Webmeets Diary Ch. 06


Note to the reader: In this diary I will tell the true stories of my sexual encounters that have come about thanks to the internet. Some more precise details such as names and places will be left out to protect mine and others' privacy, and also because they don't matter. Each entry in the diary can be read alone or as part of a series, but since I have a wide sexual appetite you may not find everything I've done to be such a turn on, so you may want to skip those chapters.

If you have read the other chapters of this diary, you will know that I went travelling after I finished university, intending to meet up with people from adult personal sites along the way. So, after St. Petersburg I went all the way through Russia and Mongolia without meeting anyone else from the internet. Of course, I met plenty of other travellers and locals many of whom were very attractive, but for various reasons I didn't end up sleeping with any of them.

By the time I reached Beijing though I was itching for some action, particularly as I was now surrounded by Asian girls. For some reason, probably just because I grew up in a very white area so they still looked exotic to me, ever since I was a teenager I'd found Asian girls more attractive than any others. Luckily in a city only a few hours by train away lived another of my adult dating site contacts, so during my week in the capital I arranged to meet them on my way south.

This was a married couple I'd exchanged quite a few messages with on the dating site and chatted to on MSN a few times. I was eager to meet them from the start for two reasons. First, the guy was bisexual and after other meeting with a couple with a bi guy (see Chapter 3 of this series) I longed for more experiences like that. Second, the woman was Chinese so I would be able to realise at least a few of the thousands of fantasies I had involving Asian women. And third, they were within ten years of my own age: the guy, Patrick from Canada, being 32 and the woman, Ai Ling, being 29, both pretty good looking, so it didn't seem to be some lecherous old white guy forcing his Asian wife to do things against her will.

Once we began chatting (mostly with Patrick although he assured me Ai Ling was reading too sometimes) I discovered a whole host of other reasons.


   We had swapped photos of us in action so I knew they liked to take them, and when I mentioned it he told me they also had a video camera they could use if I liked (I said I certainly did!). In our conversations we had talked about our fantasies so it seemed we had a lot in common, and although they had managed to realise a few of theirs with other people they'd met they didn't seem to mind the idea of repeating them with me. Gradually their initial suggestion that we meet up for one night became an invitation to stay with them for an entire weekend, during which we planned to go through a kind of checklist of different positions and combinations of two men and a woman that we had come up with online.

As soon as I let them know I was in China we finalised the details and I got my train tickets. Trains in China are pretty good and generally on time so they agreed to meet me at the station. It was not hard to find them as the city was not a major tourist destination except for Chinese tourists, so Patrick stood out as the only other person of European origin there with his thin, ginger hair, blue eyes and his height. He was a little taller than me, which although in England is about average in China it's tall. Ai Ling stood next to him, a little shorter, her shoulder-length, wavy hair dyed a kind of reddish brown framing her pretty face, which was a shape one of my Chinese friends has described as a "moon face" - quite wide with high cheekbones. Both were dressed in suits as they'd just come from work.

"Hi," I said when I reached them and shook hands. There was no need for introductions after the photos we'd seen of each other. "We meet at last. "

"Hi," they answered smiling, things already starting out much less awkward than my previous meetings - my experience starting to bear fruit. "How was the journey?"

"Good thanks. Did you both have good days at work?"

"Yes thanks.

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   Would you like to drop your bag at our place?" Patrick suggested indicating my huge backpack, which as I was not returning to Beijing I had had to bring with me. "Then we could go and eat if you like?"

"Sounds like a good idea. "

I followed them on a ten minute walk, though it seemed a bit longer thanks to the weight of my bag, and then into an apartment block. From the brief glimpse I got of their apartment while dumping my bag it seemed quite nice, not huge but about the proportions of an average well-off Western home, certainly bigger than Annie's place in Russia and probably several times the size enjoyed by most Chinese people.

We didn't linger long there however, and went straight to a nice little restaurant that they knew. In China generally the more people you eat with the better the meal as everyone tucks into everything on the table, but having someone who speaks Chinese also helps as then you actually know what you're ordering. Patrick and Ai Ling were obviously regulars from the way they were greeted so knew what to get, and the food was great.

As we ate we chatted quite easily together - I told them of my travels so far, and they related what it was like to live in China. Then the conversation turned to sexual experience, and it felt a little odd discussing this in public even though none of the other people there spoke English. I gave a short account of my previous experience with a couple and they told me about the last guy they'd met with, a few months before, who was more their age. As this began to arouse me I found myself looking at Ai Ling more and more, but tried to hide it as I wasn't sure if this would be considered rude even if we would be fucking later.

"Well if Jack's going to shave before we start having fun, we'd better get going hadn't we?" Patrick said eventually, referring to a conversation we'd had online about oral sex and how much more pleasant it is when people are shaved down there. We paid and left, going straight back to their apartment where I got the shaving foam and new razor I had bought for the occasion, and retired to the bathroom. It took me about half an hour to shave off all my pubic hair, which had grown back completely since the last time I had done this many months before, as I had warned Patrick it would on the internet. Even when it isn't so thick shaving your genitals is not a job it is wise to rush, so I took my time and eventually was smooth from front to back.

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   I washed off the excess foam, dried myself on a towel they'd given me, got dressed, cleaned up my hairs and was done.

On coming out of the bathroom I realised I needn't have bothered getting dressed. In the middle of the sitting room was a video camera on a tripod facing the couch on which Patrick and Ai Ling were sat totally naked kissing and stroking each other. I approached slowly, taking the opportunity to admire their bodies: both were pretty fit looking, Patrick's muscles well defined without being particularly large; Ai Ling's body was also fairly toned beneath her slightly tanned skin, not stick thin like many Chinese women, and her breasts were also a little larger than I'd generally noticed despite only being maybe C cups.

"I suppose I should get undressed again," I said to announce my presence, making them both jump, then laugh.

"We were just warming up while we waited," Patrick explained getting up and detaching the camera from its stand.

"But you should get undressed, yes," Ai Ling added also getting up. "I will help you. "

While I hastily removed my jumper and t-shirt I could feel Ai Ling's fingers undoing my flies and within seconds I was standing naked like them, my clothes discarded in a corner. Patrick filmed as his wife ran her fingers over my body, lingering on my now bald and already twitching genitals, giving me a gentle kiss on the lips, just flicking them with her tongue, and then sank to her knees before me.

"We thought that after so long a journey since St. Petersburg," Pat explained, handing me the camera to continue filming from my view point, "you might not last too long if we went straight to fucking, so you might need a bit of a release first. Plus we've both been looking forward to sucking that cock of yours since you sent us the photo so many months ago!"

