In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Four

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Chapter Four

The Campbell home was neither old nor new, by local standards. Like so many rural Southern homes it is a large but firmly middle class affair with a clapboard core with numerous additions made since it’s 1940’s beginning. From the none-to-busy state highway, it seems out of place with the much newer, and more expensive homes on either side which were added when the previous owners subdivided the property during the building boom of the early 90’s. The homes were still under construction when the Campbell’s moved back when Misty was still in diapers. Though not isolated,the property was not small, a full 5 acres including the woods behind. The swimming pool rather than being directly behind the home as might be the case in a suburb is to the left running just feet from where the property was divided. For years the 70’s vintage pool had a clear view of both the state highway and to Cooper, the new home, appeared to be way too close, at least for this rural environment. It was for this reason Cooper had added the tall fence facing the highway and to the neighbor’s home. To east, where the woods and then creek lay, the original chain link remained.

The pool predated the advent of vinyl liners, and given the sandy soil it took a good deal of annual maintenance. It was hard for Bonnie and Cooper to quite figure out why the pool had been put beside the house rather than behind, but the upside was a large concrete patio with several built in garden boxes each with a mature, but well trimmed peach tree. This made for a large and elegant space for entertaining on hot summer evenings. Bonnie and Cooper’s church friends had long appreciated Sunday evening socials at the Campbell’s.

It was the end of August. The heat wave had been going strong for two weeks.

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   Bonnie was down in the dumps due to Jill’s sudden move to Michigan. Terrence had was in some sort of industrial consultant job. For he and Jill moving once a year was normal, but it had taken Bonnie completely off guard. Worse yet, they leave almost immediately. The news came the third week of June and they had gone by the second week in August. She and Jill had even made plans for a night in Atlanta for the four of them on their last Friday night in town. They had even made reservations at the Radisson in downtown Atlanta, one room for the four of them to have an all night fuck fest. Jill was especially looking forwarded to it because Cooper had never actually had sex with Jill when he had joined in the fun. But that fell apart when Misty came down with strep throat. She tried not to be angry, but she was.

She picked up the coconut tanning oil and a bottle of moisturizer before heading out to the pool. The sun warmed her skin as she began her daily ritual of coating her entire body. She was a uniform bronze color with only the slightest hint of tan lines on her boobs but quite a bit lighter in the small area usually covered by her thong.

Since returning from Miami she had only worn her swim suit top eight or ten times and all of those times had been when the Lamar had friends over, and even then she still wore her Miami Beach Rio bottoms or a thong (much to the enjoyment of Lamar’s horny little friends). That first time Jill had asked about removing her top at their pool, Trisha Simms (Bonnie’s oldest and closest lady friend from church) was there.

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   Bonnie was worried that Trish might be offended, but since it “just the girls” shehoped it would be OK. When Bonnie followed Jill’s lead then suggested Trish removed hers she had not the slightest hesitation. In fact, it was Trisha, when the at their regular woman’s Wednesday tanning group two weeks later Trisha suggested they “avoid tan lines”. . Bonnie wasn’t sure that would fly but by the beginning of August Trish and Jill had the others looking forward to going “European”. She reflected how easily some of her friends she had known as conservative dressers for a dozen years, rapidly imitated her idea of her about doing as the Europeans do by wearing the bottoms and abandoning the bikini tops.

Marcy Kelly and Brandy Connelly who had been tanning during the summers with her for several years both thanked her for breaking the ice in making the suggestion they had wanted to make for several years. In those short first weeksnearly all of her friends who met at her house on Wednesday’s began leaving their tops at home for their mid-week tanning times. There was even some discussion about getting together on a weekend and do this with the husbands around. Some were joking, but Bonnie thought that at least one or two really meant it.

All this fun had eased some of Bonnie’s pain that her first real “lover” was moving.

For her daughter Misty and her friends it had been much the same. Starting the first day back from Miami she and Keli ditched their tops. By the next week when Bonnie went to check on the girls in the pool she found Haley & Connie had adopted the ‘European’ swim dress as well. Within a month, Bonnie had, by seen almost a dozen of Misty’s friends hanging out topless and so she decided to stopped putting her top on when they were over.


   They had started to push their bottoms together to make them more like thongs. The girls started calling themselves The Euro Club. All this was much to the delight of a peeping Lamar.
Bonnie had known most of the girls since they were in grade school and it did not seem out of line that several nights per week a girl or two spent the night that summer.

Within the trusted confines of the Campbell home, Haley and Connie were open with the nature of their relationship; though both were quick to say they were not lesbians. From them Bonnie heard the new term “friends with privileges”. Though Misty never gave any public announcement that she and Keli were sexually involved, she did not make any effort to hide the fact she had commandeered her mother’s dildo harness since. Beginning one night when Keli stayed over, it had sat right on her dresser in plain sight. When Bonnie asked why she’d borrowed it, Misty just gave a short answer: Keli and I are practicing.

It was a very good summer. The one thing she wished was that she and Jill could have seen more of each other before she left. Because of their full time kid chauffeuring duties and the trip to Miami, they had only made love twice in the month before she moved. At least this week she would get a break because the both kids were at day camp (Misty Drama and Lamar Trombone). Jill would be down next week to close the sale of their house but for now Bonnie was lonely. “Oh well, school begins next week,” she said to herself out loud.

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When school started a few weeks later, she had more questions about Miami Beach from many popular kids who had never before spoken to her. Coupled with this, word of the top optional tanning at Misty’s pool leaked out. It seemed each Saturday morning through September more girls that Misty hardly knew showed up to swim and sun European style. A cold front the first of October closed the pool and headed off a rumored spy ring of guys.

Bonnie went took a full time job for the first time in sixteen years, this put a strain on the family and when Cooper was assigned a major project in Chicago all thoughts of summer fun became distant memories. Misty was now driving and so she became her brother’s chuffer in mom’s absence. To make matters worse for Misty, her best friend (and practice lover) Keli had gotten serious with Cody with whom she was spending all her time.

