice me, until Misty asked me to go up and get a box of condoms. By the time I found them and got back Misty was sitting on his face and things got really crazy. ”
Marcy jumped ahead “Crazyer you mean. I guess they all got after it?”
“No, like I said it wasn’t like that. It was like the two boys with Caitlin just watched until Brett and Misty took a break, then they did it a while.

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   It was kinda odd.
Marcy corrected her “Not really. From what the girl called Mindy told me, I think this group of kids have been doing it in front of each other most of the summer, so this is a routine they’ve already worked out. She specifically told me about the first time she and Red fucked in front of the others and that was a good while ago, and from what I gather they treat sex like any other activity, when they feel like it they do it. ’”
Trisha thought for a second “Yea, that’s what it’s like, and with the Euro Club girls having talked about sex being that casual but not having really done it, their group and ours meshed perfectly. ” That makes sense because with just two girls who, from what I gather have no problem saying no, and seven nerdy guys, our girls begin to balance things out. ”
Bonnie pointed out “It really is what Cooper keeps saying is proving itself everywhere we go; people are having sex with all sorts of people, but it’s all kept under the wrapper, yet it’s the stuff of life. These kids aren’t drugged up losers, from what Mindy said they are top drawer students going to some of the best colleges, and yet sex is just out there. ”

Sarah appeared at the door, unusually she was covered by a towel and her hair was dripping wet “Mom, we do have more condoms don’t we?”

Marcy looked up a little befuddled “Yea, I’m sure we do. ” And she crawled out of the big tub.

“So Trish, what were you doing for hours while in a room full of people having sex?” Bonnie asked
“It wasn’t full of people having sex. I told you”

“OK, what did you do for hours while in a room of naked teens having sex on and off around you?”

“I told you I watched TV, ordered out for Chinese to be delivered, I watched TV. ”

Bonnie looked at her intently. “I saw your wrap and thong on the floor in the TV area. ”

Trisha struggled to find some words but found none before Marcy came back in.

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   “Well I guess I’ve passed the test for being an open mom by giving my daughter a box of condoms knowing a boy is waiting for her downstairs. ”

“Marcy, I’m trying to get Trisha to explain why her wrap and thong were on the floor downstairs. I think she did more than serve food and condoms. ”

“Trisha, I can’t believe you would do anything while I wasn’t here to participate” Marcy said and broke out laughing. When she was done she said “OK, your caught, give up the details. ”

Trisha bushed and quickly said “There’s not much to tell. I was sitting watching TV on the couch, Haley and the girl, Angie had been going at it for a long time. And before you asked, yea, I watched when they couldn’t see I was, and yes it was hot. But the whole time the chubby kid Franklin is sitting by me. For a long time he didn’t say a word but finally he, out of the blue he tells me how hot I am. I thanked him and then he points out that he and I are the only ones in the room with any clothes on. Yea, this from this geeky kid, he’s wanting me to get naked for him. ”
“So, what did you do?” Bonnie asked

“Not right off, but after a while I realized he was right and thought he might be embarrassed so, so I peeled down as did he. Now I’d seen what the other guys were packing and it was nothing to notice, but fat Franklin had a fat dick to match, not huge, but fat enough for me to notice. ” Then she added, “I could just barly get my hand around it.

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Marcy mocked her “Oh, so you felt obligated to give a hand job did you?”

“Yea, yea, and before you harass me any more the end of the story is I let him put it in me. ”
“Oh, I like that turn of phase, let him put it in you Bonnie teased “And surprise surprise, you liked it?”

”You know full well I did. ”

“The kids see you?” Marcy quizzed

“Like I said they seemed to like to watch as one couple at a time. When I’d cum I finally opened my eyes and sure enough I think the whole crew had been watching. The food arrived a minute latter, you should have seen that delivery boy’s face when I opened the door”


“Oh, yea, not a stitch, but not just me he could easily see the others standing around. We were just finishing eating when you called. So that’s the whole story. ”
“And quite a story it is”

Picking up a razor from the side of the tub Bonnie said “I bet that electrolyses is popular here, I’ve got to shave like every day. ”

Trisha agreed “Yea, I think we need to go see her doctor when we get home” as she also soaped up to shave.

Once she and Trisha had finished “I think the kids want to go out shopping tonight. ” Bonnie said “I’ll take them if you guys want to stay here. ”
“No I want to go”

“So do I”

“OK, lets see how many of the kids want to come” Bonnie said as she clambered out of the big tub.