Already Ai Ling was using her hands to play with my smooth balls, and as I arranged the camera so that it would record from a decent angle without me having to watch everything through the tiny viewing screen, her husband knelt beside her. His face contrasted quite nicely with her pretty, Asian, feminine features, and when she peeled back my foreskin. So much attention could not fail to excite me and by the time soft female lips were kissing my balls I was fully erect.

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   They continued to tease me for a couple of minutes, taking it in turns to kiss and lick the shaft or the skin below but ignoring the engorged head completely, until Ai Ling took pity and extending her tongue, giving the tip a lick. I gasped and she smiled before moving her tongue to the rest of it and then taking me inside her mouth.

It was ecstasy. Both gave excellent head and took it in turns, taking a break every time they swapped so that I wouldn't cum too soon. Frequently they also stopped to kiss each other, and that was as big a turn on as seeing either of them take my cock in their mouths. As a joke they began kissing through my cock, starting at the base, moving on either side and working their way up, thrashing their tongues around as if it was a barrier they were striving to get around.

I say as a joke but when they reached the head it was actually this that brought me over the edge - the touch of lips on each side, two tongues swirling over it, and the sight of my cock jammed between the lips of a beautiful Chinese woman and her Caucasian lover - it was even better than my wildest fantasies. So I ejaculated, taking them by surprise since they were kissing, the first couple of loads landing on their cheeks which were pressed together. Ai Ling was the first to react to my loud moan, locking her mouth to my spurting dick and sucking wildly, intensifying my orgasm so much I almost dropped the camera.

Patrick took over as it was fading away, drawing a few last shudders from me and the last of my cum, then he turned to his wife and they began kissing with some thorough tongue work. Well they'd told me they liked "cum play" so I wasn't surprised, but filmed the sexy sight of a spunked on couple snogging away and licking each other's faces clean. Then it turned even sexier, like something from the weirder bukkake porn I'd seen (where it was called "snowballing") but a bisexual version, as Ai Ling clamped her husband’s mouth open and, holding her head a little above, possibly for the camera to get a better view, dribbled her mouthful of sperm into it. Patrick then returned the favour, and they did this several times until Patrick asked me if I wanted some.

Although rather dubious of tasting my own cum, since I was being given a weekend of unlimited sex for free I agreed and got down with them, passing the camera to Patrick since Ai Ling had her mouth full. She took my head in her hands and I opened my mouth looking up to see her cute moon face spitting a mouthful of sperm into my mouth, the rest of my view blurred since it fell outside the lenses of my glasses.

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I'd tasted other's sperm before, even a little of my own when I was still a stranger to giving blowjobs and wondered what it was like, but not as much as this. Diluted with two people's saliva it now really was a mouthful and more liquid than usual, but still warm at least and tasted OK as sperm goes. I passed it back to Ai Ling and it went back and forth between us until Patrick wanted it, then I did the same ritual with him. Finally, he passed it back to his wife and she swallowed it, along with all our saliva that had passed along with it. It sounds kind of disgusting perhaps, but at the time it seemed very sexy indeed.

"Thanks guys," I said with a sigh. "I can see I'm going to have a great weekend. I really needed that. " I was still holding the camera so I focused it on Patrick's crotch. "I think it's Patrick's turn now though. "

Sure enough Patrick had a throbbing erection, his dick also shaved though with a bit of stubble coming through above it, and was a decent size, about the same as mine we discovered later, maybe slightly smaller, but at the time I was eager to get my lips around it. Patrick seemed to be eager too for he stood up and took the camera from me, standing in front of me while I knelt up and began playing with it. It had been a good few months since my last cock, and this one was a beauty, so I didn't want to rush things. While I began playfully nibbling his ball sack with my lips, I felt Ai Ling's warm body move up next to me.

Together we began to lick his shaft just as I had experienced a few minutes before, until a little drop of precum leaked out the end.

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   His wife lapped it up, then pulled back to let me have the first go. Eagerly I opened my mouth and took his head inside, touching it only lightly with my tongue at first, then suddenly sucking hard and fast. I did everything I normally did: swirling my tongue around the head, trying to deep throat him, and then passed it over to his wife. Pretending to be catching my breath I took a moment to watch up close as she gave him a blowjob, then ducked under her to lick his balls.

Sharing a cock is a bit more complicated than it seems as it gets quite crowded down there. More than once my glasses were knocked a little sidewise or steamed up, and several times if I was underneath I would be the receiver of streams of saliva dangling from Ai Ling's chin or running down Patrick's shaft. It was great fun though and I became emboldened, playing with Ai Ling's nipples, already erect, and when she didn't stop me, gently cupping and squeezing her breasts, which felt a little firmer than Annie's had.

All this was very arousing, so soon my body began to react. Ai Ling was the first to notice, bringing it to my attention by slipping her hand between my legs while I had my mouth full, and beginning to slowly jerk me off with my foreskin. By the time it was her turn to suck Pat's cock again I was fully erect, though despite her continued massaging nowhere near a second orgasm yet. She drew me closer to it though, for once I had taken over licking her husband's dick rather than sucking his balls as before she bent down further to suck on my cock.

Unfortunately, or so I thought at the time anyway, Patrick was near orgasm, which he announced loudly, pulling his cock from my mouth and grabbing it with his free hand, wanking furiously and telling me to get ready. Hearing this his wife came up to help in time to see him begin ejaculating into my open mouth. She pressed her cheek to mine, mouth open, and Patrick did his best to distribute his load on to both our tongues. A little missed its target, raining down on our faces, a few drops splattering my glasses.

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   As the stream eased off he allowed me to suck the last few drops out, though taking care to keep it all in my mouth for I knew what was next. When he began to go limp I let him go and turned to Ai Ling who was waiting expectantly. We began kissing, slowly but passionately, our tongues pushing the salty-sweet cum back and forth between our mouths before we broke apart for a reprise of the earlier snowballing.

Once we'd had enough of swapping jism, Ai Ling again swallowed it, and I asked for a drink of water, as the aftertaste of cum, while quite erotic, was getting to me a bit, plus I was thirsty anyway. We all had a drink, then Ai Ling sat on the couch looking at me expectantly.

