Shadows of the Night Part 2

Erotic Horror

As the sun set, Catherine was looking forward to the night! Another night of hunting in L. A. She was hoping to find Rick and Marissa again, their blood had been particularly renewing, and as much as she craved it, she could not feed off them too often. It had been 18 days, and she really needed rich, vital blood, to renew her faculties. She had an idea where to find them, and hoped that they would be there. As she got ready to go, her front doorbell rang. She frowned, as she was not really expecting anyone. She went to the front door and swept it open. Marissa was standing there!

"Hello Catherine", Marissa said, "I hope I'm not disturbing you!"

Catherine smiled with pleasure, and let her aura envelop Marissa. She could see Marissa shiver a bit from pleasure, her aura always hit the pleasure center quickly!

"I brought my friend along to meet you, I hope you don't mind!", Marissa said, "Catherine, I'd like you to meet Andrea, Andrea, this is Catherine. "

Catherine sized up Andrea quickly, she was very cute, with full cheeks, a well formed face, a voluptuous figure, and hair as black as a raven's wing. She was eying Catherine a bit suspiciously, and Catherine sent her aura at her. She suddenly shuddered slightly, as Catherine's aura found it's mark! Catherine ushered them in, and quickly drew them into an embrace, they came willingly! Catherine ran her nose along each girls neck, she could smell the sexual excitement rising from their skin, it always fired up her lust to a fever pitch!

"I had to see you again Catherine", Marissa said, "You made love to me better than anybody ever has, and, I need it again! No one does it like you. "

Catherine smiled, and said, "In that case, let's not waste any time!"

Catherine led them, they followed her closely, pulling off their clothes along the way. By the time they crawled onto Catherine's big 4 poster bed, they were all naked. Marissa and Andrea swarmed all over Catherine, their lust fired up to a fever pitch also! Marissa placed her pussy on top of Catherine's mouth!

"Eat me! Suck my pussy, lick my clit, and make me cum!", Marissa gasped.

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As Catherine's tongue swept into her steaming snatch, she felt Andrea stroking her pussy. Andrea grinned as she quickly strapped on a 12 inch, fire engine red dildo, and placed herself between Catherine's legs. She was going to enjoy plowing Catherine's inviting cleft, and give her the fucking of a lifetime! Andrea loved to fuck her girlfriends! Fucking Marissa was such a turn on, Marissa would get so worked up she'd beg for it like an overheated little slut, and Andrea was always glad to power fuck her steaming cunt! She was so ready to power fuck Catherine's hot cunt, she was going to fuck Catherine's sweet ass off!! She placed the big head against Catherine's swollen cunt lips, and thrust forward, burying the entire 12 inches up Catherine's pussy! Catherine gasped as the walls of her cunt were stretched open by the massive pussy splitter! The dildo was big, painfully, wonderfully big, as the dildo slammed into her, splitting open her pussy deeper than ever before! It made her pussy burn with a mix of pain and pleasure as Andrea pulled back and slammed it in again! As Andrea plowed her furrow with that big dildo, over and over, Catherine was seeing stars, as her pussy was split open, again and again! Catherine's tongue was sweeping over Marissa's straining clit, Marissa was cradling Catherine's head in her hands, as she felt the sensations building up, pooling in her groin, getting ready to explode! Andrea continued to ram Catherine's cunt with the big red invader, Catherine could feel the sensations starting to build in her! Marissa suddenly exploded, shrieking with pleasure as her pussy exploded, flooding Catherine's mouth with her tasty juices. She shuddered and moaned as her orgasm ripped through her! She slid off to the side, flopping down on the bed next to Catherine.

"Yes, fuck me! Hammer that dildo into my burning cunt! I love being fucked by that big cock, ram it to me!" Catherine gasped.

