In Search of the Final Freedom: Chapter Fifteen

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In Search of the Final Freedom:
An Erotic Socio-Political Novel
By Pat Tomason
Pat_Tomason@hotmail. com

Sunday Morning was a beautiful day outside, but not so pleasant inside. Lamar who had been feeling bad all day Saturday began to vomit and then to have diarrhea about midnight. Bonnie came down with the same symptoms by morning. Cooper called Trisha to tell everyone the party would be put off another week.

By the time Lamar and Bonnie were well, Cooper and Misty fell ill. It was one of those weeks were normal life stops and it was Friday before everyone was up and around. During the week Cooper received an email from Salon. com confirming what Amy had told him about posting his work.

The Euro Club continued work on the upcoming party. They had some previous RSVP’s say they couldn’t come and some who had not responded saying they would be there. They now has a count of 132 RSVP’s. That was more than they had expected. Though she had invited all the rising seniors, she knew that very few of the black kids would come. Though her school had been desegregated when her mom was a child, socially it was still very segregated with the only exceptions being school clubs and teams. Misty was glad to see the names of all five of her African-American friends on the newspaper staff and several more she knew from her French class.

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   She was glad they were coming, but clearly this would be a mostly white affair in a county where far less than half of the population was white. Among the club members this racial disparity wasn’t even commented on, it was just the was it was in rural Georgia, even in the 21st century.

They sent an email to all those who had confirmed extending the time to 5:00 and saying
Dueto the unprecedented response, we are extending the hoursof the party but, please think of thisasa “dropin”wherepeople willcomeandgoattheir leisure. Late risers can show up at 2:00 and stillhave lotsof fun before we kick everyone out at 5:00,while peoplewhoarriveat 11:00 will likelybereadyto leaveby2:00. We hope this change will make the pool less crowed and more enjoyable for all. And please, try to carpool. We have over 125 RSVP’s, even if halfof youarehere at once the Campbell’s do not havespace for anything like that many cars.
The swimming party for the adults and church would take up all day Sunday, so only Saturday was available to prepare the yard for the big party on Thursday. Bonnie had quite a long to do list and had made one for Cooper and the kids as well.
Though the parents of the other Euro Club members would be buying the food and paper ware and party specific decorations, Bonnie knew full well that a party of that size would need other things such as extra trash cans, extra towels and the like. She was out before the kids had emerged from their rooms.
When she returned about 1:00, Bonnie was surprised to find the whole clan gone. In the country cell service is often intermittent; it took several tries to get Cooper on the phone. “Where are you guys?”
“We’re buying the things you put on my list. I borrowed Butch’s pickup and the kids and I went to are on our way to buy deck furniture, we already bought a dozen plastic stacking chairs.

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  ” “When you going to be home?” she asked though the signal was very weak.
“2:00 or 2:30”

“Trisha and Byron will be here at 2:00. I’ll wait till you get here then order out for Chinese”

“OK, see you then. ” Cooper said as the signal failed entirely. While she was putting away her new purchases, it occurred to her to give Marcy a call and invite she and Sarah over. She doubted they would, but she promised she would offer.
“Hey Marcy”

“Hi Bonnie, what’s up?

“Trisha and Byron will be over in a little while to, and when Cooper and the kids get back from Macon will be ordering out for Chinese. I thought you could bring Sarah over if she would like; it’s not a nude beach, but I’m sure you’ll win some points with her for offering what is here, even though she’ll probably say no”
“You mean your family’s going nude?”

“Sure. And I’m sure Trisha will too, though I don’t know about Byron”

“I’ll tell her about your offer to come over, but I doubt she will if the boys are there, but these days I can’t be sure what she’ll do. ”

“No problem either way, but thought I’d ask. ”

“Thanks for the invite. Either way, Mike and I will most defiantly be over tomorrow. ”

Trisha arrived at quarter till two and in late May in Georgia that meant there was plenty of warm sun still to be had.

“Sorry Cooper and the kids won’t be here for a half hour or so. ” Bonnie explained.

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   “Byron, if you want to go play video games until Lamar gets here, rather than hang out with the old folks, feel free”

“Thanks, Mrs. C” and he zipped off to the game room.

They gathered some towels and headed out to the pool, no sooner had they peeled down to their skin, the door bell rang.

Bonnie said “I invited Marcy and Sarah over, but I really didn’t think they would come. ” as she wrapped a towel first around her torso, then reconsidered and retied it around her waist leaving herself bare breasted. A quick peek through the front door peephole told her it was indeed Marcy and Sarah. She swung the door wide open.

She could see Sarah’s surprise. She motioned for them to come in, “I’m so glad you decided to come. ”

Marcy was clearly tense when she said “I don’t know if we’ll stay but Sarah wanted to come by. ”

Bonnie, shut the door and lead them across the living room to the French doors leading to the back yard. “I’m afraid it’s just us girls at the pool for now. Cooper and the kids should be home soon and Byron’s in playing video games until Lamar gets home. ”

She followed them out the back door, unwrapping the towel as he went. Rounding the corner Trisha sat up to welcome them.

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“Hi, Marcy, Sarah” She said with a smile. “I hope we aren’t too scary for you?”

Sarah stood and said nothing.

“Well?” her mother asked “Do you want to stay and sun or should we go?”

Without answering Sarah, walked over to an empty chase and pulled her tee-shirt over her head. She had no bra on to cover her not large but perfect half bowl shaped breasts. Sarah was, like her mother, rather plain, but not unattractive. Both were tall and slim with shoulder length sandy blond hair. As first Sarah, then her mother striped down to nothing, Bonnie could not help but notice how similar they looked. Marcy, at 5” 9’ was clearly taller than her daughter, but given her slightly larger thighs and hips the extra height made them look more alike than less. Both had very small waists to create hourglass figures balancing their small bust with slim hips. As her mother had told the group, Sarah was clean shaven, while her mother had a narrowly trimmed, blond pubis.

“You two could be sisters. I never noticed how much you look alike. ”

“Please don’t say that” Sarah said breaking her silence. “I hope I look better than that. ” Before prancing to the diving board and flying into the pool.

