In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Five

Erotic Novels

In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Chapter FIVE

Cooper lay awake, the sun had been up for a quite a while, but Cooper simply couldn’t move. He looked around the cabin and noticed neither Tina’s nor Heather’s bed had been slept in. He rubbed his wife’s smooth skin as she lay next to him still asleep. The muscles in his legs still throbbed, he had clearly over taxed them last night. What a night.

The relaxing day had given way to a whirlwind evening and night and late night. A fabulously rich seafood dinner, followed by shopping, a trip to the casino (where Mr. LeMarco lost $15,000 in 45 minutes), to a club, to another club and early into the morning still anther club.

Cooper craned his neck around to peer into the wide open door to the fore stateroom. Quite still under the sheet, lay Martin and Judy along with Tina. Their clothes strewn around the room was visible evidence of the laughing, grunting and moaning that filled the boat after they had returned. On the floor at the foot of the bed lay Tina’s discarded harness and dildo. Cooper had been turned on by the audio sex, but had been far too tired to do much beyond give his wife a perfunctory screw.

The door to the after cabin was also open but not so far to allow Cooper to see in. He thought remembered Ramón and Heather going in, but he wasn’t sure.

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  As he lay he could hear what was sure to be Ramón up on deck.

After some time had elapsed, the rumble under the floor told him that the auxiliary motor had been cranked up to take them away from the dock. Cooper decided it was a good time to play sailor. He pulled a pair of trunks from his duffel bag and stepped into them as he crossed the room. Opening the door to the deck, it was obvious that it was past mid-morning.

Ramón was at the wheel, looking the part of a Caribbean sailor, with his flowered tank top, cut-offs and straw hat.

“Buenos Deios” the Cuban said.

“What time is it?” Cooper asked.

“10:45” Ramona answered looking at his watch.

Cooper looked at the two masts of the ketch rigged sail boat, he’d always dreamed of being on such a beautiful craft. He looked to the skipper and asked “Would you like a hand raising the sails?”

“Gracias, you ever sailed?” Asked Ramón

“Yea, my dad had several boats, thirty-three footers. ”

“Good, so you’ll know what to do. Start by raising the main mast so I can cut the engine”

Cooper found the right rope to pull. As he pulled her tried to remember was this a halyard or was it a lanyard?

Once Cooper had cleated the line into place, Ramón turned the boat enough for the sail to catch the wind and cut the motor.


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All Cooper could hear was the creaking of the mast and stays. Quickly he jumped to the big jib, loosened it from its fastenings and with the use of a winch began to pull it up to it’s pace.

This was a rather noisy task as the Kevlar sail flapped loudly in the wind as he hauled it up. This effort kept him busy enough not to notice Heather coming on deck behind him. When he had finished the task he was startled by her presence. There she was sitting on the cabin roof just behind him a’naturalrubbing sun screen onto the small light patches left from sunning with her bikini on. Like yesterday he was stunned by her beauty.

“So Cooper, you going to sell you house and buy a boat?” She asked gaily
“Yea, like in Captain Ron. ”

They chatted a bit before Cooper went to the stern to raise the gaff sail. While he was doing so, the youngerLeMarco’s came on deck. Brian wore shorts and a polo shirt and carried a laptop and satellite phone. His wife Mandy, was dressed just like Heather, i. e. nude.

“Well time to go to work” Brian declared as he plopped down and began setting his equipment.

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Cooper pretended to be watching him set up the sat-phone, but he just had to watch Mandy’s rear end as he climbed the four steps onto the cabin’s room some three feet above the deck.

Brian didn’t look up, but guessed Cooper and Ramón were staring “She’s a looker isn’t she” he paused for a moment and continued “and Ramón knows she performs as good as she looks Don’t you amigo?”

The two exceptionally attractive ladies lay down next to one another on the roof of the cabin, which was just about head level to Cooper standing in the cockpit, just in front of the wheel.

Cooper was staring hard enough to see they were talking quietly to one another, but could not hear what they were saying.