That spurred Andrea on with a rush of excitement, knowing that Catherine liked it, and wanted more! She pushed Catherine's knees up to her tits, and she rode Catherine hard! The excitement turned her into an almost savage fucking machine! She wrapped her hands around Catherine's ass cheeks, and lifted her hips in rhythm to accentuate the thrusts of the dildo into her! Andrea rode her, power fucking her wildly, slamming it into her fiery fuckholeover and over again! Catherine loved the feeling of having her pussy stretched open, filled and fucked hard by the massive dildo, she was almost dizzy with lust, as the sensations reached the boiling point! Catherine screamed as her orgasm exploded in her like a bomb, she felt like she was flying apart as her orgasm tore through her, her pussy spasming wildly, her body shuddering and writhing, as she rode the wave of her orgasm! Andrea withdrew the dildo, and plunged her mouth down onto Catherine's pussy! The smell of her natural juices was like a fine perfume, and Andrea plunged her face into Catherine's pussy, licking and sucking her steaming snatch wildly, wrapping her tongue around the stem of Catherine's clit, and tugging at it. Catherine exploded again, her pussy throbbing wildly as it tore through her pussy, and Andrea continued, sliding 2 fingers up Catherine twitching pussy, and finger fucking her to another huge orgasm! After 5 massive orgasms, Andrea finally lifted her head from Catherine's pussy, and smiled up at Catherine and Marissa, her face shiny wet with Catherine's juices!

Catherine enveloped them with her aura again, and saw both of them stiffen and shudder as it hit their pleasure centers. Catherine beckoned to Andrea, and Andrea eagerly sat on Catherine's face, pressing her smooth shaven pussy against Catherine's face. As Catherine began to lick eagerly at Andrea's pussy, Marissa positioned herself at Catherine's pussy, and eagerly lapped at Catherine, running her tongue all over her pink swollen pussy lips! Andrea was humping hard atop Catherine, as her tongue washed over Andrea's sizzling clit over and over! Andrea could feel it building up, her orgasm was gonna be a blow out! Catherine lapped at Andrea's steaming cunt wildly, suddenly, Andrea began to buck as she was slammed by her orgasm! She was right, it was a blow out, Andrea screamed with pleasure, it felt like the top of her head was going to come off! She smacked her groin into Catherine's mouth, shaking and gasping as her orgasm tore through her, leaving her as giddy and limp as a rag doll. She flopped onto the bed, glassy eyed.

Catherine picked up the dildo, she liked the red color, and the size! She strapped the dildo around her waist, and smiled at Marissa. Marissa spread her legs, inviting Catherine to shove it into her!

"Do you want your cunt stuffed with this big pussy rammer?" Catherine grinned.

"Yes, fuck me with that big tool!" Marissa gasped, "Slam it into me, and fuck me until I see stars! Hammer me with that big fucker!!"

Catherine quickly got into position, and placed it against the entrance to Marissa's steamy snatch. She thrust forward, and slammed the entire 12 inches up Marissa in one big thrust! Marissa cried out with pain and pleasure as the red invader slammed into her, spreading the walls of her cunt open, quickly and forcefully! Catherine pulled back, and buried it up Marissa's molten core once again! The pain was quickly receding, being replaced with almost unbearable pleasure, as the dildo fucked Marissa again and again! She wrapped her legs around Catherine's waist, and with unintelligible cries of pleasure, she urged her lover on! Catherine took great pleasure in plunging into Marissa again and again, plowing her with Big Red! Marissa was seeing stars, pleasure filled stars, as Big Red plowed her furrow! Catherine lowered her face to Marissa, and smelled the rich lust filledscent rising from Marissa, it was getting stronger and richer as Marissa raced to orgasm! The richness made Catherine groan with pleasure, and set her juices churning! She could feel her own orgasm racing at her! She ran her nose gently along Marissa's neck, her senses aflame from the scent of Marissa's life force, searching for the right place! It was almost like Marissa knew what was coming, and welcomed it, as she turned her neck to Catherine's mouth, setting her neck in perfect position for the bite!

Marissa gasped out, "Yes, do it!!"