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“I guess that means we are staying” Marcy said taking a seat. Sarah swam a few laps then bounded up the steps on the shallow end. “This is so great! I love it!” She exclaimed happily as she danced around the pool. “Gerta told me how she grew up swimming naked in the river near her house and how free and part of nature it made her feel. She was so right. ”
The adults were amused as she raised her arms and jumped back into the pool.
Bonnie said “I get the idea she likes this”

Poking her head above the pool ladder Sarah continued “Mom, I never want to wear a swim suit again. This so great” She hauled herself up onto the deck again and this time ran in a big circle all the way across the patio. Coming back, she said “Gerta says that it is unnatural to wear cloths in warm weather. She said the Native Americans in our area went naked in the summer just like all the Indianans in the Caribbean. She said that making the Caribbean Indians wear cloths was one of the things that killed them off. ” Then off the diving board again.
Once again coming up the latter “Gerta told me how in the summer she and her friends sunbath nude in the parks right in town. She said there are no laws requiring clothes in Germany, but it’s too cold to go naked most of the year. ” Another dive
“Gerta said .

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  . ”

”Gerta said . . ” “Gerta said . . ”

Finally Sarah seemed to tire of diving and just swam around. Bonnie said “I guess I see what you meant, Gerta has had a profound influence on Sarah. ”

“Yes she has. But I’m not sure how much will be permanent and how much will fade away. ” Marcy responded.

“How much do you want to be permanent? The fact you’re sunning naked with her would seem to approve her new attitudes. ” Bonnie said

“And the fact that you and Mike slept with her for almost a year would seem to limit your ability to act as if you don’t approve of Gerta’s lifestyle, with out appearing to be a total hypocrite. ” Trisha added.

“Yea, I know” Marcy said with a sigh “It’s just hard as a parent. It’s not that I was any virgin in High School, damn, that was before AIDS.

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  We drama people took pride in our casual attitude toward sex. It was part of our bohemian image. But, as a mom I’m just so unsure. She has hinted that the day in the hot tub Rolf and Gerta did more than just soak. I know she’s working up to ask me to get her on the pill. What did you tell Misty?”

For Bonnie it was easy to answer this one. “Even before Cooper and I began to mess around with other people, sex was an open topic at home so it was never a problem to discuss. We told her the age of consent in Georgia was 16, and sex before then was inappropriate and could cause legal problems for us and for her. So, what we promised was that if she waited until then we would give her full support and privacy to enjoy herself. But we also made it clear that if she felt she just had to start earlier we would get her the pill. As it turned out we started her on the pill shortly after she turned 18 but it was not until this past winter that she told me she was going to do it. ”

Marcy asked “What did you do?”

“I gave her my ‘Better Sex’ video’s and took her lingerie shopping. ”

“Just that easy?” Marcy asked incredulously.

“Just that easy. What made it easier was the fact that I was so up front about the men, and women, I had been with.

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   My advice to you is don’t appear to hide the things she knows full well you do, other wise Sarah will think she has to do the same thing. Have you ever told her how good Rolf was in bed?”


“Then why should Sarah tell you what she does? Yes, it is hard the first time, but you have more influence over behavior you know about than behavior you don’t. Let me ask you this. Did you enjoy sex in high school?”

Marcy laughed a little “Oh yea. It was great. ”

“But did you take some risks you shouldn’t have?”

She laughed again. “Yea, I did. ”

“So, wouldn’t you like Sarah to have the good things wile steering her clear of the risks?”

“I guess”

“Wouldn’t that be worth a little embarrassment? From what you’ve said my guess is she knows in explicit detail everything you did with Gerta and with Rolf. She probably pestered Gerta with questions until she knew every position you used and where every drop of sperm went. ”

Marcy was quite then said “Yea, that would be Sarah. She wouldn’t stop until she heard everything. ”

“Since this stuff is month’s old, you don’t regret doing it, why pretend it is some dark secret. Given the fact she knew from the beginning that Gerta was having sex with you and Mike, yet she so clearly idolizes her means Sara isn’t bothered by it. I bet she would like to talk to you about it more, but you, not Sarah, are stifling the conversation. ”

“Yea, I guess.

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“To bad you don’t have pictures. That helped break down the barriers between Misty and me. It seems that I had left some photos of me and another couple having sex on my dresser. I hadn’t meant for her to find them, but hadn’t made any effort to hide them either, but, either way she found saw them. The peaked her interest and so she looked on the computer and found the entire folder, hundreds of photos of me having sex with both the husband and wife. ”

Trisha interrupted “Who? Was it Jill and Terrance?”

“I’m not saying, who, but it was another married couple that you guys know. ”

Trisha said smugly “It was them, I know it. ”

“Like I said, Misty had seen the prints of some of the pictures laying on the dresser months before she stumbled on telling me. She’d been fine with it, she and her friends even thought I was cool because of them, but she didn’t tell me for fear she would embarrass me. Since they came “out of the closet’, as it were, we are very open about things. But, I don’t suppose you have any pictures. ”

Marcy said quietly “Actually we do. Not of Rolf, but Mike got a digital camera for Christmas, and he took a lot of photos of Gerta and me doing it and used the timer to get a dozen or so shot with all three of us going at it . But Sarah wouldn’t want to see them. ”

“Why do you think I wouldn’t?” came Sarah’s voice from the pool.

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“Oh, so you’ve been listening?” Bonnie said

Sarah put her head over the edge of the pool “I didn’t hear everything, but most of it. And for your information, I have seen the pictures, Mrs. C is right and Gerta did tell me everything. The first few times I had to pester her for details, but after that she knew just tell me everything when I asked. ”

She climbed the latter and continued. “For instance I know your favorite manage-a-trio position was to get under her in a sixty¬-nine and lick her clit when dad was fucking her doggie style, and when he would cum she would sit up and let it drip in your mouth. ” Marcy went white, then deep red, but said nothing as her mouth hung open.

“Oh, kinky” Bonnie said.

Sarah evidently relishing her mothers shock went on, “After the first time she told me about dad taking pictures, I snuck the camera to my room the first time you were both out of the house and copied the pictures to my computer. I guess I did that three or four times. You didn’t tell Mrs. C about all the pics you took of dad and Gerta or the ones Gerta took of you and dad. Even after deleting all but the best pics, I guess still have over a hundred photos of the three of you on my hard drive. Katy and I get off on fantasizing about doing a threesome. Like Gerta say’s watching people you care about make love is something special.



Marcy barked “What do you mean by that”

“Marcy” Bonnie chastised “not so accusatory. Sarah, we’d love to hear about how you saw sex in person. ”

“I guess mom can be kina naive. When she caught Rolf, Gerta and me in the hot tub they had just finished making love just inches away from me. It was so amazing to watch them do it all so close I could almost feel it through the water. ”

Bonnie asked “What all did they do?”