Down in the cabin, the traffic was enough to wake Bonnie from her wonderful erotic dream. He eyes where just open long enough to see Heather walking out the door. She thought what Heather’s morning nudity might portend. She was beginning to feel very much cheated. After having to listen to the slamming and banging from both cabins, yet getting no invitation to join, she wondered if the LeMarco’s really wanted an old married woman to be on their cruise of lust. She swung her legs to the floor and sat considering whether to put on her swim suit or not. Not able to come up with an answer for that question she decided to comb her hair and put one some makeup. Nude is one thing, no makeup is quite a different matter.
In the cockpit Cooper was asking Brain about the satellite internet hook up when Brian looked back to his wife sunning, nodded and told Ramón “Can you finish the hook up? I think my wife expects me for some play before work. ”
“Si, no problem” Ramón answered with a grin.

“If you don’t keep her happy you won’t get any work done anyway. ” Ramón continued as Brian climbed the short latter to the cabin roof.

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Emerging from the head a few minutes later, Bonnie was feeling more awake, but just as sexually pent-up. She could hear people on the roof of the cabin. The door to the aft stateroom was open but the room was empty. With a hope she would not be rejected for her sexual openness by going out nude she moved the few steps to the door leading to the cockpit and pushed it open. She made one step forward and froze. Ramón and Cooper sat in the cockpit bench seats of her fully clothed playing on a laptop computer. She was mortified, “Maybe she had only dreamt that Heather had gone out with out her bikini.

“Good morning” Heather’s voice called from behind and above her, on top of the cabin. Bonnie turned and looked up toward the mast. Bonnie felt a wave of relief. On the roof of the cabin, Heather, sitting naked, next to Brian LeMarco’s supine body naked from the waist. In her hand she gripped Brian’s rigid penis. Although the young Mr. LeMarco was clean cut and rather handsome, Bonnie’s attention was on Heather. Bonnie’s residual sexual arousal quickly became heated desire.

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   She drank in sight of Heather’s unbelievable body. “She looks like Erica Eklina” she thought to herself. Further back on the roof was Mandy LeMarco, sitting against the mainmast, also nude, pretty “very pretty” she thought, but no comparison to Heather.

Heather gave her an inviting smile before wrapping her lips around Brian’s member. Bonnie thighs began to tremble with desire when someone in the doorway behind her lightly tapped her rear end. Bonnie moved out of the doorway and into the cockpit to let whoever was tapping her by. It was Judy LeMarco. She stood for a moment on the top step holding the door in her hand, oddly enough, her swim suit.

”Good Morning” Judy said in a cheerful voice steeping out of the cabin literally into Bonnie’s face, which had not moved yet from where she had exited a moment before. Judy, following Bonnie’s eyes looked over her shoulder to where Heather was now deep throating her step-son as his wife watched in interest.
Judy leaned forward so that her breasts just touched Bonnie’s and said in her ear, “She’s pretty isn’t she?”

“Uh hugh” Bonnie choked out.

Judyrested her free hand on Bonnie’s bare hip “Why didn’t you join us last night? We had a great time”

“I wasn’t invited” Bonnie said trying not to show her disappointment.
“Judy’s lips now touched Bonnie’s ear as she said “We left the door open” then after a few thoughtful moments added “Oh, you’ve never been to a swingers event have you?”

Bonnie shook her head slowly.

“I’m so sorry, It didn’t occur to me you didn’t know that an open door is an invite. .

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  . and I did want you to join last night. ”
Judy’s naked body now pressed on Bonnie. She could feel Judy, very slowly, rub across her with her hands and breasts as she moved on past her to where the men sat. Bonnie’s legs began to go weak on her as she became overwhelmed with desire. She reached to steady herself on the cabin wall.
“Ramón” “I’d like to take a swim. How long before we stop?” Judy asked with a firm voice.