Bonnie made a point to let Misty know the box of condoms in the kid’s bathroom would be replaced if any unnamed friends should need the ones that were there. In November Misty told her mom that Keli and Cody finally went all the way and the condoms had been appreciated. Thus for the first time in years, condoms became a regular grocery item for Bonnie. Though it was a bit hurtful to the abandoned Misty, Keli called one afternoon during the Christmas holidays and said her mom is suspicious and won’t let Cody come over if she weren’t home, so she wanted to know if she and Cody could come over during and as she said “Borrow your room like Haley and Connie did this summer”.

“Come on Misty, your mom doesn’t get home until after five and even if she did, I bet she wouldn’t mind. ” Keli had pleaded.

Misty knew her friend was right, it was just the point of it. And it wasn’t as if Misty didn’t have dates and nearly every guy she dated went as far as she let them, which wasn’t very far.

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  Misty was living up to her mother’s ‘blue balls’ nick name and if the guy was rude or pushy that is exactly what he got. If he was nice, he would get to feel her up and blow his wad into her, growingly skilled hand. Though she had been on birth control since August, she had not been out with a guy she wanted to go further with. She remembered what it was like burning with desire at the beach; she was waiting for that again. That is not to say that she had not laid permanent claim to one vibrator and two dildos from her mom’s drawer; in addition to the dildo and harness set. Sadly the harness had been used but a few times since the day that Cody’s real dick replaced the silicone one Misty liked pounding into her.

Fall turned to winter. Bonnie was not happy with her job at a large retail chain. Though quitting the day before Christmas felt the right thing to do, it left her feeling like a failure. The remainder of the holidays kept her busy, and the family took a short Ski trip to West Virginia just after Christmas so it was in the second week of January when the kids went back to school that the blues came on her. She sat looking out at the back yard “I really need something to get me going again. ”

At the same time, fifty miles from home in his office, Cooper thought, “Winter can get depressing” as he looked out the window. “It seems all I do is work and sleep. I need a break. So does Bonnie.

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  Maybe going back to work this fall had been a mistake.

It seems we hardly ever have time for each other. We’re always so tired. I know Bon is even more frustrated since she quit. She explored her libido this summer only to have it quashed by Jill leaving and that awful job.

He thought it would have gotten better in November when Bonnie and his secretary, Tina, began to get friendly. It had started when Bonnie told Tina about the day with Adam and her activities in Miami. Cooper had been surprised that within a week all the girls in the office knew about the day at the pool with Adam. Cooper had been worried that he might be the butt of jokes but it appeared that the girls in the office seemed to think he was great for letting his wife have fun with other people.

On the way home from the company Christmas party, Bonnie told Cooper how she and Tina (both drunk) had slipped off together. When Tina’s boyfriend went looking for her he found them busy in the 69 position. Well that caused a scene and Tina left angry.

When Bonnie next spoke to Tina she made no reference to what had happened.

It was a drab February first at the office and Cooper opened his e-mail’s mechanically, barley focusing on their contents.

“What does he want?” he said crossly as he opened one from Mr.

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   LeMarco, the company’s owner. He began to scan the contents not intending to really read it carefully, when he realized this was not just another “action memo”. He now began to read a second time, intently.
I was making up my list for employees to join me
for our annual winter Caribbean cruise on the San Denero. Tina brought you and your lovely wife’s name to my attention. Evidently, she and your wife have become close friends.
As you may know Tina has come with us the last 2 years and she seems to think you two would fit right in on the cruise.
I’m looking forward to spending the third week of February with you two.
Martin LeMarco

What did he mean, “Tina thinks we would be a good fit. ”

How much has Bon told Tina?What did Tina tell Mr. LeMarco? Cooper picked up the phone and dialed Bonnie.

“What did you talk to Tina about?”

“Lots of things. ”

”About sex?”

“Yea, why”

Cooper read the letter and added, “These winter cruises are always wrapped in secrecy. Normally only Mr. LeMarco’s family and a few of the most attractive women in the office are invited.

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  The natural assumption is these trips are pretty wild. ”

“Wow. Tina knows everything”

“And of course the fact you two made it at the party. ” Cooper paused “You know we can’t exactly say no. ” “Why would we want to say no. ” Bonnie answered incredulously.

“I don’t know. It seems maybe he’s inviting us because he wants to screw you. ”

“He’s handsome, I wouldn’t mind. Would you?”

“He’s my boss. ”

“You were Tina’s boss and you didn’t mind usdoing each other”

“I guess it’s OK”

“Tell Mr. LeMarco we will come. ”


Cooper watched Miami began to sink away in the tropical February sky. The sails rumbled as a gust of wind passed by, the rigging and spars creaked and the waves gently slapped the side of the two mast schooner “San Denero” . Boat by whose standards?, Cooper mused.

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   At 68 feet it was a regular sea going ship. On the deck in front of the main mast Tina, Heather (a new secretary), and Bonnie had already staked out places to relax. In the aft, behind the ketch’s mizzenmast were Martin LeMarco, his attractive wife Judy, Brian LeMarco (the owner’s 23 year old son), and Brian’s wife Mandy was below deck. Cooper could hear the clicks of a suitcase opening and closing as he stood by the open porthole window. The final person on bored was the boat’s skipper, Ramón. He silently stood at the wheel starring at the sails and waves.

The San Denero, was a beautiful craft. Cooper had never been on a deep-water yacht before. The two masts carried what seemed to be an acre of sail, yet under the Cuban skipper this bunch of landsmen seemed almost competent as they did their part to get the vessel under way.

As he stared at the sinking city skyline, he mused how he had tried to get Tina to tell him about the trip and found out she would not answer any substantive questions. When the day before departure he was presented with a non-disclosure agreement he was truly taken aback. Why would the boss want a written pledge not to tell anyone about the trip?