After toweling dry Trisha suggested “They’ve all seen me, why don’t we all go downstairs like this” using her hands to indicate she meant nude.

“If you want” Bonnie said and headed out the door.

The appearance of the moms of two of the girls, stark naked, caused quite a stir among the guys in the room, which amused Bonnie since they had seen all but about ten square inches of her already.

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   But she knew it was the point of them being completely naked that mattered.

“Wow your mom’s are hot. ” Squirrel who was on a computer in the TV area blurted out. On the couch beside him, Sarah’s hips pushed up to meet Franklin’s as they copulated. It was a fascinating show but Bonnie was wondering about her own daughter and it was not until she had moved nearest to the near “L” unit, that she saw, for the first time, Misty actually having sex.

Looking down she immediately made eye contact with her daughter, who smiled broadly and winked. Misty was on her back with Brett over her in the missionary position. Bonnie could see his ass squeeze and push forward then relax and pull back in a slow cadence. It was very clear to Bonnie that Misty was in control and enjoying herself and was not embarrassed in the slightest that her mom was watching. And watching she was, she knew she should move on but she just stood and watched. Misty wrapped her legs around him and pulled him in deeper with a pleased sigh.

It seemed very odd to Bonnie, that on the same couch, not a foot from Misty’s head, that Josh was focused on doing something on one of the laptops. And in the other “L” unit Mindy and Red were talking about something that was on the third computer - and everyone was still completely naked.

When Sarah realized, her mom was in the room she was even more bold than Misty by pushing Franklin off her and mounting him to face her mom (and his feet). Once straddled over his penis, she reached down underneath her and guided him back into her.

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   Then she began to talk to her mom in a very upbeat voce, just slightly louder than was necessary “Hey mom, this is so great. Gerta would be impressed at both of us. “ she said as she rocked her hips to and fro on Franklin’s pelvis.

“What do you mean” Marcy replied in a voice which was far more relaxed than she expected.

“Well I’ve completely overcome my inhibitions and the American social norms and have embraced life as it comes to me. ” She flung her arms over her head “It feels so good. I love the feeling of being filled like this and it is just for fun. ”

Sarah’s outburst helped Bonnie finally did pull her eyes away from watching Misty. Stepping to the middle of the room she made a general announcement. “We are going out to walk around and do some shopping. Anyone who wants to join needs to be dressed in a 18 minutes. ”

It was only then she realized there was a guy she hadn’t seen before in the area that was once a bedroom sitting on the couch with Katie and Angie. What got her attention was that he was fully clothed. She crossed the twenty feet or so and extended her hand “Hi, I’m Bonnie, I don’t think we’ve met. ”

Though he clearly was trying to act with decorum while rising and taking her hand, his eyes only slowly lifted from her unclothed body to her face “I’m Tommy.

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   I came to pick up my friends”

Sitting on the couch Katie said, “He’s kinda freaked out. I told him you and Ms. K are Misty and Sarah’s moms, but he doesn’t believe me. ”

Bonnie shook his almost trembling hand, “It’s true, Misty’s mine and Sarah is Marcy’s. ”

The boy just stood wide eyed and then slowly sat back down. “Angie” Bonnie said “Did Katie tell you that Sarah’s mom teaches at their high school?”
Katie’s head bobbed up and down as Bonnie continued “Of course we keep all this very quite back home. Well, nice to meet you Tommy, I’ve got to get put together to go shopping. ” And she turned and went back to the main part of the open format house.

Both Misty and Sarah continued to enjoy themselves as Bonnie passed by saying “Remember 18 minutes before we leave. ” Then as an after thought she added “If any of your new friends want to stay the night they are welcome. ” Then she headed upstairs.


They had a great time walking at night and looking at more of the shops and boutiques. All of the crew from Georgia came along with Brett, Mindy, Red and Squirrel. It was a big group now and after a while they split up with Trisha and Marcy taking Sarah, Katie, Mindy and Squirrel and the rest going with Bonnie. The mom’s were specially looking for outfits for the party Saturday night.

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   Bonnie was also looking for just the right outfit to wear to the party tomorrow night.

It was almost one when Bonnie and company met up with the others for a late night bite to eat and past two when they made it back to the house. Bonnie was wiped out and didn’t even bother to see what the sleeping arrangements would be downstairs.

It was 10:00 AM when Bonnie finally made it downstairs for something to eat. She was not surprised to see little movement downstairs. It appeared that Caitlin was the only one awake as she sat at the table munching on leftover pizza.

“Well everyone is just dead” Bonnie said, sitting down next to Caitlin.