“About 30 minutes, senora”

Mandy, who had been laying on the cabin roof, just in front of the main mast, stood up and Bonnie noticed for she was like herself, shaved completely shaved clean of pubic hair. She slipped off the side of the roof to the deck on the left (or port side of the boat) so that standing she was now tit high to Brian’s shoulder. She leaned over to kiss her husband as Heather began to kiss the head of his penis. They kissed deeply and Heather pushed her mouth to his pelvis, again completely swallowing his organ.

Heather began to furiously suck on Brian as Mandy moved joined the group in the stern. With out actually deciding to do so Bonnie found herself staring at Heather working. Her body ached to join her.

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  She wanted Heather, but she also wanted to be fucked. She wondered if she stood there long, her cunt might start dripping onto the deck.

Mandy must have seen her lust, because her voice broke into Bonnie’s thoughts of desire. “Go join ‘em. I’d love to watch. ” Mandy said laying one hand on her buns and lifting her toward the stairs.

Without wanting to, Bonnie heard she self say “No, I shouldn’t”. What was she saying, she wanted desperate to say yes, but she had said no.
“Please, I want to see you and Heather on Brian. ” She countered Bonnie had been reprieved. She didn’t risk saying no again. She climbed the short ladder and crawled on all fours to Heather. The fellatio stopped, and without releasing Brian from her fist, Heather’s lips opened to meet Bonnie’s mouth. Bonnie lunged to meet her and with and eagerness which could not be contained she attacked Heather’s mouth. Their tongues met and danced and explored one another.

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   Heather lowered their faces until the spongy head of Brian’s penis slid between the two sets of lips. They continued to kiss with this intruder getting much of the actual contact. As if by prior agreement Heather’s lips released and Bonnie took on the cock as the next course of her sexual banquet. Heather began to kiss Bonnie’s face and neck, and whispered “You should have told me yesterday you wanted it this bad, we could have done the girl together. ”Bonnie turned her head with out releasing the cock to let her eyes give a thank you to Heather.

She attacked the penis with the same hunger she had kissed Heather, she wanted it all. She tasted the pre-cum oozing out. She imagined this was a large very thick shake and she sucked to pull the cum from his balls into her mouth. She felt that if she could get the cum all the way to her stomach, she could ease the sexual craving that was driving her.

But it was not to be. Before she had brought him to climax, Heather’s hip pushed her to the side and her cunt swallowed the cock, pushing Bonnie’s face away with her buns.

Bonnie wasn’t to long denied something to make love to. After licking and kissing Heather’s ass thoroughly, she swung around and planted her own sweaty cunt hard on Brian’s face. She got the result she wanted, in seconds she felt his tongue exploring inside her. For her part she took hold of Heather’s glorious breast and began to suck like a starving baby.

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  The nipple turned hard and pointed as she sucked.

Heather nuzzled the side of Bonnie’s head and began whimpering “yea, just like that. . keep it up. . . yea. . suck me. . ” until Bonnie felt Heather’s body quiver in orgasm.

When Heather had regained her composure, she unmounted Brian, making room for Bonnie. The satisfying relief of feeling Brian’s cock touching her vulva finally helped her relax enough to start thinking about an orgasm. She straddled Brian facing his feet and looking up she looked directly toward the stern of the boat. Although it shouldn’t have surprised her, ten feet directly in front of her were six people calmly eating breakfast as she mounted Brian.

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   It momentarily, took her off guard; however, it only took another moment before her arousal turned this new fact into a thrill.

They were watching her, and enjoying it. Bonnie now felt more naked than before, more sexy than before. She was the entertainment and she wasn’t going to disappoint the audience or herself.

She looked at the“audience” and pressed his manly stave into her body with a moan. Heather taking the hint straddled his face and pushed her clit to his mouth. Bonnie looked into Cooper’s eyes as she ground Brian into her. She wondered what he was thinking.

Cooper could see his wife being filled with the organ of Brian LeMarco. It was half a year ago when he saw Adam screwing Bonnie, but this was better. This was public. These were people he saw every day at work. As she writhed and moaned he could see all eyes riveted on her. He could see the LeMarco’s whispering, but was not sure what they were thinking, or saying. Of course it wasn’t just Bonnie, it was also Heather.