I raised my eyebrows not entirely sure if she wanted what I thought, then decided not to ask verbally but rather to act, so I set my glass down and went over to her. Holding my body off hers I bent my head to kiss her, which she returned. As she didn't stop me I moved my mouth down on to her nipples, which were still erect. I began sucking and licking them, squeezing whichever breast I wasn't attending to with my hand and fingering the wet nipple, giving it all the attention I could, much as I had done with Annie in Russia, though Ai Ling's breasts were smaller and firmer. Ai Ling did not seem to be such a fan of having her breasts sucked as Annie though, for despite a few sighs and murmurs of encouragement Patrick had only come over to film for a minute before she began to push down on my head. Loving to eat pussy as I do, I did not resist.

Kissing down over her flat stomach I slid down to kneel between her spread legs to receive a wonderful view of her smooth, hairless, shaved pussy. Already I could see that the edges were wet, and as I watched I saw muscles contract slightly and more juice oozed out, but since my erection had already almost completely disappeared, I took my time, kissing her thighs and stroking them, teasing her as she and her husband had teased me, until she was straining her hips out to reach me. Deciding not to milk it any longer, at least this first time, I moved in.

At first, since I was being filmed, I used the technique of porn actors: extending and stiffening my tongue, I licked around the edge of her vulva with the very tip, making only very light contact with the area around her clitoris, which was easy to find with no hair in the way, and then back down again, circling a few times, teasing her even more before focusing the touch on her clit and the area around it.

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   I kept my contact light as a feather, withdrawing every time she bucked her hips, and looking up to see with satisfaction that she was biting her lower lip with her eyes closed.

Feeling my tongue begin to ache, I relaxed it completely, and moved my mouth closer, changing to a technique I knew worked much better even if the details were hidden from the camera. I used the flat of my tongue to lap at her clit, which I could feel was nice and swollen, slowly at first, enjoying the ability to lick her bare skin rather than a mass of hairs, despite my liking for a tasty hirsute cunt. But soon, in response to her bucking, I went a little faster, and she moaned, a long sexy moan. From then on it was all I could do to keep my mouth in place as she ground her crotch into my face, helped by her hands on my head, moaning and then crying out in pleasure.

Her thrusts subsided after a few minutes, so I decided to give her clitoris a rest and indulge my curiosity as to what she tasted like, as the subtle scent coming from her hole was so tempting. I thrust my tongue inside, just licking the edge to start with and then trying to stick it in further and further as she seemed to enjoy it. Sensing she was going to buck again, I moved my mouth back up to where it had been, but carefully inserted first my middle and then my ring finger, not so much thrusting in and out but doing a kind of beckoning motion as I had done with Annie, a technique that proved just as popular on this new woman.

While I was busy licking his wife's clitoris between the two fingers not jammed inside her cunt, Patrick had decided that a couple of minutes of up close filming was enough and had replaced the camera on its tripod. Now he climbed on to the sofa next to us, and after five minutes of helping me out by sucking her tits, he stood up, leaning against the back rest, and fed his semi-erect cock into her mouth. For another few minutes I continued to eat Ai Ling's pussy while she sucked her husband's cock, moaning into it whilst thrusting up towards me, until he was hard again. She pulled him out of her mouth and said, looking up at him with loving, lustful eyes: "I want it now. "

"OK," he said, as she pushed me gently away. "Maybe we should shift around a little though. "

Realising what was going on, I stood up to allow them both to change positions.

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   Ai Ling swung herself around, lying fully on the sofa but propped up by cushions and the arm of the couch, while Patrick knelt between her legs, getting ready to penetrate her. I stood back to watch by the camera as he bent down over her and let her guide his dick inside her. Although disappointed that I was no longer involved, I still enjoyed watching them fuck, the white guy thrusting into her, while the sexy Asian woman moaned in pleasure. With all the action clearly visible to be filmed thanks to their bodies being held apart and the lack of pubic hair, I felt like I was inside one of my porno movies, which I guess I was really. I watched attentatively, not only because it was so sexy, but because I wanted to know what Ai Ling liked, with the expectation that soon I would be in his place.

My passive role didn't last long, as Ai Ling called out that she wanted to suck dick too. I moved closer to her head, which was now at waist height, and she reached eagerly for my dick, which after her early attentions, the eating of her pussy and the current show was semi-hard anyway, and brought it straight to her mouth without ceremony. She sucked at it hard and energetically, helping with both hands on the base and balls if she could spare them, but with at least one when the other was needed to squeeze her own nipples or stroke her husband’s chest heaving above her.

By now any vestiges of sexual timidity in me had vanished, so I stood completely relaxed, enjoying her tongue on my dick and watching Patrick's thrusting into her cunt. I leant forward a little, impeded by the furniture, to play with Ai Ling's pert breasts, preventing them from shaking from her husband's thrusts but loving the feel of them in my hands. This brought me closer to Patrick, and as he began to near an orgasm, he reached up to support himself with one arm on my shoulder, and brought my head down for a kiss. It was more of a tongue battle than a kiss, since he was not very still, but it was into my mouth that he let out his final moan as he ejaculated, pumping his semen into his Chinese wife.

While Ai Ling continued to suck my cock, Patrick withdrew from her, his dick glistening with her juices and a strand of sperm dangling from the tip. He sat back for a minute catching his breath and watching as his wife devoted all her attention to me. So much so that I stopped watching him, though I had a faint impression of him getting up and moving about behind me, and then I sensed him standing next to me.

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"You might want this now," he said, holding out a condom, the camera in his other hand.

"Thanks," I said, taking it and realising that I was unlikely to get any harder, so now was probably the time to put it on. I ripped open the packet and took out the rubber, then gently pulled myself out of the hot wet mouth to slip it on. Not wanting to waste time in which I might soften, I moved around to where Patrick had been, and since Ai Ling was already evidently more than sufficiently lubricated by herself and her husband, I plunged straight in.

Looking back, the condom was probably pretty pointless as a precaution against STDs, since over the course of the weekend we all came into contact with each other's bodily fluids plenty of times through oral sex and other play. Even with penetration, I could hear and feel Patrick's cum squelching out of her pussy and spreading itself over the uncovered base of my shaft and the balls below. However, at the time it just seemed natural for me to use one since they asked me to, as well as from habit, and I was actually glad of it. Despite the earlier blowjob taking the pressure off, the excessive lubrication and her pussy having been clearly well used over her almost 30 years, the whole situation would have been so arousing I would probably have cum within a couple of minutes without the latex to reduce the sensations.

To begin with I held myself up above her as I thrust so both I and Patrick's camera could get a good view of my dick thrusting in to her bald vagina, but soon my arms began to ache in this unusual position, and anyway, there was only so long I could resist the sight of her pert breasts wobbling so invitingly below me. I buried my face in them, sucking greedily at those hard nipples while the rest of my body pressed against hers, apart from my hips which continued to thrust. With her mouth free of my cock she now began crying out, sometimes intelligible, English encouragement, sometimes Chinese that I naturally couldn't understand, and sometimes completely unintelligible cries of pleasure.