“No, Sarah and Katie are already gone off with those two guys on their roller blades. ”
“Oh, yea, I’d forgotten about them. ”

“They went to bed not long after we got back, so I guess they were planning. ”

“When did the rest of you go to bed?”

“I’m not sure but we messed around for a long time before it got quite. ”

Bonnie looked over at Caitlin and asked “Are you OK with all this?”



“Yea Ms. C, I’m having a great time. I’m not doing anything I don’t want to, and a lot of stuff I do”

“I was just making sure. ”

“Let’s see yesterday I had full sex with Red, Squirrel, Brett, Angie and Haley and messed around with just about everyone else.

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   It was too fun. ”

“So Misty shared Brett last night?”

“Yea, I kinda felt sorry of the guy. There were only three of them and five of us. I’m sure at first that seemed like a dream, but they just couldn’t keep it up nearly as long as we could keep taking it. Poor Red he gave out before he’d done all of us even once. He just couldn’t contain himself and wanted to do it till he came with each of us, but just couldn’t keep that up. I’m pretty sure all five of us got a piece of Brett, but before he couldn’t get it up anymore. But Squirrel kept it up for ever. Last think I remember before falling asleep was that he was spooning Mindy. I know he did me two different times and got me off both times. I think he did it for Misty well. It was a great night. ”

“Glad you had fun. ”

“We all want to go to the South Beach today. Is that OK?”

“Sure, but when will they be up?”

“Here, I’ll get them up.

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  ” Caitlin said. Then she went around the room pulling the sheets off and yelling for them to get moving. Each time she pulled a sheet off several swiveled condoms flew off as well. One by one they stumbled out of bed. Some went upstairs to lay in the garden tub and others went into the shower.

Bonnie took some Bagels she had bought the other day and began to toast them. Soon the six chairs were full of teens eating and talking. Much of the talk was explicitly discussion last nights fun. At one point Haley said “You should have joined up Ms. C”

“It’s flattering you think so, but I was dead to the world. ”

“So, when are we leaving for the beach?” Caitlin asked

“As soon as everyone is ready. Dress for going out to lunch before we go to the beach. OK?”

She got agreement from everyone and went back upstairs to get in the tub. But once she got their she found it already busy. Mindy was drying her hair, while in the tub were Trisha, Marcy and in the middle was Squirrel sporting his now famous ever-hard dick.


   “Good morning Ms. C” chirped Mindy.

“Good morning. ” She replied “I told the others I’d like to do lunch before we hit the beach. And don’t worry about money, It will be my treat. ”


“No problem. ”

“Well Squirrel, I hear you were the champ last night. ” Bonnie said “and still ready to go I see. ”

“I’ve been around him for a month and I think his dick is hard 95% of the time” Mindy said

“And what’s wrong with that?” Trisha said sliding her hand up his leg while Marcy’s slid up the other.
“Squirrel I suggest you get out before these two attack you. ”

“And what’s wrong with that?” he asked sliding down so their hand’s now rested in his thick pubic hair.

“I think I’ve created a couple of sex fiends. I’ll go take a shower downstairs. ”

But downstairs the shower was also busy, Walking in on her daughter leaning up against the wall while Brett ate her was not what she expected; but, she would not allow herself to act put out. So without asking she turned on the other shower head and stepped in.

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   She saw Misty open her eyes to see who was coming in but didn’t say anything. Bonnie tried not to watch on one hand, or to rush her shower on the other.

She was just putting shampoo in her hair when Misty came, and not quietly. A full voiced “OH YES!” harkened the beginning, some incomprehensible words went on for over a minute before ending with “that was great”. Once Bonnie had rinsed the shampoo and opened her eyes, all she could see was Brett’s back as he did her from the back against the far wall of the double shower stall. Now she allowed herself to watch his fine ass work her hard. Since neither of the teens could see her she almost allowed herself to lean against her wall and caress her clit but she simply could not cross that line. Through the spray and mist she took only glances at the smooth strong mussels on his back, his legs and his buttocks as they made their undulating sexual movements. It startled her after she rinsed the conditioner from her head,she glanced over again to see her daughter had turned around and he now held her up against the fiberglass wall, her legs wrapped around his waist. It was incredibly sexy and she stood watching him push the breath out of her as he crushed her chest in passion. She could clearly see Misty’s face over his shoulder.

Then she realized Misty was looking right at her mother with a ‘you’ve been caught’ look. For a moment they shared a bond of blood and gender. They were not mother and daughter, master and minion, but two people who loved each other deeply sharing a special place in time. The boy was irrelevant; this was about Bonnie and Misty.