In a torrent Sarah described in graphic detail Gerta and Rolf giving each other oral sex on the side of the tub, then how they copulated in a varietyof positions before. . ”and he went faster and faster. I could tell she was having trouble keeping her balance as he leaned over the side of the tub. Then he just stopped, all the way in her and groaned. I’d learned about men’s orgasm’s in sex ed, but I’d never seen it. His buns squeezed tight, then let go, then squeezed again, about four times before he fell back into the water. She stayed bent over the edge for a while. I could see her, it was strange, her pussy lips stayed opened in a circle like he was still inside her, and some of the semen dripped out. I didn’t know that happened.

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   It was so cool. ”

Trisha asked “Did you play with yourself while you watched?”

Marcy said “Trish!”

“What? I would have in high school. No, if he was as good looking as you said I would have been bent over waiting for my turn. ” Trisha said

“To tell the truth Mrs. Simms, If he had offered to do me, I would have gladly let him. And yes I did, but I didn’t cum watching, that time. ”

Marcy in a forcibly controlled voice quietly said “Please explain what you mean by that time”

“It was so amazing watching them in the tub, I wanted to see them make love in the normal way and I guess I gave her a hint that I was interested in joining in, because she said I was free to come watch anytime, but I could not join in. She said in her country it would be fine, but not the US. ”
Marcy sighed “Thank God she knew that”

“That night when I heard them beginning to make love I sneaked across the hall and into their room. She was laying in the center of the bed with Rolf’s face between her legs. She opened her eyes when the door clicked behind me and pointed to the rocker next to the bed. ” Sarah looked right at Bonnie and then Trisha “Did mom tell you what I wore to bed in the winter?”
Trisha answered “A tee-shirt, and nothing else”

“Right. Of course, now it’s summer I skip the tee shirt. But it was Just after Christmas so I had on a tee shirt. As I sat on the rocker and watched them, I so wanted to join, but they never invited me.

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   At first I started to play with my self to tease them into letting me join, but I couldn’t believe how fast and powerfully turned on I got. I was readily to climax in like a quarter the time it had ever taken. Before I knew it I came, and came big. Until that night one orgasm was all I’d ever had at time. I knew Katie had said she can do it up to three times but I’d always quit at one. But I sat there watching, I’d cum in like five minutes and they were still doing oral sex. So I kept rubbing and sure enough it worked in even less time I had a second. And a third and a fourth. By the time Rolf and Gerta quit I, had discarded my tee-shirt and was still covered with sweat. I don’t know how many times I came that night, but I’ve never been satisfied with less than four since. ”

In a less accusatory voice her mother asked “Did you do that again?”

“No, the next day Gerta told me it was a real turn on for them for me to be watching and playing with myself, but she was afraid if I did it again he would not be able to resist me. I was disappointed, but very flattered that they thought I was so sexy they couldn’t trust themselves not to have sex with me. So that was the closest I’ve come to having sex. ”

“Good” said Marcy with a sigh.

But Sarah added “Even Katie and I just make out.

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   But we haven’t even done that since that jerk Kevin took over her life. When I start having sex I’m going to do it because I want to, not because he thinks he owns me. ”

Bonnie winced “Sound’s like she’s in a bad relationship”

“Yea, but I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone. ”

“Good for your, keep your word. ” Bonnie praised “Maybe you and she could come over, we could all talk”

“I think she’d like to. I told her what my mom said about you and she thought you were cool. ” Sarah said, but then added, but I’ll have to get her away from that stupid jock. ”

“Just give me a call and we can set it up for just us four. ”

Sarah laughed, “At least from her I’ve learned what not to do when I start having sex. ”

Bonnie looked over to Marcy “It sound’s like it’s time for the pill”

Sarah continued “But I didn’t say I’m not ready to and I think she’s right. I liked what Mrs. C said about her deal with Misty for waiting until she’s sixteen”

“I say we need to talk this over with your father, because you’ll be sixteen this summer “ Marcy said firmly.

The conversation was cut short when Cooper’s voice called from the back door “Bonnie, you back here?”

“Yea, were here” she called back as she got up.

“Can you unlock the gate, we’re bringing in some new stuff. ”

“OK” and she went to the fence where it ran parallel to the front of the house and opened the combination lock looking back to Trisha, Marcy and Sarah she said “ You girls might want to slip into the water for a minute.

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  ” then swung the gate open “Unless you ready show the world. In short order there were three splashes. Bonnie stood back, hidden to the road by the remainder of the fence.

A parade entered with Cooper, Misty, and Lamar carrying in the light boxes of aluminum patio furniture. “About time you got home, we are ready to eat. ”

Cooper and the kids piled the boxes not far from the gate and turned to get the rest. Busy with their task they didn’t notice the three in the pool. Just as they walked out, another set of feet were waking in. Bonnie turned and there was Butch Smith holding one new chase lounge in each hand. His surprise was only momentary before he said “I like your swim suit Bonnie”

Trying to keep her composure she said “It’s Cooper’s favorite, but I would think it is a bit worn for your tastes. ”

He put down the box and made a deliberate scan from head to toe “I think it looks just fine” then he went out the gate.

She could hear Cooper thanking him and the truck door shut, in through the gate came the kids, on with a pile of seat cushions and one with another box, followed by Cooper dragging the largest box yet.

All this while three faces peered out from the water, as of yet unnoticed. Lamar and his dad began opening boxes while Misty went over to where her mom was shutting the gate. “Mom, Lamar was a real pest.

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   He kept asking Dad to stop for food even though I knew full well you wanted to order out for Chinese when Trisha and Byron get hear. ” Misty complained.
Bonnie tried to calm her.

“I thought Dad said they were already here. When are they coming?” The gate closed, Bonnie headed back for her seat “They are here. And so is Marcy and Sarah” she said looking to the three stone heads glued to the pool’s side.

“Woe, how’d I miss that?” Misty said then walking over “Hi Mrs. Kelly, Hi Sarah, and you to Trisha?”
Copper hearing this turned and saw the three now moving about some “Hi Trisha and Marcy, glad to have you. ” Stepping over to the pool he could tell none of them were wearing swim suits. He looked over to Bonnie, “Do Lamar and I need to go in for a while?”