She wrapped her legs tight around the backs of my legs, thrusting up to meet me, and I could feel muscles inside her cunt tightening around my cock, contracting then relaxing, only to contract again. For several minutes she held me so tight to her bosom I had difficulty breathing, my mouth clamped so hard to her breasts, making them slippery with saliva. Then she reached down and forced her hand between our sweaty stomachs, until I could feel her finger tips rubbing against the base of my shaft, so I knew she must be attending to her clitoris. I raised myself up a little on my elbows to watch her face, her eyes closed and her head hanging back over the arm of the couch.


   When I remembered through the growing haze of approaching orgasm, I held and squeezed her tits, wet and slimy from my mouth, flicking my thumb over the erect nipples, then once I had caught my breath I dove down again.

This continued for what seemed like hours, although when I watched the video back I discovered it was really only just over ten minutes, and I was amazed that I had not yet reached a climax. When that climax finally did come though, it was intense. As it arrived, I arched my back, pushing as deep as I could inside her, my last few thrusts hard and violent, accompanied by my own involuntary yells and gasps of satisfaction. I could feel the condom filling with my cum, and after a brief rest I managed to resume my thrusts despite my cock head now being hypersensitive, so that Ai Ling could get a last few seconds of pleasure from it, then withdrew before I had softened too much. We both sat panting, my cock slowly drooping, the semen filled condom tip slipping forwards, while I watched Ai Ling's heaving chest and the glistening sheen of the skin around her crotch that surrounded her still slightly open hole.

"That was FUN!" Ai Ling exclaimed after a while, and we all laughed. Patrick turned the camera off and passed us a box of tissues so we could clean up a bit and dispose of the laden condom without dripping sperm everywhere.

"What's the time?" I asked, not wearing a watch.

"Just gone eleven," Pat replied after glancing it his. "Which I think is time for a beer. You want one?"

All of us still naked, we sat drinking cold drinks, feeling the sweat dry off our bodies and talking about what the weekend might hold. I thought maybe we were heading towards going to bed, to which I would not have objected after my exertions and the journey earlier, but I was mistaken.

"How would you like to see some of our other home movies, Jack?" Ai Ling asked me as the conversation slowed a little.

"I'd love to," I replied, not wanting to miss such an opportunity for REAL amateur porn.



"That's not a bad idea," Patrick added, getting up and moving to the TV. "It might give us some ideas and remind us what we've yet to try. "

Watching their home videos became our standard time-killing activity, for those periods when our minds were still aroused but our bodies needed some recharging, and they had more than enough. They must have met up with at least a dozen people, mostly single guys although they had done some full swinging it turned out, and even managed to find a willing American girl, only slightly older than me by the look of her. Although some were obviously just there for a single evening, most seemed to stay the weekend like me judging by the variety of videos each appeared in, and some must have come more than once. They certainly liked filming themselves, and I think nearly all the times we had sex over that weekend was filmed, although I won't be mentioning all the camera movements for the rest of this diary entry. This is meant to be an erotic story after all, albeit a true one, and not camera directions for an exact re-enactment.

Gradually we finished our drinks, and next to me Patrick started to play with himself absent-mindedly. Glancing across him at Ai Ling, I saw that she was too, so while I was sceptical at raising a third boner only half an hour after my last ejaculation, I decided to play a little too, if only to see how comfortable I felt doing so in the presence of others. It took a few minutes, but blood did start to pump back in, only semi-erect at first from just dry pulling back and forth of the foreskin, but with the help of some saliva I got it all the way up, albeit aching slightly with the effort. Having achieved this, I glanced at my two partners: Pat was also hard and slowly jerking off watching himself fucking his wife doggy while she sucked another, rather swarthy looking, man's cock on the screen; next to him Ai Ling caught my eye and smiled, as she lightly touched her clitoris with one finger, barely in contact with it, and I saw she wasn't watching the screen but us two. I seemed to remind her of something, as she got up and left the room, and my attention returned to the TV. When she returned a few moments later she placed a tube of something on the coffee table then resumed her position.

The situation reminded me of two half-forgotten fantasies of mine, involving me masturbating in the company of others, and it was as good a feeling as I had thought it would be. Seized by a sudden impulse, I released my own cock and reached for Patrick's, pushing his hand aside.

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   His eyes barely flicked from the screen as I closed my fist around the head and resumed my stroking motion. It was odd, feeling the cylinder of another's phallus sliding in my hand while my own rested on my stomach. This latter lack of stimulation did not last long though as, again not bothering to look at me, he gripped it and returned the favour. His hands were rougher and he was stronger, but not so much to be unpleasant, and it would be a good while before anything more happened. I enjoyed the mutual masturbation for a while, watching the video to it's not altogether unpredictable climax of both guys cumming in Ai Ling's mouth followed by some snowballing.

Then it went to the next scene, with the same guy this time on his knees sucking Patrick's cock by himself. Too tempted not to, I shifted position to lie on my side with my head in position over Pat's crotch and after a few starting licks, I began sucking his cock. My own was out of his reach now, but it was easy enough for me to attend to it myself, and in the sideways position I could also watch the TV or Ai Ling if I chose to.

I didn't hurry things, keeping my sucking and tongue action light, as I wanted to give him a nice long blowjob. So long in fact that his wife came twice on her own fingers beside us while she watched! Eventually though, I started to tire of giving oral sex, and pulled back a little, taking my hand from my own shaft to massage his, which was now rock hard. I had had plenty of opportunity to see what it was Ai Ling had placed on the coffee table, and was pleased with her forethought: it was a tube of lube, and now I wanted to use it.

I sat up and before I needed to ask for a condom Ai Ling passed me one. For the last ten minutes the TV screen had shown Patrick pounding the other guy's arse, and I wanted the same treatment. Deftly I ripped the packet and rolled the condom over his thick rod, having a little difficulty as I had had putting one on my own before, as it was a pretty tight fit, but I got it on before he started to soften. Straddling his lap now, but facing him rather than my usual position of facing away from my gay partners, Ai Ling presented me with the lubricant.

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   I spent a few moments to lubricate my hole, pushing a couple of fingers in and out to loosen myself, since it had been a few months since my last buggering, then smeared Patrick's cock with the clear gel. We were ready, and I was filled with my usual excited anticipation.