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   Somehow she knew this was the point in her life when her daughter became a peer in her world. For Bonnie time and the world disappeared and the moment lasted an eternity. But in the real world, even though he had more sex in the last twelve hours that all the rest of his life combined, Brett couldn’t keep up forever.
Bonnie could tell Brett was beginning to climax. She mouthed “I love you” to her wonderful woman child and slipped out of the shower. Behind her she could tell not one but both of the lovers climaxed.

After toweling off she raced up the stairs and watching herself in the mirror over the bed began to do what she was so tempted to do in the shower.

She had already cum twice when Trisha and Marcy came bouncing in At first she wasn’t going to stop but Trisha began to harass her “Oh, your too good to get in the tub with Squirreland us, but you’ll come in here and do yourself. ”

Bonnie would share that special moment with her friends latter, but not now.

“You don’t have to ask, it was very good” Trisha continued

“Don’t believe her, we didn’t really do much. ” Marcy corrected. Trisha threw her towel at Marcy “Ah, your no fun and we did play with him. ”

“Yea, we did do that, but you were making him think we fucked him, which we didn’t. ”

“If you hadn’t have chickened out I sure would have. ” Trisha insisted.

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Bonnie’s arousal waned.

“OK women, get dressed, I’m hungry” Bonnie said as she rolled out of the bed.

As Sarah and Katie were still out, Marcy agreed to stay at the house for the day. Lunch at Benihana’s was great and they spent several hours at the beach. It was a bit hotter than it had been and so Bonnie was happy they had brought the umbrella. Misty brought her camera this time and shot a good number of photos. Bonnie also noticed that Misty didn’t insist on putting the teens as far as possible from her this time. She began to wonder why until she considered that it was Saturday and the beach was packed. The crowd was very different than the previous days. Many more couples in the 25-45 age-group a number with children in tow. With that change, came a significant decrease in the percentage of women with bare breasts. The group of teens and moms clearly stood out and received more that a little attention from passers by.
Despite that, it was a very relaxing afternoon. The teens tanned and played in the water, Trisha took of an a long walk to show herself off and to check out what was available. She came back over an hour later just to let Bonnie know she had met some people.

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   By the time she finally came back for good she had three phone numbers and two email addresses. While Trisha was gone and the kids were having a good time, Bonnie used the steno pad she had brought to jot down notes for her talk this evening. She wasn’t sure what they would want, so she just made some talking points based on the conversations she and Cooper’s have had. She also drew on the things she had heard in New York.

Knowing they had a busy evening she went and found the kid shortly after Trisha returned, so they packed up and left just after 4:00. When they got home they found Marcy alone watching TV downstairs, yet four pair of roller blades were by the door.

“Where are the kids?” Bonnie asked her before she headed upstairs.

”Oh, they’re in our bed. I can’t imagine they aren’t done yet, they’ve been up their over an hour. ”

Bonnie chuckled “I’m surprised Sarah didn’t want to do it down here with you watching”

“Oh, they did that first, a good hour of it before she wanted to see herself in the mirror. ”
Bonnie laughed “So doing it in front of Mom is the norm now?. ” And without giving her a chance to respond “Well I’m getting back in the tub. I’d like to leave in about an hour or so. ”

“No problem. I’ve already got my make-up on I just need to do my hair.

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Bonnie couldn’t help but find an excuse why she needed to go to her room first. With the door open it was evident that Marcy was mostly right. On either side of the bed was a sleeping guy and in between Sarah and Katie snuggled quietly. Perhaps they didn’t have as much energy as Marcy supposed.

Hearing Bonnie come in Sarah rolled over and said “Hi Ms. C”

“Hey girl, your mom said you’ve had quite a day”

”Oh yea, it’s been great. To bad the guys gave out”

“I’m afraid that is just the nature of men. They hound you for sex, then when you give it, they quit before you’re done. But I hope you got something before they died on you”

“Oh yea, We can’t complain. They did us both for a good long time down stairs” Katie added “Defiantly longer than I’ve ever been done before. So I’m not upset”

Sarah responded by saying “I’m not upset either, but I am expecting one more round before they go home. ”

Bonnie picked up her make-up kit and said “I’m glad your enjoying yourselves. I’ve got to get ready for a party. ”

“My mom told me it is going to be a sex party”

“I think so, all the more reason I need to look my best?” and with that she went to the bathroom and for the first time used the bathroom’s small shower stall rather than the big tub.


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