“I think that’s up to Marcy. ”

Marcy looked to her daughter, they whispered for a moment, and then Sarah said “Your fine Mr. C, It looks like you’ve got work to do. ” Then Marcy added, “but since we didn’t even bring swim suits we can go if you want. ”

Cooper snorted, and a little baffled said “I didn’t say anything of the sort”.
Bonnie stepped in and cleared things up.

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   “That’s fine Copper, they came over fully expecting our family and the Simms to be skinny dipping already. So if you want to go order Chinese for everybody and slip out of your clothes we’ll all be waiting.

“And Lamar,” she added “Byron is in the game room waiting for you. You two can decided if you want to come out or stay in. ”

Lamar, who had been staring into the water at Sarah started to move. Sarah splashed some water his way yelling “You guys better not show up with any more than I’m wearing or I’ll pull’m off and throw them over the fence. ”
Misty looked at Sarah, “You tell him! I guess I’ve always underestimated you. ” As she began pulling off her top.

Bonnie looked over to Sarah, “In five minutes Cooper will be back, and very likely so will Lamar and Byron. If you want to back out this is your last opportunity”

Sarah began to swim on her back across the pool. Reaching the end she said “Unless you’re concerned for my safety, this is why we came. Swimming naked with just women is no different than using the gym shower. ”

Misty slid into the water, taking care not to get her hair wet, and she and Sarah began to chat quietly.

So Bonnie and the other two mothers lay back on her chase lounges. Copper’s coming out must have been anticlimactic for Sarah, because nothing at all happened.

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   However, she could not help notice the long look her mother gave him. She wondered if her mom wanted to do it with Mr. C.

Not long after in a rush the two boys came rushing out, and jumped into the deep end. They were, as instructed by Sarah, sans swimwear. The boys were careful to appear not to be looking, but to Bonnie they were so obvious. The girls didn’t make it easier, because when they noticed the boys looking they would tease them by posing on the diving board before diving in. Sarah followed Misty’s lead by teasing Lamar when Misty teased Byron.

When the girls began to tease the boys about not diving, Bonnie knew what was up. Lamar didn’t resist, he genuinely appeared proud of the erection he sported. Even from that distance Bonnie could tell he was larger than his dad already, and his dad was a bit larger than most. Misty must have agreed, as he posed on the end of the diving board Bonnie overheard Misty tell Sarah “I told you he was blessed. ” But her voice lowered as they continued their discussion.

Lamar made a full flip before entering the water, a move he had worked on all summer last year but only achieved the week before. It took more harassment to get Byron out of the water and to the diving board.

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   Misty and Sarah kept up a chant of “Where’s the beef? Where’s the beef?” He kept himself covered until he began to dive.

“Wow” Misty said loud enough for everyone to hear. Byron was also fully erect. He was clearly not as long as his friend, but was at least twice the circumference. He was so nervous he over did his dive and almost went in flat on his back. Coming up for air he was greeted with applause.

“Byron” Misty said “You have no reason to hide that. If you were a year or older I’d do you right here in front of everyone”

Bonnie responded “But he’s not. He’s 15, so get that idea out of your head”

“But mom. . ”

Bonnie sat up “Now Misty, I’m serious, I will not risk being accused of child abuse. Don’t even tease about that”

Marcy looked over at Bonnie “Wow, your serious about that aren’t you?”

“We’ve got to be. We’ve spoken to our lawyer. Simple nudity is not a crime, but the age of consent is sixteen and parents can be charged with child abuse for even condoning sex between two fifteen year olds, but the law says sixteen year olds can have sex with other teenagers. Odd isn’t.

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From the water Sarah added “But Gerta said in Germany, the age of consent is fifteen and they can do it anyone they want. ”

Her mom said “But we are not in Germany. ”

“Yea, I get the message. ” Sarah said, then looked over her shoulder and added “But l will be soon, then it will be a different story”

The mom’s lay back down. Marcy said “So, this kind of openness is normal around here?”

“Pretty much”

“Do you really think she would have sex right in front of you?”

“She never has, but that’s probably just a matter of circumstance, If you hang out here very much this summer I’m sure you’ll see some. But you really do need to get that girl on the pill, sounds like she’s more than ready to get busy. ”

With Bonnie having squashed the progression of sexual behavior, Misty and Sarah put the two new chase lounges to use, and stretched out in the sun. The boys also got out and helped Cooper put together a pair of rocking love seats, two benches, two chairs and a double hammock. They decided to put the hammock in the grass past the pool, assuming someone will fall out and sure enough as soon as Lamar got in he found himself in the grass.
The food delivered from the Chinese restaurant was good and before they knew it the shadows were creeping over the pool.
“So Sarah, has this been what you had hoped?” Bonnie asked as she gathered the leftover food.
“It really has, thanks for letting me come. ”
“Anytime” Bonnie said then repeated “Feel free to come whenever you like. I think Lamar liked having you here”
“I could tell” Sarah said pointing a finger up like an erection. Bonnie shook her head, “I didn’t mean that way, though you’re right they liked that too.

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   What I meant was, he doesn’t have as many friends over as his sister does, so I think he liked you here for that reason. also. ”
“And thanks for getting my mom to talk. I think things at home will be a little less tense now. ”


Clouds rolled in over night and the party was in doubt. It was almost routine in the church nursury that when the drop-off crowd had all gone to the church sanctuary, Brandy turned down the nursery speaker and asked “OK, what exciting happened this week?
After Bonnie had given her a rundown on the week’s events, Brandy asked “Why didn’t you invite me and the kids?”
“Well I really didn’t expect Marcy and Sarah to come. I guess was really just trying to help Marcy win some points with Sarah. You guys are coming today, right?”

“Oh yea, we’ll be there. I Got my mom to watch the kids. ”

“I got Cooper’s mom”

“What do you think will happen today?”

“What do you mean?”

“Will there be an orgy or something?”

“No, I doubt it. It’s really not that kind of party. Why, is that what people are saying?”

“I don’t know about anyone else, but I know that is what Dwight is hoping. ”

“Well you need to tell him that is not what this party is about. If you two want to go to a swing party I have friends who would love to have a good looking young couple join their group”

”I didn’t say I was hoping for that. ” Then she thought for a moment and said “But I wouldn’t object to going to a party like that.