   The two of them were truly a wonder to behold. Heather was running her hands up and down Bon’s back and occasionally reaching around to her breasts as Brian lapped at her cunt. Bonnie was aggressively grinding Brian’s pelvis as she rubbed her clit with one hand and her tits with the other.

It only seemed to take five minutes from the time Bonnie began to rub her clit for her to come. And a few minutes more brought her to a second climax. Cooper thought intently on dropping his drawers and mounting his wife. He decided against it when she rolled off of Brian and continued to masturbate watching Brian pound Heather in the missionary position.

Mandy who had taken a place next to Cooper had been quietly watching for some time. Cooper nearly jumped overboard when, with out warning she placed her hand on his thigh and said “I love to watch Brian fuck. There’s nothing like sucking his dick when it tastes like another girl- or even better girl-s like this. ” Cooper make no response, but he knew his cock had swollen twice it’s size in the past five seconds. She slid her had several inches up the leg of his trunks and continued “Does Bonnie like it as much as I do?”

Part of him wanted her to take her hand off of him, but his penis called for her to move her hand the other four inches and wrap those little fingers around it.
He carefully chose his words, “When she has done it to her girlfriend’s husband she really enjoyed it”

“What about to you” her hand pushed up far enough to touch is pubic hair.
“I, I haven’t been inside anyone for her to taste” he said dryly. This clearly was not the answer she had expected.

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   He felt her fingers move back slightly, the she added “yet”.

This brought a smile to his face. She quickly pushed her hand under the lining in his suit, squeezed the flesh inside and withdrew her hand saying “I’ll talk to Bonnie”

Bonnie called from the Cooper in an empathic voice “Cooper, come here. ”
Cooper gave Mandy a smile, she leaned over and gave him a wet kiss before he moved forward. He was sure his erection was visible to everyone as he moved.
Bonnie was laying, stomach down, on her towel watching Brian fucking hard and fast less than two feet away. It was evident he was working toward an orgasm. With out taking her eyes from Heather she said “Well, do you want me to ask him?” She looked toward her husband and he nodded sheepishly. “Do you want me to?”, Bonnie whispered.

Heather opened her eyes and nodded at Bonnie.

When Cooper had made a place for himself next to his wife, he watched from up close as Heather’s beautiful legs were now wrapped around Brain as he pumped his penis hard and fast.

Cooper put his arm around his wife and cupped her breast. “Yes my wanton little wife, what can I do for you” he said expecting her to request him to fuck her in front of everyone. He was shocked, and thrilled, when she said in a conversational voice loud enough for Heather to hear “Heather and I want you to go down on her when Brian finishes. ”

Cooper swiveled to meet his wife’s eyes but said nothing.

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  He was very surprised. Up till now Bonnie had been reluctant to let him do what she had been doing. Even when they did a foursome with Terrence she had not let him eat or fuck Jill. So was she really asking him to go down on young Heather?
It took Brian another four or five minutes of hard fucking, but he groaned to orgasm and collapsed onto Heather.

She then slapped Brian on the side, “Hey, your squishing me, get off. ” She squealed as she hit the lump of dead flesh laying on top of her “Are you sure you want him to? Will he do it? You know Brian didn’t use a condom. ” She continued after Brain finally gained the strength to lift his body off her.
“Yea, and he will, if don’t you mind?”

Heather grinned “Beats leaking all over the deck, and I don’t think Cooper will mind from what you’ve said. ” And she planted her feet on the ground and spread her knees to give Cooper a clear view.

She was shaved smooth from the top of the clit down- “probability waxed” he thought to himself as he noticed that she didn’t even have a hint of stubble growing on that baby smooth mound. Knowing full well he was being watched, no evaluated, but everyone on board, he felt pressure to do this right.
He lay on his stomach and lowered his face to Heathers cunt, now oozing white goo out of the slit and down into her ass crack. He had eaten out Bonnie a number of times when she tasted like cum, but that was just the residual after she had been fucked an hour or more before. He had gotten a taste of her just after Adam, but he had to go get the kids. This was new, going down on the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen, loaded with a fresh load of semen.

