a walk in the park by jb Part 1. The dog food had been shoved so far up the dog was now shoving its nose up inside me

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Think I may have made a rash decision, but you the reader can be the judge of that. I'd just been having a walk in the park when two cocky teenagers started grabbing their crotches and shouting, come and get some of this baby. know full well I should have ignored them, but I didn't. Instead I told them if I thought they were up to it they could both have a go. Cheeky little sods said they'd be to much for me soI laughed at them. They bragged that they'd have me begging for more within minutes. I though they were just after a quick grope and said so. Cheeky little fuckers told me it wouldn't be the first time I'd let some one have a quick grope. I started to walk away, telling them I was used to men ,not boys. just as I started to move away one of them showed me a thick gold necklace, said to give him two minutes with his hand down my pants, if I didn't come it was mine. If I did I had to spend some time with them. Not being totally averse to having my cunt played with I agreed, thinking he was all talk. Fuck me I was wrong, I was gushing within a minute, forgot all about the goldwas just concerned with keeping his hand in my pants. He took his hand out and the pair of them led me into a wooded area, groping me all the time, I just couldn't get enough. Eventually we came across a fair sized hut and they took me in and locked the door. Both of them were touching me, rubbing me through my clothes, really turning me on.

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   then they just stopped, smirking at the look n my face, theyknew how turned on I was. They then told me to strip and finger myself to turn them on. Shit I was so horny I would have done anything, my fingers went deep inside my pussy, opening my legs o they had a good view once I'd come I licked my fingers hoping to get them at me. They grabbed me and tied me up, I was teased and tormented like never before, these two had me squirming all over the place They really knew how to work a woman's body. I was aching to be fucked and they knew it but instead just carried on teasing me. One of them told me if I wanted it I had to say please, I did and he laughed at me, telling me to beg like a bitch. He just kept on at me telling me I was a dirty slapper who was desperate for dick. then he bent me over and fucked my arse while his mate used mt mouth. When they had finished they started teasing my pussy again. does the slapper want a cock up her cunt they taunted. The one who fucked my arse told me if I wanted to be fucked I had to lick his shitty dick clean. To my utter humiliation I agreedbut the sex I received was well worth it. I thought that was the end of it but I was wrong. two teenage girls turned up and were let in. Both were around the 18 mark, dressed like little slappers, one of them carrying one of those yapping little dogs.

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   one of the girls raised her skirt and stood over me, rubbing her fanny before lowering herself over my face. As soon as she touched me I felt a warm wetness and realized she'd pissed on me. her panties were off now and she was trying to get them in my mouth, but not having muchluck. Her friend seeing this kicked me in the stomach and the panties were pushed in. A boot was placed over my mouth, I was told in no uncertain terms that if I spat them out i would be tortured and my mouth used as a toilet. The two bitches spent the next twenty minutes pulling at my tits and cunt seeing how much pain they could inflict. the two lads showed no inclination to stop them, indeed they seemed to be enjoying watching. One of the girls whispered to the other and started giggling. I found things being pushed under my back to lift my pussy and arse of the ground. A tin of dog food was produced and one of the bitches started shoving dog meat inside me with her fingers, pushing it in as deep as she could, the remainder being smeared around my arse amd pussy lip. Realizing what was about to happen I started to buck wildly, the girls simply picked up some canes of which there was anample supply and started to beat me. The dog was placed between my legs and the first thing I felt was a cold nose touching me and a long rough tongue licking at my arse. I hate to admit it but I shuddered with pleasure, each lick was sheer joy, the four of them stood there mocking me but I didn't care. I was just hoping they had more dog food. As always pain follows pleasure, as the dog food was licked away the dogs abrasive tongue was rubbing at the walls of my cunt, because the food had been shoved so far up the dog now had its nose inside me nipping at the last bits catching the walls of my cunt.

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   I bit down in pain, flooding my mouth with piss. .