Mandy’s voice came from below “We far enough out yet, Martin?” What caught Cooper’s attention was the word “Martin”; no one in the office ever called him Martin, ever. This thought was quickly pushed aside by the next surprise. Although he later told himself he shouldn’t have been, he was none the less surprised when at Mr. LeMarco’s “Yea, I think so” Mandy emerged from below, towel in one hand sun tan oil in the other, wearing only her cutoff’s.

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Cooper could not help stare at her. It was not because she was beautiful. The fact is she would turn heads in the most modest swimsuit. Her 5’1” body was perfectly proportioned. Her flawless skin and straight brown hair belonged on a model. Cooper stared not at her beauty, he stared out of shock.

Without the slightest hint of reluctance, she spread her towel on the bench along the hull and relaxed topless as if this was the norm.

Cooper was standing next to the cabin amidships, close enough to carefully examine this woman’s body. He noticed that even in February she still had bikini tan lines, and his eyes became fixed on her round breasts, their size enhanced by her small frame.

He finally realized he was staring and quickly turned to walk to the bow where Bonnie, Tina and Heather lay.

“OK, Tina. Were now on our way and Mandy LeMarco is back there topless chatting as if this happens every day. What’s this trip about?”

The mention of Mandy’s exposure got an immediate interested reaction from Bonnie and Heather, but Tina didn’t respond. Cooper squatted down by Tina and spoke again “Come on, you know Bon and I aren’t prudes, but we would like to know what everyone else knows.

”I don’t know what’s going on either.


  ” stated an interested Heather. Heather had been with the company since the fall. It was obvious that she had been hired just out of high school absolutely devoid of office skills or experience. When she started in Brian LeMarco’s office, it was obvious why she had been hired. She was a living, breathing Varga girl. She had that special beauty afforded only to teenage girls blessed by nature with the kind of that body plastic surgeons tries in vain to create artificially. Tina sat up slowly. “All right. I guess it’s all right. ”

She propped her self up against the wall of the main cabin behind her. “I’m assuming you’ve already guessed you were invited by Mr. LeMarco, Martin as he wants to be called on these outings, because he believes you are, well. Not hung up, abut sex. ”

Heather thought about this for a second and then said in an anxious whisper, “Did he invite me, thinking I would screw him?”

“No, I’ve been on two of these trips before and I’ve never seen him pressure anyone to have sex. ”

“Good” Heather said visibly relaxing.

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   Tina continued “That is not to say that sex isn’t the primary focus of the trip, because it defiantly is. In your case Heather, it was Brian who asked for you to come. ”

“But his wife is here!”

“Let me tell you what I know about the family and maybe it will make sense to you. ” Tina continued matter-a-factly. “These trips started six years ago at the suggestion of Judy, just after she became Mrs. LeMarco number three. You see the LeMarco men have an incredible sexual appetite” she looked at Heather and added “as you know”. “Martin and Mrs. LeMarco Number Two were members of an upscale swingers group, Martin loved the sex parties but number two didn’t have much of a libido and didn’t like going. It was at one of these parties he met Judy. Judy, if anything, likes to screw more than Martin; and she’s Bi so they could share lovers. Well they fell in love. Neither of them saw monogamy as an option, so not only do they have sex with other people; they enjoy watching each other have sex. In fact, Judy told me that at their wedding she wore a see a dress that you could see her tits through and for their honeymoon they flew the whole wedding party to their condo in Miami Beach. She told me that between the ceremony and the next morning she had sex with fourteen people besides her new husband, including Martin’s son Brian who was just 18 at the time.

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The three faces were screwed up in an expression that clearly indicated disbelief.

“It’s true she brought the video tape to the office once, you’ve never seen anything like it. Oh, Talking about videos, before she met Martin, Judy made several amateur sex videos that were sold around the country.

“All that was to say that these trips are an opportunity for the LeMarco’s to openly be who they really are in private. ”

Bonnie had been taking all this in and was still not sure. “How much did you tell Mr. LeMarco, ah Martin, about me - us - you know our relationship?” she said looking toward Cooper.

“Not too much. You can’t be too surprised he had heard about you doing Adam in front of Cooper” Tina said. This time Heather looked at Bonnie then Cooper clearly looking like a child who has just been told the world is not what she thought it was. “. and about you and I at the Christmas party. So all I did was give my two cents worth about your open mindedness about sex. I guess that was enough to get you invited. ”

Cooper had listened carefully and thinking aloud he said “That’s why the non-disclosure agreement.



Bonnie had also been considering what Tina had said. As it sank in and she considered the possibilities she felt like she had just been given the opportunity to do what she wanted for seven days right in front of everyone. Though Cooper was very apprehensive because all he could see is a hundred ways to offend his boss, Bonnie had no such qualms. With only a moment’s hesitation she stood up and headed to the aft untying the back of halter her top as she walked. She eyed Mandy carefully and liked what she saw. She felt her nipples harden and had to force herself to look at the elder LeMarcos’.

Martin LeMarco looked to be about fifty-ish, trim with well kept graying hair. Bonnie had always thought him handsome, but now with the knowledge that she would likely soon make love to him she almost trembled with desire. Lifting her top over her head she boldly walked up “I want to thank you and Judy for inviting me on board. This is like a dream come true for me. ”

Martin and Judy both looked her over carefully and smiled knowingly. Martin spoke up “You can thank Tina she insisted that you would help make the trip better for all of us. ”

“I’ll defiantly try. ”She headed below visualizing how she would try.

Back on the bow Heather asked “but what about Brian and his wife?” Tina replied with amusement “My first year on the trip Mandy was just Brian’s girl friend.

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“How old was she?” Heather cut in.