I lowered myself down until I could push the tip of his cock against my puckered sphincter. My sigh of satisfaction as my muscles relaxed and allowed his penis to enter me surprised even me, but it was such a good feeling! As usual I didn't go all the way down to start with, getting my anus used to the invader, but this time there was not even a slight ache so after a few tries I sank right down, feeling his bulging prick sliding all the way up until my buttocks were pressed into his thighs.

Maybe it was a better position than my usual one for being on top, or maybe my fucking muscles were developing, but either way I managed to ride him much longer than I normally could. Another advantage of this position was that I got to watch my partner's expression and reactions to my bouncing up and down on his dick. Purposely I kept my arms on the back of the couch, both to take the strain off my thighs and to resist the urge to touch my own cock. I let it flap wildly in its semi-erect state, slapping against my stomach or flicking droplets of precum on Patrick's chest, and I knew it would be great to touch it, but I wanted to cum just from the stimulation of my prostate from the anal penetration, just for once. However, Patrick was clearly like me in being unable to resist a nice cock, for he began to jerk me off even as I rode him, and it felt too good to stop him for at least a few minutes.

When I really started to feel an orgasm building though, I stopped, caught my breath from my moaning and yelling I had found came very easily to me, and dismounted. The scene we had been watching before had ended, but the DVD held several hours, so it had already gone to the next one, so the screen now showed Ai Ling sucking a cock, then the view swung to show a brunette, about the same age, sucking another cock beside her.

"I want you to fuck me now," I said to Patrick, standing up. "On the floor. " He didn't protest, so we moved around the coffee table and I got to my hands and knees, like a dog, facing the TV. Our change in position was matched on the screen by Patrick, Ai Ling and the couple they were swinging with.

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   Pat, who of course knew how the video went, managed to time his thrusting into my arse with the on-screen Pat's thrust into the brunette's, and my cry was not so different from hers. I was treated to five minutes of them fucking like me and Patrick up close before Ai Ling and her swinging partner had clearly felt left out and had set the camera on a tripod, for the view moved further away. They entered the picture and were soon beside Pat, Ai Ling riding the other guy.

We continued though in the same position, my knees starting to get sore from rubbing against the carpet, though I ignored it. The action on screen faded from my mind, and I closed my eyes so my whole body was filled and dominated by the cock driving into my arse. My dick was crying out for attention, but even if I'd wanted to touch it I couldn't, as my whole body felt weak and trembled, I needed both my arms to support myself and brace against Patrick's ever more violent pounding. If I did open my eyes and look back down my chest, I could see it dangling, leaking a long string of precum down to a clear little puddle on the carpet. Behind me Patrick grunted and gasped, both his hands on my hips to pull me to him. A haze filled my head, and I lost track of time, of where Ai Ling was, even where I was, feeling I was floating in space with a cock driving up my sphincter and hammering on my prostate.

When it finally came, the climax was intense. I cried out loudly and incoherently, my arms giving way so I slumped forward. It felt like a fire was spreading from my butt, so powerful it was near the edge of pain, like no orgasm I had had before. Spunk poured from my cock, mostly splattering on to the carpet but also flecking my chest as it still flapped with Pat's thrusts. He continued to fuck me, even as my ejaculation subsided and the sensation in my butt became less pleasurable, I was too weak and shaky to stop him. It didn't last long though, as I felt him give a few last, fast thrusts and then stop inside me sighing in satisfaction.

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   He slowly pulled out, allowing me to roll over on my side gratefully, fingering my dilated, and now slightly sore hole, sticky with lube. I lay there for some time, playing with the wet part of my body while the other two moved about, then I shakily got to my feet.

"That was. . . fantastic Pat!" I told him, and he and his wife smiled.

"Yeah, it was a pretty good start. But I think it's time for bed if we all want to be rested to get seriously into the weekend tomorrow, if you know what I mean. "

We all agreed, and once we'd cleaned up a bit I was shown to my room, where a little before 1am I collapsed on the bed and fell asleep.


On Saturday I was woken some time after ten by a knock on my door.

"Time for breakfast!" Ai Ling called through the door.

"OK, be out in a minute," I replied, getting up immediately and getting dressed. When I arrived in the kitchen I found a full English breakfast waiting for me.

"I know really I should eat like the locals," Patrick said when I raised my eyebrows. "But at the weekend I prefer something a bit more like at home, I hope you don't mind.

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"Not at all," I replied, sitting down. "Although this is an English breakfast, not a Canadian one isn't it?" He just shrugged and smiled. Actually, I was the same, always eating a full English breakfast when hostels offered them, even if I ate local food the rest of the day. I was pretty hungry, so tucked in once I saw it was polite to do so, and finished in no time at all, then helped to clear up.

"Shall we go into the sitting room?" Ai Ling suggested, a twinkle in her eye - Patrick and his wife seemed to have decided before hand what they were going to do.

"You had so much fun last night I think I'd like a go this morning," Patrick said as we made our way to the couch, unceremoniously shedding our clothes. "But first Ai Ling will help me bring back your morning glory. "

"Sounds good," I said, smiling, and sat down on the couch, my legs spread wide as the sexy couple got down on their knees between them to repeat the first part of the night before. As they had said, they only gave me a blowjob as long as it took to get me hard, and before I knew it I had been handed a condom and was pulling it over my shaft.

"You'd best go a bit slow," I said, a little nervously. "I've only ever taken anal sex, not given it, so this will be completely new to me. "

"Oh, surely not completely new," Patrick replied, standing up with his hand behind his back, clearly lubricating his anus from the tube in his other hand, which he now passed to me. His expression was eager, and he already had a delicious looking semi-erection. "It's just like fucking an extra tight vagina, you'll see. I don't suppose I'll be as tight as you anyhow, as here I have plenty of time to play with toys.

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  . . "

While he talked I squeezed a blob of lube into my hand and spread it down over my shaft, ensuring it was completely coated in the slippery gel. Already Patrick had turned around, presenting me with a view of his sexy firm butt, and straddled my lap. Before he started to lower himself, I grabbed one buttock experimentally, and used my other hand to explore his crack. Pulling it wide open, I slid my forefinger down, finding it shiny and soft from lubrication, and for the first time in my life, slid a finger into another man's sphincter.

Once he felt one finger sliding in to the knuckle so easily, Patrick started to bend his knees and lean forward, so I hurried myself, trying to fit in a second finger and then a third. Satisfied that he was not too tight, I stopped resisting his descent and withdrew my sticky fingers to guide my cock instead.

