The Art Girl in the Bookstore


After a long day of class, one could feel pretty lonely. Especially after a class that’s 3 HOURS LONG! Sure when you space out, you get to see what women are around. Some are pretty cute…have great bodies… some can make sure you gotta stay seated for a little before you leave. Ha. But chances are, especially on this campus, the good ones are either taken, too busy, or looking for something serious… I need to graduate. No one has time for that…

So how can I relax? Find a book to read that I don’t have to use for a paper! I head to the Book Store across the street from the lecture hall and take my time finding something… interesting. I go through the aisle. . read it… read it… boring… stupid…. Read it…. Ooooh…Art of the Female Superheroine…I could use the reference for my art…

I go to pick up the book, but my hand meets someone elses. “Oh, I’m sorry, I—“


And what I saw was a dream. She was 5’4”, black hair cut to a pixie cut, her facial features were elfen… cute nose, nice jaw line… she smiled a brilliant smile as she looked down to the floor, in possibly embarrassment to avoid eye contact… but then she looked up…she had hazel eyes, possibly green. She wore thick rimmed glasses and had the alternative thing going on. She was quite petite, but in her skinny jeans you could tell her lower body still had some shape, so she wasn’t really thin or anything…

“No. .

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  ” she said. “I’m sorry. You go ahead. ”

“No you take it!” I said hastily, and nervously. “Um… I mean… I’m sure I can get reference else where. ”

“No way! You draw?”

“uh. . yeah. ”

“Heh, I thought you were just gunna… you know… ‘enjoy’ them. ”

“Enjoy? Wha… OH! Hahaha do I come off as a perv to you?”

“Well no… but nothing wrong with that right?” She gave another smile.

We found a seat and started talking. Her name was Tori. She was a psychology major, but she like to draw from time to time. Even her personality was attractive. Something about her just made me keep getting interested.

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   Plus her body language was… flirty. Which was surprising…

“So…” she started to ask, “what else do you use for reference?”

“Well, I like to use people I meet sometimes…”

“Yeah? What kind of people?” She raised an eyebrow slightly with interest.

You know what? Go for it. What do you have to lose…
“Well, you’d be a perfect model. ”

“oh stop,”

“seriously! I would really love to draw you! Of course I could use some time… you know… to go over things…”

“Yeah…?” She was getting interested. “How much time ya need…?” Her body language really changed… she got really close as she asked… as if we were being as secret as possible when we were clearly the only ones here… she bit the side of her lip a little… I couldn’t help biting my own.

“Well. . ” I inched a bit closer, and said quietly, “Depends on how much time you’ll let me…”

“Funny…” This time she got close enough to my ear, “I was gunna ask…”

Then… she whispered…. “how much time you need…”

---4 minutes later---

Her moan echoed in the bathroom wall as a kissed her neck. She was pinned with her bare legs wrapped around my waist. . her pants came off possibly… I don’t know. . a minute ago? Not important.

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   But At least I know she goes commando. That’s probably important. We dry humped has I licked her neck from the shoulder to her ear…. .


. ” she grunted. “Thank God for unisex bathrooms…. . ”

We took off each other’s shirt (she still pinned against the wall with my waist) and we just attacked each other’s mouths. Her hands ran through my hair as  I took my sweet time aggressively exploring every part of her mouth… until I could memorize the taste of her saliva…then she bit my lip, gently… then started to make out with my neck.


Her toungue felt like a tickle, but she she get higher, they became more like wet kisses. Then, all of a sudden, she bit me. “Hey!”

She laughed a bit deviously. We both did.

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   She stuck her toungue out, as if to mock me.

“Oh, you wanna play rough do you?” I said


I put my hand around her neck and pinned her back to the wall. She was taken aback at first, instinctively putting her hands around the arm that held her, but she got the idea. “Are you sure…. ” I grunted. My waist no longer held her up, but I wanted her to stand so I could get to work…

I slowly guided my hand down her belly, to feel every part of her skin until I got to the sweet spot… then I found it… the small bump… her eyes widened….

I dipped my fingers into her pussy and explored a bit, just to get some wetness on my fingertips… then I went back to her little clit… and started rubbing. “mmmm” she went… as I built up stimulation, the grip around her neck got slightly more tighter. . when she moaned louder, I squeezed more. But not too much.


“you wanna cum?”

I started rubbing faster….

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“Im gunna cum”

My fingers went back to her pussy for some more juice and went back to the clit, this time more aggressive. Her face looke like it was in painful ecstasy…



With the hand around her neck, brought her face to me so I could wrestle tongues, as I fingered her faster and faster until her back arched and her mouth opened as if to scream, but couldn’t… then she shook…her juices ran down her leg, as if I just cracked a hole in the water tower.

“Oh my God… I haven’t cum like that in months…. ” She said. Then she started to rub the crotch of my pants as she smirked and looked into my eyes.