“She was 18 or 19, a freshman at Vanderbilt, were Brian was in school. Well, the first few days really freaked her out. See she still lived with her parents in this “Leave it to Beaver” middle class family, I wouldn’t be surprised if Brian wasn’t her first lay. Just the nudity was way out for her, and when the screwing started. ” Tina shook her head “I really thought we might have to cut the trip short. It took three days but she finally eased up and took off her top (that was before her boob job). On the fifth morning she really started to break down. She and Brian made love right up here. Now, she and I had talked to her several times about what was going on and she had told me she would like to try to overcome her inhibitions, so when I heard them doing it I knew I had to be the first up there or she would quit. When I saw them, Brian was giving her head, she looked at me and smiled like she knew she had won over her fear. She did pause briefly when anther couple (I forget their names) came up while she was giving him head, but just for a minute. Well she didn’t put a thing on all day andthat night she had made it with Brian back in the cockpit right next to his parents. On the last day Brian and I put Ramón up to seducing her”

“Ramón, the skipper?” Cooper cut in.

“Oh yea, he comes every year.

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   Martin used to sail it himself, and still does if it is just he and Judy. I think he is the archetype of the romantic Latin lover. Well, by then Mandy’s inhibitions had completely broken down and Just before we returned to Miami, Ramón, Brian and I shared her in the fore stateroom and all three of us had a shot at her. That was also her first bi experience. Last year they were newly weds, but that didn’t stop either of them from enjoying themselves with everyone”

Having finished her explanations Tina stood up to leave “Oh Heather, in case your concerned, Mandy has known all along about you and Brian having sex in his office. Don’t worry about it, she told me she will be very disappointed if she can’t watch you two this week. ” With that she walked aft leaving Heather in a state of shock with Cooper who was not much less overwhelmed.

“What do you think of all this?” Cooper asked Heather after several minutes of silence.

“I don’t know. I’m used to being the wild child. I’ve had a reputation for being the slutiest girl anyone knew, and I’ve liked it. I like men’s attention. I like sex and everyone knows it. But shit, Mrs. LeMarco made it with almost as many people on her wedding day as I have in my slutiest month.

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  I’m not the wild one, I’m a fuck’n babe in the woods with this group. ”

Silence again.

“Cooper, all the girls in the office say you’re a straight guy, never fool around at all. Why you here?”

“My wife. ”

“Your wife? What does that mean?” Heather asked, but then Cooper saw a dawning of understanding on her face as she recalled what Tina had said.

Like Tina said” Cooper explained “Bonnie’s the reason we were invited. She’s. . . well. . . She’s like Judy. She likes sex a lot and from what little Tina said you can guess I don’t stop her. ”With that they entered into a discussion of Bonnie’s sexual life.

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   The discussion made Cooper feel like a good husband, a giving husband. ”

The sun set quickly and the temperature dropped enough that everyone donned long sleeve shirts or light jackets. The main cabin was by far the largest room on board which doubled as the guest cabin and dining room, but it was only about ten feet by twenty feet which was not large for eight people eating dinner. The table ran half the length of the room. At the bow end was the foot of the main mast just in front of door to the main state room (the elder LeMarco’s bedroom),at the stern end of the room were the steps that led to the deck on the right and a rather low door which opened into the aft state room (the younger LeMarco’s bedroom). The foot of the mizzen mast separated the two. The main cabin was teak paneled and the dull light was augmented by the deck lights coming through the round windows.

It was a fine light meal of shrimp, salad and fresh fruit.

Cooper found the boiled shrimp firm, tasty and most importantly plentiful. He complimented Judy LeMarco on her dinner and commented that fresh shrimp is hardly the same food as the mushy frozen stuff they buy back home. Near the end of dinner Judy excused herself stating that the cabin had become to warm for her rugby shirt.

Cooper took no notice until she returned a few moments in a white lace catsuit. The figure hugging lace shaped her body beautifully. The semi-sheer lace both revealed and concealed her body in a way that made her the center of attention. The conversation turned to sexual escapades.

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  Judy’s stories clearly were the most fascinating, but none excited Cooper more than when his wife told her tale of she and Jill and her husband.

At every turn Cooper expected some one to strip down and start humping, but it never happened. After an hour or so Judy declared it was time to go to bed. She took Martin by the hand and led him to the fore stateroom. Cooper and Bonnie were both puzzled and disappointed as the main cabin was turned from a dinning room into the communal bedroom with two double beds and a twin folding out from the bulkheads. Brian LeMarco said the guests could work out their own sleeping arrangements before he and his wife Mandy retired to the fore state room.

The five looked around at one another. What next was the obvious question. Did the LeMarco’s want them just to go to sleep?

“Well, if Heather doesn’t mind too much I’ll take this bed” said as she tossed her suitcase on the double bed on the left of the cabin. She opened her case and began to load its contents into a drawer built into the bulkhead. The others started the same process. Cooper couldn’t’ help but notice Tina unloaded several sexual objects, the most impressive being a large dildo attached to a leather harness. Although tonight was a bust, obviously other nights wouldn’t be.

Having unloaded his belongings he noticed there was nowhere to change. The tiny bathroom, or head, was much too small for him to use as a changing room.

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  As he was pondering whether he should simply strip nude in the middle of the room, Tina slipped her bikini bottoms off underneath her shirtand flopped on the bed. Cooper thought he might as well act natural and began pulling off his shirt. He was saved having to reveal his erection when Heather flipped off the lights, leaving only a row of small orange marker lights to illuminate the room. He quickly striped off his cloths and crawled under the covers. Cooper watched Heather out of the corner of his eye in the dark, her back was to him and she dropped her shirt and bottoms before sliding into the bunk, but alas she did so before his eyes had adjusted to the dark.

The door to the deck opened spilling in a dim light, in walked Ramón, with out a word he crossed the cabin and entered the aft state room, leaving the door open about six inches behind him. From the dark room beyond the open door Cooper could hear the sounds of low voices. No one in the main cabin moved or spoke, evidently all were trying to hear what was being said. After a few minutes the distinct sound of sex began to emanate from the doorway. By now Cooper’s eyes had adjusted to the dark, he watched the others exchange knowing grins.