“I’ll call Tina next week. You guys will fit in well with her friends. ”

A crack of lighting split her last word. Then the rain began to pound on the roof. The lights flickered. Bonnie’s hear sank. She was looking forward to her friends coming over. Since the nursery had no window she opened the door and looked down the hall way out the glass door. It was dark and the rain was coming in sheets.

“It seems the good Lord didn’t approve of our party” Bonnie said sadly.

When the service ended and Brandy reopened the Dutch door, she called Bonnie over and pointed down the hall. A bright noon sun shone through the glass door. The rain had gone as fast at it had come.

Walking out it was sultry. A cloud hung inches above the pavement as they drove home with the air at full blast.

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   The infamous Georgia summer was upon them, but thank God for air-conditioning. Arriving at their home they found one cars already waiting. Sherry and her husband Herb in his classic Mercedes 450 SL. They hadn’t expected anyone for at least a half hour as they went home to change out of their church clothes.

Herb was a recently retired bank executive, widower, grandfather, church elder, Rotary Club officer and partially disabled, highly decorated Vietnam Veteran. Even stooped he stood well over six feet tall and had been, contrary to popular depictions, a town hero when his military career was dramatically ended in 1968. The company he commanded was nearly wiped out in the Tet offensive and he was gravely injured. Few remembered the gregarious and outgoing football star that left for west point in 1961, for Herb Connors had been very private and reserved for the nearly forty years he had been back in Hancock County. It was quite the talk of the town when he married Sherry who appeared to be his opposite. Flamboyant and talkative, she shunned (and was shunned by) the friends of Annabelle (Herb’s first wife) and so gravitated to some of the younger single women.

“Come on in” Cooper called. Opening the door he said “Make your self at home while we get things ready. ”

Bonnie and thought out their outfits carefully and Cooper changed into his assigned gear. A blue thong that she had bought in Miami, but he had never worn before was laying on the bed as was his knee length Bar-b-que apron.

Cooper went out to light the grill, and Bonnie and Sherry went into the bedroom.

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From her purse Sherry pulled a metallic red swim suit and stretched it out in front of herself. There was far more strap than suit. It was as if it were a maillot, but no fabric had been put in the torso above the navel. They both disrobed. Looking down between her legs Sherry said “Boy did I have to shave nearly every thing off to wear this”, the full bush she had seen the other week was now just a racing stripe ending above the clit. “Herb, hasn’t seen my hair cut, but I think he’ll like it. ” Bonnie went to hang the dresses in the closet. Turning back she saw Sherry in the strangest swim suit she’d ever seen. “What do you think?” Sherry said raising her arms above her head. As Sherry turned in a slow circle, Bonnie realized what a great suit this was for her. The fabric there was in the front controlled the small pooch in her stomach, while her surgically firm D cup breasts were on full display, framed by the straps that went on either side. Behind there was just enough fabric to pull her buns up and give them shape, while leaving most of the flesh exposed. “That looks great on you” Bonnie gushed “Where did you get such a thing?”

“You can find anything online”

Bonnie, having discarded the rest of her clothes in the hamper, pulled on the matching blue thong and sheer wrap she had laid out. “I like what you have here for Cooper. I wish I could get Herb into that, but I didn’t even try, and she pulled a pair of what looked to be Kaki shorts from her purse “This is for him, which is a shame.

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   He still has a nice ass, but I know he is sensitive about his scars. I think his battle scars are sexy and manly, but I can’t get him to see that”

Bonnie hesitated with her question then asked quietly “Does all his equipment work?”

Sherry laughed “He is the poster boy for Viagra. He tells me that without it he can’t get a full erection. I really don’t know if that’s true because he’s been using it since I met him, and with it he can go on like a man a third his age. ”


“Oh yea, he can stay rock hard for over an hour. Now if he looses control and cums, he’s done for the day. But it’s been pretty vanilla, until recently it had been mostly missionary or spoons. But since I told him about my first day at your pool, he has been different. I, hesitatingly told him about watching you and Cooper do it and when to my surprise he got turned on, I told him about your pictures of swinging on the cruse. That night when we made love, he, for the first time ever, asked me to tell him stories from my swinging days. You see, before we got married I told him that I had been very sexually active in years past with a good number of partners but he never had wanted more information than that. That night, and every night since, he wants to hear more. Its like he can’t get enough of my stories, and I have a lot of stories to tell. Now we are doing a lot of oral and after hearing how I used to like it up my ass, he has even done me anal twice this week. The last few weeks we’ve been do thirty to forty minutes of fucking plus another twenty or so oral every day.

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“Wow, that’s better than Cooper and me. So it sounds like he’s responding well to all this. ”

“I know he’s looking forward to seeing me wear this today. He’s talked about it since I told him about the today’s party. After I told him about seeing the video of you and the roofers on Wednesday when I got home, I told him the few remaining pictures and the VHS tape of me at a couple of wild late 70’s parties. VHS was brand new then and we had a very well to do friend who had one of the first so the quality isn’t what yours is. “

“Wow, what did he do?” Bonnie asked

“We watched all two hours of it. It turned him on so much that we started fucking right in the living room in broad daylight before it was over, something we had never done before. Then we watched it again last night. He said he wants to have it restored and converted to DVD. He said it is a real period piece. ”

“Really? I can’t imagine that. He’s so reserved. ”

“Yea, he had been. We always had sex a lot, but this is totally different.

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   I think he’s had these fantasies for years but due to his upbringing never even admitted them, let alone acted on them. ”

When the door bell finally rang, Cooper had donned his assigned outfit. He felt silly with his buns bare but both Bonnie and Sherry assured him his looked sexy.

Her heart was racing as she walked to the door, she loved being the center of attention, and she knew her attire would be a hit. At the door were Marcy and Mike with Butch and Tabitha just getting out of an old Ford pick up. Marcy gave Bonnie a hug. “Thanks for coming. Sherry and Herb are out by the pool. ”

Bonnie was pleased that Mike’s eyes didn’t leave her chest until he went in.

While she hugged Tabitha, Butch said “You didn’t wear the suit I saw yesterday. I’m disappointed”

Releasing his wife, Bonnie said “I’m sure you’ll see it later. There’s no way I’m letting you go with out trying out the same kind of suit. ”

Outside Cooper was getting beer and wine for everyone. He still felt sill and even the appreciative comments about his ass by Sherry and Tabitha did not make him feel less so.

“Bonnie picked out my attire, not me” was something he would say many a time before the day was done.