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   But to have a shot at this amazingly beautiful woman he’d do anything, and besides as he moved his face closer he found himself turned on by the cum and without thinking about it he took his tongue and slipped it down her ass and scooped up the cream that had run down.

As he licked her ass then her lips clean he could tell the taste was different than when he had eaten Terrence’s leavings - he didn’t know if it was because this was because Heather tasted different, or was it just because it was fresh. He slowly etched the folds of her labia, licking and kissing. He knew he had to make a good impression so he ever so slowly moved around her wide open tunnel and stiff clit.

He nuzzled the small triangle of remaining pubic hair and kissed the insides of her thighs. He knew he was succeeding as he could feel Heather moving her hips to try to force herself to his mouth. Finally he began to run his tongue along the inside of her swollen lips in circles, with each circuit moving his tongue only slightly deeper. Her hips continued to press against him. He could taste the salty cum and her tangy juice.

Finally in a combination of her thrust and his movement he drove his searching tongue as deep as it would go into her body. He pressed his nose into the rubbery clit as he liked deep and long. When her thrusting had become regular and rhythmic, he knew he was succeeding.
When he moved upward to suck her clit she jerked back and pleadingly said “no do what you were doing”.

So he once again drove his tongue deep into her pressing only his nose on her clit.

In the background he could hear a either Brian or Martin commenting on his pussy eating ability.

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   Bonnie sitting next to him rubbed his back and said to the person who had spoken “Oh yea I’ve always thought so - but this is fun just watching”

His mouth was tired and the cum taste was long gone when she began bucking in earnest as her orgasm came. He held her ass tight with his hand to keep his face in firm contact with her sex. Finally after he thought she would never stop cumming, she said “OK OK OK” and pushed his face off her hyper sensitive mound “Too sensitive now for you to do that”.

Cooper was very pleased with himself as he sat up - not only had he been going down of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, he had made her come big. Now he wanted to bury his throbbing cock into Heather and refill her with cum, but it was not to be. Although Bonnie had indeed enjoyed watching Cooper eat the lovely Heather she found herself jealous. Oddly she did not know if she was jealous of her husband doing another woman or was she jealous that she wanted to go down on that fabulous pussy. As Heather did seem spent, she and she did not want to seem pushy she told her husband to loose “those stupid pants” - he did so quickly. She had long enjoyed sucking him as she masturbated and Cooper knew what she wanted so he positioned himself on his knees over her face so she took the shaft in her mouth as she began rubbing her clit with her right hand. She kept it up through a first small orgasm and though a second large one before she released her oral grip on Cooper. She collapsed exhausted as she got several positive comments about her performance from the group in the cockpit.

All day they sailed across the open blue water with no land in sight. None of the four women bothered to put on any clothing all day and Bonnie made it clear to Cooper she expected him to follow suit. For the most part it was too hot for real sex, but Cooper was amused how often they offered to spread new sun block on one another lingering their hands on the untanned areas far longer than anywhere else. Once he glanced up and was sure Judy’s fingers had disappeared into the cleft between Bonnie’s legs.

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   Bonnie just smiled as she feigned sleep.
Some time about 3:00, Martin LeMarco took a break from his work on the computer when his daughter-in-law (nude of course) had come back to the cockpit to get a drink, he succumbed to the sexual pressure and after just a few words she leaned her over the rail and he fucked her hard as Cooper relaxed in the seats next to them. At one point Mandy put her foot nearest Cooper up on the seat, giving him an up close view of Mr. LeMarco’s shaft thrusting in and out of her smooth cunt. She looked right at him and smiled. A very few minutes later she was full of her father-in-law’s sperm climbing back up to the roof, Cooper watched with amusement as white splotches of semen were left on the dark teak steps. Cooper mused that it was obvious that this had happed so often it no longer made a notice to the others, but it still seemed dirty to him.