Cooper felt Bonnie press her bare bottom to his erection, he knew what she wanted so as quietly as possible he slid his member into her from the rear. The sex noise from the next room grew louder. Cooper barley moved his penis at all but when Judy’s voice filled the room demanding Ramón to “Yea that’s right. Yea, but harder, harder!”Cooper’s orgasm slipped out.

He fell to sleep still cuddled up to his beautiful wife.

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When Bonnie awoke the cabin was filled with light and from the motion of the boat she could tell they were no longer under sail for the boat now moved in a corkscrew motion rather than the generally for and aft movement of being under sail. Cooper was no longer in the bunk.

From the tingling in her crotch she could tell she was turned on. She had been dreaming that she was a stripper and the men in the bar took turns screwing her on stage. She sat up in bed. She could hear movement on deck, but Tina was still asleep, but Heather was gone. Though the crispiness of the night had gone from the air, it still was not very warm, crawling from the bed she considered the same question Cooper had the night before. She came to the same conclusion as Heather as she slid out of bed, still nude from the waist down and pulled the sweat shirt she had donned last night over her head. She actually hoped someone would catch her, but it was to cool for her to delay and stay nude for long, so she, with some disappointment pulled on shorts and a tee-shirt.

She thought to herself“ Sex was the point of this trip and feel deprived I have been on board a nearlywhole day and had not had one orgasm. ” As she brushed out her hair she even felt a little mad, “how dare I be denied so?”It was then she noticed that Tina’s eyes were no longer closed. They made eye contact, smiled but neither said a word. Bonnie’s mood changed as she thought about the meaning of that smile.

The glare off the water momentarily blinded her as her head emerged from the cabin. The sun was low, but very bright.


  The sails were furled and the boat lay at anchor some fifty yards away lay an island straight out of a story book, lush jungle, the mouth of an ancient river, and a pristine white beach. No condos, no hotels, nothing that revealed that this island had been visited by man. She did however notice two other boats about a mile or so anchored off the beach. They were much smaller than the one she was on and she was mildly surprised that such a small boat would be in the open ocean.

On a table in the center of the cockpit were coffee, juice and bagels. Everyone but Tina was engaged in conversation. Martin LeMarco was explaining that about 5 miles up the coast was a fabulous resort where they would have dinner, but they had anchored at this beach for a reason. “The river over there, the Rio Gordo has, as I have been told, a waterfall and a diving cliff about a mile or two inland. I thought we could make an expedition to find it. ”

There was, of course, no debate. Whatever Mr. LeMarco wanted to do was exactly what the group would do. By 10:00 all eight people had been ferried to shore on the dingy and started up the riverbank. Nearly immediately after entering the jungle the sea breeze ended and the party felt the temperature rise. Cooper was awed by the richness of the green around him.

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   It seemed everything was growing at a fantastic rate. Although they walked along an animal path that followed the river, Brian had to cut there way through with a machete rather often. As the terrain on either side of them rose they found themselves in a canyon, a canyon completely covered over by the trees.

The air was very humid and oppressive. Mandy was the first to peel off her shirt revealing a black bikini-top; it seemed a logical enough move so Cooper followed suit as did Bonnie, and the rest of the LeMarco’s, including Judy, except Judy had not worn a bikini top under her shirt.

Judy, Cooper guessed, was about forty years old. She was clearly “curvier” than is popular with the media, not over weight, but she did have breasts and hips. Her figure, auburn hair and freckles reminded him of Princess Fergie. He noticed the beautiful roundness of her breasts and concluded they were “helped” by a plastic surgeon. Not in the over the top unreal way that strippers do, but just enough to make her figure look balanced.

Of course the LeMarco’s were at the head of the line. It was a little strange to be hiking with the boss, with is wife topless. Cooper took pain not to be seem to be looking at the bosses wife, but the though occurred to him, “What if not looking offends her?” and his mind drifted back to his fear of offending his boss (or boss’s wife). Cooper looked back to those behind him to fine that Tina and Heather had removed their tops, but it seemed that only Bonnie, Mandy and Heather had worn a bikini under their tops.

Sweat glistened on Tina’s athletic torso, Cooper saw what seemed to be a woman he’d never seen, Not the tall rather pretty young secretary, but a woman of power and purpose.

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  On her5’10” frame, themussels were strong and well defined, her arms in legs moved in a fluid motion over the uneven ground and her breasts, though by no means small, seemed almost an extension of her musculature in their firmness. Cooper returning his gaze to the trail ahead spoke to Bonnie in a low voice “Have you looked behind?”

“Yea, sexy. She reminds me of Xena. ”

“I can’t believe I’ve never noticed it before”

Both husband and wife shared thoughts of what might happen today.
After an hour and a half of fighting through the jungle, the trees receded revealing a large pool (or small lake) with a small waterfall of perhaps 20 feet tall at the far end. One side of the pool was bounded by a steep rise high with boulders large enough for several people to lie upon. The noon sun shone directly down through the opening in the trees leaving the water and rocks brightly lit, and the surrounding jungle in deep shadow.

Most of the group was relieved to stop hiking, only Tina and Ramón seemed unfazed.

Judy gushed over with praise for the beauty and began to talk about the spiritual power of this place. She climbed to the top of a large bolder and when she tossed her shorts and shoes down to Ramón to put in the pack, Cooper was not surprised. Like some New Age priestess she stood, nude, arms stretched to the sky. When her husband pointed his Nikon at her the spiritual rapture gave way to showmanship as the shutter clicked. She pranced and strutted for the camera with abandon. Within minutes they had gone out of site looking for “the perfect” shooting local.

No sooner had his father and step-mother left than Brian suggested they look for the passage to the large water fall and diving cliff.


  Bonnie and Heather were said they were to tired to go on just yet so the younger LeMarco’s, Tina and Ramón headed into the jungle.