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Before she left the door a Suburban pulled in with Jo Ann, Beth Ann and Cal followed closely by Brandy and Dwight. After ushering them in, she looked out for Trisha, not seeing her she went through the house to the pool area. Trisha wouldn’t need her to find her way to the pool.

Outside the air was surprisingly tense. Jo Ann and Beth Ann were just pulling off their tee shirts and the other women were all down to their bikini bottoms busy talking and spreading sun screen.

Marty, Jo Ann and Beth Ann wore their regular bikini bottoms while Tabitha had on a thong as tiny as Bonnie’s but Brandy was the most stylish with a rebel flag thong, a matching bandana. She really did look great with her slim figure and new boobs.

Herb now clad in his kaki Bermuda shorts seemed almost asleep. Butch was helping Cooper at the grill, his Speedo, which now stretched tight with what was clearly quite an endowment. Mike, Dwight and Cal seemed confused. They stood near their wives, full dressed, averting their eyes from the other women.

Bonnie laid her cover up on a chair and said “What is wrong with you guys. Get your cloths off, it’s a party” and she started up the stereo with a Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”

She moved over to the patio area and began to dance, followed shortly by the Brady, Sherry and Tabitha. They began to bump and grind like they were in college again. All four were experienced dancers, but she wanted the others to come.

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   When the song ended she practically pushed the other three out to the makeshift dace floor before cueing the next song. It didn’t take long until Marty and Beth Ann were getting into the grove. Beth Ann’s large natural breast swung free, threatening to hit hard anyone who got to close.

This did the trick, the guys were getting down to their trunks and with some coercing had even tried to join the dancing. .

The dancing was fun, but it was simply too hot to keep it up. During the fifth song, Bonnie jumped into the water. The ice had been broken the pool party was underway. The men didn’t need any encouragement to start grabbing asses and tits in the water.

The charcoal now set and burning down, Cooper and Butch joined the fun. Though the other men at least made the physical contact to appear accidental, Cal just swam up to Bonnie and began to kneed her tits. Bonnie shooed him away so he moved to Bonnie. After pushing him away Bonnie swam over to Beth Ann.

“You really need to talk to Cal. ” She whispered in her ear.

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   Tell him just because the woman are not dressed does not mean they are available to him”

Beth Ann looked mortified and quickly grabbed Cal by the arm and dragged him out of the water and into the house.

This whole affair was not lost on the others and things quickly quieted down.

Bonnie climbed out of the water and stood at the end of the diving board. Her now transparent thong only drew attention to the smooth lines pressed beneath the blue fabric.

“Damn Bonnie” Mike said “You might as well not wear anything”

“And so I might after this little contest.

“What contest?” Beth Ann asked as she returned with as sheepish Cal.

“A chicken fight tournament. We will have a double elimination tournament. So everyone out and sit around the sides of the pool. ” Bonnie instructed.
Once everyone was out she continued “Now, here is how it works. Any couple interested in participating may challenge any other couple to a chicken fight. All combat must be from the upper partner and if her tits hit the water she is considered down. The price for loosing is one member of the team must give up their swim suit. Once both partners have lost their suit they are out of the game.

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   The last team standing wins. ”
After a round of nodding heads Bonnie added “Jo Ann will be our referee. ”Jo Ann held up a whistle. “When the whistle blows you must stop. I don’t want any heads bashed on the side of the pool. So who wants to start?”
It took a few minutes of discussion but finally Butch said “Tabitha and I challenge Cooper and Bonnie”
The first few rounds went quickly, and in no time Bonnie and Cooper were out as were Mike and Marty. This was just as well because it was time to put the burgers on and while the competition continued Lunch was prepared.

Trisha finally showed up, late because she had had difficulty getting out of her mom’s house. Since by now the host and hostess were naked, she didn’t even bother with her bottoms, but just folded her cloths in a neat pile and helped Bonnie as she shuttled out the condiments. It was no surprise that in the end youth won out and the final between Butch/Tabitha against Cal/Beth Ann. For what seemed to be forever, the two couples sparred with no one falling. Finally Tabitha surprised Beth Ann by grabbing her tits with both hands, her start threw her off balance and down she went. The burgers were done and Cooper was about to call it a draw when Beth Ann went down for the second time. After climbing out of the pool Butch and Tabitha took a bow.

Beth Ann took a good natured swipe at Tabitha “If you boobs were half as big as mine you would have lost your balance first.

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“For once big boobs aren’t an advantage” she retorted.

Mike began pulling the burgers and dogs from the grill and Cooper stood on a chair and in a loud voice said “Food’s ready! Plates, utensils and the like are right next to the grill. Drinks, condiments, beans and slaw are on the table over there” he pointed across the pool to the table. ”

Trisha who had been standing nearby, couldn’t resist and with Cooper standing on the chair, she reached forward and lifted his apron, and grabbed his semi-swollen penis and said “And here is the sausage. ” And gathering her resolve to be open “It’s worth trying, and I speak from personal experience”
Amid the laugher, Cooper said “I don’t mind tasting but no biting!” and he hopped off the chair to more laughter. He had not anticipated Trisha’s move, but it would play into what was coming next, what was, in his view, was the purpose of the day’s events. As each person filed by the grill he made a point to thank each one for coming. Once everyone had been served, he hung the apron over the grill’s serving tray and walked to the end of the diving board. Then addressed the group, “I’m glad to see you ladies are actually eating the weenies, I was afraid with all the sexual tension in the air you might do something else with them. ” More laughter.

“Bonnie and I are really glad you all came today. It’s nice to have our church friends over for some nice wholesome Christian fellowship. ” More laughter.

“You might not know this but many of the first generation of Christians would not be shocked. Not only did all baptisms take place in the nude, but we have solid archeological evidence that the Christians in Asia Minor thought socializing, men and women naked together, at the bathes was so central to their lives that when the pagans began banning Christians them it was a serious blow that they resisted.