“So how was your cream pie breakfast?” Mr. LeMarco asked as he pulled his shorts back on.

“My what?” Cooper asked feeling a little annoyed being brought out of his fantasy that he had been fucking Mandy rather than his boss.
“The cream pie - Heather’s cunt full of Brian’s jizz. How was it? I mean she is a real hottie and from what your wife said you like eating filled cunt. ” Mr. LeMarco went on.


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   well . how is amazing. She is the hottest woman I’ve ever seen. ” Then catching himself saying something taboo Cooper corrected “after Bon of course”
“Of course” Mr. LeMarco said with a grin. “It seems you’ve learned one of the most important lessons of swinging- ‘keep the wife feeling special. ”

Then he whispered “even if you have to tell a few white lies. ” After a few minutes he went on “I must say I’m partial to cream pies myself - once Judy wanted to test how much I liked it and at a party had three guys cum in her with out getting up then had me eat it all - I mean three loads of spunk is a lot. Not only was her pussy full, it was smeared all over her hair, her legs and her stomach. But I got it all. ”

“Wow” Cooper said wondering if he would ever be turned on enough to do that. “This morning was different for me. See, I have eaten Bon out at least a dozen times after she had been fucked, but it has always been at least an hour after she did it so I got the taste but very little liquid. This morning was the first time I actually did it filled. ”

“So how’d you like it?”

“Well the whole thing was great - it’s hard to separate the different things, but yea it was all sexy.

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“I thought you did by watching you. Judy likes me to clean her out after she’s taken a load, but lately she has been getting off on skipping the messy cum in her and likes to watch me take it directly. ”

Cooper could see Mr. LeMarco was looking for Cooper’s reaction to that. It took him a moment before he realized what “taking it directly” meant. A year ago just the thought of a guys cumming in another guy’s mouth would have made him sick, but now - well it only seemed a little over the top.
Before the conversation could continue Mr. LeMarco’s sat phone rang so Cooper went to the bow using the walkways around the cabin. Heather, Tina and Bonnie were completely still sunning. The sun glistened on their nude oiled bodies.
At the bow the were the two Mrs. LeMarco’s - Judy lay on her stomach. “Not a bad ass” Cooper thought. He guessed she was just about Bon’s age maybe a year or two younger. The younger Mrs.

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   LeMarco sat Indian style reading a paper back book. If Heather weren’t so inhumanly gorgeous, Mandy would look very hot indeed.
“So, you like the close up view I gave you” Mandy said not looking up from her book.

“I’d be dead if I didn’t” Cooper answered honestly.

“Yea I knew you did - I saw your hard on. ” She answered putting down her book. “And it only looks have gone now. ”

Cooper struggled for a good come back when she asked “Why did you play with the girls this morning and not cum - I mean Brian would not have let it end with him unsatisfied. ”

“No big deal. ” Cooper said sitting down against the slope of the cabin “When I was Brian’s age I probably would have insisted as well. But, well age puts on limits and Bonnie and I learned several years ago that if I didn’t cum every time we had more and better sex. Now I guess I’m used to playing but stopping short of orgasm. ”

“Martin and I have a friend in our swing group like that” Judy chimed as she continued to lay sunning her buns. “He might fuck three or four women during the night but only would come just before it was time for the party to break up”
“That’s not Brain” laughed Mandy “I mean I have had him give me 5 blasts in a night”

Judy laughed “I think it is a LeMarco trait - even at 53 Martin I’ve seen Martin fill four women at one party. And Mandy, I don’t know if I’ve told you this before but I remember back when Brian was younger, a few months after Martin and I moved in together, Brain,asked to spend Spring Break with us.

