On My Own After School


You folks seem to like my diarie stories so I found a really old one and so that tells you I was very very young. This happened when Aunt Maggie and Uncle Eugene were just really breaking me in so to speak. It is all true and after I got into it I was totaly lost in the lust that I was feeling which was stil a little new to me.

I was in what is called Middle School and had been let out early that day to take care of some things for Aunt Maggie. I did not live far from the school so I was walking home. I had really been turned on earlier that day since Mr. Hansen (who was a dream come true to look at for me) had noticed me finally after all the flirting I had done. I had, finaly, gone to the rest room and taken off my bra so that my 34DD tits would be obviously available. Aunt Maggie had told me how to seduce someone if I wanted to and I really wanted to. I saw that he was really well endowed by the way his bulge grew and snaked down his pants leg when I teased him. I said good bye to him for he day and began walking home. A couple blocks from the school a nice Chevrolet Impala pulled up next to me and slowed down and I looked at it was Mr. Hansen asking if I needed a ride the rest of the way home. I told him sure and he opened the door and I closed it right away and he looked at me, "Mind if I ride in the back?" I asked him. "Guess not, if you really want to. " he said and I slipped in.

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   He pulled off looking around to make sure no one saw me get in I found out later. I sat in the middle of the back seat and smiled after seeing him adjust the mirror to be able to see me. "Thanks for stopping. " I said and he said it was his pleasure. I saw him looking at me and so I moved my legs apart and made sure he say the thin lace panties I had on. His face turned red and I smiled. "Do you like looking at me Mr. Hansen?" I asked. "Well, to be honest, very much Brenda, I do. " he said and I smiled more. "I like looking at you too. " I said and he smiled back. "Would you like to see more of me?" I said already unbuttoning my blouse after taking it out of the waist band. "Is that safe?" he said and yet kept looking back in the miror. "Oh yes, very safe" I said and my blouse came off showing him my hard nipples.

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   "My house is just a block away, let's go there. " I said and he asked the street number and then he pulled into the drive. I got out, blouse still open and opened the gate and he drove in and around to the back drive way. He pulled in and parked and I walked to the door and opened it and he stepped out and I saw a long snake going down his pants leg. I undid my skirt at the one button on the waist and it fell to the ground and all I had were the lace panties now. "You are some kind of girl. " he said and I told him that he can do more than look at me if he liked and then I tok his hands and put them on my tits and squeezed. He took over the activity and I closed my eyes as he leaned down and kissed me deep.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked him. "Yes, very much so. " he said and I walked him around to the back door and went inside and to the recreation room. There I led him to the sofa and sat him down after undressing him. His cock was huge and standing straight up. I massagged it teasing, "Now what ever do I do with this?" I smiled licking the head slowly. I took all I could in my throat and began sucking him after sitting him down and he leaned back and moaned.

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   "How do you know al this at your age?" he said and I just sucked him deep again. He was really hard and so I climbed on top of his cock and began taking it in my pussy and massagging it with my pussy as I sank it in me. "Oh damn little girl, you are amazing. " he said and I looked at him offering him my tits. "I know. " I said. He was sucking my nipples and kissing my tits all over and I felt him all the way in me finally and seemed to still be growing. I teased him all I could and after almostan hour he felt himself beginning to cum and wanted to cum on my chest but I told him I needed it in my pussy. "What if you get pregnant?" he said and I told him that I would not get pregnant. I plunged him deep in me and he filled my pussy with his cum. I sliped of him and sucked him again til he was hard and turned around and slipped him into my ass and rode him again and he was really raming me hard. We both were almost screaming now and I was having orgasms and then he filed my ass. "Anyone here?" I heard Aunt Maggie call and he almost died trying to get me and him dressed. "Relax, it is just my Aunt, she knows everthing. " He sat there looking at me.

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   Maggie came over and kissed me and him and said, "I thought I heard something in the playroom. " and she laughed and went back upstaris and said she was going back out. We now sat next to each other touching and kissing some. I found his wallet and saw the picture of his wife. Very beautiful red head and almost too slim, barely any tits to speak of. "I see why you stare at mine now, you are a tits man and married a woman that is flat. " and I laughed. "She can never find out about this. " he said. "Why not?" I asked him. "Well, she is very straight laced and would not approve at all. " he said. I looked at her pictures and then kissed him, "I bet I can get her in bed. " I said to him. He laughed, No way, she would die first.