“It wasn’t God, Jesus, the Apostles or the scriptures that demonized nudity and sex. It was the fourth century church leaders, who, trying to stave of the complete destruction of classical culture by our barbarian ancestors. It was the Popes who decreed the naked body to be unclean. It was the they who declared sexual pleasure to be inherently sinful. The world of the early Christians was awash in public sexuality, yet the scriptures never once condemn it. Paul, who lived in this world, did condemn sex that used people, such as prostitutes, slaves and children. Jesus condemned the sexual double standard where the woman is condemned for the same acts men do with impunity. ”

He pointed to Jo Ann “Unmarried Christians were free to explore what ever sexual pleasure they chose as long as it didn’t take over their life. As wine as the staple of life in the ancient world, but alcohol dependence was know to be disastrous; so sexual pleasure was normal, only sexual obsession was condemned. This is also true for couples, Jesus clearly said that all sexual acts a married couple do together are blessed. ”

“So why am I standing here before you, naked as the day I was born saying all this. Am I advocating nudism? No, though we don’t believe nudity to be wrong. Are we advocating the swingers lifestyle? Sorry Cal, we are not, even though Bonnie and I are not monogamist, we believe each Christian should follow his or her own conscience. What I am here before you saying is that we, as 21st century Christians must stop supporting the hypocrisy. We must free ourselves from the tyranny of men long dead and be willing to openly proclaim our Christian liberty and to admit publicly what how God leads us privately .

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“Next weekend an essay on this very subject will be published as part of Salon. com review of an erotic art show of which a good friend of mine is the lead artist. I don’t know how many of you took a good look at the tropical painting in the family room, it is a smaller version of one in the exhibit. Did anyone take a good look at it? When you go back in, stand back about ten feet. You will then see it is really a painting of Bonnie and I making love. I have been told to expect a good deal of national media attention that will bring new attention to the beach photos, so what was a small storm of controversy regarding our openness will be a large one. ”
“By the fact you are all still here, I’m supposing you all agree with me to one extent or another. I am up here to ask you to be prepared to take a stand, with Bonnie and me. When the subject comes up in coming weeks, don’t go along with the hypocrisy. At work, at church, at your friends homes, speak truth, not political correctness. Think about it. ”
With that he ended and sat beside Bonnie who was eating her sandwich. Sensing her husband had quashed the mood a bit more than had been intended, she yelled across the pool to where Butch and Tabitha were eating, sitting on his blanket by the pool “Tabitha, you said Snake was his old nick name, but we’ve yet to see”

”We won the game” She replied

“So does that mean you want to hide him away?”

“OK, OK” she said “But don’t be mad if I can’t resist attacking him”

“I promise not to kick you out” Bonnie said with a laugh. “Loose the shorts Butch” Tabitha said as she raised up on her hands and slid herthong off, though that hadn’t been what Bonnie had asked. Not surprisingly she was as bare shaven as Bonnie.

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   Butch stood up and after tossing her thong, pulled down his trunks very slowly saying “Now don’t let it frighten you” to Bonnie. Sure enough, his nickname was accurate, it was, with out a doubt, the longest penis she had ever seen. It was noticeably thin for its length and uncircumcised.

“Damn” Jo Ann exclaimed “Snake is right. How long is it?”
Her sister added “I’ve never seen one close to that size and I’ve done more than a few guys”

Trisha, bursting with pride, “Soft it’s 9 inches. Hard it’s just under ten. ” He sat down but she continued. “We started dating because back in our party days I was the only girl at the who could take it all in me, from any position. Most girls couldn’t take it all in from behind, and Butch likes doing it that way. So we were a perfect match because my g¬-spot is really deep in and not many guys can reach it and he was the first guy I’d done it with who could reach that deep every time. I’ve had a good many different guys in me and he’s the only one. ”

“How many is a good many?” Beth Ann asked

“Certainly over fifty”

Several voices murmured “fifty?!”

Butch added “She’s being modest by saying that. She was very popular at the bike rally’s. I haven’t done nearly as many, because lots ofwomen wouldn’t let me even try. But still I’ve done over fifty as well and with nearly all of them I had to be so careful not to hurt them, but with Tabitha, from the first time its been the deeper the better.

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   We are a matched set”

Trisha added “If either of us had tried the celibacy until marriage or even limited sexual activity, we never would have found each other. I know my parents didn’t approve of my slutty ways, but it worked out for me” Then Butch ended with “So we’re right with you on what your trying to do Cooper. ”

From the time they had arrived, Herb had said little but Cooper was aware that he was closely watching everything. After serving up seconds on the burgers, he went and joined Sherry, Herb and Trisha at the wrought iron table. “Herb, I haven’t heard you say a word since we came out to the pool. Cooper could see the light scar line run down the inside of his thigh and disappear into the leg of his shorts.

Trisha answered first “Oh, he’s talked. Talked about how sexy Bonnie and Trisha and especially Brandy is. ”
Herb turned a little pink and said “The last time I saw this many naked women at once was in a whore house in Saigon, and that was a lifetime ago. ”

It was well known at church that he never talked about Vietnam, and Cooper tried not to seem surprised. ”

“Until this month I thought I was quite the libertine. In high school I did a good number of girls, but it was always when there was no chance of anyone knowing what we did, let alone seeing. In the army using prostitutes was common, but as an officer that was on the QT as well. When Sherry was living out west living the swinging lifestyle, I was the traditional southern gentleman. I had sex with Annabelle once per week, at night with the lights out hurrying to finish so she wouldn’t suffer long.

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   In the world I was raised in, good women did not enjoy sex. Meanwhile, I had a series of affairs with women from the bank. While sex with my respectable wife was formal, sex with the girls from work was a hot sweaty and far more frequent. Of course that was also private and well hidden. I’m sure Annabelle knew full well what I was doing when I would come home late from the bank, but she was grateful I was doing them three times a week instead of her. ”
Sherri stood up and put her arms around her husband gently as he spoke.
“Now, from what she has told me so far” he went on “I guess Sherri had sex with more men at any number of parties she’s been to than all the women in all those years I was married to Annabelle; and, I’m pretty sure she’s even made love to more women than I have as well. ”
Sherri unbuttoned the top button, she slid her hand into the gray hair on his chest and whispered something in his ear.
He continued and said “She just told me she is sure had done that before she was 20. ”
More laughs
“I know I should be jealous and it should make me angry, but I love hearing her stories. However, I find that now that she has began telling me details of her earlier life, it is the greatest aphrodisiac I have had in years. I wonder if I am somehow getting lecherous in my old age?”
Cooper laughed “No, Herb. Why is it lecherous to enjoy hearing the woman you love tell of good times. ”
Sherri added “Or to watch her enjoy herself. ”
Cooper agreed “Or to watch, sure, how could I not get turned on watching Bonnie enjoy herself with a lover? But the ultimate is to share her.