We had finished breakfast barely five minutes ago, and already I had the head of my dick pressed against Pat's arse, watching the muscles twitch as he tried to relax them. I had never appreciated how difficult the initial penetration was for the "top" in gay sex, but now I could feel his weight pressing down on my shaft, almost pushing it back into me, and I had to grip my cock quite firmly to keep it from bending under the strain.

Slowly his sphincter relaxed, and began to swallow my cock. Patrick reached around with both hands to pull his cheeks apart, gasping with pleasure as he sunk further and further down, my dick going deeper and deeper. It seemed to take a long time, but eventually he was as far down as he could go, sitting on my lap, and began to rise again, soon bouncing slowly up and down, the muscles at the entrance getting pulled out each ascent and pushed back in each descent.

My attention moved from his taut buttocks swallowing my cock to his long rather muscular back, which I began to caress. Not unexpectedly, fairly soon afterwards he began to lean a bit further back to take the strain off his legs, and his movements became shorter to conserve energy.

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   Despite the tightness of his tunnel, this was not really enough stimulation for me, especially through the latex, so I began to thrust up a bit, not much, but enough to compensate for his change so I was still sliding all the way in.

However, I wasn't prepared for the next event. Ai Ling had gone out of my line of vision, but since my view was almost entirely taken up by her husband riding me, I assumed she was filming from the front, if I thought of her at all.
    Then I felt her touch on my legs, so I craned around Patrick's heaving body to be greeted by an erotic vision: she was crouched before us, her hands between my legs gently squeezing my balls and her mouth locked on to her husband's cock, sucking as hard as she could.

    This was something I had only ever been able to imagine, as there seems to be a disappointing shortage of genuine bisexual porn, but the next stage was even better. Her goal was apparently not to finish things with her mouth, but only to prepare Patrick for her to mount him, which she now did. Pushing him back so that he pressed into my chest, temporarily inhibiting both our movements, she straddled the two of us, facing Patrick, and was soon humping her husband. At the time of course, all I could do was deduce this from her movements which I felt through Patrick, as my view was completely obstructed, and from the moans that were soon escaping her, but the video showed it all in its full glory later.

    We two men resumed our own movements, though now a little cramped, and our heaving human pile gradually got into a rhythm that gave us all satisfaction. Every time Patrick thrust up into his wife, he lifted off me, though not all the way, and then she came down to meet him. Then when he pulled out of her, he sunk down on to my shaft, and I thrust up to meet him, slamming my hips into his arse cheeks. At least, that's how we started, but understandably for Patrick in the middle with the double stimulation it was difficult concentrating, so it changed into me thrusting up further and Ai Ling thrusting down at the same time, while he just tried to stay in the middle and moaned. Ai Ling knew her husband well though, and she must have sensed he was nearing orgasm, for she suddenly dismounted, making him yell in frustration.

    "I think it's time we change positions," Ai Ling said. "Or poor Jack won't be able to enjoy himself as much as you are.

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      " She was right, the stimulation the limited thrusting gave me was barely enough to keep me erect, now that he was so relaxed. Patrick reluctantly got off me and waited meekly for his wife. "I think standing up might be easier for Jack,” she said. “Besides, I feel like being done from behind now. "

    There was something delightfully filthy about hearing her be so frank about sex in her perfect but accented English. We were all standing now, and she had taken a position to the side of the couch, and now bent over, leaning on the armrest. Patrick immediately thrust into her vagina, standing behind her and began fucking. I watched for a few seconds then gripped his waist to steady him and make him stop, seeing clearly how we were going to do this. Carefully but confidently, I pushed my dick back in his arse, pleased with the greater control this position gave me, and also began fucking. Now, when Patrick could no longer concentrate on moving himself, it was much easier for me to compensate, ramming my cock in and out with hard movements, sometimes even coming all the way out just so I could feel the extra tightness of his entrance around my head.

    With his wife pushing herself back on to his dick from the front, he let out a yell, and was obviously cumming. Not wanting to miss out, I concentrated, and with an extra burst of speed managed to reach orgasm myself while he was still moaning. It was not as good as any of my climaxes the night before, but it felt good, and I could feel the semen swimming in the tip of the condom. Holding the base of the latex sheath tight, I pulled out, which allowed Pat to gingerly withdraw from Ai Ling (who had been moaning and yelling earlier before even he had), bringing a stream of rather liquid cum from his wife's pussy, which dribbled down her leg. Apparently I was not the only one to be affected by jelly-legs after anal sex, for he now collapsed on the sofa while Ai Ling and I still stood.

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    By the time we had each showered and got dressed, it was time for lunch, for which Ai Ling whipped up a quick stir fry, Patrick and I helping to chop the vegetables and so on. We were all hungry, so ate hurriedly at first, then towards the end began discussing what to do next, and agreed that since none of us felt like ice cream, a dessert of oral sex would be best, though we cleared the dishes and did the washing up first.

    Once again we shed our clothes without ceremony on our way to the living room, stopping in the middle. Ignoring the usual tradition of ladies first, Patrick and I both bent to each have a taste of Ai Ling's nipples. She didn't resist, but held our heads to her breasts like we were suckling babies, closing her eyes to our flicking tongues and wandering hands. Patrick soon moved his way down, leaving her other breast clear for me to squeeze and manipulate. I could feel his head brushing my leg as he knelt at his wife's feet. He was kissing all over his wife's thighs, and occasionally mine, encouraging her to spread her legs wider. He even gave my dick a few teasing licks, as it must have been very inviting, hanging semi-erect by his face down there. But Ai Ling's sudden intake of breath told me he had started eating his dessert of juicy pussy.

    Clearly this was not a practical position to either give or receive cunnilingus, so Ai Ling also began to sink to a crouch, Pat lying down to compensate and get his head into her wider spread crotch. I had stayed standing however, as I thought Ai Ling might like to start working on her own dessert. Apparently she agreed, as I hadn't even placed an encouraging hand on her head when I felt her hand on my balls and her warm wet tongue on my shaft. It took very little to get me rock hard, but she still teased me for a while before taking me all the way into her mouth, making me sigh in satisfaction. I allowed myself a couple of minutes of this pure ecstasy, running my hands through her hair as she sucked my cock, occasionally feeling her teeth but never too much, and always followed by a swirling tongue.



    There was only me left without dessert though, and I felt like some cock too. Very slowly, for when we had discussed this earlier we had decided to try shifting to the new position with the minimum break in oral action possible, I sank down to the floor. Ai Ling released me with her hand, as she put it down to support herself, and leaned to the side and down to follow me, keeping me in her wet mouth even if she couldn't concentrate enough to suck or lick. Patrick also adjusted himself, moving his legs around.