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  " "Well, it will death by orgasm then, cause I can get her in bed and get her to do what I want her too. " I finished as he dressed. "No way. " he said again and I looked at him, "Two weeks and she will be right here in this bed doing anything I tell her to. " I said. "Anything?" he asked me. "Yeah, anything. " I said and he said. "Okay, you and Maggie in bed with her and ,making her do it with both of you at the same time. " he said and I laughed, "Is that all, give me something difficult to do. " I said and kissed him and he drove off after I opened the gate, stil naked.

The next day in school I teased him some more reminding him of the bet we had made and he blushed and then I felt really evil, "Not only will she be in bed with Maggie and I but I have a sonderful Doberman at home. She will be knoted with him too before it is over. " His mouth came open thinking that maybe he had gotten his wife into something he may not recover from. "You don't have to do that.

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  " he said and I told him that I did have to and we will film it for him. I walked away from him and left school early that day. Magie began following Rachel and seeing where she went and what she did and one time stopped to talk to her by asking directions and flirting some with her. "She turned red as a beet" Maggie told me and we both knew that she was going to do all we wanted her to do. I was out on Thursday and went to her house, followed her to a shoping plaza and just began making it a point to say Hi to her and when she turned around I was there smiling and I wore no bra and a mini sirt and thong. My white blouse showed my dark nipples just right and they stayed hard all the time. She was in a store and walked to the intimates and I followed her. She was picking out something for "Him" and I looked at her making eye contact. She held up a little teddy outfit and said, "Do you think my husband would like this?" I suppose letting me know she was married. "Well, I don't know about him but I would love you in it, or out of it for that matter. " I smiled and she realy turned red. I had unbutoned my blouse and was standing close to the rack and moved around to next to her. She was still looking at me trying to figure out how to respond and I got to within 2 feet of her stil close to the rack and I turned to her and my blouse was open and my tits there waiting to be carressed. The dark nipples hard as rocks. "God, you are really bold.

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  " she said and I looked at her. "Only to get what I want. " and she looked at me. "And you want me?" she asked. "Totally. " I said and moved to her so that our chests touched and my face was right there looking into her green eyes. "Come home with me. " I said and she looked at me. "Well, for a little whie, we can talk. " and I told her that we were most likely not going to talk much. "

I took her hand and walked to Maggie's car that she had loaned me for the day. She sat in the seat and I leaned over and kissed her left cheek and she winced some but also turned red again. "I am not sure I want to do this, I have never enev been with another man and here I am in a car with a woman that I do not even know to go to her house and do things with. " "Well, it is too late. " I said as I drove of.

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   We drove to my house and again I parked in the back and we got out of the car. My blouse was open and as we walked in my skirt came off. I turned to her and stood there and she looked at my body up and down stopping at my chest. "Well, you have seen me and now I get to see you. " I said and stepped to her and undid her blouse and bra. She was very small and did not fil up her a cup at all. Her nipples got hard fast and then I pulled of her jeans and panties and sat her on the couch and sat next to her facing her. I leaned in and kissed her softly and then more until she was kissing me back. She smiled and still nervous said, "I think I like this. " and I told her that there was a lot more to enjoy. " Soon I was kissing her nipples and she was sucking mine and I laid her back and found her clit that was swollen and began torturing it with kisses and sucking and licking. She returned the favor and I soaked her face with my orgasm and we laid there kissing. Suddenly the door slammed upstairs and Maggie came storming down the stairs.

"What the fuck are you doing to my neice. " she yelled and Jackie was trying to find her clothes that I had hidden.

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   She could not say anything but stood there covering herself. . I was laying back as if still having an orgasm and was playing with myself. "You seduce young girls do you? You bitch. I will have you in jail. " Maggie was going on and on. "I did not know she was a neice, she looks older than that. " Jackie stammered out. "Well, she is way under 18" Maggie said and the look on Jackie's face went to terror. "Oh please no, I did not know, this is the first time, she seduced me, I never have. " she was saying. I now got up and started to plead for Jackie and for Maggie not to turn her in and that I had really enjoyed what she did to me and made me do to her. Jackie looked at me, "You nade me do it, not the other way around. " and Maggie slapped her across the face. "How bad to you NOT want to go to jail?" Maggie said and Jackie said that she could not no matter what she had to do.