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   We’ve only done it once but a few months ago she had me do it in her ass while she rode a man. I could feel his penis in her as I went in and out. And to top it off we had a good dozen people watching as we did it. It was the most amazing sexual experience of my life. ”He felt his penis growing as he remembered the experience “Damn, I’m getting hard just thinking about it. ”

Sherri looked down, “You aren’t kidding, you are getting hard”

“I told you it was a turn on. ”

Sherry swiveled down and sat on her husband’s lap. “See, I told you. Lots of men enjoy watching their wife with other people. ”

Cooper leaned back in his chair, his erection still growing “Well Herb, the truth is it doesn’t matter what other men do. The question is what makes you and Sherry happy. That’s what I’m trying to get people to do and to be proud of doing it. ”

While most of the group had been listening to the conversation, Tabitha, out of the conversation’s line-of-sight, was making good on her threat to attack her husband in front of everyone. Tabitha had never gone back to her burger, now lay on her stomach with her face in his lap, her lips around his penis, bobbing up and down on the first half of the long shaft as she firmly gripped the lower half in her hand. Bonnie, drawing the attention of the group to her far right said “I guess Tabitha is proud of her man”

Cooper, Sherry and Herb looked behind them to see as Tabitha was going down deep on her husband, but still a good four inches of flesh remained visible.

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   She kept it in for nearly a minute then came up gasping for breath. Cooper could see everyone else had been watching while they talked.

Sherry hollered “I thought you said you can take it all!”

Tabitha looked up, stroking with her right hand. “I can in my pussy but that’s all I can do with my mouth. No one can take all of him orally. ”

“What makes you say that?” Sherry queried

Butch replied “It’s true, I’ve never once had a girl who could take it all in her mouth”

Sherry smiled and said “Of course not, no girl could deep throat that monster. It takes a real woman to do that. ”

“Why? Do you think you could take it all?” Tabitha asked with an air of competitiveness
“Sure I could. ”

“Really?” Tabitha said surprised

“Well it’s been a long time, since I did one that size, but I’m sure I could. ”

Skeptically she offered “OK, lets see. ”

Sherry whispered into her husband’s ear, he nodded, she stood up and pulled the straps to her topless maillot and dropped it to the ground. Nude, she walked over to where Tabitha lay still holding her husbands penis. Standing over them she told Butch to lay down and said loud enough for all to hear “Now the key to taking a long penis all the way down is making a straight passage from the lips down the throat. ” Butch still lying prone on his back, she straddled his face as she sank to her knees. “It’s the same trick a sword swallower uses, except this is more fun.

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With that she took the sword from Tabitha’s hand and lay down flat on Butch’s chest with head looking up. Inching forward she opened her mouth and took in almost as much as Tabitha had. She held still for few second then slid back until only the head was in her lips. Then again she inched forward continuing unit she had taken another half inch or so. This time she held it in for half minute before easing it out of her mouth completely. She stood up on her knees, which brought her thick lower lips right onto Butch’s mouth. “Each stroke I will take a little more then hold it as long as I can hold my breath because it will actually be in my throat, so I won’t be able to breath. To provide stimulation for the man I use my cheeks and my throat muscles. I’m sure Butch will respond. ”
With that she lay back on his stomach and slid the great shaft a good eight inches into her mouth. She then lay still. Butch on the other hand began to moan. Cooper did not know what she was doing but it clearly was working. After about 18-20 seconds she came up for air, then down again taking just a little more in. Butch again responded to the invisible stimulation.

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  He reached up and gripped her ass as it hovered over his face and each time she went down on him, he pulled her labia down to his mouth. The entire group watched entranced as bit by bit she took in more and more. It took at least ten minutes before her lips were pressed against his pelvic bone. As she lay still with all ten-plus inches down her throat, Butch had stopped trying to eating her out and was now shaking as she worked on him. On the fourth time all the way down his hips began to push up. No one looked away as on the fifth time all the way down he let out a loud groan and his buttocks quivered as the pushed up. Clearly his was climaxing. When she came up she did not just take a quick breath and go down again. As he shook uncontrollably she held his head in her mouth and milked the shaft with her hands. When he finally collapsed she again went down all the way down. He eyes, which had been shut popped wide open and breathlessly he said “OK, OK, OK, I can’t take any more. ”

She stood and said “and that’s the way its done ladies. In the old day’s I could have done that a lot quicker”. Cooper noticed not a drop of semen was on his dick, she had swallowed every bit. Spontaneous applause broke out as walked back to her husband.

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  All eyes were still on her as she walked back to her husband. Every nipple was hard and every dick full erect from the amazing performance.

“You will notice I did not keep him in my throat while he ejaculated. ” She continued with her lesson to all “If I had, I would not have gotten to taste him, and that’s no fun. And besides girls, no matter what they say in public, I’ve never met a man who didn’t get turned on when my kisses taste of cum. ”

With that she straddled her sitting husband and began to kiss him deeply. Every eye watched as after few minutes she lifted up and unzipped Herb’s Bermuda shorts and pulled out his firm penis and eased down pushing it up into her.

He might have lasted an hour or more in their bedroom, but as he kissed his wife surrounded by their friends was just too much and in just seconds he was shuddering with orgasm.

What followed was not so much as an orgy as serial exhibitionism. It was not anything formal but as they sunned and swam, one by one each couple made love in front of their friends. In the end only Jo Ann did not have sex. Tabitha had no trouble reawakening the snake and Trisha, as expected, joined Cooper and Bonnie for the only manage-a-trio of the day. With the exception of Sherry’s blow job the only “sharing” was the fairly unrestrained grab ass occurring in the pool. The real surprise to Cooper was Mandy. She was fairly aggressive and had her hand on his penis a good many times and one time she swam to him under water and very briefly put it in her mouth.

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Bonnie also had her share of being grabbed and/or felt up by every man there as well as all the women except Beth Ann, but to be fair she was doing as much as anyone, more than most. She particularly like messing with the snake. She even had the nerve to feel them up together while Tabitha bobbed up and down in the water impaled by the snake, not once but repeatedly she swam to them and touched their intimate union. However, their smiles when she surfaced each time made it clear they did not mind.

The one mistake was Bonnie forgot to keep reminding everyone to keep applying sunscreen, especially to the areas not used to sun. The result was Mike and Cal were in for a long painful week with burned dicks. Other that, Bonnie and Cooper judged the get together a complete success.