The remaining two ladies found a flat rock overhanging the trail on which to relax and get some sun. Cooper, who had been asked to stay with them clambered about on the boulders. He noticed interestingly enough that although the ladies were not 18 feet from the path by the water, the slope and vegetation made them invisible anyone approaching. This was apparent to him as he returned to them he did not see until he was literally beside them that they had both removed all their clothing to use as pillows as they layout.

Later he would deny it, but Cooper was transfixed not by his wife, but by Heather. She was simply unbelievable. Her skin from head to toe, was an unblemished pallet of golden tan, only broken by the lighter shade shaped like a bikini on her nude form. Her sandy blond hair spilled around her head like a halo, mirrored by a rectangular patch of the same color in the center of the virtual bikini bottoms, further down the labia was smooth with slightly pink lips protruding. The lightened area on her chest accentuated two large round globes, toped with small pink nipples. What made it all the more powerful was her angelic face which reflected his admiration and returned it as a kindly “thank you”

Bonnie knew her husband was instantly rigid (of course the same stimulus had just heightened the sexual need that had been driving her crazy all day) and she was going to be denied no longer.

“Come here” she beckoned with a voice that was both pleading and commanding.

He took the few paces toward her and reached up she tugged at the waistband of his trunks. Knowing it would be difficult for her, he pushed them to his feet and kicked them free.

“Sit here” she commanded him to sit at her left shoulder.

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   “Play with my top” she continued as she began to stimulate her clitoris.

The effect of Cooper’s hands on her breasts and her hands on her clit were instant, it was such an overwhelming relief to feel the pleasure she’s been aching for all day the normal tension of arousal seemed mild. She knew her first orgasm would come much to quickly to be very powerful, but there would be several, she’d have to be chained up to prevent it. She looked over to the woman to her right. She was indeed the most beautiful woman Bonnie had ever seen, far more attractive than any of the girls at the Executive Club. They made eye contact and after a few moments hesitation Heather’s hand slowly moved to her own crotch.

In an embarrassed voice she said “I’ve never done this”

“Done what?” Bonnie inquired

“Played with myself in front of someone”

“You don’t have to”

“I want to”

“Thanks” Bonnie said and they slipped into silence as they watched one another. Her first orgasm crested , but Bonnie didn’t even slow down
“That’s one” she said expelling the breath form the last contraction.

“You already came?” Heather said with a bit of surprise.

“Oh, yea” Bonnie replied matter of factly.

“How do you do that?It takes me nearly half an hour”


From the jungle path they began to hear voices.

“Guess the others are coming back”Cooper said to the others.

“How long do you guess it will take Judy to join us?” Heather quizzed

“About 2 seconds” Cooper answered.
Soon Cooper began to realize to voices were not of their friends, they were younger voices, and louder voices. Cooper could see the path, but unless someone was looking right at him, the rocks and ferns hid his face, the girls he knew were completely invisible from that angle.

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Emerging from the dense rain forest was a group of kids, teenagers really. They must have come from the resortAs Cooper looked he thought the oldest guys could be as old as 18, but the youngest girl could be 18 or so, it was hard to tell. With the boldness and enthusiasm a youth they bounded to the water’s edge. There were seven of them, three girls and four guys. They were dressed in expensive beach wear, like most groups of teenagers they all showed their individuality by dressing alike. All three girls had loose shorts and a bikini top. Two of the girls, were possibly sisters “womanly” with round hips and bust, and the triangles that made up the top of their outfits did not completely covered their youthful C or D cup busts. The girl had a darker complexion and seemed younger and more petite, but her body was no less developed. In fact she was showing more cleavage that the other two even had.

The boys clearly took the most notice of the more voluptuous girl, though the younger girls were prettier over all. “Typical of teenage guys” Cooper thought. All four guys seemed to be typical scrawny teens and wore swim trunks and tee shirts. Their fawning over the girls was truly comic. Not surprisingly the guys were trying to get the girls to go skinny dipping. Their mood was playful and it was clear the girls teasing the guys unmercifully.

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   They had already removed their shoes and shorts and the two older girls had Rio-cut bottoms but the younger one sported a thong which drove the guys wild. Several times they pulled down a strap, then pull it up, or flashed away from the guys.

Cooper knew that even in their erotic bliss Bonnie and Heather would figure out the voices did not match, so he quietly said, “It’s a group of teenagers”

Bonnie, continued working on her clit said “It could be the Pope, I said I’m not going to stop till I’m done. ” As if to make her point she rolled to her left, bringing Cooper’s penis to her mouth as she continued with her left hand, she used her right to guide her husband’s organ into her mouth.

Heather added “And I‘d wouldn’t’ mind some 18 year old stud jacking off watching us” as if to gain the attention of the kids or not, she began to moan as she continued her slow methodical masturbation.

Cooper was in heaven, getting a blow job while this beautiful woman jilled off watching, and soon there could be a bunch of horny teenagers watching also.
Cooper looked down and his wife making love to his cock and thought “If those guys only knew” and “If they would be quiet they could hear. . ”

He looked up when heard a hoot from the guys, the younger girl had discarded her top revealing perky half bowl breasts, starkly white in comparison to her overall tan. Seeing they had lost the guys interest the two older girls, one after another, tossed their tops aside exposing two sets of full heavy but young breasts,and dove into the water the oldest resurfaced with her bottoms in hand.

She waved it to gain attention then threw the top and bottoms to the shore. The youngest girl was not to be out done, pulling her thong off and walking to the shore in full view of the guys bent over and laid her bikini down. In an instant, the four boys were scrambling out of their trunks to display their youthful but obviously virile cocks standing at attention in the tropical sun. As they did so the last girl was standing next to them sliding her Rio bottoms off and slapped one of the guys on the bare ass before taking to the water again.

This of course led to a sexualized version of tag.

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  They swam further and further from the far shore and several times they were far enough out that if they had looked they would have had an unobstructed view of the three adults, but so far no one had noticed.