Catherine enveloped Marissa in her aura and her fangs flashed out, and they sank deep! As Catherine's mouth was filled with the rich blood she needed, Marissa exploded, her pussy spasming wildly as her orgasm slammed into her! It left her jerking and thrashing, she howled with pleasure as it tore through her, with a force that was almost painful! Catherine also exploded, her pussy juicing wildly, her orgasm ripping into her as she sucked at Marissa's neck! Catherine could feel Marissa's hands cradling her head, holding her to her neck! Catherine drank her fill, and then licked gently at the punctures, to seal them up. Catherine looked into Marissa's face, and saw that Marissa knew what was going to happen, and had welcomed it!

"I found out that the next morning, I remembered it all, while Rick was totally blank!", Marissa whispered, "I assumed that you put a spell or something like that on us, and I was somehow immune to it! Then I found out that not only did I remember it, I wanted it again! It gave me my most passionate, violent orgasm ever!"

Catherine smiled at her and whispered, "In that case, I will not try to put the spell on you again, since you enjoyed it so much! Would you like me to do the same to Andrea?"

"Yes, she does not know exactly what it is, just that I had the best sex ever, and she is eager to try it out too!", Marissa whispered back.

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Ten seconds later, Marissa and Andrea were rolled into a tight 69. As Marissa's tongue swept into Andrea's burning cunt, she could feel Andrea's tongue sweeping into her molten core, and they locked into each other, their tongues wildly licking at each other, again and again! They could feel their orgasms approaching, and they rolled apart. Andrea lay back, her legs spread, her syrupy pussy upthrust and ready, her body covered with a light sheen of sweat. Catherine got into position, and again, Big Red was buried to the hilt! Andrea squealed with pleasure, as her pussy was split open! Catherine drew back, and then slammed it home again, burying it deep! She rode deep inside Andrea, pumping her pussy with Big Red, hammering it to her! Andrea was almost delirious with pleasure, as Big Red fucked her deeper than ever before! She wrapped her legs around Catherine's waist, and clung to her body as Catherine reamed her! Andrea began to gasp and moan, her orgasm was coming up fast! Catherine ran her nose along Andrea's neck, smelling the richness! It made Catherine's orgasm start to churn! She breathed deep, smelling the lust, and the life force, and her pussy started to churn wildly!! Andrea was breathing in sharp little gasps, then, as Catherine's aura and fangs found the mark, and sank deep into her neck, Andrea cried out wildly as her pussy exploded! Her orgasm tore through her, leaving her shaking and trembling from it's force! The rich blood gushed into Catherine's mouth, and again her pussy exploded, spasming wildly as she came, sucking on Andrea's neck, drinking deep! As the orgasm ebbed slowly away, Catherine withdrew her fangs, and licked gently at the twin punctures to seal them. She cast the hypnotic spell on Andrea, and she rolled over and fell asleep quickly!

"I wonder if she will remember, like you?" Catherine said.

Marissa said, "If she does, I hope she will remember it as well as I did, and want to do it again! You give me the wildest, most wrenching orgasms ever. I would be happy to be one of your regular donors!", she giggled.

Catherine cooed, "You will be my regular lover, too", and again wrapped her aura around Marissa, full power!

Marissa stiffened, and gasped as it exploded in her pleasure center! It fired her up to a fever pitch, and she jumped on Catherine, they wrapped themselves into a tight 69, and they ate each other wildly, until they both exploded in orgasm! At Catherine's urging, Marissa strapped on the dildo, and rode Catherine, reaming her burning pussy until she exploded! Then, Catherine was only too happy to strap on Big Red, and fuck Marissa's sweet pussy, riding her until she came wildly! Once more, they were in a 69, eating each other tenderly, lovingly, until they both had wonderful orgasms! They collapsed in a breathless heap, totally spent! Catherine pulled back the bed covers, and they carefully slid Andrea's sleeping form under the covers. Soon, all three of them were sleeping peacefully under the covers, their naked bodies pressed together tenderly. .