    Finally, after much careful readjustment, we were in position, all lying on our sides, our top legs bent at the knee and pointing up to spread our legs as wide as possible, and our three bodies arranged in an approximate triangle, each of our head's resting on another's thigh so we faced their crotch. Patrick was still eating out his wife; she was still devouring my dick; and I was now well placed to taste her husband's cock, which I guided eagerly to my mouth once I'd given his balls and shaft a thorough licking.

    It didn't take long for Patrick's cock to get as hard as mine in my mouth, despite the unusual angle at which I was sucking it. Though all our mouths were full, our moans of pleasure, though muffled, were still audible, and from the length of time we remained like that without anyone getting restless, it was clear we all enjoyed it immensely. I had experienced a sixty-nine with a guy once before (as I related in a previous chapter of this diary), and the sensation was similar, for there was a mouth on my dick and a dick in my mouth, but with the added bonus of the occasional glimpse of a stretched out female body and Pat's head between her legs, only his chin visible as he lapped at her pussy.

    Eventually, though we were all capable of lasting a while thanks to the morning's activities, we moved away from simple pleasure to the hazy region of looming orgasm, and reluctantly broke apart when Ai Ling got her first taste of precum. By the time I had a condom on, she was already in position, on her hands and knees. As I positioned myself behind her, rubbing the head of my cock in her wet pussy, I was reminded briefly of being in a similar position with Annie in St. Petersburg, although Ai Ling's butt, and in fact her whole body, was rather skinnier and more athletic than the curvy, homely form of the Russian.

    In Russia I had also not had my partner's husband kneeling in front and thrusting his cock into her mouth while I penetrated her and began fucking her doggy style. Like many of the sessions we had together, this one felt a little artificial, like acting out a porn movie, as we went down our list of things we wanted to do together and mentally ticked them off, but it was still very erotic.


       When I could feel myself nearing the end, I offered to swap with Patrick, but he kept his eyes shut, face contorted from the blowjob he was getting.

    "Uh," he grunted, "I'm too near, not worth it. We're, uh, oh yeah! We're both gonna cum in Ai Ling's mouth though. "

    The day before just the thought would probably have made we spunk in my pants, or the condom in this case, but already I had regained the control over orgasm I had learnt with Annie. I continued for a couple more minutes, thrusting into the willing Chinese vagina, our thighs slapping together, before I pulled out altogether and pulled the condom off. Feeling me pull out, Ai Ling released her husband and knelt up, shuffling around on her knees.

    "Ooo, does this mean we finally get to have dessert now?" She asked, her eyes sparkling.

    I smiled, said nothing, but stood up and moved in front of her next to Patrick. His wife took each of our throbbing cocks in her hands and began massaging them, sucking on mine first, then her husband's, and then swapping back again. I already knew she was an expert at this, so it came as no real surprise that she was able to give each of us just the right amount of stimulation to bring us to the same point in the journey to orgasm. When it felt like a slight breeze would set me off, she pulled back a little, mouth open and tongue out, looking up at us expectantly, and I had seen enough porn films to know what was expected next.

    Both us guys grabbed our dicks, well lubricated with her saliva, and began pumping furiously, pointing the tips at her mouth. About ten seconds after I started, I exploded, shooting cum straight at her mouth. The next one was less accurate, overshooting and landing in a streak on her cheek, and the third on her top lip where it was joined by Pat's first jet. I only had a few more in me, it only being a few hours since the last time my balls had unloaded, but Pat seemed to have plenty more stored up.

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    When we had finished, Ai Ling had a tongue loaded with cum, and a face splattered with semen, but she was giggling with delight as she licked up the rest from our twitching cocks. I had always liked porn movies that finished with girls coated in cum, not because I liked to see women humiliated as some do, but because they look so gorgeous like that (not to mention that it looked fun and I would gladly be on the receiving end of such treatment). In real life now it looked even better. Our cocks satiated, Pat and I joined her on the floor to have dessert too, a delicious dish of cum served on a sexy Chinese woman's face and passed from mouth to mouth as they loved to do.
    "I have to do some work this afternoon Jack," Patrick said, pulling on his pants. "But Ai Ling said she's happy to show you around some of the tourist attractions. Not there's very many, but if you like you can do that, or stay here and watch TV or something. "

    "I wouldn't mind seeing some of the city, since I'm here," I replied, and so I had the afternoon with Ai Ling. Patrick was right, there wasn't really a lot to see, just the standard of Chinese cities: some temples, some parks, that sort of thing, although there were a number of springs for which the city was famous throughout China. It did give me the chance to talk to Ai Ling a bit more though, and get her take on life in China, meeting up with strangers for sex, that kind of thing. She was clearly very intelligent, and not in any way a meek obedient Chinese wife, that was for sure, and I had a good laugh with her for a few hours walking around town until we'd exhausted all the places to go by around 5 o'clock and went back.

    "Hi my love," Ai Ling greeted him, barging into his study and throwing her arms around him while I stood in the doorway, uncertain as to whether I should intrude on them here.

    "Hi," he replied. "Did you have fun?"

    "Yes, we did, but now we want to have some more fun, are you coming?" I hadn't expected us to start again so soon, so I was a bit surprised by that statement, but it was true that our conversation and just being in the company of a sexy woman for three hours had made me pretty horny again.

    "No, not now darling," Patrick replied, as if she was offering him a cup of tea, "I have to finish this, it's going to take another couple of hours at least.

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       You two can go ahead though. "

    "You don't mind?" I couldn't help blurting out.

    "No, I don't mind," he replied. "Just don't tire yourselves out for tonight. "

    "OK love, we'll see you later then. " Ai Ling skipped to the door, closing it behind her and seizing my hand, grinning mischievously. "So Jack, shall we go and have some fun together?"

    "Yeah, sure," I replied.

    "Let's go to the bedroom then, it will be more comfortable in there. " She let me go, and set off at a quick pace with me following.

    The room was a decent sized bedroom, with a double bed in the middle and plenty of room around it for a wardrobe, chest of drawers and other furniture, all quite modern looking and a little messy, the bed only half made. Ai Ling was already on it, her jacket discarded, beckoning enticingly to me in her short yellow dress, kicking off her shoes. I obediently came forward, removing my shoes and jumper as I went.

    "Mmm Jack," she said in an exaggerated voice that was clearly chosen to fit a fantasy she wanted to act out. "Jack, my husband is too busy to give me oral pleasure today, will you lick my pussy for me? He won't be back for ages. .