His attention was drawn away, when Heather began groaning so loud he could not believe the kids hadn’t heard, and if they weren’t all in the water they would have. Cooper watched as her back arched in rigid contortions as she rubbedher clit with all the strength she could muster. It seemed to Cooper that she her orgasm lasted several minutes, before she fell back to the ground. She lay on her back panting, then Cooper could see an idea come into her head.
Bonnie was now on her knees still sucking Cooper and rubbing her clit, although in this position sucking was easier than playing. Without warning her, Heather sat up and pushed three fingers all the way into Bonnie’s very swollen and wet cunt. Bonnie squeezed Cooper’s penis to the point of pain as Heather began to finger fuck her hard and fast.

Now a steady sound of flesh slapping flesh and of low female groaning was coming from the hidden side of the pool. Cooper realized it right off, the sounds of the kids had stopped cold. He was the only one facing the water so he was the only one to see one head peer around the corner, slowly one by one the other faces joined the first, all shoulder deep in the water. Interestingly it was the girls who began to move a little closer.

Heather was now virtually fisting her as she pounded in and out of her cunt with four fingers. Finally with a loud groan Bonnie’s orgasm crashed over her and her tense body melted onto the rock as she tried to regain her breath. It was only then when the kids began to quickly move back into the deeper water that Bonnie heard something and looked over and saw the seven teens now watching from shoulder deep in the water.

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Bonnie gasped in fright, which drew Heather’s attention. After a moment Bonnie burst out in laughter, followed by Heather and Cooper. As they laughed, the kids hovered near the near shore watching.

To the surprise of both Cooper and Bonnie, Heather stood up, fully exposing her nudity to the teenagers, said loudly said “Hi, don’t run off. Why don’t you come over here the rock is warm, you must be getting cold in the water”
Later both Bonnie and Cooper agreed that it was the sheer power and magnetism of her beauty which caused these three girls, and four boys, who surely had never been nude in public, one by one crawl up out of the water on to the warm rock. They all used their hands and arms to cover their nudity. Bonnie having recovered from her intense orgasm sat up between by her husband. This was her first look at the seven teenagers. The girls were just that, girls. pretty, but just girls, except they were now naked.

“Hi, my name is Heather, I’m from Atlanta. ” She said and put out her hand to the oldest girl.

The fact she was not very much older than they were made this a very different meeting than if Bonnie were talking to them. She was curvy, not slim, but perfectly proportioned, with shoulder length wavy strawberry blond hair. She had that pinkish complexion that natural redheads always have.

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   Her breasts and hips where full with the very full natural bust being pulled slightly down by their weight. She moved her hand from covering her breasts and tentatively took heathers.

“I’m Viv and this is my sister Sam. We’re from Pittsburg.
The girl next to her looked like a younger version of the same girl, with slightly less developed hips and breast.

Heather reached for Sam’s hand. Rather than just move one hand as her sister had done, she shook then held both hands on her hips in a way that seemed to say ‘I am a girl isn’t ashamed’.

Heather introduced herself to everyone then invited them to sit on the rock which had a good two hundred square feet of horizontal space.
“It’s real warm. ” She said as she stretched out laying her head in Bonnie’s lap, as Bonnie in turn leaned against her husband.

It took a few moments but they began to lay down. The boys were clearly more uncomfortable than the girls. Bonnie thought at any moment they would just run for cover, but she knew what held them, their rigid red cocks. She thought one or more might cum just laying there. Two of the boys were brothers from Philadelphia.

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   They were swarthy and Bonnie felt sure they were Jewish, both with thick but not long cocks. The other two were buddies from Dallas on vacation with one of their mom’s and her boyfriend. One was of heavy set and not too cute, the younger one was tall, nice looking and very well endowed.
Heather motioned for him to sit by her.

After a few minutes of silence the oldest girl said “This is nice”
“Yea, I’ve loved making love in the sun since I was a freshman in high school. ” Heather responded. “I’m sorry we interrupted you, you guys were about to start screwing weren’t you?”

The boys said nothing but the girls quickly said “No” “Absolutely not. ”
Bonnie could tell they didn’t even believe their lie. The younger redhead was the first to recant. “Yea, yea I was, or at least I was hoping one of the guys would make a move. ” she said looking at the ground. In short order the other two girls also recanted in timid voices, admitting they were hoping the guys would make a move.
Heather gave her most dazzling smile “that’s nothing to be ashamed of, really. ” she looked over to the slim girl, “How old are you?” “19” she said quietly. Heather looked at her intently “OK I’m just 17.



“Great” Heather responded with enthusiasm “I was seventeen when I really began to enjoy sex, I’d been fucking since I was fourteen, but it wasn’t until I was sixteen I really learned to relax and have fun. ”
She asked the others their ages.

The oldest said “I really am 18 and my sister is 16”

“I’ll be 18 in three weeks” her sister cut in “and I know I’ve done lots more guys than she has”

Her sister cast her a wicked glance.

The guys piped up and were 17, 17, 19 and the guy next to Heather was 18
After another lull in conversation, Heather said. You guys don’t mind if Bonnie and I finish what we were doing before you caught us.

The guys were quick to say “No, No go ahead. ”

Heather’s head was already in Bonnie’s lap before she could object, it took just a little movement to bring her face to the smooth warm folds.

Cooper could not help watch the others as Bonnie leaned back on him, slowly relaxing, as she began enjoying Heather’s stimulation. Heather pushed things along by sliding sideways so as to stretch one of her long legs across the oldest boy’s torso. It didn’t take him long to start sliding a hand up and down her leg.

There was some looking around among the other six, then some nonverbal exchange between the two sisters, then ever so slowly they each moved toward the two brothers. The boys were clearly not taking the hint, so the oldest girl took it in hand as it were and reached for his still pointing penis. Her sister followed her lead and did likewise.

Though this worked out for the two sisters, because of how everyone had lain down, the remaining girl and boy separated by a good ten feet. Too much to cross by gentle scooting.