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  You see he was in 10th grade and his mom (the first of the 3 Mrs. LeMarco’s had moved out of state. I think she didn’t want her teenage son corrupted by his father. She even tried to turn Brian against his dad by telling him all the bad things she had heard about me; being in porno’s, being a swinger, being openly bi, and would you believe she told him I was just a slut after his dad’s money. ”
Judy sat up and continued the story. “Of course I had been in porno’s, I loved being a swinger and I am bi and I am a big slut - but I married Martin for his dick not his money. ”

That elicited some laughs.
“Well her attempt to make us seem evil to Brian only severed to make me the coolest step mom on earth. Not only was Brian a horny 18 year old, he was a LeMarco which meant he was a extremely horny 18 year old. I don’t’ know if Brian was looking for a video of me when he went through his dad’s porn tapes, but he couldn’t miss that I made the cover of Home Grown Video volume #42. Not only did he watch it over and over that next day, it turned out that he invited his old buddies from town over to see the tape and to meet me. “
“I got suspicious that he might be looking at my tapes when I got home from work and these boys, that I had never met, oogled me like I was naked. On a hunch I looked in the video rack, which Martin keeps well organized” and all 4 of the Home-Grown tapes with me in them were gone. Well, I waited for them all to pile into Brian’s room and as quiet as I could I crept to his door where I could hear the unmistakable sound of me having sex on the TV. When I swung the door open what did I find but Brian and his 4 buddies pants off stroking their meat watching me on the TV.

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“Oh no” Mandy exclaimed with a laugh “What happened”

“I thought they were going to die. Brian’s four friends grabbed anything at hand to cover up, but Brian cool as a cucumber paused momentarily evidently thinking what to do - then just leaned back and kept stroking and looked at me commenting what a good video this was. Not wanting him to have anything on me, I turned and watched the video for a few minutes then told him it was not my best, some of the stuff we’ve done in the last year is much better. Then keeping a matter of fact tone I told him I had come to remind him to be sure to put the videos back where they found them when they are done because his father has them organized. Then I left the room”
“That is hilarious” Cooper added

Judy continued “It took less than 2 minutes for Brian’s friends to slip out the back door and a minute latter Brian confronts me all mad. In a huff he wants to know why I just barged in his room with out knocking and emphatically said he deserved privacy as he hands me the videos with the one with me on the cover facing up. I asked him why should I knock I was not embarrassed by the tapes and he did not appear embarrassed when he jacked off in front of me.

He then retorted by asking what I would do if he walked in while I was in the shower and I countered by telling him that he’d better not let all my warm air out if he did. At this point I think he thought he was being smart by saying that it didn’t embarrass him for me to see him jack off so he would just watch the video in the living room. So I just walked to the living room - put in a tape and told him to have at it. I know he did not mean this to go so far, but now he was trapped and, like his dad, he likes to win. After about 5 minutes of watching me do two guys, he slowly pulled out his cock and standing right in front, masturbated, till he came in long spurts some landing on my feet.

I thought that took real balls to do that in front of me, so I made some comment about how far he shot, and went to get some napkins to clean up the mess. When I got back, he had lost his pants entirely and was rummaging through the tapes. It was then I saw he was like his dad as his dick had not left it’s full up right position.


  He put in one of me and another couple that Martin had taped. Brain recognized his dad’s voice in the background. This time he flopped on the couch and it took him a good 20 minutes to cum as I sat beside him giving him behind the scenes information about the tape. Then once more he looked through the tapes until he found one from a swing party dated the previous month. He put it in and stroked for a good 45 minutes before shooting a third wad on the floor. He had lasted long enough to watch video of me and his father do each other and several others as he alternated looking at me and the tape. Like the other two times he watched me not the tape as he came. ”

Cooper entranced by the story blurted out “So did you fuck him?”

“No” she answered “He was only 18 - I didn’t fuck him until the I finally gave in at the party after Martin and I got married when he was just short of 18. He did have lots of questions afterward; like how many videos of me were sold, how many guys have I have sex with, how many girls had his dad done and things like that. I must say. I told him that I think his own mother was on at least one of the older videos. That took him by surprise. I probably shouldn’t have told him but I just couldn’t help myself. After talking with Martin that night about what had happed we decided if Brian was old enough to see the videos there was no reason we should hide our normal life style when Brian was around. ”

“That Saturday night we were right up front with him as we got ready for a swing party across town.