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      . "

    "Well," I said, falling into the role-play easily, "I guess I could, if you're sure he won't be back soon. "

    "Actually, he's in there now, so I want you to make me moan so loud he can't work and will come here to help you fuck me. Now start licking boy!"

    Lengthy role play was obviously not her thing, for she pulled me into a sloppy, tongue-heavy kiss and then pushed my head down to her cleavage. I gripped her around the waist burrowing hungrily into her chest until she pulled the left strap of her dress down so I could extract her breast. The nipple was already erect, and I could feel the same was true of the other through the material before that one was freed from the dress and bra too.

    I enjoyed sucking her firm breasts greatly, but from her writhing I could tell she was eager for things to progress, so when she began push down on my head I didn't resist but slid down over her dress, which still covered her stomach as she leaned back on to her elbows. She moved her legs out from beneath her to either side of me and hitched up the skirt as my head was about to disappear under it, kissing and licking her smooth thighs. There I discovered she was wearing a simple plain white thong, already with a dark, near-transparent patch in the middle. I watched this patch grow, as I kissed and licked all around her knickers, even adding my saliva to her own moisture. I pulled them off, with a little difficulty due to her wriggling so much in anticipation, and found myself facing her gorgeous, damp, shaved pussy once more.

    This time it was not mere foreplay. Though neither of us were fully, or even half undressed, I think we both wanted to go the whole way just with my tongue and my fingers. Ai Ling was certainly responsive enough, bucking and thrusting her hips, and her juices kept flowing, so much that not only were my mouth and chin and all around her crotch wet, but both her skirt and the bed sheets underneath were getting damper and damper. I had no difficulty in finding her clitoris, as it was pumped full of blood, and I was very careful to keep my tongue relaxed and light, sometimes barely touching it at all.

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       Meanwhile my middle and ring finger were stroking away, sunk in her cunt up to the knuckles, and I don't think the shudders and gasping cries Ai Ling made could have been anything but ecstatic cries of joy. In short, I was very pleased with myself.

    Although by now I had found a technique that didn't tire my tongue half as much as one copied from porn films, I could not keep it up forever, so although I loved being down there it was something of a relief when Ai Ling pulled me up by my chin to plant a grateful kiss on my soaking wet lips. Without any words exchanging, we both undressed completely, during which the Durex I'd had in my pocket since leaving Beijing finally got opened. After a little help from her hands to reinforce my erection, it slipped on.

    She pushed me on to my back, and straddled me, kneeling up. I let her take control, just holding her hips and caressing her smooth skin. With my glasses on and no pubic hair to obscure the view, I could watch her impaling herself on me, but as she started to ride me I became aware of how much my dick ached from its third erection with only a few hours rest between each. Other sensations soon replaced this one however, as she ground her crotch into mine.

    I reached for her breasts to grip them, softly at first but harder at her urging, and she first leaned into my groping hands and then back, so far back I could only reach her bucking waist, her hands resting on my legs and her head thrown back. Then she fell forwards and I could grip her buttocks, thrusting up into her now. Her breasts swayed above me and after getting a positive response from some trial licks, I strained upwards, locking my mouth to her pert nipples and sucking and licking frantically while she cried out and rocked on my cock.

    She pushed herself back up again for a while, and this time I let my hand wander to between her legs, feeling the slimy meeting of our genitals and rubbing gently at her clit. Then she was down again for another go at having her nipples sucked. This time it was too much for me though, being fucked by a beautiful Asian woman nearly 18 years older than me, even if she didn't look it, and having my face practically choked with her breasts, while she screamed shrilly with pleasure above me.

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       I came while she still rode me, speeding up as soon as she realised, and then slowing down to a stop when I let my head flop back on the pillow.

    Once we'd cleaned up and got dressed again, I suddenly noticed how hungry I was, and also how late it was: 7pm already! We went out for dinner again to the same place, and again the food was delicious, but we didn't linger long, all of us eager to get back to the flat. Back at their apartment I went to the toilet then returned to the lounge to find Patrick on his own, stripping off.

    "Ai Ling's in the bedroom getting ready," he said. I was intrigued, as he had not said what she was getting ready for, and we hadn't discussed what we were doing that evening beyond fucking. But instead of explaining he said: "While we wait, can you suck my cock? I've had to work all afternoon while you and Ai Ling had fun, so I'm dying for a good blowjob. "

    I could hardly argue with that, so once I was naked I got to my knees between his legs while he sat on the couch, and set to work. A few minutes later, Ai Ling walked in, and I couldn't help but stop what I was doing, alerting Patrick to his wife's presence.

    "Is that the new one?" He asked, and she nodded walking towards us while I still stared, somewhat stunned, for they hadn't even hinted at this.

    She was naked, which would always be a stunning sight though I was getting used to it, but she was wearing something all the same: a black strap about her waist and another around the top of each thigh held in place a thick black protrusion. Close up, it was clear that it was a strap-on dildo, about 9 inches long and 2 inches thick at its thickest, which was most of the length of its shaft, as unlike many that I had seen pictures of on sex toy websites, it was not a realistic model of a cock but covered in thick raised round ribs all the way down its length.

    "So you like my cock?" Ai Ling said, smiling at my reaction. "You like me as, how is it they say on the internet? A ‘chick with a dick’?"

    I nodded vigorously, speechless. Of course I had fantasized about being fucked in the ass by a woman with a strap-on, I had even published stories on this site about it. But I had never dared to suggest it, even to these two, although with all the other possibilities of a couple with a bi male open to me I confess it hadn't occurred to me.

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       In gratitude I sucked at the odd shaped, rubbery tasting dong, grasping at her firm feminine buttocks to push it deeper into my hungry mouth, until Patrick called me back, reproaching me for neglecting a real cock in need. The dong had been quite cold, so I returned to Pat eagerly, but raised myself up to a doggy position as I did so, for now I knew what was intended.

    Sure enough, I felt the cool wet sensation of lubricant gel being squeezed from the ever-present tube into the gap between my arse cheeks, and then a warm, slender finger spreading it around, and even penetrating me. It shouldn't have surprised me – with a husband like Pat sticking fingers into guys’ bums was probably a weekly occurrence for her. I realised that it was almost 24 hours since Pat had fucked me, all the fun we'd had that day having distracted me from my desire for anal stimulation.

    This oversight was corrected almost as soon as I realised it, for with my mouth still full of dick, I felt the fake one pressed against my rear entrance, and relaxed, pushing back to help it in. The previous night had loosened me a little, but the dildo was thicker than either of the real human dicks present, so there was some resistance at first. This was compounded .