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As if on cue, they both pushed up to see over the bodies in between. She motioned for him to come over. When he did they immediately set to kissing intensely.

Cooper watched for some time as his wife enjoyed Heather’s ministrations. The young man whom Heather had picked out for her own wasted little time moving from running his fingers along her legs to running them into her love canal. The other guys didn’t need any other encouragement. Though the older sister had her boy spraying semen in short order, Cooper couldn’t tell if he ever softened before she straddled him and began to ride. He sister took a variation of this theme by riding her boy’s face in a 69 before she latter saddled up on him.
After Heather left Bonnie quivering from another pair of climaxes, she moved allowing Cooper to spoon his wife while Heather began to talk to the girls as she was jack hammered from behind.

“So girls, isn’t this better than laying across the seat of your boyfriend’s truck?”

The thin girl was being treated to what looked to be an enjoyable tongue job, said “How’d you know my boy friend had a truck?”

The Sam, the younger sister, took the meat out of her mouths and said “Yea, I’ve done it in a truck, but that’s a lot better than trying to do it in a Honda. I thought I’d never stand straight again”

Heather spoke up again. “So Sam, is this the first time you’ve watched your sister ride the one horned steer?”

Viv was riding hard, rocking her hips faster and faster.
Sam moved down her boy’s body and grasped the meat. It was so thick her hand barley went around it. Now she began to watch her sister.

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   “I’ve seen her make out, but no I’ve never watched her do this, let alone done it at the same time. ”
Heather asked “And, is it a turn on”

“Oh, yea. It is dirty and sooo very hot. ”

Heather asked Viv the same thing and she answered “I agree, this is perverted watching my baby sister, but I’ll guarantee this won’t be the last time. ”
Underneath her the brother from Philly said “It sure won’t, their room is just down from ours. ”

Heather gave out a short laugh between strokes and said “I bet this isn’t a first for you guys. ”
The second brother, being ridden by Sam, said No, I’ve been watching my bro bang pussy since I was 12. But I don’t remember us ever doing sisters at the same time. What about it bro?”

“No, we did the Carpolli sisters, but that was on different nights. ”

Cooper slowly spooned his wife until a full body orgasm spilled his seed into her. Laying next to her he wondered when the others would return and what had taken them so long. Even before Cooper had succumbed to the tide of orgasm, the good looking guy had emptied himself into Heather and collapsed into a heap, as had his buddy. The brothers from Philly had more staying power and after they had brought both sisters off to orgasm, switched partners and started all over again. With everyone resting but the two pairs of siblings.

Heather got up and stretched.


   Viv, after complaining that the rock hurt her back in the missionary position, had moved to the side of the boulder where she could brace herself against a tree that grew along side. The younger brother now dripping with sweat kept up a powerful pace; while her little sister was having a series of orgasm in the butterfly position.

Cooper got up to talk to Heather. “Well, aren’t you the goddess of love”
She smiled as they watched Viv’s voluptuous body quiver with each stroke. Her thighs, waist, and even arms quivered, while her pendulous breasts swung freely as they hung down.

“Yea” Heather said “I have this effect on people. In high school, I know I caused more kids to get in trouble with their parents because I talked the kids to getting naked at their parties. Parents expect the kids to be playing spin the bottle for kisses, when the peek in and it is spin the bottle for blow jobs they just freak out. Until came on this trip I was sure I’d been around more group sex than anyone I knew. ”

Heather motioned for Cooper to turn around. When he did he found the good looking guy’s dick had recovered and was now plugging his wife. He could tell she was getting tired as she just lay there and let him do her.
Fortunately it looked as if the Philly brothers were wearing out, the older, with a audible groan shot a load on to Sam’s stomach and tits, followed shortly by his little brother pulling out and holding it until Viv turned andspewed over her tits as well.

As they watched Bonnie wrap her legs around the boy, Cooper asked Heather “Where do you think our boss went?”
“I don’t know “she replied “they went that way to take pictures. ” She pointed and looked to the back to where they had come up the trial.

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   He was surprised when he saw the lens of a camera peering through the ferns. Once he saw the camera lens he noticed behind growth was Mr. LeMarco flanked by the rest of his family.

“Look at this” Cooper said with some surprise and pointed Heather to the LeMarco’s.

She looked around to see if the kids noticed, then laughed “I knew he was a little perverted” she said.

The elder LeMarco’s, having been discovered, stood up to come out from their hiding place.

The motion startled the youngest girl, then seeing a group of people screamed, which started a mad rush to dive off their sunny perch. The younger boy from Dallas had to physically pull his buddy off of Bonnie to get him to go.
Cooper watched the naked buns as they swam across the pool, which was now only half in the sun. Without slowing each kid scooped up their suit and disappeared down the trail. It seems the kids may have overcome their inhibitions for Heather, but they were not ready for real public nudity. After the two Texans had jogged out of sight the seven teenagers were no more than muffled laughter beyond the first bend.

“Well Cooper, that was sure a visual treat” Martin LeMarco opened “Sure glad I brought along extra memory for my camera today. ”
“How long have you been there?” Cooper asked uncomfortable about his boss spying on him.

“I don’t know, but I could hear the fucking noise well down the trail.

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  ” He grinned at his own pun “Get it, the fucking noise. ”

Judy shook her head at the joke “Heather was talking to the girls while that good looking boy did your wife when we got here”

The sun was completely off of the pool and almost off their stone veranda when the company began their march back to the boat. Judy and Martin gave a detailed evaluation of what they had seen. Both Bonnie and Cooper were alternately proud, embarrassed and turned on and mortified by the nature and content of their descriptions. Bonnie was relieved when in the talk Martin mentioned that on this, and most of the Caribbean islands, that sixteen year olds could legally consent to sex with adults (not 18 as in the US) so there was no danger of being arrested. Both were glad when finally the topic changed.

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