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   I thought his eyes would bug out when he saw my tits through the sheer top I was wearing that night. The Sunday morning he was even more shocked when he walked into our wide open door to find another couple asleep in the bed with us. I guess he had a lot to think about when he went back to his mom’s”

“That summer he came for a two week visit, but the visit extended to the whole summer then to the next two years until he went to college. He never moved back to his Mom’s. I guess I can’t blame him, Martin and I stuck to our plan not to change our life style. “

“I guess so, I would have stayed” Cooper agreed.

“Like I said, we decided during spring break that there was no reason to adjust our lifestyle for Brian’s visits, but after thinking about it we waited until Brian came down for his summer visit in June to asked if that would be OK with him. Predictably after spending most of spring break sitting in the living room cock in hand watching our videos, he said he thought it was a great idea”
“Yea I guess so” quipped Cooper.

Judy went on “All that to say Brian, like his dad, loves sex and he can go on and on. I said that I did not do him, that is not to say my girlfriends had the same restraint. He came down in late June. ” She pause and looked over at Cooper “Cooper, you’ve never been to our place; we have a wonderful, and very private, swimming pool. As Mandy found out the first summer she dated Brian, swim suites are not in fashion at our pool. During the summer I almost always have girlfriends over on Saturday afternoon for some tanning and ‘girl talk”.
“And pussy licking” Mandy added.

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“Yes” Judy agreed “Tanning, talk and pussy licking, but you have to admit it is mostly tanning and talking. ”

“Yea your right, it’s not orgy time on Saturdays - that is your Sunday pool parties are for” Mandy agreed,

“Your getting off track Mandy, I remember clearly, that was my first summer living there and the Sunday events didn’t start for another year or two. So what happed is starting in mid May I began asking some of my old friends over to enjoy the pool with me. Brian arrived about a month latter so he had several days of swimming with just me, and, no, I didn’t wear a swim suit. Boy did he try hard to cop a feel at every opportunity.

When Saturday arrived I knew full well that my friends would not ignore his nearly constant hard on. I was right. As it ended up, for the entire summer he spent every Saturday afternoon as my friend’s boy toy. He found out quickly if he was to hang out at the pool during girl time, he would have to earn his way. It was not unusual to see him in constant action from noon when they arrived till four thirty when they left. He was a sight to behold. He could fuck constantly for hours on end. He could come five times in that period and never loose his hard-on. Oh yea my friends loved him. In return for his efforts they taught him the fine art of pleasing a woman, pussy eating in particular.

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  I bet that first summer he must have spent 50 hours planted between those women’s legs. By his seventeenth birthday that fall, my friends rated him a first rate fuck and beaver pleaser. That is probably that is the reason that by the time he was a senior in high school, he had girls from school lined up to come here and do it with him. Of course we didn’t object. On Sunday’s I would get his dirty cloths and I took it upon myself to pick up all the used condom wrappers, and hardly a week went by when he had less than a dozen on the floor of his room. And that doesn’t count the ones I picked up in other rooms through the week. Condoms where a regular part of my grocery list. “Yea” Cooper added, I’ve noticed he doesn’t need to hold back like I do”

“Is that why Bonnie takes on all comers and you don’t get any?” Mandy asked.
Cooper thought for a few moments then answered “It’s not like we planned it that way. Starting about a year ago she had some opportunities for exploration and she took them, with my blessing. I guess it hasn’t been until this week that I seriously thought about doing things myself. ”

“So what things have you been thinking of?”Judy asked as she moved closer to Cooper,

Cooper grinned back “More than I’ve dreamed possible in all my life. ”
Mandy went back to her book saying “I’ll defiantly have a talk with Bonnie this evening. ”

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