“Whatcha think you’re doin…”

“I want you cock”

“Then get down. Now. ”

Goes on her knees and uses my hoody to cushion them. She unzips me and unfastens my belt to reach the prize inside. She takes it with one hand, observes only for a second, and she engulf the head. She pulled down my pants and boxers in one swoop, I step out of them, and she throws them aside, all while she kept my cock eagerly in her mouth.

Her head started to bob up and down my shaft. The bathroom echoed with her slurping noises, and I just stared into her hazel eyes, that were just behind those sexy glasses of hers…

I put my hands to her head, started to make her go faster…. Then she lifted her head up…

“You wanna skull fuck me, eh? Bad boy…”

Then she did something amazing. She put her hands on either side of my waist, and her head all of a suuden started moving as fast as a piston on my dick, throating it more and more as she got faster.

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   It was amazing that she didn’t even graze her teeth. “OHHHHH FUCK TORI…. ” I grabbed her hands, and held them both above her head, like they were tight together. Her head still kept going.

She went for one more gag, her lips were now at the base of my dick. Then she took her time with the blowjob… her tongue ran all across the skin of my cock, feeling around every contour…

“FUCK!” I growled. I lifted her up by her “tied” hands, then got to my knees. I put her legs on each of my shoulders while I made sure my face got good access to her clit. She was confused at first. “Whatre you doing… oh god, WAIT”

Too late, I lifted her up in the air, and started to furiously devour her sweet fruit. While her legs were around my head, my hands kept her back in balance.

I made sure I tasted every bit of her clit. I took in its flavor, and I kept sucking and licking at any place that would make her moan and groan. I went at this for about a few minutes before she gripped my hair, pulling it… she was about to cum…



I lifted her up slightly so I could fit my mouth around her entire hole. I stuck my tongue in and stirred as she let loose a pool of juices into my waiting mouth.

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   I slowly let her down, and we kissed. She wanted to know what she tasted like. She then grabbed my cock, and began to stroke.
    It was still hard from her blowjob…

    “Hey… I can feel your pulse…. ” She whispered.

    “Is that right. ”

    “Fuck me. ”

    I put both my hands on either side of her face. “Say it again”

    “FUCK ME”

    “One more time. ”

    “Stick your fucking hard cock in my pussy so I can get your cum. . ”

    I guided her to the small changing table and lifter her onto it. I forced her legs open as we made out some more, and finally, I thrusted. Hard. The heat that came from her felt like it was going to melt my dick into her pussy.

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       I pounded, and as we fucked, I looked deep into her eyes, so close our head touched.

    With her legs and arms wrapped around me, I lifted her up, and still fucked her. And when I got a little tired, I pinned her against the wall, and started going as deep as I can with each thrust. She nibbled at me ear a bit as she kept moaning with the rhythm….

    5 minutes late, she was on her knees, with me behind her, holding her arms back as I kept pounding at that sweet ass. “Oh god… fuck me harder…please…”

    I obliged. I pulle her back more towards me, then held her back by looping my arms under hers and choking her. My other hand went to her clit. I went harder and harder unilt---


    There was a puddle right under where we joined… I kept going.

    At this point we were both covered in sweet. Her body from the chest up was red from all the heavy breathing and fucking. When I stopped thrusting to catch my breath, she started to swivel and move her hips back and forth on my cock. This time she was doing the fucking. This woman is amazing… a god-send. I pulled out, and started to eat her from behind before we moved on…

    We then did cowgirl.

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       She moved her hips like a belly dancer, up and down, then swivling around. She was dancing on it, slowly…. . This way, I can have a full view of her hot beauty. Her tits were a bit on the small side, but it didn’t matter. They were still perky, and I can still get a good grip. Her abdomen was flawless. Definitely tight. . I started to grip her firm ass… her has had a perfect shape to it that made you want to dig your fingers into it…

    We must have been here for an hour… I was now fucking her doggy while she stood, leaning against the sink and staring at me through the mirror. She just kept panting and moaning. I slapped her ass for a bit…and I felt that familiar swelling up my shaft. Somehow she knew as well…

    “I want your cum you bastard!”

    “Where do you want it. ”

    She pushed me back, turned around, sat on the sink, and spread her legs. “Fuck me so I can look at you, and I’ll tell you EXACTLY where.

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    I thrusted so hard I possibly could have pushed her off the sink. Our sweaty red faces were an inch away from each other. We dirty talked…

    “You want to cum?”

    “Fuck yes”

    “Guess what. ”

    “What. ”

    “You’re lucky I’m on the pill”

    She wrapped her legs around me and held tight.

    “Cum in me you fucking bastard”

    I put my hands back on her neck, pressed our foreheads together, looked straight into her eyes,

    And fucked

    And fucked

    And fucked

    And I came. I flooded her insides entirely. We held there. And we kissed…

    “Wow…” she said.

    “Yeah… wow…”

    She got up, then went down on her knees. She insisted on cleaning my cock. I wasn’t about to argue.

    “You know…,” she said, as she put her fallen glasses back on and licked my member, “you should really check out my place. I think you’d like my work. Maybe you can bring a sketchbook?”








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