   Maggie looked at me and smiled, "Wel, lets see. " and took off her own clothes and grabbed Jackie and began kissing her. Jackie gave in finaly and was kissing back and then I joined them again. Jackie had a nice soft voice, "So this is all I have to do to not to go to jail?" Maggie looked at her, "Well, there is most likely a little more. " "Okay. " Jackie said and we got up and walked to the bench for other sexual fun. "Lean over it. " Maggie said. Jackie did and then I went and got Pogo our doberman. Jackie began to get up, "Either everything I say or jail. " Maggie said and she laid back on the bench Maggie slapped Jackie's butt a little and Pogo got playful and started licking Jackie on the slit. "Oh damn, oh please no. " she began to beg. I leaned over and kissed her, "Now Jackie, you are going to do everything we say or else Dear. " I said and then she looked at me, "How do you know my name? I never told you my name.


  " "I know it becasue I have planned on this for a week. " I said and then Pogo was on her back, his cock searching for her pussy. Maggie helped him and it went in and Jackie gave a loan moan, Please no, please. " she said over and over. "Sorry Jackie dear," Maggie said. "You will do as we say. " and then Pogo rammed into her with a thrust and was in her. After a little his knot was trying to get in and she was begging to let her up and then it sank in and held her and she screamed out. "It hurts, oh my god, no. " she said and Pogo was humping her like crazy. Maggie moved in front and told her to eat her pussy while she was geting fucked by a dog. and she tried to but had trouble doing it. She was filled and then Pogo plopped out and about that time Uncle Eugene came down the stairs, "Oh hell, just in time I see. " he said stripping off his clothes and mounting Jackie with no request to do so. She just started fucking him back and began moaning as orgasm were now coming to her.

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   Maggie brought Pogo around to her face and said, "Clean him up dear. " and she took him in her mouth and almost threw up and she finally cleaned him up and Pogo sat that enjoying it all. Eugene pulled out of her pussy and came around, "Suck me of. " he said and she did as she was told.

after several hours we were finished and Jackie sat there a mess of cum and love bites all over her body. She loked at herself and was now crying and said, "I realy did begin to enjoy all this but with the mess I am my husband will find out and divorce me. " and she kept on saying that. Maggie helped her up, "Let's watch a little ideo dear. " and we all sat on the couch and the video came on with me brining mr Hansen in and I was half naked already. We kissed and all watched as I fucked him and then at the end made the bet that I could get his wife to do anything. She looked at us and said, "So, I had no chance at all I guess. " and we told her no she didn't really. "And how old are you?" she asked me. "Well, I am one of your husbands students. " I said.

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   "Damn, you really are under 18. " she almost fainted. I gae her the phone and said, "call him. " and she did and said, "You need to come over to your girlfriend's house. " and I got on the phone, "We wanna show you the evidence that we would get your wife to do anything we wanted to. " and he hung up the phone and came over.

Jackie had been drinking to get her courage up and we all were sitting around naked and she was caressing Eugene's cock and he came in and She said, "Strip, you got too much on. " and he did and his cock began getting hard. I grabbed him and sat him down and slipped his cock into me and said, "Okay, start the film. He sat there hard as a rock in my pusy and watched his wife do everything and then as Pogo fucked her he filled my pussy with his cum. "Oh you liked that part. " I said. "Hell yeah. " he said. "God, Pogo, come here boy.

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  " I said, "assume he position Jackie. " and Jackie got on all four and I led Pogo to her bottom. "Different hole this time Pogo. " I said and helped him find her tight ass. He found it and she moaned louder and louder as he fucked her ass this time and then his knot went in and she gave a growl like an animal. Mr Hansen stayed hard and was fucking me again and as Jackie had orgasms from Maggie eating her and Pogo fucking her he filled me again. They stayed the night at our house and Mr. Hansen slept with me and his wife and we stayed awake almost all night and they keft in the morning. "anytime I need I will call you. " they said and they let. They became regulars at our house and our parties.

I still call her once in a while and she still cannot believe how young I was.



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